HTC Droid Eris :: Opening PDF File (2mb) On Gmail Application

Dec 17, 2009

1. Tried opening a PDF file (2mb) on my gmail application. Tried to open "PDF Viewer" and it said "file can not be viewed. I know the PDF is a good file because it opened just fine on my computer. I have tried to open other PDF's and they work just fine. Any suggestions?

2. Tried to open a video as a wmv file on my gmail application. Loaded fine with sound only, no video. Any Suggestions?

3. Is there a screen lock feature where you can put your phone in your pocket while on your bluetooth headset?

HTC Droid Eris :: opening PDF file (2mb) on gmail application

HTC Droid Eris :: Opening A .jad File ?

Jan 12, 2010

There is an application i'm trying to use on my phone. the file type is .jad and when i try to dl and open it i get a "no application can be found to open this file". is there anyway to convert this to a file type i can use or is the anderiod simply not compatible with this?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Get .cvs File To Gmail From Phone?

Apr 10, 2010

I have an HTC Eris. The "roller-ball" thing quick working on the phone so I ordered a new one. Now I want to get all the contacts from the old phone onto the new phone. How do I do this?

I have already gotten a gmail account. I also got an application on the Eris that was called "Export Contacts" which seems to export my contacts from the phone into a .cvs file which I think is saved on the SD card.

Now, how do I get get that .CVS file from the old phone to go into gmail??? If I could do that, then maybe I could get the contacts from the gmail into my new phone.

How do I do this?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Sending Video Via Gmail / MMS - File Too Big

Apr 10, 2010

I tried to send a video using gmail, I couldn't do it, it said file to big or something like that. It was only like 20 seconds long. I really like this phone but it seems to be really limited when it comes to MMS or sending video's whether its email or MMS. My sister has verizon (and I do to) when she sends me text or MMS and adds a smiley face it modifies the msg and she gets a msg back saying my phone dont support enhanced msg. wtf? My razr really did better when it came to mms. There has to be something not adjusted right on this phone.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Cannot Access Gmail Directly Through Application

Jan 31, 2010

Had my phone two days and I've already managed to screw it up. Gmail through the browser works fine. Notifications of new mail work fine; I can pull down the notifications bar up top, click on the mail note, and read/mark everything fine from there. But I'm screwed once I exit that. See, I can't just access gmail directly through the app. If I click on it, I get a black screen saying "your mail will appear shortly" and a note in the bar up top saying "waiting for sync". Just cleared Gmail data.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Font Larger In Gmail Application?

Feb 1, 2010

Is there a was to make the font larger in the Gmail Application?

I know that the other email program works as well with Gmail, just not with my SMTP settings.

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Motorola Droid X :: Gmail Applications Opening Screen

Nov 29, 2010

Droid X gmail app: it used to go straight to my gmail INBOX whenever I selected the 'Gmail' app, but now whenever I have a Gmail notification and select the 'Gmail' app it goes to my account list and I have to select my Gmail account to get to the inbox even though I only have 1 account. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way to make it go straight to the Inbox instead of the account list every time I select the Gmail app?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Opening Forwarded Mail On Phone

May 27, 2010

I have several users at work who have the HTC Droid Eris. We allow our users to connect to our work email via IMAP. We have an issue where when a users receives forwarded email, they can't open it. It give them the option to save to the SD card, but when you click again on it, it still only gives you that option. I tried one of our users, who has the new incredible, and it works on his once he saves it to the sd card, it gives the option to open. Has anyone gotten this issue before, or is there a work around for it.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Message App Crashes When Opening In Landscape

Jun 19, 2010

I'm running Droid Eris on leaked 2.1v3 Over the last month or so I've noticed than when I open a text message while holding the phone in landscape the app crashes and has to be forced to close. Also sometimes I notices that the keyboard is a little laggy and the text doesn't show up on the screen until I minimize the keyboard.Has anyone else had these problems or know of a fix?Also on a side note how to I save pictures sent to me in mms to my media card?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Opening Browser To Default Page

Dec 12, 2009

Seems that whenever I open the browser it goes to my last page visited, rather than the default home page (Google.) How can I make it go to Google whenever I open the browser from home?

