Motorola Droid :: Themed ROM - NexBeast V1.1 / Bekit For Overclock Kernels

May 2, 2010

NexBeast V1.1 Release. This ROM is based off of Pete's Bugless Beast V1.1. He put a lot of hard work into it, so if you enjoy this, or his work, please donate to him! You can find the link to his donate and the original BBV1 thread at the following:

Other developers worthy of your donations/praise are:

-Manup456 for creating NexTheme
-Bekit for the overclock kernels used here
-arctu for HelixLauncher(s) 1 and 2
-Ander Webbs for ADW Launcher
-Cyanogen and Koush for setting a high standard & ROM manager

*And everybody else that helped to make this possible!

ROM Link - Clockwork and SPRecovery Compatible

Installation Instructions
-Rename to if using SPR, otherwise just install .zip with Clockwork. It is always good policy to do a complete wipe of data, cache, system, and boot. Don't say I didn't warn you


-All of the speed, scripts, and overall goodness of Bugless Beast V1.1 (see above link for details)
-Completely Themed with Manup's DroTheme
-Includes new font set (removable)
-Includes Themed HTC_IME Keyboard (credit to jonasl & gIMpSTa)
-Themed MotoTorch and Ringer Widgets (thanks btdownloads7)
-Latest Wired & Wifi Tethering Apps
-SpareParts app with options by Pete
-Themed ADW and 3D Launchers
-New Superuser 2.1 app and binary (credit to ChainsDD)
-Themed new Facebook app w/ Inbox
-Lowered Ringer Delay from 3s to 300ms
-Battery percentage in notification bar (hard coded)
-NexThemed Live Wallpaper (credit to Pete)
-Blazing fast w/ tons of free memory!

OPTIONAL Kernels: (credit to Bekit) - Installation Video Instructions in next post!

-600Mhz LV 5X *Already Included*
-800Mhz LV 7X
-1Ghz LV 7X
-1.1Ghz LV 7X
-1.1Ghz SV 7X
-1.2Ghz LV 7X
-1.2Ghz IV 7X
-1.3Ghz LV 7X
-1.3Ghz IV 7X

P3Droid kernels will also work great - Get them here. ADW Update (minor) There's a newer version available in the market now, I've themed it. Get it here: org.adw.launcher.apk. Then use this next script down here to remove the old ADW

Motorola Droid :: Themed ROM - NexBeast V1.1 / Bekit for overclock kernels

Motorola Droid :: Themed ROM - NexBeast 0.9 - New's

Mar 23, 2010

NexBeast 0.9 Release

I built this ROM because I was having some issues with CyanogenMod 5.0.5 (mainly, no MMS), but I didn't want to give up the look and feel of NexTheme, which I really liked.

Before I begin, I must give credit where it is due (everyone but me, I take no credit. I'm just an enthusiast, not a developer).

Pete - For the excellent, bugless base ROM
Koush - For porting over CyanogenMod 5.0.5 to the Droid
Cyanogen - For building CyanogenMod
manup456 - For the AWESOME NexTheme 2.0
ChevyNo1 - For the overclock kernel
AdamZ - For the overclock kernel
gl0be - Whose Desire theme helped me a lot
haxzamatic - For his port of NexTheme to Koush's CM5
jr33 - For his Metamorph of NexTheme
arctu - For the AMAZING HelixLauncher2

Refer to this thread for NexTheme details (and screenshots!):
[THEME] NexTHEME-v2.0 Enom_v1.7.1/CM_5.0.5.1 Final Beast!! =) - xda-developers

Refer to this thread for Pete's Bugless ROM (and scripts):
[ROM] Bugless Beast V0.9 ESE53 (Options Gallore!)

If you're interested in CyanogenMod by Koush, go here:
CyanogenMod Forum -> Motorola Droid

Gonna just copy Cyanogen/Koush here...


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Motorola Droid :: Overclock Kernels Not Installing?

Aug 25, 2010

Just fixed my recovery mode issues through the solution given in this thread...

