HTC Hero : Big Difference Between Villian 12 And Froyo

Jul 16, 2010

anybody heard when we will get froyo 2.2, as i cant wait to try it out. will they be a big difference between villian 12 and froyo as i am on 12 and i find that very good and smooth.

HTC Hero : Big difference between villian 12 and froyo

HTC Desire :: Flashed Villian Froyo 2.2 Rom / No 3G

Jul 16, 2010

I installed the Villian Froyo 2.2 with sense last night, mostly seems ok but I cant seem to get a 3g signal now.I updated to radio after the rom flash.Also the "setlocationintall" program just hangs on a black screen when i try to run it.Any ideas anyone?

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HTC Hero :: Villian 5.3 Still The Best Bet For RELIABLE 2.1?

May 13, 2010

I want to run a 2.1 ROM (because I use Google Navigation). However reliability is my number 1 criteria.

I tried Sense2.1 (v2) and had a pretty miserable experience, I am now using Villian 5.3 and reasonably happy. IS this this the best bet for RELIABLE operation on HTC Hero?

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HTC Hero :: Rooted To Villian 5.3 But Cannot Set Custom Wallpaper?

Apr 29, 2010

App wallpaper set & save used to make my pics perfect when using this app, now that ive got 5.3 rom its making it huge & ugli. does anybody know what i need to do to make it fit crisp & perfect. this is just madness as i had no issues before.

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Froyo 2.2 / Difference In Version Pre - Loaded On Droid 2?

Oct 12, 2010

My husband has an HTC Inc running froyo 2.2; swype on his phone has a different look to the keyboard and seemingly better functionality. Is there a difference in the version pre-loaded on the droid 2 (just got mine last night)?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Technical Difference Between 2.1 ROM On Hero With 1.5

Jan 26, 2010

OK so this was in regards to me talking to my buddy about trying to get Google Goggles to work on my 1.5 Hero since it already works on his 1.6 MyTouch.I know that the Roms are all different but one thing I just can't get.What is the technical difference between a 2.1 ROM on a Hero with 1.5, and a 2.1 ROM on a Hero with 2.1?I know the ROMs now are based on 1.5 themselves so they run well on the Hero, but they are messing with 2.1 ROMs, and I'm not sure what that means when it's "based" (or is it based, I don't get that part) on a 1.5 OS on the Hero.I apologize for not being able to word this well, hopefully you guys understand it.The conclusion obviously would also be if someone makes a 1.6 ROM then that should either technically run Google Goggles (just like running apps2sd), or since it's based on our Hero's 1.5, is this not correct?

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HTC Hero :: Will New SIM Make Any Difference?

Aug 28, 2010

I was just thinking about my SIM card (Orange UK) and whether it would be a good idea to request a new SIM as I've had this SIM for nearly 8 years I think now. Would it make any difference to the signal and/or the performance in any way or is it not worth it?

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HTC Hero : Difference Between HSPA And 3G?

Sep 20, 2009

I always thought H to signify HSPA, which is normally what shows as my connection when in areas of good reception for O2 in the UK, so why does it sometimes show up with 3G? is that not the same thing, isint HSPA 3G?

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Sprint HTC Hero : Difference Between 1.5 - 2.1 ?

Apr 10, 2010

I have searched for the "Highlites" of what the versions offer over the other, but really cant find any specific info. What is so great about v2.1 as compared to v1.5.

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Sprint HTC Hero ::what Is Difference Between App And Widget?

Mar 16, 2010

Sticking my neck out and asking a question that might see obvious, but, what is the difference between an App and a Widget?I assume the function differently or they wouldn't have different names.Yet, when I look at the stuff I have on my screens, they look the same.Someone told me to get rid of my Widgets to reduce lag.(I plan to keep my widgets because I only have 4, I think, three toggles and one weather.) But, why would Widgets create lag and Apps don't?

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HTC Hero :: Difference Between Villain & Vanillin

Apr 25, 2010

I'm kinda newbie on the subject as I have my Hero for only 2 weeks and only rooted when HTC decided to postpone to July. now I'm on Vanillain ... and after I installed it I started seeing a lot of stuff about Villain (which at the beginning I didnt noticed it was a different one)...

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HTC Hero :: Difference In Points Between Custom And Official ROM

Jan 13, 2010

everyone update to custom rom but uptill now i dont get what are the differences ? in points ?Speed ? interface? apps that come with custom ROM ?

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HTC Hero : Difference Between GSM And CDMA Screen Protectors?

Feb 26, 2010

I just ordered one from boxwave and noticed it advertised as a gsm version. Will it work on my Sprint phone?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Odexed Vs Deodexed / Difference Between Them?

Nov 13, 2010

What's the difference?

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HTC Hero :: Color Difference In Battery Cover Replacement?

Nov 16, 2009

I'm using a black htc hero and it got scratched recently. I'm thinking about getting a replacement cover but I've been told that the only ones available immediately are "urban brown covers" which I presume to be mocha covers. I've yet to see a mocha hero (other than in pics online) so I don't know if my hero will look weird with a mocha battery case. Is the color difference very obvious?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Getting Error When Apply Two Difference Restores / Why Is This?

Mar 19, 2010

Tried to apply two difference restores, and I get this error.

Error : run ' restore' via adb!