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Opening Gmail Attachment With App

Nov 17, 2012

I need to open files with custom extension using my app. I am able to do this using Intent filters when the file is in my sd card. I can also view the 'download' and 'preview' buttons if the file is sent as a Gmail attachment. However, when I clicked the download/preview buttons, I got the message - "Sorry, the attachment could not be downloaded".

I thought this was an issue with my app. But I had a random idea and installed "Download All Files" app on my phone.URL....Then, when I click download button in Gmail, both Download All Files and My App are proposed for downloading the file. I chose my app, and everything works fine!!

[HIGH] <intent-filter >
<action android:name="android.intent.action.VIEW" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.BROWSABLE" />
<data android:mimeType="*/*" />
<data android:scheme="content" android:host="*"

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HTC Droid Eris :: Stop Programs From Opening / Running At Start Up?

Dec 5, 2009

I was reading one of these threads, and someone mentioned that there was a way to stop apps from opening on launch.I have apps that randomly open by themselves and i want to prevent them from doing so. (VLC Remote, default messages, and a few others)I've posted enough good points that if this was said already i can get a freebee :P

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HTC Droid Eris :: View Phot Album Without Opening The Camera First

May 17, 2010

Just got my update; but there dosn't seem to be a way into the photo album without opening the camera first. I'm I missing something?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Recipient List Displayed Before Opening Message

Jan 13, 2010

I currently have my work Groupwise e-mail forwarded (using a rule in Groupwise) to my Gmail. Only problem is that many folks at work use group distribution lists to send out e-mails. Many of these lists have hundreds of recipients. When I open these e-mails on my phone I often have pages of recipients to scroll through before I ever get to the message.

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HTC Incredible :: Gmail Delete Without Opening?

May 14, 2010

I must be missing something. Is there a method for me to delete Gmail messages without actually opening the message?

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HTC Incredible :: Gmail Threads Not Opening / Fix This?

Aug 26, 2010

I did a search but can't find any answers on this. Anyway, I am having a problem were I cannot open messages in a Gmail thread. Gmail app will display the last message, and the thread tabs behind will say "5 read messages" for example, but when I press on the tab for older messages in the thread, nothing happens. It will highlight the tab, but won't open older messages?

Anyone else having this problem, or know how to fix it?

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General :: Gmail App On ICS Sometimes Freezes When Opening Mail?

Jul 17, 2012

It happens from time to time (too many) when i get an email, open it through the item in the status bar, and when the Gmail app loads it shows the loading circle and then get stuck (freezes). After a few seconds i get an option to wait or FC, (sometimes the device is reseting itself) waiting doesn't worth too much since it doesn't responds later on and i have to FC and open the Gmail app "manually". I'm using DHD with the following ROM i flashed a few days ago : [URL]

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Android :: Opening Chm File ?

Mar 17, 2010

I am facing difficulty in Chm Reader so if anyone have idea about how to open Chm file on Android phone.

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Android :: Change Default View When Opening Gmail App

Nov 12, 2010

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way or an app that would allow me to see all my gmail accounts when opening the gmail app.

Basically instead of it opening straight to the last account I had opened I would like for it to default to the page that shows me each of my accounts and their unread counts. You know, the page you get when you hit Menu - Accounts?

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Android :: Opening A File Within A Service

Apr 5, 2009

I'm getting some weird behavior when I try to open a file within a service:


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HTC Droid Eris :: Turn Off Gmail / Use Mail To Get Gmail

May 19, 2010

Because Gmail doesn't do a good job of receiving emails sent to my POP3 accounts, I would like to use the Mail app on my Eris to receive all my mail, including my Gmail.I was able to set up my Mail app to receive my Gmail, but how do I keep the Gmail app from receiving mail going to my Gmail account?

