General :: Restoring Ubislate 7ci From Bootloop?

Jan 21, 2013

I was playing around with the Ubislate 7ci tablet, which is basically a generic Android tablet with stock ICS. Since it is not supported well, I went thru multiple documents and rooted it, After a lot of tries installed ClockWorkMod 4 too and took a backup. But after that I went one too far and installed ClockWorkMod touch 6, which pushed my system in to a bootloop. I am not able to go to recovery, adb / fastboot is not recognizing my tablet.

I tried writing the boot.img and recovery.img to SD card using win32diskimager, but the tablet is not booting from the SD card.

I have the backup files from ClockWorkMod and a tablet which bootloops (not able to go in to recovery or adb/fastboot). Is there a chance of reviving the tablet?

General :: restoring Ubislate 7ci from bootloop?

General :: Ubislate 7C+ Not Detecting Any 3G USB Dongle

Aug 19, 2013

I got Ubislate 7C+ in last month and since then I am unable to connect any 3G USB dongle to my tablet. I have tested same dongle on other Ubislate 7C+ of my friend (which he got 3 months back) and it worked perfectly but not even detecting the dongle on my tablet.

Alcatel onetouch X230S is the dongle which is working on my friend's Ubislate 7C+ and note mine. Photon 3G is not working on both of the tablets even though it's supported according to list of supported 3g dongles.

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General :: Stock ROM For UbiSlate 7C+ / Camera On Side

Jul 5, 2013

My Ubislate 7C+ which has a camera on side, the touch is not responding.It was running smooth earlier but started hanging so I did Factory Reset of the device and now the touch is not working.I am not able to go to the Recovery mode also.Data wind people are not responding.Flash stock ROM of Ubislate 7C+ which has a camera on side to resolve this issue.

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General :: How To Disable Internal Memory In Ubislate 7c

May 9, 2013

How can I disable internal memory in ubislate 7c

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General :: No Network Coverage For Ubislate 7c+ After Factory Reset

Feb 23, 2013

I got ubislate 7c+ tab with sim function.

I have done factory reset on my tab after that it doesnt shows network. I have tried all company's sim cards but it does not work.All other functions are working properly only it does not show network so i cant use the calling function and gprs. I have called customer care they told me to use reset button, I have done that also but no use also the inbuilt browser i.e ubisurfer shows that "the device is not registered error 0001".

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General :: ADB To Log Bootloop?

Apr 5, 2014

I had motorola defy before my xperia z. Defy had something called bootmenu which let me switch on adb while booting a ROM. Now i have xperia z, its bootloader unlocked, a rom cooked by my own which is in bootloop. It doesnt have bootmenu to do like i did for defy. How do i switch on adb from the phone's side? I have setup adb perfectly on my computer.

My ROM goes into bootanimation but adb doesnt seem to be switched on in the phone' side.

when i type "adb logcat log" it is stuck at "waiting for device " while the bootanimation goes on into bootloop

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General :: Doing Logcat On Bootloop?

Dec 4, 2013

im building a rom base on aosp kitkat but it will not boot. It just get stuck on bootanimation.

Any way to logcat on bootloop or something?

What ways I have to troubleshoot the problem or the cause.

Atrix HD using ProBAM rom

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General :: HTC Rhyme Bootloop After RUU?

Jul 27, 2012

I installed an RUU with an update utility which fixed a WiFi problem I was having. Everything looked good so I immediately tried rooting with zergrush which seemed to work until my first re-boot. Now the phone is stuck in a boot-loop.

I have two utilities for RUU versions. I've flashed both of them at least three times each but its the result is the same every time. The phone boots normally the first time, then goes into loop on the next restart.

One issue that I noticed that when I re-lock the bootloader in fastboot, I get an error message. It goes something like...

(BOOTLOADER) Lock Successfully....

FAILED (unknown error)

However, when I go back to bootloader, it says **** RELOCKED **** at the top. Maybe whatever is causing the "unknown error" is also interfering with the re-lock procedure. It may not be truly re-locked.

I really just want to get this phone back to stock condition so that it works like it should.

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General :: Use ADB While Phone Is In Bootloop?

Nov 12, 2012

my phone is stuck in a bootloop. and its Not rooted. all i can do is go to the boot menu. I want to use ADB to see if i can read the phone data (like sms...). Is there any chance that the device will be recognized when i connect it to the PC by usb with ADB?? or is it impossible? maybe ADB needs the phone to be operating normally to be recognized.

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General :: How To Recover From Bootloop

Apr 5, 2013

Are the framework-res and SystemUI apk's the only files that are involved in the boot process?