[Fix] Stock recovery coming back/Custom recovery wont stick

So i tried the next step on my agenda, which was to find an overclock kernel for Froyo 2.2. Ive tried a handful of ChevyNo1 kernels, and a couple from jdlfg and none of them seem to take. The speed scale in SetCPU remains at a max of 600mHz, while Overclock widget shows me a possible max of 900mHz. Even if i try to set the max at 900mHz in Overclock widget, the widget never actually reads that high and SetCPU never reflects that speed either.

I can confirm that I have root, and both SetCPU and Overclock Widget are being given superuser permissions.

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Motorola Droid :: Cyanogen With Bekit 1ghz - 40 Degrees

Apr 6, 2010

Cyanogen with bekit 1ghz running at 40 degrees. Is this a bad combination? I'm constantly at 40 degrees. If not there, usually upper 30s. I'm hearing people are often in low 20s with their ROMs. What's the deal? I don't even play games that much, nor do I browse intense websites. Would you suggest a different kernel?

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Motorola Droid :: Way To Take Keyboard From First NexBeast?

Apr 14, 2010

I'm currently running Cyanogen, does anyone know of a way to take the keyboard from the first NexBeast and use it with this ROM?

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Motorola Droid : NexBeast - Need To Setcpu

May 10, 2010

I am using Nexbeast 1.0 and I have installed setcpu and advanced task manager. I hear that it messes up somehow but I haven't noticed any problems. In fact before I installed setcpu my phone kept on restarting due to overheating. Am i messing my phone up in a way I can't detect? Any clarification on this issue would be great.

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Motorola Droid :: What's Difference Between NexBeast - NexFro

Jun 14, 2010

What's the difference between NexBeast and NexFro? Is Fro based off of stock 57 ROM, and NexBeast is based off of BB 0.1? Are you only supporting one or the other now?

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Motorola Droid :: NexBeast - Pandora Don't Play Well Together

May 4, 2010

Wondering if anyone else is having this same problem. I running the new NexBeast and I can no longer run Pandora in the background. If I leave it open I can listen with no problem. But if I hit the home screen to use another app it immediately stops working. In my list of running services it says it's still running and it shows up in my task killer as a running app. Any thoughts?

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Motorola Droid :: Usage Of Nexbeast V1.0 And Helix2 Ne1

May 9, 2010

I was think about trying helix2 with nexbeast. I am running bekit1000 and currently not having ne problems. Is there ne1 out there that can say they do not notice any difference in speed. If you are not running helix2 are u using helix1 or just stock. Hate to ruin a good thing. ROADHOUSE

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Motorola Droid :: How To Install P3 Kernel On BB NexBeast V1.0 ROM

May 10, 2010

Can someone explain it a little better? Ive been reading mixed reviews..some people get stuck in a "M" logo when they're trying to install it, while other are having low temp and running really smooth...pls help.

FYI, I am running NexBeast V1.0 with the stock kernel. I know it might be a dumb question but i am kind of a noob at this

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Motorola Droid : How To Open Fennec On Nexbeast After Install?

May 30, 2010

So I downloaded the pre-alpha release of fennec and installed it but it would never open. Is there anyway to get it working on nexbeast or would I have to go back to a stock rom? Has anyone tried fennec? If so how is the experience?

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Motorola Droid :: Clear Performance Difference - Bekit 1200LV Vs P3 1200LV With BB V1

May 18, 2010

Someone else had posted some findings between two different kernels and battery power, I can't find the thread - it's late though. Anyhow - the Bekit kernel was recommended as being the ONLY type to use with BB V1, upon initial release. Battery sucked, we all know it. Then I tried SetCPU, and a ton of different configurations - still sucked. I have JuiceDefender and some like it, others don't - I happen to like it and always have. The one thing I noticed initially upon the Bekit/V1 release was that the JuiceDefender widget: (I grabbed this off google, it's the one on the left) was showing a constant 1.15x whereas my battery multiplier previously was a constant 1.95x. This widget simply confirmed that my battery life was sucking bad. Went to the P3 1200LV and my widget made it to 2.15x and I noticed big time. Today I got 13 hours of light/moderate useage (internet, calls, text, email - NO wifi or GPS) and 13 hours got me down to 25%. With the Bekit I was getting roughly 8 hours or so. Dropping 10% an hour on sleep. I also want to add that I tried Chevy's 1200LV and it rebooted my system randomly. The temp on Bekit and P3 are both good though.......

