Sprint HTC Hero :: Battery Consumption Upon Multi Tasking

Feb 11, 2010

I really like to run Dolphin in the background and it runs fine (on Fresh 1.1 with Gumbo Kernel + setcpu) and I have 2-3 tabs open and everything else runs fine. I try not to run too much else (if I do ebuddy it gets slow, so I usually don't), but I was wondering how bad this was to do, and if I could check somehow how bad it was. I don't know a way to tell how draining this is on the battery or how the phone runs, is there any way to check?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Battery consumption upon multi tasking

HTC EVO 4G :: Can't Access Multi - Tasking

Jun 10, 2010

Why when I'm on a phone call (blue tooth) I can't access other apps:like Mail

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HTC Incredible :: Benefits Of Multi Tasking?

May 5, 2010

Can someone give me a real world, bare bones, idea of how the multitasking on the Incredible (android in general) actually works or what makes it so great? I know that is one of the things people haven't liked about the Iphone, and by default it is seen as a big benefit to android phones. I'm about to get my first smart phone and while I like the idea of multitasking, I'm wondering how many things can I actually run and/or use at one time. As I have thought about it, admittedly I'm not experienced, but I was thinking I could listen to music, while sending a text, or surfing the net, or maybe running some app, but how many things can I really do at once on the phone? Maybe while on a call I can be surfing the net or playing a game or running some app?

If I'm playing a game, won't that take up the whole screen, if I'm using it for navigation, I can't really be texting while it is guiding me, or making a call, I guess I could, but who knows? Hopefully this doesn't sound too stupid of a question, I'm just trying to figure out how I will best utilize my phone when I get it. Maybe the idea is that I don't have to close things out or have them close in order to do something else, and that allows me to go right back to what I was doing before I changed tasks? Any thoughts someone might have on this? Please keep in mind, this isn't a complaint or probing question as to limitations, I'm really just trying to figure out all the cool things I will be able to do with my phone when I get it.

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Android :: Multi Tasking Like Palm Pre?

May 2, 2010

Is there an app for multi-tasking like Palm Pre for Android? Or, is this being developed; coming in future Android versions? Not really that good but it was developed for iPhone and it was a great.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Single Click Multi Tasking?

Jul 14, 2010

I was just wondering if there's a way to open the task box by a single-touch instead of a long touch? An application maybe?

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Android :: How To Disable Multi Tasking?

Aug 14, 2010

1- How can i disable multi-tasking? My application is a socket based game, every time i start the app, it MUST load the main page first to start the socket connection? I do not want the user to be able to run my application in background. Is this possible to do? 2- I do not want the user to be able to use the back button, to navigate between pages, users must only use the buttons available in my application to navigate?

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Android :: G2 Multi-Tasking / Got A New Email Notification?

Mar 18, 2010

Apparently my T-Mobile G2 (HTC Hero) multi-tasks. Why is it then, that I might be playing a game (say Puzzle Attack) and I get a new email notification. I slide down the notification bar, click the email notification, read the notification, go back to Puzzle Attack and it takes me to the main menu. This happens on, I think, every single game I have played. Is there something that the app developers can do to force the app to close instead of simply going to the background? Is it *really* multi-tasking?

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HTC Magic :: Wifi Priority - Multi Tasking To Switch Between Applications?

Jul 22, 2009

Just two quick questions: When connected to wifi, do internet connections made on the device automatically go via wifi as opposed to 3g etc and if not then is there a way to organize which wireless connection 'methods' have higher priority (i am worried about excessive data costs). Second question is: Is there any multi tasking support on the Magic and if so then how do you switch between applications?

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Motorola Droid :: Multi Tasking Google Maps And Music

Nov 20, 2009

I found out today that when I use the headphone output from my Droid, I can feed the Google Maps turn-by-turn through my car speakers using the aux-in on my head unit. I can also play music out of my Droid in the same fashion. I can even do both at the same time! But here's the rub. The Google Map "Voice" is so loud compared to the music out of my Droid that if I have the music playing loud enough to hear. Google Maps blows out my speakers! There doesn't seem to be a volume control on the Google Girl, so I guess this is as much a feature request to be able to mix the Google Girl up a bit over the music.

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HTC Desire :: Multi-tasking Between A Browser And A Basic Text Editor?

Aug 15, 2010

I'm doing a bit of online copy-writing on the side at the moment, and it would be great if I could use this thing to write a few paragraphs here and there when I'm on the move. How would the HTC Desire handle multi-tasking between a browser and a basic text editor? I won't be looking for any crazy formatting options; don't need to change margins, add pagination or anything. Just a few sites open for researching facts and an application that can handle badly worded sentences with lame jokes thrown in

My contract is due to run out soon and I'm not sure whether I should negotiate one with a free Desire, or get a cheap handset and then buy a netbook. I'm broke at the moment so its a case of either/or!

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HTC Hero :: Drastic Amount Of Battery Consumption?

