HTC Desire : APP That Will Allow Me To Backup Phone - SD?

Sep 9, 2010

Is there an APP that will allow me to backup my 2.2 Desire including the apps moved to the SD card ?

HTC Desire : APP that will allow me to Backup Phone - SD?

HTC Desire : How Can I Backup Phone?

Jul 31, 2010

In preparation for 2.2, I want to back up my phone. I know how to turn auto-backup on and off, but how do I manually tell the phone to backup?

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HTC Desire :: Best Way To Backup A Non-rooted Phone?

Aug 4, 2010

What is the best way to backup a non-rooted phone? I've searched for threads etc, but it seems that different products only backup certain info, some requiring root.I just want to backup my settings, apps and data to the SD card, or if at all possible an ftp / scp server.

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HTC Desire :: Phone Backup Settings

May 31, 2010

I had a desire, but i have got a new one from my network as the new one is unlocked, is there anyway to bckup my phone settings so i can put it on the new desire? E.g through pc or phone . And secondly can I d same with my apps?

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HTC Desire :: Any Way To Backup All Phone Contacts?

Aug 9, 2010

My internal storage is at 143 of 147mb, am still awaiting froyo(UK-Orange). I have checked my manage applications bit and my largest 10 apps are:

Contacts storage: 28.06
Maps: 8.57
Tower raiders: 5.01
Facebook: 4.54
Dolphin browser: 4.50
Astro: 3.55
CoD helper: 3.17
Mail: 3.00
Layar: 2.75
HTC sense: 2.73

If I delete all data from contacts storage I will loose all my numbers is there an easy way to back them up?

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HTC Desire : Way To Backup Phone Data To PC?

May 25, 2010

What's the best way to backup my HTC desire data to PC (not to SD card)? Is there any software which offers this backup and then restore facility?

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HTC Desire :: Following Nandroid Backup - Phone Keeps Rebooting

Nov 20, 2010

Now following the nandroid backup my desire just keeps rebooted? I've read that restoring the nandroid cures the loop, so its restoring as we speak. Please tell me this is a normal occurance.

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HTC Desire :: Reset Backup From Sdcard To Phone?

Sep 24, 2010

How can i reset my backup from the sdcard to my Desire?

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HTC Desire :: Backup Data To SD To Free Phone Memory?

Aug 4, 2010

How do I put my apps etc on my sd card to free up the phone memory? Also how do I find out how much phone memory I have left?

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HTC Desire :: Backup Of Phone And Messages Apps Music Etc

Sep 7, 2010

I would like to do a whole backup of the phone and messages, apps, music etc.

I see that on the phone there is an option to do Auto backup to the SD card, which I have just ticked. My question on is is long does it take to backup, and when does this happen? As I have had no messages to tell me if this is working.

Also, is there a way to manually backup the same data, using an app or something like that?

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HTC Desire :: Way To Backup Original Phone Settings To Save Warranty?

Sep 6, 2010

I've not found anything yet on this, so excuse me if I didn't look in the right place I have the HTC Desire branded Orange France and I want to debrand it. This will kill the warranty, so... how can I backup the Orange configuration in case I need to do a restore to make a claim under warranty?

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HTC Desire : How Can You Backup Froyo Phone - Setting Completely Hidden?

Sep 25, 2010

I am concerned that were something to happen to my phone, an HTC Desire, during updates and app installs for instance, that I would lose everything. So my simple question is, how can you back up a froyo HTC Desire phone?

I am aware that the Privacy -> Backup option has mysteriously disappeared from the Settings menu, and that in order to see it, you need to do the following:

Menu -> Settings -> Search -> Searchable Items ->

- Web (untick)
- Settings (tick)

Now, you need to click the Search button and search for Privacy. You should then see the Privacy- HTC global search item.

Select this and Backup and Restore appears, with the following options:
- Back up my settings
- Automatic restore

Some questions I have relating to this missing feature are:

- Why is this setting completely hidden? Are we not supposed to use it?