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Motorola Droid :: Running NexBeast ESE81 OC'd To 1100mhz - Instant Battery Drain

Apr 14, 2010

I'm running NexBeast ESE81 OC'd to 1100mhz (Running idle around 23c). I've had no issues whatsoever and, in fact, have been on this ROM since the day it was released (a record for me). However, this morning my phone was fully charged and sitting on my desk when it suddenly dropped to 5% charge. I panicked, rebooted the phone, and it now says 70% charged. What could have caused this? I searched and found someone had a similar issue but no one seemed to know a fix. My phone is running fine now, but I want to avoid further issues.

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Motorola Droid :: NFL Or MLB Themed Roms

Aug 7, 2010

Any Tom's with team themes? Love to have the pack on my Droid.

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Motorola Droid :: Themed ROMS

May 15, 2010

Personally I love being rooted and having all the options that being rooted gives me, however I have not found a single theme that I actually like more than stock Android. I mean, some of them have cool elements, JRummy's green themed ROM is ok, as is Fab's NexBeast, they have some really cool parts to the themes, but some of the icons or other things are just God-awful in every theme I have tried. I liked Pete's Smoked Glass theme he had to apply over his BB builds, but the notification drop down had some problems, you couldn't always read the notification text making it basically useless. Overall I am just asking, am I the only one who highly prefers the Android stock theme?

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Motorola Droid X :: MOD - Themed Swype

Nov 18, 2010

Credit to bad4u6669

Link to mod:

Themed Swype - xda-developers

Different colors at the bottom, delete the color from the file name when placing on sdcard. i.e. >


All Swypes have matching tracers

All these are for 2.2, there is no reason you shouldnt be on 2.2

Original images from bilbobrian, just some extra days on my part getting it to you

As always do a back up

If on 2.2 and have boot strapper installed to use this update .zip, throw it on sd card, open droid x bootstraper reboot to recovery, apply, reboot done!

........ without bootstrapper method...........if you want just the apk for a different color just extract it from the file use root explorer or other app to make a copy of your original app ( its in system/app)

First you must remove swype.apk from system/app any way of your choosing, terminal or adb, then reboot.

Follow the following directions

Put the .apk on your sdcard, navigate to it with astro or your fav file browser, open the apk and choose install. If it still says only gives you the option to uninstall, you didnt uninstall correctly. if you can get it to show up after install go into settings and keyboard and make sure swype is checked


................ If you somehow botched it...............

restore your back up.

If you were careless enough to not do a back up and your on 2.2 get a clean download here.. MY droid world 2.2 follow those instructions. then download file again, your last one might of been bad. When in recovery go to mounts and mount system, then install the zip

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Motorola Droid X :: APK's - Themed ADW.Launcher And LauncherPro

Jul 21, 2010

I replaced a lot of the .png's in Ander Webb's ADW.Launcher and resigned it, so it is installable. It should look a lot more like the stock Blur launcher, but with much better performance

Be sure to support Ander Webb if you like the launcher!

File is attached to the bottom of this post


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Motorola Droid :: Genesis - Themed CM 5.0.7 Pre-release Rom

May 16, 2010

Available over on cyanogenmod recording is broken currently on the 5.0.7 pre-release builds, author says he'll have a fix soon.

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Motorola Droid :: Jrummy Themed Handcent

May 20, 2010

If i install the update to handcent, will i lose the theme?

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Motorola Droid :: Sterling Themed Froyo ROM

Jun 11, 2010

In case anyone wants to try another Froyo ROM...this one is nicely themed (assuming you like sterling...).