May 4, 2010

Has anyone experienced this drastic amount of battery use? Im on Villain 5.4 and this is atcually awful.

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HTC Hero :: 2.1 ROMs And Battery Life (Consumption Better Or Worse)

Apr 24, 2010

The only thing putting me off rooting my Hero and installing the villain 5.3 ROM is concern about whether it will shorten the amount of time I can go between battery charges. Does anyone have any numbers on this, or even just impressions about whether consumption is better or worse than on the standard 1.6 ROM.

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HTC Hero :: Large Battery Consumption In Airplane Mode

Dec 3, 2009

My non-branded GSM hero eats battery. So I decided to check some things out. These numbers are starting from 100% battery, and after a reboot - the only thing I open is settings to check the battery level, and then I lock it and leave it for 6 hours. In all cases the final awake time is low, less than 15% (because I'm doing nothing with it). Full data-sync mode - gmail sync, twitter, etc - about 10% battery use per hour. Retro mode - GSM only, data switched off - 6 % per hour. Airplane mode - 3.5% per hour - WTF?? (Awake time ~1%) Why is battery consumed when it's doing sod all?

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Android :: Looking For "perfect" Multi - Tasking App?

Nov 4, 2010

I am looking for the "perfect" multi-tasking app, or at least the one that I unequivocally like the most. I have seen a few already and really like some, but for one reason or another I am still looking for the best one that suites my needs. Here are some of the ones I have either tried already or am using: Quick Desk : very cool, no real complaints except maybe that I dont think I can kill running apps from the quick bar SmartTaskbar : also cool because it can launch with a swipe from the side of the screen, but the problem is its interface is quite busy and not very functional/intuitive to configure. Also cant kill apps Multitask Manager: nice simple interface (iPhone 4 style) but more or less half the time unresponsive to touches. Also can only launch by singe touch of 'home' button, which isnt very convenient. Visual Task Switcher: Almost perfect. The screen shot idea used in this is really probably the best format for any multitasking app, but unfortunately it overlaps with Quick Desk (which needs to use the same activation key "search+long press") which is a problem because Quick Desk supports widgets... Android Mate: This is probably one of my favorites just because its pretty straightforward and organized, you can kill multiple apps at once, etc. But Again no widgets and no ideal universal one touch activation. Now I luanch it from within SmartTaskbar...
Itching Thumbs: By far the coolest and most (theoretically) capable. If I could get this to be stable on my phone it would be my 1st choice. It does pretty much everything I would like, screen shots, app killing, app launching, widgets, gestures ... Only problem is its still in beta and unfortunately, at least on my phone (Nexus One), keeps freezing and needing to be re-installed. Anyway all these apps have their pluses and I realize that for the most part the things I have trouble with are either due to still being in beta stage or the method of activation overlapping with other functions � something which can be adjusted in an update. But what do you all use? Have you found anything that really works for you?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Suggestions For Battery Consumption?

Jun 22, 2010

First, these screen shots were taken after the battery had been fully charged 2 hours prior. I pulled it off right after the light turned green, so that isn't the issue. Also, I've already done the charge, turn off, charge, turn on, etc. thing. My light turned green almost instantly the first time I turned it off and plugged it back in. The screen was on 18.5% of the time during this stretch, so that's pretty heavy usage. But why would the system have been running 53.3% of the time? I wouldn't think that number would/should be much higher than the screen-on time.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Similar Battery Consumption?

Oct 3, 2010

I was trying to search and use google with no luck (from my Hero) so I am sorry if this is a old question. I am currently using a HTC Hero (Sprint) and am purchasing a HTC Evo next week and I was wondering if the battery consumption is similar or a lot worse / better etc. with my Hero I have like gps, wifi, bluetooth off and all the other tricks? I don't mind having all that disabled it never bother me as I really never use twitter, facebook and the gmail app works just fine for me. With my Hero I can get through the day always with all that disabled so any insight if the Evo is similar would be appreciated! Oh and I am not a former blackberry user that expects my phone to last six days on a charge.

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Motorola Droid X :: Battery Consumption With NO Use?

Aug 29, 2010

I went on vacation last week and did a comparison between my X and my wife's Incredible. We were on a cruise, so both phones stayed in airplane mode due to not needing a signal. With absolutely no use, not even turning on the screen, my battery went from 100% - 10% in 37 hours... Dumbfounded, I went to running app.s and stopped nearly everything. I tried again and only got 49 hours. In comparison, her Droid used 10% of her battery in 9 days! The X advertises 220 hours of standby....I am only 180 hours shy of this, something wrong or do they just lie? Remember, my numbers are no use at all, the battery manager only showed "phone idol" as battery consumption.

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Android :: Battery Consumption Analysis

Jun 11, 2010

My question is basically "can anyone recommend an application that will tell me which applications are draining my battery". I've read about task killers and usage and turning stuff on and off, I'm not worried about that, and I don't need to know why (i.e Google Earth uses X units per hour.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Monitor Battery Consumption By Each Application?