Why is this?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Firmware 1.5 Or 1.6 - If Rooted And Flashed 1.1 - Does It Make Difference

Feb 7, 2010

I have 1.5 on my rooted fresh 1.1 hero. does anyone know if it makes any difference if the firmware is 1.5 or 1.6 on the hero. i am addicted to tryin to make my hero faster and better.

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HTC Hero :: Difference Between Active Exchange Sync And Just Setting Up Outlook

Dec 18, 2009

I wanted to set up my hero to get my mail from work and calender ect. We use outlook. The question I have is whats the difference between active exchange sync and just setting up outlook like you would set up yahoo, gmail ect... Sorry if this is a dumb question but I just never had to use exchange before so im very unfamiliar with it. What I have been doing is just syncing my phone via usb with my home outlook.

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HTC Hero :: Running Froyo

Jul 9, 2010

Anyone running the alpha 2.2 froyo yet? if so, whats it like?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Best Froyo Apps?

Sep 14, 2010

Now that I've flashed CM6 and have Froyo on my Hero and am loving it btw, what apps would you suggest that I wasn't able to use on 2.1?

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HTC Hero :: Flashing Froyo Rom Compatible With 10.1?

Nov 25, 2010

Will flashing a froyo rom on the hero make it compatible with flash 10.1? For instance, flashing the Elelinux rom based on froyo or the upcoming Froyo Sense Rom, VillainRom 13. Just wondering if it would work.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Froyo And Autorun Apps

Aug 28, 2010

Okay so what i am trying to figure out is how i can disable some of this crap from startup on my phone i am running the cyanogenmod-6-extblue-82610-- and you get all this stupid crap i dont use that runs in the background i have tried autorun killer and it only gives me like three of the things i want disabled. and for some reason this amazon crap keeps coming up i dont want nor do i need it so why does it keep running. also calendar storage,news and weather,voice search,and there are more that startup that i dont ever use please advise how i can disable them on startup?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Flash Player 10.1 For Froyo CM6

Sep 10, 2010

I just installed Cyanogen Mod CM6 (froyo) on my htc hero, & ive tryed to install flash player 10.1, but it wont install. any ideas on how to get full flash to work on Cyanogen Mod CM6 on the htc hero running froyo?

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HTC Hero :: Sprint Navigation On Froyo Is Missing?

Aug 27, 2010

I just rooted my phone and flashed 2.2, but Sprint Navigation is missing. The navigation that loaded up is painfully slow, anyone know how I can get Sprint Navigation or an equivalent navigation app back onto my phone?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Working Full Flash Without Using Froyo

Jun 17, 2010

How come no one have posted this yet? Working full Flash (not flash lite) without using froyo! - XDA-developers

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HTC Hero : Need A Black Keyboard To Go With Theme Of Elelinux Froyo

Sep 28, 2010

i hate qwerty keyboards and like to text like a phone dial pad , so if you know of one which will match the theme of the above then please post

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Sprint HTC Hero : Phone Have Froyo Rom And Still Have Sense UI Someday?

Aug 5, 2010

I was just wonder if it be possible for the hero to be able to have froyo Rom and still have sense UI someday

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Solution For Swype / Widgets Users In Froyo?

Aug 19, 2010

I have noticed on some threads that people were having issues with their widgets and Swype on the Cyanogen Froyo ROM. I was having this issue as well. Whenever I rebooted my phone I would have to make Swype my default keyboard again, and reinstall certain widgets. But I think I have found a solution. I noticed that Swype and some of these widgets had been stored on the SD card instead of on the phone. So I went into my settings and into application management and moved them over to the phone. That seemed to solve the issue. Give it a try and see if that fixes your problem, if you were having it.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Android 2.2 Upgrade List: Is Your Phone Getting Froyo?

Jun 14, 2010

The Android 2.2 Upgrade List: Phones Definitely Getting Froyo

Nexus One: Despite the shuttering of its online store, Google's flagship phone is still first in line for the Froyo upgrade. In late May, a "very limited test group" received an early copy of the 2.2 software. Google has since been working on final tweaks and expects a widespread rollout to begin soon.

Motorola Droid: The Droid that started it all is set to be second in line for the Android 2.2 upgrade. Early reports suggested the Droid could see Froyo before the end of June. We all know what happened with the Droid's 2.1 upgrade schedule, though, so don't mark your calendars just yet.

HTC Droid Incredible: HTC has confirmed that its newest Droid handset will be feasting on Froyo. No specific timeframe has been released outside of sometime "in the second half of this year."

HTC EVO 4G: The EVO 4G is the phone most frequently pitted up against Apple's new iPhone 4 (hint: the EVO wins), so it's no surprise that it's on the confirmed guest list for the latest and greatest Android release. The EVO should get Froyo sometime in the next six months.

MyTouch 3G and MyTouch 3G Slide: The entire MyTouch line of phones on T-Mobile is expected to see Froyo before the end of 2010.

HTC Desire: It's not yet available in the States, but this desirable HTC handset is on-tap to get the Android 2.2 upgrade sometime in the next six months as well.

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HTC Hero :: Upgrade Froyo - Get Back To Original Factory Settings After Rooting?

Jul 20, 2010

I am using Europian unlocked htc hero and it got Android 2.1 update 3 weeks back OTA, is it possible to update it to Android 2.2 through rooting and with any custom ROM available? I have never done rooting and new to it, would it be possible to to get it back to original factory settings after rooting?

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