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Motorola Droid :: 2.2 Market For THEMED Phones

Jun 11, 2010

I went into the theme zip file (DropTheme) and deleted the "Vending" file from the Apps folder.

No themed Market - but it works.

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Motorola Droid X :: Can Themed Apps Be Upgraded

Oct 8, 2010

I have a few questions about theming apps. I don't know much about Android apps, but was thinking about looking into theming some. Before I do, I want to find out if it is worthwhile or if it will be constant re-theming after every update.

When an app is themed (like the Revolution Facebook version for example) Can it be updated through the market or released APK?

If updated through the market, will it be overwritten when the app updates?

Do market updates only change the pieces needed or do they replace the whole app?

Are themed apps always complete versions or are they sometimes just the images and other parts that were themed?

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Motorola Droid X :: Custom Themed HTC Keyboards

Sep 7, 2010

For all you guys out there who like taking themes to the max, I was tipped to this website by Android Forums - View Profile: incrediblenotinstock

You will want to jump over to Xda here : [url] nd pick up the high res v27 for froyo if your on froyo the other if you are not and pick up that zip. You will need the clicker hi apk from that zip if you want to adjust the settings for the keyboard.

I didn't create this website or any of the themes there All credit goes to those that did. I just wanted to share with the community. Its very easy and a straight forward process and it creates a QR code (which I never got to work) and a download link to dl the apk and side load it like you would any other app. If you already have the htc.ime keyboard installed, you will want to uninstall it first. It does hold a lot of memory (around 11mb in running processes for me) but it doesn't lag. It also isn't multi touch, but I have found typing very fluid for me.

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Motorola Droid X :: Looking For Themed Stock Keyboard Themes

Oct 3, 2010

Looking for themed stock keyboard themes. Particularly looking for an orange theme to compliment NexTang

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Motorola Droid :: FRF84b Themes - Themed ROMs

Jul 1, 2010

Pete's Bugless 0.4 FRF84b themed (2.2) - Android Forums

Compatible THEMES:

[Theme] 928Droid "Black Glass" 2.2 for Froyo - - MetaMorph - Back to Stockl

[Theme] NexTheme for Bugless Beast V0.4 (6/29/10)

Start posting them and I will edit it for people. I can't quite get KangaSaurus to work on it just yet - loads lock screen, everything is themed, then it reboots after SD Card load (sound off)

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Motorola Droid :: How To Pull Wallpaper From Themed Launchers?

May 24, 2010

I just got a new theme (Punisher one from JsinLegacy, it is awesome)... and he has some killer wallpapers in the themed helix 2 launcher, however I use Launcher Pro and am pretty happy with it, and would like to get rid of helix 2 cause it is just taking up space (I hate having two launchers installed). Is there anyway to get the wallpapers?I tried extracting the .apk with root explorer but I can't seem to find where the little buggers are...

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Motorola Droid X :: Factory Reset On Themed Phone

Nov 19, 2010

I put the 928Droid BGX2.3 Theme on my phone and I do like it but my wifi and pic sending capabilities have stopped. My pic sending capabilities have stopped before when I got the froyo update and the only thing that fixed it was a factory reset. This is my first theme and I followed directions and put Koush's Bootstrap did a nano backup and then installed the theme So what should be my steps for a factory reset now?

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Motorola Droid :: Themed App Blue ESPN Scorecenter

Aug 20, 2010

Themed blue ESPN Scorecenter app

To install:
1. Unistall ESPN scorecenter if already on your phone.
2. Download blue scorecenter and place on sdcard.
3. Install using astro or another file manager.

Note: The market will recognize this app and should promote you if there is an update available in the future. Updating the app will probably revert it back to stock red.

Themed Blue ESPN Scorecenter *Updated v1.0.4*

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Motorola Droid X :: 10% Battery In Themed Framework Apks?

