General :: Change Icon Pack And Fonts In Apex Launcher?

Jul 8, 2012

i just wanted to know that is there a way to change the whole icon pack in APEX launcher besides the theme .. There are many Icons sets available for android so i want to use them. Another thing is that is also want to change the font of my device (Desire HD)

General :: change icon pack and Fonts in Apex launcher?

General :: Creating Icon Pack For Apex / Nova / GO Launcher

Aug 10, 2012

How to create or modify an icon pack that can be used with Apex, Nova, or Go Launcher. I have decompiled an apk to see how it works, but I cannot figure out what exactly needs to be edited. However, I do see the folder full of the icons, but I'm not sure what I need to do with some of the XML files.

I basically want to create a icon pack later, but for now.. I have made a couple icons that I want to add to an existing icon pack I'm using.

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General :: Droid Razr M - Apex Launcher / How To Make Icon Themes On Lockscreen

Mar 4, 2013

So I started using the Apex Launcher with the MIUI Minimal icon pack.

How can I make the icons theme on the lockscreen.

How can I change the icon to a different one in the drawer?

Droid Razr M, stock 4.1.1.

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General :: How To Change All Icons In Whole System With Icon Pack

Apr 20, 2014

I well know Unicon which allow to change all the icons in the whole system with a icon pack

Looking for something similar but to mod only a few apps

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General :: Apex Or Nova For ICS Launcher?

May 18, 2012

Since upgrading to ICS, I've been curious about the ICS only launchers. I've seen good work from the developer of each, so I have no preference with regard to developer. Then again, for now, Trebuchet, the CM9 launcher, is meeting my needs.

I was using Go Launcher Ex on Gingerbread, but I think it's gotten too bloated. I love how fast CM9 runs on my phone and I don't want to slow it down.

Also, are Apex and Nova just Launcher Pro alikes or do either bring something new to the table?

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General :: Dock Controls In Apex Launcher?

Apr 28, 2012

I'm using Apex Launcher with the Tablet ModUI on my E4GT (Sprint GS2) and for some reason I don't have anything related to "dock" in Apex Launcher.

I have dock options, and a dock in ADW and Nova. I prefer Apex just because I can have 8x8 as compared to 7x7 in Nova, and ADW makes the icons too little.

With all this screen space, I can tolerate not having a dock, but I still want one. Where are dock settings? Maybe I turned them off or something.

The weird thing is I don't see anything related to the dock. Lyk "scrollable dock" or "dock pages" or anything. It's as if Apex Launcher doesn't have a dock.

Here are some screen shots of the Apex Settings and home screens. The tiny icons are ADW and the ICS icons are Nova. The screen with no Dock is how Apex looks.

I even uninstalled and re-installed the app.

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General :: Dock Widgets In Apex Launcher

Apr 24, 2012

I have been using nova launcher and have been able to add sms unread widgets to the dock area.

Is it possible to add widgets to the dock area in apex launcher. I have tried and failed.

Using aokp build 33 rom.

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General :: Restore Widget From Apex Launcher?

Dec 22, 2012

i've read on some topic that backing up "Widgets" with Titanium backup then restoring after a fresh install will restore all widget in their place. well it doesn't... at all. i've searched but didn't find any solution. i can't believe it?

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General :: APEX Launcher And CM9 - Widgets Stop Updating

Sep 30, 2012

I have a small issue with widgets..

I'm currently on APEX launcher and cm9. When i put any widgets on the home screen that auto update, they do work ok for a short while, but then stop. for instance, a clock widget will work for a 10 minutes maybe, but then stick.

I don't use any a task killer.

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General :: GS3 - Apex Launcher Not Removing Uninstalled App Icons

Oct 21, 2012

I am running Apex Launcher Pro and have started to notice a problem. When I uninstall apps that I have in folders in Apex Launcher Pro, the icons for those apps are not being removed when i uninstall the apps. I uninstalled roughly 30-40 apps not too long ago and they are all still present in my app folders on my desktop. Is there a way to have Apex remove these icons when uninstalling apps? Currently I have to go and test icons to see if the apps are installed or uninstalled in order to test them, which can be quite annoying if you have a large number of apps.

I am running the latest Apex on a Verizon GS3 running Synergy ROM.

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General :: How To Make Invisible Folders For Apex Launcher

Nov 17, 2012

How to make invisible folders for apex launcher?

I want it so I can still see the background(transparent) but I can still click on it to bring it up

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General :: How To Automatically Have Apps On Drawer In Apex Launcher

Feb 21, 2013


When I install an app (which is typically via the Play Store) the app icon does not end up on my home screen. Or what I think Apex calls a drawer. Occasionally an app does appear there automatically, but perhaps a couple out of the 50 or so apps I've installed.

The only way I have found to get them onto my drawer (or home screen) is I have to hold my finder on the screen and the "Add to Home screen" menu pops up. From there I can select "Shortcuts" and from the top of that menu I can select "Apps". I can then select just ONE app to appear on my home screen. But the thought of doing this for every app doesn't make sense to me. Is there a way to get them there automatically?

Perhaps I am completely misunderstanding the concept of the home screens. I am switching over from iOS, and there one organises all apps on home screens. Perhaps on Android the home screen is not meant for storing and accessing all the app icons??