I only ask because I am currently stuck in a boot animation loop. I am able to communicate with my phone via adb during the animation loop and while in the bootloader recovery. Wiping the data and and factory resetting doesn't solve the problem.

I am thinking about pulling those two files from my wife's phone which is the same phone (Samsung Proclaim) and pushing them to mine.

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General :: CWM Bootloop On Nexus 7

Jul 28, 2012

I am stuck in a CWM bootloop. I can install rom and backup from CWM but it just boots back to CWM. If i try to get to bootloader for fastboot mode I get put right back to CWM.

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General :: Galaxy S Stuck In Bootloop?

Jun 17, 2012

I am selling my old galaxy s due to having a new phone and I have made it freeze when it boots.

It was flashed onto myICS when I was using it and before handing It over I wanted to wipe everything so it was clean for the new owner. I did this in the phone options and then also in recovery mode to make sure, but after rebooting it is just stuck at the galaxy s boot loader.

I tried flash another Rom onto it and the same thing happened even though odin said it was successful.

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General :: CM 11 - Note 2 Stuck On Bootloop?

May 18, 2014

So my galaxy note 2 is continously bootlooping. As soon as I insert the battery into the phone, it shows the galaxy note 2 screen and a couple seconds later the same. I can't enter download mode because when I click the Volume+ button to enter it, it starts from the galaxy note 2 screen.

I had flashed cyanogen mod 11 to my phone a couple months back, but it was working fine. Today morning some water got on it, but I dried it of and it was working fine.

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General :: Xperia C Stuck On Bootloop?

Dec 22, 2013

I have a rooted Xperia C. I tried to install Chainfire 3D without knowing that it's not compatible with jellybean devices. :facepalm:

now my phone is stuck at bootloop. it's stuck at the image after the xperia logo. I tried to go to recovery mode but I can't. Maybe because my phone is bootlocked.

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General :: Mini CM6 - Stuck At Bootloop?

Jun 9, 2012

I managed to root and install xrecovery on my x10 mini(elcair) with flashtool. Took the next step and tried to install CWM recovery, and use it to run miniCM6.After the white sony ericsson logo disappeared, the blue android with the spinning light appeared, but now it seems get stuck here.

I tried using PC companion to restore my phone, but when my phone go into flashmode, there's a windows pop-up saying the USB driver failed to install and USB device cannot be recognized. Tried using flashtool but it doesnt work either. When i tried charging the phone with the charger, the green LED light did not light up too. I was wondering whether its hardware or software problem.

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General :: Take Logcat In Bootloop On LG Optimus G

Jul 28, 2013

I am making a porting rom aosp for nexus 4 to a LG optimus G, after doing the rom, the flash normally but the device stays in bootloop and how to get a logcat and see what the errors are.

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General :: Stuck On Infinite Bootloop - No Rom HTC ONE M7

Jun 9, 2014

I searched the forums, looked like everyone who had this problem rooted their phones and installed custom roms, however i did not tamper with the phone in anyway, no rooting or custom rom, just nothing, this is the 3rd time in 6 weeks i get stuck in an infinite restart loop, i did two factory resets and i can't just do another one.

So far i have tried:

1-installing an antivirus and scanning (nothing found)
2-restarting in safe mode, the phone continued to restart in safe mode
3-uninstalled new apps that i installed recently

there has to be a way!!

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General :: Factory Reset Did Not Fix Bootloop?

Nov 18, 2012

my phone is stuck in a bootloop. all i can do is enter the boot menu. I did a factory reset but the bootloop issue is still there. Im not root. S-on. I can only think of sending the phone to the htc repair center, or is there anything else i can do?? the phone is still under warranty. can i try going root or S-off in order to try to fix the bootloop?

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General :: LG P705G - Stuck On Bootloop?

Mar 23, 2013

I am relatively new to Android and last night was my first experience with flashing custom ROMs. After a couple months of reading many different articles and threads on xda and other sites, I tried to make sense of what rooting and flashing meant and was all about. I successfully rooted my device and then last night I tried to unlock the bootloader which I think I did correctly. Then, I tried to install CWM on it which I think also worked. The problems started from then: Rebooting into recovery didn't work (it only gave me a black screen) and I tried to find some solutions online. There wasn't much luck but somehow after many attempts, I was able to boot into recovery. From there, I wiped my data and settings (It wasn't factory reset before), wiped the cache, and wiped the dalvik cache which went all well I think. Then, I tried installing the latest CM10 nightly for the L7 and midway through installation, the phone just rebooted itself. And now, it's stuck on bootloop. I tried many different things and even formatted the system which I think made it worse.