Nov 1, 2010

Why did I do this? Well, I wanted to use Fightspit's circular battery icons. The DX's icons only change every 20% which is kind of useless for the icon set I wanted. It's easy to swap out icons (via 7zip) but adding icons creates a lot of problems. This forced me to come up with a workaround. Here's the process in case anyone else has been trying to do this.


Whats needed:
The themed framework-res.apk file
Extract framework-res.apk from any themed zip file
Or adb pull it from your THEMED phones system/framework directory

Stock framework-res.apk file
Extract this from TBHs deodexed 2.3.15 leak
Or adb pull from your STOCK phone

Batter and charging icons
I use 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 battery icons since the DX only reports battery readings in 10% increments.
I have 20 charging pngs. You can have more or less but youll have to modify some XMLs (see below) to get them to work.
You can use UOT Kitchen to generate battery icons. There are, also, other icons floating around on XDA. Just be careful to use HDPI compatible types.

The attached decompiled XML files (these go in the DECOMPILED drawable-hdpi folder along with the batter icons). Edit these if you add or remove pngs.

7zip or Winrar (I prefer the former for modding .apk files)

Working knowledge of DOS (optional) or patience

Stock framework-res.apk prep
Extract ApkManager (you can put this anywhere. I have it on c: to make things easier in DOS)
Put your STOCK framework-res.apk in the place-apk-here-for-modding folder
Run the script and DECOMPILE (Option 9) the apk. The decompile folder will be in the projects folder.
Delete the STOCK framework-res.apk from the place-apk-here-for-modding folder
Move the DECOMPILED framework-res.apk folder from projects into the main ApkManager folder. This will be your repository of stock files that you will need later

Themed framework-res.apk prep
At this point you should have NOTHING in your modding folder AND project folders
Put your THEMED framework-res.apk in the modding folder
From the ApkManager root folder, DELETE the log text file
Run the script and DECOMPILE (Option 9) the themed apk.
After the decompile is done, close the script and open up the newly created log.txt file
In the log youll see some .9.png errors in /res/drawable-hdpi folder. These are files that were not decompiled properly because some required information (9patch) was missing. Each of those 9.png files will be decompiled (wrongly) and then renamed to .png. Therefore for every SINGLE 9.png error file, there will be one USELESS .png file. NOTE: If you try to recompile with these broken 9patches, the resultant apk WILL cause you to bootloop.

Lets pause here for a bit:
All the 9.png files listed in the error log, as stated before, are BROKEN. The decompile script aapt (apktool) decompiles these broken 9.png files, makes a copy of said files, and renames the copies as *.png.
So, there are, actually, two broken files (one 9.png and one .png) for every error in the log. You have to delete BOTH of these files and replace them with healthy files from the stock framework we decompiled earlier. If you skipped that, go back up and do it. The awesome thing is that there are hundreds of healthy 9.pngs and even more .png files in your THEMED framework decompiled folder. Locating each of this files (sometimes 30 x 2) is a pain. My workaround is to use good ol DOS. You dont have to do the next few steps with DOS but you have to reach the same end.

Enter the dra¦ er decompiled framework-res folder in /projects.
Copy/mark the error 9.pngs into MS Word (or whatever you use). Keep Word and DOS open till were done with this part.
Using find and replace do the following:
Copy everything before the 9.png file and find/replace that with del.
Copy everything after .png and find/replace it with NOTHING (dont type nothing)

The outcome should be:
del first_example.9.png
del second_example.9.png
and should contain all the broken .9.png files

In DOS, cd to decoded frameworks folders drawable-hdpi folder
Copy and paste the contents of the Word file into DOS to delete all the broken 9.png files.
Go back to MS Word and find/replace .9.png with .png

The outcome should be:
del first_example.png
del second_example.png
and should contain all the broken, renamed .png files.