- Does it actually work? Has anyone successfully used it?

- When you select to Back up my settings nothing appears to happen. The phone does not appear to start syncing, so how do you know if anything has been backed up? How long should you wait after selecting the option before knowing that you have a backup available?

- Where is the data stored? Can you verify it?

I find it rather strange that I cannot find the answers to these questions in the public domain, so I am asking them here, in case anyone has any insights into it all.

Ignoring the above "missing" option, are there any other ways to successfully back up my phone using 3rd party apps? Which ones work with froyo?

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HTC Desire : Can I Backup To PC?

Apr 17, 2010

I was wondering if there was a way to back up to my PC? having come from symbian, it was nice to know i could do a full back up (with nokia pc suite) and restore to said point should anything happen to my phone and i need to reset it (frequent with the N97!) i know there is some way to back up phone onto SD card (can i ask it to do this manually) however, in case my sd card goes belly up, is there a way to backup phone to pc?

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HTC Desire :: Backup Files

Sep 23, 2010

I have an old official backup file from my old HTC Desire. sdcard/backup/HTC Desire

This is not a clockworkmod backup, its an official HTC backup)

I sold my old phone and bought a new one with an LCD screen.

I want to know if its possible to get my old text messages back etc.

My new phone is rooted, the old one was not.

I thought it might be as simple as just putting the HTC desire folder in the appropriate folder on my new SD card and the resetting the phone to factory. I was expecting to be prompted to restore my messages on bootup. But when I did this it only pulled a few SMS' from my SIM card and nothing from the backup folder.

Is there any software out there that will let me at least read through my old backup file? Third party desktop software even?

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HTC Desire :: How To Restore From Backup?

Jul 9, 2010

I just downloaded the new update for my HTC desire.When starting the phone after that, it asked me if I want to restore my settings and I mistakenly clicked no.Now all my settings are gone and I dunno how to restore from SD again. I searched the web a lot, but did not find anything helpful really.How can I restore the backup which was automatically taken to SD before I installed this update?

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HTC Desire :: Need Backup Wise

Sep 20, 2010

My fingers are crossed that orange release 2.2 update this week. What do I need to do backup wise and how? Or do I have to start again from scratch once I have the new software?

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HTC Desire :: Restore Backup Over Different ROM?

Nov 3, 2010

I think I know the answer to this, but want to check as I'm new to rooting. Bear with me. So I have a nandroid backup of the Sense ROM I was using up until recently. I've wiped and installed a Cyanogen ROM to check out Android without Sense - can I then just restore the old back over the Cyanogen ROM and get back t how I was, or do I need to re-flash the other sense-based ROM I was using first? Second question - if I want to move between different ROMs without losing my contacts, SMS etc, should I just flash it without doing the wipe first? What if I have to wipe - then I need some other kind of app-based backup to restore?

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HTC Desire :: Best Way To Backup / Restore?

May 8, 2010

Best way(s) to backup and restore your HTC Desire? I am hoping people have better suggestions than my experience..I have just factory rest my HTC Desire to get around the googlemail to gmail switch. This required a factory reset of the device. Now the HTC backs up some settings but as it turns out not much. These are what I notice it misses:any saved scene settings any added wallpaper any apps any email or other account settings I already had the backup feature enabled (home>menu>settings>privicy>backup...) I used ASTRO to backup the apps to the SD.

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HTC Desire :: SIM Backup / Copy

Jul 18, 2010

I'm getting a new SIM, what's the best way to copy all my contact info from my current SIM and add them to my new one? Should I be using the sync software?

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HTC Desire :: Restoring From Backup

Aug 2, 2010

I upgraded to 2.2 last night, but got stuck in the reboot loop. To fix it I reflashed to a 2.1 ROM and then re-applied the FOTA upgrade to 2.2, which seemed to work fine. The only problem now is that I have lost all my SMS and MMS. They would've been backed up when the original (failed) 2.2 upgrade took place. Is there any way to restore this backup? I've tried a factory reset but no luck.