The Quick Details:

-LG P705G (Canada, Fido) was running stock ROM V10e i think

-was rooted

-i think bootloader was successfully unlocked

-stuck on bootloop

-formatted the system and now only LG logo appears when I boot (no CM logo)

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General :: Stuck On Bootloop And CWM Just Restarts Phone

Jan 7, 2014

I downloaded Ditto Note 3 for my note 2, and i flashed it. It didn't work so whatever. After reading on the thread a little longer, it said i needed to flash a kernel. So after flashing ditto note 3 and the kernel i rebooted my phone to see that it was stuck on the Note 2 logo. I thought it was all fine until i booted into recovery mode to find that cwm would make my phone restart. I have backups of cm11 and stock touchwiz, can i flash them with odin? Can I go into my storage and take them out?

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General :: Huawei Y220 - Stuck On Bootloop

Apr 21, 2014

I recently got a Huawei y220 and rooted it and enabled USB debugging, tweaked the SystemUI.apk and it all went good, I had no problem rebooting. I also changed my bootscren with BootScreen from the Play Store.

But today, my phone got stucked in bootloop, and i know why, I changed the /system/fonts permissions to 666, and also when I was trying to change the default font (DroidSans.tttf and DroidSansBold.ttf) copied a font file, so in that folder there was some permissions changed and an extra font. I had to to do something so i locked my phone. When I returned a couple of minutes later the phone was like off, so i removed the battery and rebooted it. It got stucked on my boot screen, and didn't showed me my ADW launcher.

I can't install CWM as there is no file for this model (because it's very new), I can't flash anything as far as I know. Tried downloading the official "upgrade" from Huawei, copied the file, but I can't seem to enter the "Software Upgrade Mode", (VOL UP + VOL DOWN + POWER KEY), I press those keys for about a minute and nothing happens.

I know my phone isn't fully bricked, for now, so, how can I change those file permissions through my PC or Linux? I can enter the bootloader screen.I also tried AromaFM, but i get a signature error.I've already wiped/factory reset and wiped cache.

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General :: Galaxy S4 Randomly Turns Itself Off And Goes Into Bootloop

Oct 16, 2013

I got the phone from 3 UK on a contract in July, so phone's pretty new and not rooted or anything.

Yesterday the phone started turning itself off at random times quite a lot.

Battery could have been over 60%, at 30%, it was never with the same charge that it would happen, also never when doing the same thing on the phone.

Usually when it's about to turn itself off, I lose signal completely, then the screen just goes black.

When I try to turn it back on, it usually dies again at the 3 logo or even at the Samsung one and I have to try and turn it back on again. Sometimes I had to pull the battery out and connect it to the charger to make it boot up ok.

After a couple of times it did that, it started going into a bootloop when attempting to turn it back on again after the random shutdown. Phone wasn't hot either.

It had happened a few days before but just once not this many times in one single day.

I removed the microSD card, since it makes the phone think the device has been modified and won't let me update, but the microSD works fine in my old Samsung smartphone and even with that removed, phone still turned itself off and then went into a bootloop.

I think it might be the battery. Last time I was using the phone unplugged yesterday night, the battery went down to 33% charge in less than an hour and phone turned itself off. After managing to make it boot up again and connecting it to the charger, it was saying 60% charge. I doubt it could have gone up to 60% being plugged in just for a minute or so.

So, I can certainly take it back to the store and have them fix it or buy a new battery and see if it solves the problem.

Is it likely to be the battery that's malfunctioning?

Lots of people on the Internet seem to have this problem and a few mention a swollen battery. They replaced the battery and phone was fine after. Mine seems ok, but I can't be sure.

I don't understand why I seem to lose signal completely just before it switches itself off... it doesn't do it all the times, but a lot of the times yes.
I have other phones on 3 and they didn't lose signal completely and anyway in my house coverage has always been excellent.

I forgot to mention that once, while trying to restart the phone, I got this message, more or less: "Installing custom OS can damage your system or applications. Choose volume up to continue...". My phone's not rooted and I haven't installed any custom ROM!

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General :: Bootloop - Result Of Trying To Flash Custom Rom

Apr 29, 2014

I just want the device to function again no matter what way. (Don't care if it's factory reset completely it has nothing on it I was just using it for a bit of experimenting).

So anyway, I have an HTC One x that I tried to install Cyanogenmod mod on but when trying to flash it (I was a bit impatient and just did what I thought would work), it didn't work and I'm stuck on the HTC Boot screen. I can still restart the phone and get to the recovery menus or whatever they're called. But even when doing a factory reset it still just won't get past the boot screen.

