Nexus :: Bluetooth Call While Listening To Music Via Headphone Jack

Jul 19, 2010

Is it possible to play music in my car via the headphone jack( i have a line in for mp3 players on my stereo) and have the blue tooth for calls running simultaneously. I tried this a few times and when I do, I end up having the music play in my headset while i am still in a call or it will stop playing music while I am in a call and bring it back after my call is over.

Nexus :: bluetooth call while listening to music via headphone jack

Motorola Droid :: Need Headphone For Listening To Music

Nov 6, 2009

Alright guys so i got a new droid today and i love it. i also got a $25 gift card from my boss to walmart and was wondering if anyone knows some decent headphones, just for listening to music etc, that i could get? has to be from walmart and preferably in 25 dollar range.

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Nexus :: Headphone Jack / Warranty Repair

Mar 5, 2010

My wife has been complaining about music switching randomly while she's playing it through the headphone jack in her car. I mean, it's so bad that if you touch the N1 it will skip to another song. I finally figured out that something us up with the headphone jack. Loose I guess? Plugged in my N1 and it was just fine. No skipping. SO, now I've got to do something that I just really can't stand going though, and that is getting warranty repair or replacement. Anyone know how long it takes for a repair? I really don't want to hear her complain for a week when she doesn't have her phone. If they go the route of sending me a new one, I know I'll have to pony up my debit card number but do they actually "hold" the funds? As in not available to me? Or do they just take the number in case you don't send the dysfunctional one back?

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Media :: HD2 A2.2 Disable Headphone Jack Or Prioritise Bluetooth

Aug 27, 2010

I'm running Android on my HD2 and have recently bought a charging/media dock and a BT earbud set.

A problem I didn't anticipate is that my phone seems to prioritise the phone jack over my bluetooth, so while the phone is charging songs are not sent out via bluetooth. The cradle has a fixed headphone jack so I cannot just not-plug-it-in, unfortunately.

Unplugging the phone from the cradle fixes it, but nullifies the cradle.

Any idea if I can force Android to use bluetooth even if the jack is occupied? Alternatively, can I disable the jack entirely so the phone will continue using the bluetooth like nothing is different?

Tried some googling and searching here, but only seems to be about jacks being dodgy/skipping. Not my issue.

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Samsung Moment :: No Sound When Listening To Music Through Headphones Jack / Fi Xit?

Jan 29, 2010

Not sure if anyone has had this issue. I was listening to music through the headphones jack and when I unplugged it I get no sound at all. No sound in calls or anything. The only way for me to get sound now is via headphones jack, anyone know how to fix this?

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General :: Using Bluetooth Audio Output AND Headphone Jack At Same Time

Feb 12, 2012

found an app that will allow me to send audio to a bluetooth receiver / speaker AND allow me to use headphones / wired speaker at the same time??

I'm not rooted. If this could be done via rooting, I might just consider doing it.

AND, while I'm asking, can the audio signal be sent to and received by two different bluetooth receivers at the same time? I currently only have one bluetooth audio receiver, so I can't try it.

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Motorola Milestone :: Music Pops And Stops - Headphone Jack Connection?

Sep 21, 2010

The only reason I'm starting this thread because I haven't seen this issue on a Milestone thread, and no other threads seem to have an actual 100% solution for this...Most of the times I'm walking around with my Milestone, the music pops or the player pauses completely. I've tried different options (carrying it around inside my bag and not my pocket, for example), different WORKING headsets (including the Motorola ones) and even different players, but nothing solves the problem completly. I just want to make sure there are other options beside having to take it to maintenance (it's still under warranty).

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Samsung I7500 :: Music Player Sensitive To Headphone Jack Motion / Disable Those Events?

Oct 9, 2009

I've experienced the following annoying issue while using my Galaxy as a music player:

Motion of the headphone jack (e.g. while walking with phone in pocket) can be sufficient to trigger events that shut down music player or cause it to skip tracks. This is a major usability issue.

I'd like to disable those events or somehow configure the music player to be insensitive to them.

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Motorola Droid :: Hiss While Listening Music On Bluetooth Stereo

Dec 31, 2009

Hey guys do any of you notice a hiss while listening to music/podcasts through bluetooth stereo headphones? I have tried a couple different headsets and all of them have a very noticeable hiss coming through.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Listening To Music On Stereo Bluetooth Eats Internal Memory

Sep 15, 2010

I recently bought a Back Beat stereo bluetooth headset for my HERO. After listening for a few days I got a warning stating that my internal memory was getting low. Soon after that, I could not receive text anymore. I did a hard reset on the phone and the memory was restored, but this is the only way I could get the memory to come back. Is there any way to restore the internal memory without doing a hard reset and loosing everything?