Nov 29, 2010

Basically i went from getting 15+ hours of battery life to getting 4 hours today and maybe 7 yesterday. This is 2 days in a row. Running baked snack 1.9 with not too many apps.. I had gone a few weeks being amazed by battery life. I don't think I've added any apps that would cause this.

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HTC Desire :: Battery Consumption Solution

Jun 28, 2010

My system was starting to get a little bit laggy (especially messages app), so I deleted all of my messages and a load of apps I no longer use. As well as my phone speeding up by leaps and bounds, my battery is getting about 3 hours additional life (minimum). Before, 15 minutes after taking my phone off charge it had lost a bar, but now.. I took my phone off charge at 7:15am and listened to music for 40 minutes on the way to work.. it's now 10:19am and I still haven't lost a bar!

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HTC Incredible :: WiFi And Battery Consumption

Sep 26, 2010

As an experiment I set all my internet apps - backup assistant, gmail, people, calendar, news, weather, amazon, stocks, facebook, etc, etc, ETC, to not automatically update, sync, refresh or do anything on the internet without my say-so. I then turned off my phone, put a full charge on it and turned it back on again to reset the timer for Settings > About phone > Battery > Battery use. For the next 6 hours I made a few phone calls while I was not in range of any wifi; I used a few local (non-internet) apps like calculator and stopwatch and camera but I did NOT use any internet apps. At the end of that time "battery use" showed Wi-Fi at 30%, Cell standby at 28% and voice calls at 6%. So why is WiFi so high? Is that just from some "keep alive" or beacon or polling feature? Or is there some app or process I don't know about using the WiFi connection, and how do I tell?

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HTC Desire :: Maps Application & Battery Consumption

Jun 28, 2010

Why is Maps app showing as consuming power, even when it not running? The About Battery is showing that it is consuming 93%

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Motorola Droid X :: Unconfirmed Battery Consumption Fix

Jul 20, 2010

its only been a few hours so I will let you know more later but after the update my battery life was no where near as good as it was the 1st 4 days I have had the phone. I toggled the battery profile from "smart" to "performance" and than back to "smart" and it seems to be holding steady at the current battery level. I will know more as time goes on

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General :: Battery Consumption Is More At Boot Up Of Device

Nov 20, 2013

I had made changes in S/W as suggested in post : [URL] .....

The device I am working is also having wake up lag about 2 sec.It varies from 1.2sec,0.8sec,1.8sec..etc. I implemented the new wake log to prevent the phone from deep sleep as you have mentioned. Now the time required for wake up from deep sleep is reduced to 0.8s and its quite consistent. Although I have to yet check for battery consumption during deep sleep.

However I have found that now when the phone is reset the battery consumption is more during the power up of the phone. For Ex. from 36% before power up and 24% after powerup.

Checked with another device and its only taking 3% for boot up.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Screen Backlight And Battery Consumption

Sep 13, 2010

I have been monitoring my battery consumption for a while now and noticed that on minimum brightness, with screen timeout set on 15 secs, always 50% to 80% of my battery is being used by the screen! I was wondering if anyone else is getting a similar battery consumption?

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HTC Desire :: Apps To Stop Reduce Battery Consumption

Mar 29, 2010

Has anyone else noticed the battery charge does not seem to last well? I have the wifi turned off and only enable it when required but just general usage seems to sap the power quite quickly. At the moment I'm not sure a full charge would even last a day! Are there any smart apps out there to help manage this? Do widgets relly use that much power? The Android OS itself seems to use an alarming amount of power as does everything else!

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Motorola Droid :: Battery Consumption - Home Network Or 3G?

Nov 27, 2009

I have a Motorola Droid with VZn. At home I can start up WiFi and connect to my home network. What I am wondering is if it is better to leave it connected with 3G or to connect the home network as it relates to battery consumption. Which one is easier on the battery?

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Samsung Captivate :: Music Players And Battery Consumption

Nov 5, 2010

I've been trying some music players and went through the threads we have here on the subject. I'm trying to figure out if some players will drain the battery faster than others. I've tried the TW Player, Winamp, MusicMod. I like MusicMod the best (I believe its a modification of the Froyo AOSP player) but it seems to drain the battery pretty fast. I've been using it for about 4 hours and went from 100% to 38%. What are your experiences with battery drain and music players?

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Motorola Droid X :: Battery Consumption While Using Live Wallpaper

Dec 1, 2010

Just want to see how many use live wallpaper, and if so how long does your battery last using live wallpapers. And also heard that if you use live wallpapers etc for awhile it burns the image on the screen.

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HTC Desire :: How FM Radio Work In Android? (Battery Consumption)

Apr 13, 2010

Just wondering How the FM Radio in desire works. Is it like in other phones where you have to use the headset for the radio to work? And another question to those that might have tried, how long would the battery last when using FM radio?

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