I thought I might experiment with rooting and all that, (I don't want to do this to my main driver, the Z1, for the life of me).

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General :: Bricked LG Optimus 2x After Flashing - Bootloop

Jun 25, 2012

Cant enter recovery as that reboot loops the cyanogenmod image, can I maybe use a custom flasher and flash the euro open BIN?

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General :: Rooted ZTE V972M - Bootloop After Repartition

May 27, 2014

I've a rooted ZTE V972M. I tried to increase internal storage following instructions in

"Re-Partition any MTK6589 Phone, Without A PC! (More /Data Storage!)"

When I reboot my phone, it stucks at logo screen. What I've done :

1. Enter the recovery mode; it's a stock recovery (Android system recovery <3e>); wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition.
Result: still stuck at logo when rebooting.

2. Flash a stock ROM in recovery mode.
Result: Update aborted. In the log file, it says "failed to mount /cache (No such file or directory)" detailed in attached file. The stock rom I used is for ZTE LEO S1, while my phone is DTAC LION HD which is a house brand of my phone carrier. So, there may be a problem of ROM signing.

3. I installed "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" and "ZTE_Android_Driver", and run "adb devices" command.
Result: There is nothing under " List of devices attached", so I assume adb cannot see my phone. In Windows' Device Manager, it shows "Portable Devices" and lists drive I: and K: under it.

In summary, My phone is rooted. I might have damaged partition /data and /cache which causes the bootloop. I can still enter stock recovery mode. I have a stock ROM, but may not be properly signed.

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General :: Goclever A93.2 Bootloop / How To Get Into Recovery And Wipe It

Dec 31, 2012

My sister has just gotten this tab, it's not rooted or anything bit suddenly it won't boot. Just stuck on android logo. Reset button does nothing. How to get into recovery and wipe it so it works again?

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General :: Bootloop On Samsung Galaxy S Duos?

Dec 30, 2012

I bought a s duos which i hav rooted recently i started searching for sum roms 4 it but i couldn't find any soo i thought of using cyanogen mod 9 (unofficial) i put it in my sd card went 2 cwm and flashed it but my phone was in boot loop so i formated my phone cleared cache, dalvik cache etc, fixed permissions tried restoring bacxkups but still no use ! runs on android 4.0.4 . Any easy way 2 get out of the boot loop. i hav never installed and roms on this phone at all.

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General :: Install Framework Module Without Getting Bootloop?

Apr 8, 2014

I have a rooted Iocean G7. I wanted to install the framework module with the Xposed installer app. This was no success, I got a bootloop. After this I contacted Iocean, and I have flashed my phone with the computer. It works fine now, as it should.

how can I install the framework module without getting a bootloop or other problems?

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General :: Can't Fix Bootloop On Android 4.3 Port For Nexus 4

Jun 28, 2013

After I saw the leaked Android 4.3 ROM I messed around with the ROM Files to port it to my N4.

But currently I'm hanging in an Bootloop (I didn't expected something else to be honest)I made a logcat but don't know what exactly goes wrong and what I need to change.

I attached the logcat

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General :: Bootloop / Launcher Process Has Stopped

Feb 22, 2012

I have bought chinese android tablet last month.

Boxchip cougar a10c,similiar as mid/player momo tablet


It's came with android ice cream sandwich 4.0.1+rooted+unlock bootloader Working flawlessly until i installed task killer app.

I used it,and after several times i killed app,suddenly there is pop up notification came.("Unfortunately Launcher/Market/Gmail/Emulator,and many else has stopped")

I reboot the tablet,but when it turn on,it is just bootloop.I reset again,and it doesnt appear anything on the screen unless the black screen only (with sometime light flashing from the screen).

Then i flashed and format it to gingerbread (2.3.4) rom from their official web And yes,it is work and finally i can boot into home screen and do any else.

But after several time turning off and on,the problem came back again (bootloop and black screen) but somehow i manage to go to recovery mode and do factory reset+wipe data and cache,but it's useless.

I flashed it again with the same rom,and it's start working.And goes..after a while..the problem back again.

I choose to flash back to ice cream sandwich.When i turn on,then goes the same first problem at the begining ("Unfortunately Launcher/Market/Gmail/Emulator,and many else has stopped").

I reset again then new problem came out.

( Encryption Unsuccessful - Reset Android)


Rather than use that guide,i choose to flash to gingerbread rom.Then it's fine, know,reboot the device and back again to bootloop.

Is it because the task killer app?Or it is hardware failure?or maybe there is some file that has been deleted/terminated?

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