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Android :: Error Opening Main.xml File

Feb 5, 2010

I am staring to learn android, I have done everything as mentioned in the guide, and I tried the hello android example.

But I just canīt open the main.xml file to edit, it give me this error: Could not initialize class java.awt.Font. I am on linus kde.

I donīt what I should do, and please avoid any solutions that use 'sudo' as I am not authorized to do that as I am using the university PC.

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Android :: 2.2 - Opening SWF File In Browser Through Code

Jul 5, 2010

I have a swf file on the sdcard and I wrote a html file flash.html with the swf file embeded. The only way to open it now is:
1) open the browser
2) type in file:///sdcard/flash.html The swf runs fine.

But if use the code list below:
Uri uri = Uri.parse("file:///sdcard/flash.html");
Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri);
startActivity(intent); It shows the error: The application has stopped unexpectly.

I also tried the following code using:
WebView: WebView browser = (WebView) findViewById(;

The Webview showed up, but the area should start the swf is empty. So is there a way to open the html through code? I also think if there is a way to open the android browser using ACTION_VIEW by a simple html then reset the URL to be "file:///sdcard/ flash.html" through code?

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Android :: Opening Asset File With Help Of Content Provider

Jul 5, 2010

My requirement is to open one app's Asset file from another app via content provider.(I am exposing that file with ContentProvider implementation)I am able to open few files and read, but while opening some files I am getting exception. Please find the implementation for opening Asset File.Can anyone point out me, in what scenarios, we will get this exception.

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Android :: Opening Local HTML File Via Browser Intent

Aug 31, 2009

My open source application needs to browse local HTML files on the SD card, and WebView is not enough because I need history and bookmarks. I wrote the following code. It correctly opens the browser, but fails to reach catalog.html and in fact it just opens whatever page was last browsed:

Uri uri = Uri.parse("content:// myapp/catalog.html");
Intent intent = new Intent(); intent.setData(uri); intent.setClassName("", ""); startActivity(intent);

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Android :: Opening An Image File Inside The Assets Folder

Dec 19, 2009

I have a .gif file inside the assets folder like this assets/Files/android.gif. when I try to open the file it throws an exception at the second line.


so is it that I'm trying to open an image file despite that the same code works if I try to open a text file?

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General :: Android - How To Directly Download A File Without Opening Browser

Dec 28, 2011

I am using APP Inventor, but it put my question as general from Android. How can i directly download a file from WEB without the browser try to open it.

I i put a url like: privatesite.blablabla/image.jpg

He will put the image in the browser, because browser can load the file and show it on screen, but i want to download it without reading it.

I need that to put inside App inventor, but if it's possible to do it in HTML or other, that's ok, i think i can make app inventor run an external application.

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HTC EVO 4G :: QIK App - Issues Opening The Application - Rebooted Etc

Jun 25, 2010

I registered with QIK and began using my Evo with it. Suddenly I had issues opening the application. Rebooted etc. Still no change, couldn't open QIK at all.

When into Apps and deleted all files, accounts etc. My think was I'd just re-register. Well it says "Name, phone #, email already in use"

New user name, no problem.

Different email address, no problem

Different phone number, what to do ?

No issues with anything else with this phone, batter etc.

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Android :: Opening Phone Email Application From Another One

Oct 6, 2010

I have my application which creates an audio file. I need to forward this file via Android Email app. But on calling the email intent, I get a permission denial. I am calling the email app like this:When I am launching the app, I get this "Not granting access" message in the ddms logs: WARN/PackageManager(90): Not granting permission to package com.mplayer.application (protectionLevel=3 flags=0xbe44) Can I not open the android email app from my application. I am working on Android 2.2.

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Opening Application Files From Broadcast Receiver

Jan 15, 2012

I could open the file input/output of my application through a broadcast receiver. Normally, I would use openFileOutput/Input(), but this can only be done through activities. Would it be more sensible to create my file in res/raw? or create an instance of the activity and call openFileOutput() on it?

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