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Motorola Droid :: Music - Skips When Connected Via Jack Or Bluetooth To Another Player

Dec 8, 2009

I had my Droid connected to my car's AUX via typical cable/jack. Various songs were skipping. They weren't skipping the day before, just since yesterday.

It only skips when it is connected via jack or Bluetooth to another player.

If i just listen to the Droid without connecting to anything else, it doesn't skip.

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Android :: Samsung I7500 Galaxy Speakers Not Working On Call After Listening Music

Jun 8, 2010

I've been listening music on my Samsung i7500 Galaxy with headset plugged to the device. After listening I've plugged headset out and now while I call to somebody I see there is a call on the device screen, but either me, either person whom I am calling to, doesn't hear the other person. While I plug headset again I can hear everything (on the headset), after another plug out problem still exist.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Headphone Jack 3.5mm Is Loose

Jun 7, 2010

I may be taking my Evo back to Best Buy already. I have tried a couple of different 3.5mm plugs and they are all loose in my phones jack. If I move the phone around it sometimes loses connection. These plugs were the same one's that worked fine with my Hero. Anyone else having this problem?

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HTC Incredible :: Using Headphone Jack As Aux

May 26, 2010

I tried using the jack to hook up to the car and a portable speaker system. When I did, the phone went crazy and the voice dialer screen came on the tried dialing a number from my contacts. Has anyone had this happen or know.

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Samsung Fascinate :: Headphone Jack

Sep 12, 2010

Make sure to push your headphone plug ALL the way into the jack of your fascinate! some of us thought we had defective headphone inputs on our fascinates but we realized that there is a considerable amount resistance making pushing the plug all the way in just a bit tough. Hope this helps! and dont be so quick to run back to your nearest cell phone dealer.

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HTC Desire :: Recessed Headphone Jack

Mar 30, 2010

Desire tell me if it works ok with headphones that didn't come with the device? After reading the thread about music skipping with third party headphones plugged in, I did a little bit of research and discovered that this problem seems to be linked to devices with a recessed headphone jack, like the Droid Eris, iPhone, Nexus One, etc. They tend to only play nice with the supplied headphones, and certain other brands. Turns out the iPhone is actually pretty infamous for it. I have pre-ordered the Desire, but I am considering switching to the Legend, as this has a flat/normal headphone jack, and as I really hate those in-ear headphones that are supplied, I'm going to want to use something other than the supplied HTC ones.

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Motorola Droid :: Headphone Jack P

Jul 25, 2010

I have a D1 and today i plugged in my Droid to my Aux-in in my car today, and attempted to play pandora. It sounded awful and even started to cut in and out going from my car speakers to the phone speaker.

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General :: Headphone Jack Not Recognized?

Nov 26, 2012

Phone is a Bird v 1277 twin SIM with stock android ICS as a base

The phone is about a month old and the headphones have stopped being recognized after about two weeks, I've tried about 4 different sets of headphones and all work fine, with headsets (3 different ones) you can hear but not use the mic. The phone doesn't recognise they are plugged in so the FM radio won't work, and the speaker won't turn off.

I've tried the various threads and google searches so have checked the socket for thoroughly for dust etc. (torch & tweezers) but nothing.

The fact they work but don't aren't recognised makes me think it's a software issue such as an app I've installed that doesn't work well with ICS I'd like to avoid a reset & reconfiguring everything especially if it's not certain to work.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Low Headphone Volume / While Listening To Pandora

Feb 27, 2010

Anyone else notice while listening to pandora on their eris that the headphone volume is not that loud? like compared to an ipod... I have not tried downloading music to the SD card yet so i can only test with pandora...

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HTC Droid Eris :: Headphone Jack's Audio Is Really Low

Dec 29, 2009

I really like my Eris but the volume level is really bothering me. I can plug my IPod touch (with volume about 90%) into my car using the headphone jack and setting my car volume to a little less than half way is plenty loud. Playing the same audio tracks through the headphone jack of my Eris plugged in the exact same way with the volume cranked all the way up and I have to literally turn the stereo volume to the max to get the same level.

