General :: Xbox 360 Without WiFi Adapter

May 1, 2012

I've got an older model Xbox 360 without a wifi adapter, and no internet at home, so could the Xbox be tricked into tethering thinking its a wiring adapter? Is it possible. SGH-T959V

General :: Xbox 360 without WiFi adapter

General :: How To Use Phone As USB WiFi Adapter / Lan Host

Sep 25, 2012

What i want to do, is use either my tab 2 7.0 or my old htc hero as a router. I want to set up a homegroup from my server, but dont want to buy a router. My isea is to create a network and broadcast it from the wifi card in the ohone. This probably wont connect to the internet any time soon, but i feel that as long as i only need to access movies and stuff from my server the phone card's radiuswill suffuce.

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HTC Desire :: Desire Be Used As A Adapter For XBOX LIVE?

Aug 30, 2010

since the Desire supports USB tethering, this might be a bit stupid, but does it support the xbox by any chance since I was wondering if it could be used like an adapter to connect to XBOX LIVE

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General :: Chroot Ubuntu And USB WiFi Adapter? (HTC Thunderbolt)

Apr 13, 2012

Is it possible to use a usb wifi adapter and a micro usb to usb female cable on Chroot ubuntu?


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HTC Incredible :: Connect To Xbox Live Via PDANET WIFI MAC

May 15, 2010

just moved my computer into a different room.However there is no internet in this room so i have to connect by PDANET.The PDANET is connecting to my WIFI which im hoping to share to my xbox to be able to play online in here, as this is the only monitor/screen i have.I have connected using my macbook / PDANET / 3G (It's being repaired).. and that worked fine but for the life of me i can't get it to connect with my desktop

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HTC EVO 4G :: Wifi Tether - Connect To Xbox Live With Phone

Nov 15, 2010

wanted to root it (i did that) and connect to xbox live with his phone well theirs a error and xbox says it needs a higher mtu setting on his phone and im trying to figure out how to change. i got wifi tether and connected the wireless router to his connection

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HTC Desire :: Using Phone As WiFi Adapter

Jun 8, 2010

Can I use my phone so it becomes a wifi adapter to pick up the wireless network in the house?I have a second pc up and running now, and until I get a separate adapter I wondered whether the phone could be used for such a thing.

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Android :: Using Phone As WiFi Adapter?

Jun 30, 2010

I'm switching over from Windows Mobile and I am a big user of WMWifiRouter. I know there are some Android apps for tethering, but there is a feature of WMWifiRouter that allows me to connect USB to WiFi and enable my phone to be used as a WiFi adapter. Is there such an app for Android? Thanks in advance!

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General :: Open NAT On Xbox 360?

Nov 14, 2012

Any way to get an open nat on the 360 by tethering yet, i am using Foxfi and am getting an moderate nat when using an wireless adapter on the xbox.

I tired following this post :


I have the cable and everything hooked up, but i cannot even connect to the internet then with the cable.

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General :: Galaxy S3 To Xbox 360 DLNA

Jul 25, 2012

How to connect my Galaxy S3 to my Xbox 360 thru DLNA. I have been screwing with this freaking thing for over an hour and have made absolutely no progress. I am about to destroy everything I own.

I did this before on my Droid X and it worked great. Now I can not get it to work at all. I turn on my sharing on my S3 and then it asks me if my xbox is allowed. I click yes. Nothing shows up on my xbox. It doesn't recognize it or find it at all. Then I search the internet and all I get are these crappy search engine responses that take me to a list of 50 things completely unrelated to what I am looking for.

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General :: How To Connect Xbox Controller To LG O2X

Jul 12, 2012

im trying to find a way to connect my xbox controler to my lg O2X. I have some questions

Do i need ICS?

Do i need any apk?

What i need to connect the phone with the controller?

How do i connect it?

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General :: How To Connect Xbox Controller

Mar 19, 2012

how i can connect xbox controller to my android device

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General :: Two Xbox 360 USB Controllers On Android?

Jun 29, 2012

I have at home two Xbox 360 controllers (USB) and a Samsung Galaxy notes

I ordered a USB / OTG and USB Hub

Does my smartphone will recognize both controllers?

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General :: Xbox Live On Android?

Apr 1, 2012

xbox live on android?is it possible?

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General :: Bridge Connection To PC To XBox 360

Oct 20, 2013

I've seen acouple different guides on youtube and I've tried to follow up them but it always seems like I don't have the exact options it shows in the videos. Acouple months ago I moved into my place and have no broadband internet.. its been killing me not being able to play online. Setting up a bridge from my HTC rezound to my desktop computer and then to my xbox 360.

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General :: Foxfi Not Working With Xbox On Note 2

Sep 15, 2013

On my previous phone (GS3), I was able to connect all types of devices to Foxfi, including Xbox. However, after I got the Note 2 (Verizon, SCH-I605, 4.1.2), all WiFi devices can still connect except the Xbox.

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General :: Installing Android X86 On Xbox Original?

Apr 13, 2013

I have rooted my HCL V1 tab and Installed "No Frill CPU Control" to use build-in governors.After a day I found that If I used to reboot the device, the max frequency is set to 800 MHz rather the 1 GHz.