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HTC Desire :: Contacts Backup

Aug 17, 2010

I have been backed up my contacs by htc sync to ms outlook but when i did factory setting to my device and reserve my contacts i see not all contacts i have been added to my device is copied.

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HTC Desire :: Way To Do Nandroid Backup?

Oct 23, 2010

I have titanium backup, but what is nandroid and if i need to re-install both what do each do in the way of backups? main reason i ask is because my phone went into a boot-loop again today. its ok now but if i need to flash the rom to get it working another time id like to have a backup of passwords and settings for email and facebook accounts to save the hassle of putting in again.

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HTC Desire :: Pre-Root Backup -

Jul 13, 2010

I fancy rooting my Desire and the instructions seem simple enough, but one thing I'm confused about is backing up my phone before beginning the root process.

All the backup suggestions appear to need "root-enabled" tools to complete; Nandroid etc. So its chicken and egg, I need to root to take a backup, but I want to take a backup pre-root?

Granted, there isn't much to save I suppose as all my emails, contacts and apps are attached to my gmail / app brain accounts.

But what about all my messages in say Handcent, i'd like to keep all those etc. Is this possible?

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HTC Desire :: Recover SMS From Backup?

Oct 26, 2010

I've had my HTC desire for 2 months now and still on 2.1. I had to do a hard restart today (I had lots of forced closes that weren't stopping) and when I started up the phone, I could not recover my SMSs. Weird thing is it backed up my MMSs (but I could not view these on my phone for some reason; I could only see them when I downloaded a backup program and viewed them on my computer), but my SMSs seem to be gone? This is the second time I've had to do a hard restart; the first time, about a month ago, restored everything properly, including my SMSs. Is there a way to get my SMSs back in general? Other than that, loving my Desire. PS see the pics for what I'm talking about.

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HTC Desire :: Backup To PC Application?

May 23, 2010

I have had my Desire for about a month, and I am finding it very hard to understand why there is no simple backup to PC application.

All I want is something that knows the SD card locations of my SMS and photos and will quietly back them up to corresponding locations on my PC hard drive.

At the moment I am using a file browser app to manually copy the files when the phone is physically connected and using HTC sync.

I don't really understand why all(?) the backup solutions I have seen cater for backup to the phone's SD card or backup to a server in the cloud, which is, respectively, far too little and far too much.

I already have a backup strategy for my PC. I just want the frequently changing locations in my SD card to be quietly copied to my PC hard drive, and prefereably OTA.

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HTC Desire :: How To Backup Settings For Sd Card?

Jul 11, 2010

I've downloaded firmware and backed up the data stored on the phone when prompted, now after the phone restarted I saw that the main screen is set to a default HTC one, I had my own profile saved onto the phone but I cannot find it after the firmware update. Can you manually backup data form the sd card? Or is it just a normal thing that the update deletes your own main screen setting even if it's saved in the profiles section. I must say I'm quite annoyed with it.

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HTC Desire :: Checking Automatic Backup

Nov 9, 2010

I am the happy owner of a new smart phone and am gradually finding my way around it.

I was offered an update and the instruction book, p203, recommends me to check that the automatic backupis enabled by HOME>MENU>Settings>Privacy.

However there is no "privacy" heading in the list of options.

How to make the check?

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HTC Desire :: Complete Titanium Backup

Sep 10, 2010

If you use this program to back up, then I swap ROMs, will Titanium Restore EVERYTHING back to how it was before I flashed with a new ROM? All texts/emails/apps etc?

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HTC Desire :: Backup Contacts On Sim Card

Sep 25, 2010

can anyone help me to backup all my contacts to the sd card on HTC desire running Froyo

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HTC Desire :: Automatic Backup Failed

Aug 6, 2010

Since Vodafone raped my phone a couple of days ago, I seem to be getting an error message saying that Automatic Backup has failed. Anyone got any ideas how to sort this out, or do manual backups?

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