If you didnt close the DOS window, just copy and paste the modified contents of your Word folder into DOS to delete all the broken .png files. If you closed the DOS window, shame on you :P. Youll have to open DOS again and navigate back to the decoded frameworks drawable-hdpi folder first.
You should have removed both the BROKEN .9.png and .png files from the decompiled frameworks drawable-hdpi folder
Head back to MS Word one last time and edit the files to look like this

copy first_example.9.png c:APKManagerprojectsframework-res.apk
copy second_example.9.png c:APKManagerprojectsframework-res.apk
The c:... will vary depending on where you put your APKManager folder. If you put it somewhere else, copy the location from your address bar.

Head back to DOS and cd to your STOCK folders drawable-hdpi folder.
Copy the contents from MS Word into DOS and this will copy the healthy .9.png files to your THEMED decoded frameworks drawable-hdpi folder.
You can close MS Word and DOS at this point.
Replacing the battery icons and xml files.
Navigate to your THEMED decompiled frameworks drawable-hdpi folder.
Paste your new battery icons into this folder (overwriting all the existing ones). The files to look for are stat_sys_battery_X.png and stat_sys_battery_charge_animX.png
You should also replace ic_lock_idle_charging and ic_lock_idle_low_battery (I use the fully charged and the battery unknown pngs respectively)
Replace the xml files with your modified ones. The files to replace are stat_sys_battery.xml and stat_sys_battery_charge.xml.

Rebuilding your framework-res.apk
At this point you should have your THEMED framework-res.apk in the modding folder and your THEMED, decompiled framework-res.apk folder in the project folder (with your new png and xml files.)
Go back to the APK Manager main folder and run the script.
Compile the apk (Option 11)
You will be asked if this is a system apk. Choose YES.
You will be asked if you want to copy all unmodified files from the oringal apk. You can choose NO.
Sign the APK (Option 12).
Go into the modding folder, you will find a signedframework-res.apk
Open (DONT EXTRACT) signedframework-res.apk with 7zip or Winrar.
Open (again, DONT EXTRACT) the themed framework-res.apk (also in the modding folder) with 7zip or Winrar
Delete, from within 7zip, the META-INF directory and AndroidManifest.xml file from signedframework-res.apk
Copy, inside 7zip, META-INF and AndroidManifest.xml from your original themed framework-res to signedframework-res.apk Dont unzip anything.
Still in 7zip, navigate to /res/drawable-hdpi in both the original, themed framework-res.apk and signedframework-res.apk. Delete everything BUT the new (stat_sys_battery stat_sys_battery_charge) xmls and battery and charging .pngs from signedframework-res.apk. If you used my files, there will be only 40 items left.
Finally, copy (still in 7zip) everything BUT stat_sys_battery.xml, stat_sys_battery_charge.xml, and the battery and charging .pngs from the themed framework-res.apks drawable-hdpi folder to signedframework-res.apks drawable-hdpi folder.
Your modified framework-res.apk is ready to be pushed to your phone.

Putting the files on your phone.
Either push signedframework-res.apk to your phone via adb or
Create an for use with clockwork recovery. You can also take the themes zip file and replace the framework-res.apk as well. (I like this). Or you can just make one if you like.
Reboot your phone if you used adb and welcome to 10% heaven.

Im hoping our themers will incorporate the 10% hack into their themes. For them its only a matter of replacing the (2) xml files before compiling the theme.

Ill try to answer any questions as best I can.
Also, please donate to the DEVs (not me!) if you can. This little task took me almost a week (after work and no SSF4 for me ) to figure out. Imagine how much work is required to bring ApeX, RubiX, ZapX etc¦

Grab the Apex rEVO and NexTheme mods and files at:
REVOlution theme with 10% Circle Battery MOD and NexTheme 10% Circle Battery Mod.

Decompiled XML files

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Motorola Droid X :: Backup Stock Setup For Reverting From Themed

Oct 15, 2010

I'm rooted now and about ready to do my 1st theme...DroidBlackGlassX DeOdexEERR.

Is there a way to back up my stock LP+ set up so If I don't like the Black Glass and can revert back? Or want my LP+ setup but only with a black bar? I thought I could with bootstrap, but I think I'm wrong...also thought I could with Ti Backup...but again, I think that's only for apps.

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