I don't know why it's is happening. As I had not flashed anything till yet and had only just rooted the device since i bought it.

I had also reset the device to factory setting but won't work.So after reading so many threads I found the below things:

If I check my device:

Then the max speed at /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_max_freq

is == 1000000

But if I check this:

max speed at /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq

then the value is 800000

for a while if I change this scaling to 1000000 then the device shows that its 1 GHz. But Now If I again reboot the device then check again and found that it's again 800MHz and the scaling value is again set to 800000.

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General :: Install Android X86 On Xbox Original?

Jun 30, 2013

I was just asking, can I install android x86 on xbox original? I know you can install linux. I just found it on the side of the road and plug it up and it worked fine. So if i can't, what other OS's can I install

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General :: USB Tethering Direct From Phone To Xbox 360

Nov 26, 2011

if there is a way to use usb tether my htc wildfires internet directly from phone to xbox with no pc inbetween as this should speed up connection and fix the nat type. if this isnt possible, any way to change the nat type when i use wifi tether on my phone to get xbox live.

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General :: Xbox Smart Glass Won't Install

Oct 27, 2012

Every time I download from the market place it says package invalid.

Running cm9. SPH-D710

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General :: Playing MC4 Using Wired Xbox 360 Controller

Oct 18, 2013

I'm trying to use my xbox controller via USB-OTG or my Wii Classic Controller to play MC4. I can walk, shoot and reload but I can't use the right stick to look around. I already flashed custom keylayouts from Nexus 10 but it didn't worked.

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General :: Droid 4 - Using Tether Feature To Play XBox 360

Jun 17, 2012

So my internet is out and i want to use the tether feature on my droid to play xbox 360. The tether connected to my laptop but it doesnt go all the way to the xbox 360!

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General :: How To Use Android Phone As Xbox Wireless Keyboard

Feb 8, 2012

I have been searching but... Cant find a simple explanation anywhere?

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General :: Porting Xbox Companion App From Win7 To Android?

Jan 5, 2012

i heard of an app for windows7 phones called "Xbox Companion app => [URL] which is able to control the xbox remote with your phone.

Could that be ported to android? Or is there a port?

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General :: How To Listen To Music From Phone (HTC Inspire) To Xbox 360

Mar 23, 2012

Okay so I'm trying to listen to music from my phone (HTC inspire) to my Xbox 360. Both are running on same internet one is wired(Xbox) and my phone is wireless.. I'm getting two bars Max 1 mostly. And everytime I'm listening to music using both airsync and even imediashare about 3 songs it music just stops. I figured it was my screen turning off so I kept it on and in the middle of my song it stops... then whenever I go to change the song on the 360 my Xbox freezes due to the app -.+ I can't seem to get any of these apps to work and its really frustrating because I just wanna listen to music. (Do not troll and tell me to buy a new router, Xbox, go to ps3 or any of those lame things.)

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General :: Connecting Xbox 360 Controller Completely Wireless

Feb 21, 2013

I currently don't have a way to connect my Xbox 360 Wireless dongle since I don't have a USB to MICRO USB converter, So is there any way to do so? without any plugs? I know the Xbox 360 uses a specific way to connect wirelessly unlike the Playstation 3 that uses Bluetooth. BUT although, There MUST be a way! therefore, I am asking all of you android users with probably more knowledge than me on this.

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General :: Xbox Controller Does Not Work - Lenovo S6000l Tablet

Jan 8, 2014

i tried to connect my wireless Xbox 360 Controller over an OTG-wire with my Lenovo s6000l Tablet. The lights on my controller and wireless adapter show me that my controller is connected, but my tablet show me no reactions. The App BT/USB Joystick Center does not find the controller. I tried to download the Vendor files from another thread in this Forum and copied them on to my Device.

I even tried to connect my PSX-Controller (PS1) over an PSX to USB adapter with my device, but the buttuns had a bad configuration. The app Sixaxis Compatibility Checkers tells me that my controller is found when i click on Start but when i press Pair Controllers it says that he couldnt find any controller and i should connect one through USB.

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General :: 2 Wireless XBOX 360 Controllers On Android Tablet At The Same Time

Aug 14, 2013

I am going to get a new android tablet (probably the nexus 7 2nd gen) and I want to use my xbox 360 controllers with it.

I am going to use this that way:

Tablet->USB OTG->Wireless receiver and connect the 2 controllers wirelessly.

I know that this is possible to connect 1 controller that way,but will I be able to connect 2 controllers that ways and get the tabler to recognize them?

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General :: MHL Adapter For SG4?

Jun 20, 2013

Which MHL Adapter is compatible for Samsung SG4?

I've bought two different adapters (today)....and neither is compatible. Now, I'm hearing that I have to buy a Samsung HDTV Adapter. Is that true? Do you have a compatible MHL Adapter for a SG4? If so, can you tell me who manufactured it and where I can buy one?

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General :: Using USB Adapter To Flash ROM Without SD?

Feb 25, 2014

I have just been reading the thread about how to flash a ROM on to a phone without SD. My phone unfortunately does not come with a sd card reader so i might be unable to flash ROM's. know if there is a way to do this, or if you could use a micro USB to SD adapter to be able to make this work.

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