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Motorola Droid X :: Headphone Jack Broken

Sep 15, 2010

I don't understand why they can't make the headphone jacks durable. I've had the phone for a month, i do use the headphones a lot, but the phone is now useless as the sound cuts in and out.

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Motorola Droid :: HeadPhone Jack - Not Working

Aug 26, 2010

Yes just recently i have been having trouble with my Headphone jack its not working right when i put my headphones in the jack the sound is all distorted. It appears that the jack is loose, this is a brand new 3 month old driod . What do you think i should do go to the verizon store 2mw and see if i can get a new one?

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Motorola Droid :: Loose Headphone Jack

Nov 17, 2009

Does anyone else have a loose headphone jack. When i move the 3.5mm connector it wiggles (the whole thing the connector and the place where it connects). Just wondering if i should bring it back or if everyone elses was loose.

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Motorola Droid :: Defective Headphone Jack

Jan 7, 2010

Anyone else having a problem with a crackly intermittent headphone jack?

Mine has progressively gotten worse over the last month or so, to the point where the slightest movement causes crackling and sometimes intermittent loss of the sound. This is in no way related to the "left speaker pop at max volume" issue that has been previously reported. This is a purely mechanical issue, and having seen the teardown pics on the web, I think its due to the fact the headphone socket isn't actually soldered to the board, but uses 5 contacts and contact pads to make the connection. I wonder if this might be a weak spot in the design..I'm going to take the droid back this weekend to Verizon, any Idea's what my options are regarding a replacement, its after 30 days, but the motoroloa warranty should cover me for a year, right?

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HTC Incredible :: Using Headphone Jack Disable Phone Mic

May 28, 2010

I like to use my phone as my MP3 player and have an AUX port on my car stereo that I use. On my old phone if I plug headphones or 3.5cable into the jack the phone thinks it has a Mic and disables the one on the phone. So if I get a call while in the car listening to music I can answer the phone and hear the caller through my car stereo but they cannot hear me. Am I going to need a special cable with mic to use in my car?

I don't have my Incredible yet but want to make sure I have all the cables and gadgets before it gets here in a couple weeks. I do a lot of car traveling for business and need to make calls and listen to music.

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Samsung Moment :: Bad Overall Sound From Headphone Jack

Nov 10, 2009

I have noticed in all music apps (pandora, slacker,, mp3's) the sound on the low end is very overmodulated. It is to the point that if I am wearing headphones or using the Moment to play music in the car that the speakers are being pushed extremely hard. The low end is so cranked that no level of EQ on my sound system can get rid of the muffled sound on the low end.

It also almost sounds like my earbuds are going to blow even on low volume.

All other devices (IPod Touch, Touch Pro, Slacker portable, Hero) do not have this problem.

Is this normal for this phone and if so do you know of any apps where you can tweak the EQ of the media volume output?

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Flips Out When Using Headphone Jack

May 8, 2010

Trying to use an fm transmitter and panora just constantly skips songs and then the voice dialer comes up and then it randomly calls a contact. Anyone know how to disable whatever feature lets it receive commands via jack?

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HTC Hero :: Headphone Jack Stopped Working

Jul 27, 2009

I got my HTC hero on Orange last week and it's great - everything worked great, but after a day the headphone jack stopped working: when I plug in the headphones they aren't recognised by the device, eg : music will carry on playing on the speaker instead of playing in headphones. Happens with other headphones too not just the supplied ones. I've reset the device with factory settings but no joy. Was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem? Orange have agreed to exchange the device but only when they have new devices in stock later on in the week. Was wondering if a firmware re-install might fix it but not sure how to do it and if would be a waste of time if it's a hardware issue.

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Samsung Captivate :: Can't Get Video Out Through Headphone Jack?

Aug 11, 2010

I have tried two TVs and two different video cables and I cannot get the video to display even after turning on "TV out".

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Sprint HTC Hero :: How To Get A Headphone Jack Cover?

Dec 1, 2009

Anyone know of any place to buy a headphone jack cover (dummy plug) for the Sprint HTC Hero? I've found some plugs for the iPhone online, but i wasn't sure if they would fit into the Hero very well, they don't look like they would from the pictures. Or if anyone knows an easy way to create your own plug that looks fairly decent that would be cool too. I checked around the forum here, but i wasn't able to find any info regarding this yet.

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