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General :: Custom Sized Shortcuts (NOT Widgets) With Apex Launcher

Mar 28, 2012

I'm redoing my home screen, and I want to have a few text icons that take me directly to specific home screens. Apex launcher has action shortcuts for this, but they are only 1x1. I cannot use widgets to get these actions... I have to use shortcuts. I have done what I want with 1x1 shortcuts, but they are just too small for my taste. I really want 2x1 shortcuts. I have not been able to figure out how to make them with either Simple Text or Desktop Visualizer.

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General :: Nexus 4 - How To Apply Nova / Apex Icon Theme On GoogleHome

Feb 15, 2014

Can i apply a nova/apex icon theme on GoogleHome?

Can i change the icon theme independent of a CM theme?

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General :: How To Use Icon Pack (zip)

Jan 1, 2013

i would like to know how does icon pack work? i know a launcher need an apk for those icon, but for zip file how to apply them?

how to make these icon become apk so it's possible to use it with launcher

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General :: LauncherPro Icon Pack?

Sep 12, 2010

Is there a way to download those LauncherPro icons as a pack instead of downloading them individually? The only reason I ask is because More Icons Widget only allows you to apply a custom icon if its from a pack, and I haven't found a gray/white icon pack that it that nice and complete.

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General :: How To Create Icon Pack APK

Aug 11, 2012

how to create an icon pack in .apk installable on apex or nova launcher?

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General :: Searching For Icon Pack With Flat Design?

Jan 13, 2014

I search an icon pack with an minimalistic and/or flat design.

So nothing like MIUI,IOS or something.

It should look like android 4.4 Icons.

There is an Icon from whatsapp while starting.

The icon which is on the left side. I want an icon pack theme like that icons.

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General :: How To Apply Icon Pack To Custom Apps

Jan 25, 2014

I've just downloaded an icon pack and used KKlauncher to install the theme.

Most of my apps in the drawer become the same style as the icon pack but still some of the apps remained unchanged. e.g. Whatsapp+, custom camera apps.

Is it possible to apply the icon pack to the rest of the apps?

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General :: How To Change Fonts Of CWMR

Jun 25, 2013

I want to use recovery with my Country Language.Is possible to change fonts in cwm recovery? What should i do to get this?

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General :: How To Change Fonts On Xperia Arc S

Mar 9, 2013

I used the search button, my question is: I want to change the fonts on my xperia arc s. but not just with a third party app, that only half of the fonts are replaced, i want it so that every single letter in every app is changed. for example i have (as i said the arc s) and my girlfriend has the sgs2. when i compare my letters with hers in whatsapp, i have the same font as her (because of a third party app), but the name of the person i'm writing with is still the stock font. on sgs2 the font from the text and the contacts name are both the same.

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General :: How To Change Fonts In CM7 Without Using App Like Font Changer

Apr 4, 2012

I don't want to use font changer as it may cause boot loop. I tried to copy font in system are aa but unable to apply font.

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General :: Change ALL System Fonts Into Just One Font?

Aug 2, 2012

Is there a way to change all of the system fonts into just one font? I'm running a ROM that uses about 20 fonts. However I only want to use Roboto. Is this possible?


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General :: How To Change Font Of A50 By Fonts Changer

Oct 22, 2011

I'm try to change font of A50 by Fonts Changer. But mistake by rebooting it can't not finish to start up.

By it still showing word "Garmin Asus" and logo android.

- I'm try to wipe userdata. but it still show word "wipe userdata" + "Garmin Asus" + Logo adroid and it not restart like normal.

- I'm not install bussy box or ROM manager or fastboot into it. So i'm can't connect it by ADB too.

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HTC Magic :: How To Get Icon Pack?

Apr 5, 2010

Home++ (Android) on Flickr - Photo Sharing! I want to get this icon pack or one similar so does anyone know one? I am currently using vivid icons but I would like one closer to the link.

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HTC Desire :: Mac OS X Icon Pack

Apr 14, 2010

Just a little present for any Mac & Desire users out there. I just finished making a couple of Desktop icons and thought I'd share them with you all! Just download the .zip file, unpack it and apply whichever Icon you like best. If you don't know how to do that, I've included an instruction manual in .PDF format as well.

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Android :: GDE Icon Pack Support

May 19, 2010

Supposedly the new version of GDE allows icon packs, but I haven't seen any that are specifically for it and I tried one or two others and they didn't show up in the Icon section of the appearance menu. I have downloaded BetterCut but don't really care to learn how to make my own shortcuts for every app that I want to change the looks of. Do I just wait till someone makes specific packs for GDE or?

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Motorola Droid X :: Icon Pack Not Being Detected

Sep 11, 2010

I'm using Desktop Visualizer and downloaded iBox icons. Go to create shortcut>DV>Icon>Icon Pack>No icon pack detected.

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Media :: Custom Android Icon Pack

May 12, 2010

I made some Icons just for fun so I thought I'd share them. Plenty of different Androids in different colors and then you'll find plenty of random things. Also theres one called invisible, I like to keep my main screen as clean and simple as possible. So I used the invisible .png image to create an icon for gmail and texting, the 2 things I use the most. On my main screen I only have a search bar and the two invisible icons, everything else is on other pages. But anyways the invisible one is in there if anyone wants to use it. Use better cut or something like that to use these.

I'm using Nextheme.
I'm also using the invisible widgets morph.
I added some PAC-Man style icons, several different characters,and 2 androids and other randoms. I found these and made icons with them, I did not create them.

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HTC Incredible :: Standard Android Icon Pack?

Apr 29, 2010

Not really feeling the Sense Icons for contacts, Internet, etc. Is there a way of getting the stock icons?

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