General :: Use Video File To Make Live Wallpaper (APK)?

Apr 11, 2013

I am trying to make an android live wallpaper for Xperia P. The resolution for the screen is 540x960.

1) I exported the animation as .mp4 and it came out around 4mb. Is there a way to create an .apk using this mp4 file that will work as live wallpaper and if yes how?

2) Do I have to multiply the width if I want to fit more than one screens? So for three, would it be 540 x 3?

3) Can I just repeat the main live wallpaper(540x960) instead of multiplying the width so that the same animation appears on all screens?

General :: Use video file to make live wallpaper (APK)?

General :: Set Video As Live Wallpaper

Sep 19, 2012

I'm looking for a good LWP were i can set my own custom looping video as the wallpaper.

I've been looking everywere but can only fine 1 app, [URL] ..... That one.

It's doing just what i want, i can select a folder and the folder is playing in my background. Only there is one problem.

The app converts the video to a lower quality and then it shows really bad banding. The banding is not present when i play the same video in the media player on my phone. (HTC Desire HD)

These are actual screenshots:

Looks worse when animated and because it is uploaded it is compressed again and removes the banding a bit. But believe me, it looks BAD

Adding grain to the video solves it a bit but it is still not the standard video quality.

Any other good quality app that does not compress the video? My device can easily handle a video in native resolution :P

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General :: Making YouTube Video Of Live Wallpaper

Jan 16, 2013

I have live wallpapers created (.apk files) but I cant figure out how to view them on my mac so that I can make a YouTube video of them (making a preview) Is it possible to convert them to a .mov file?

I've tried zipping and unzipping but it doesn't seem to ever actually play the live wallpaper although it plays on my android.

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HTC Incredible :: How To Make My Own Live Wallpaper

May 3, 2010

As much as I like the live wallpaper, I want to make my own. I have a couple pics on the laptop...whats the process of getting them setup on the Dinc?

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Android :: Create Live Wallpaper From Video?

Aug 25, 2010

Is there an easy way of creating a live wallpaper from a video file?

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HTC Hero :: Way To Flash Wallpaper Fix To Make Live Wallpapers Work?

May 2, 2010

I am asking cause i have 5.3, the OTA updater will not download the updates at all, its telling me that it cant be downloaded at this time~ it will only allow me to download 5.4 which i don't want. now cause the instructions tell you to flash the fix right after flashing the rom will it still work for me? really wanna try out one of these wallpapers ive downloaded.

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General :: Does Using Live Wallpaper Use Battery Life More Than Fixed Wallpaper

Dec 13, 2011

Does using "Live Wallpaper" use battery life more than fixed wallpaper. If so is the drain anything significant?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Make Video Call With Phone / Live Messenger On It For That?

Oct 30, 2010

Does anyone know how to make video calls with X10? Does it require data service?

Will I be able to use it is if I am connected to wifi but no data service?

There is Live messenger on my x10 is that what I use to make video calls?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Live Wallpaper Reset To Regular Wallpaper After Reboot

Sep 9, 2010

It seems like every time I reboot my phone, the live wallpaper is changed back to the last static wallpaper I have used.Does anyone else have this problems?

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HTC Incredible :: Wallpaper Defaults Back To Colors / Instead Of Live Wallpaper After Restart

May 3, 2010

I have my incredible set to use the live wallpaper "water". When I turn the phone off to charge at the end of the day, upon restart it defaults to the htc colors wallpaper.Is there something I'm doing wrong, is there a setting I'missed to retain the "water" live wallpaper after restart, or is this just normal behavior?

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Android :: How To Make Video File Private To App?

Dec 23, 2009

I have some new requirement. I have to write a video player which plays the content from the net.Some times the app downloads the video content, and this downloaded data should be private to only my app. No one should not access it.Simply saying providing security to my own content (though the content is taken from the sdcard, it should not be playable).

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General :: Use Live Wallpaper With MagicLocker?

Feb 2, 2012

I just switched over from Widget Locker to MagicLocker, since I found a ML style that I really liked. My only complaint is that I can't figure out how to use a Live Wallpaper as the background for it!

If it isn't natively possible, is there some way to hack it to do so?

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General :: How To Create Live Wallpaper

Nov 10, 2012

How can i create an apk live wallpaper with some settings? I want it have 3 time of day...

Morning . Non . Night ....?


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Media :: Audio From Video To Make File For Ringtone

Oct 16, 2010

Basically I have a video clip in .WMV and I wan't to take the audio and make a ringtone out of parts of it.

For some reason on my mac I can't get this to work with Audacity.

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General :: DROID X Live Wallpaper Support

Jul 3, 2012

I wanna update the live wallpaper to have better device support and android 3.0+ support. Maybe have options to disable graphics as well? It was once an awesome live wallpaper? Would this project be a good idea or a waste of time?

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General :: Note 2 - Multipicture Live Wallpaper?

Mar 4, 2013

I downloaded MultiPicure Live Wallpaper, and it doesn't work as far as scrolling on my note 2. I am using Nova Launcher and Jelly Beans Build 10 rom. It keeps repeating the same image over and over each screen. I believe I am doing all of the correct settings.

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General :: Luminous Dots Live Wallpaper For Galaxy S3

Apr 10, 2013

I just started using Luminous Dots on my Galaxy S3 and sometimes when it is on the lock screen the wallpaper rotates 45 degrees... Is it supposed to do that? I think it has something to do with the motion sensor.

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General :: Razr Running ICS - How To Uninstall Live Wallpaper

Aug 20, 2012

I installed the live African Savannah wallpaper to my phone.

But I cannot figure out how to remove it. My phone is running ICS.

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General :: Creating Live Wallpaper For Latest Resolutions?

Dec 13, 2012

For a while I'm wanting to create live wallpapers, after weeks of searching and weeks of trying out various things (The LWP creator found on XDA etc) I've figured out all of them are not really working with the latest phone's, and lastest screen resolutions.

How to create live wallpapers, for the latest screen resolutions, or just compatible with all.

What I want is to create a "Gif-like" android LWP.

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General :: Galaxy Wonder - How To Restore Removed Live Wallpaper App

Feb 6, 2012

I used root uninstaller to delete some system App and Accidentally removed the application that let me choose ore change the Live Wallpaper. How I can restore it again ? My Phone is Galaxy Wonder and the OS. is Gingerbread 2.3.5.

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General :: Create Live Wallpaper And Upload To Market

Feb 26, 2012

How do I create LIVE wallpaper that I can upload to the market? I saw a program, but it does not let me upload to the market.

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General :: CM 7.2 - Can't Pick Up MultiPicture Live Wallpaper From Market

Mar 20, 2012

I'm running a deodexed cm7.2 on my Samsung Galaxy Ace. For some reason I can't pick up MultiPicture Live Wallpaper from the market. It's telling me its not compatible with my device...Yet when I was running the stock 2.3.5 rom I had no problems installing it. Is it incompatible with 2.3.7, or is it something to do with cm7?

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General :: Live Wallpaper Turns Darker After Update 4.2.2

Apr 17, 2013

My live wallpaper turns darker and darker from the top every 2 hours Its became normally when I reboot it But it will come again in next 2 hours.

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General :: Convert Image Sequence To Live Wallpaper?

Jul 10, 2012

I have a bunch of image sequences that I want to convert to live wallpapers. Is there a fast and easy way to do this?

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General :: How To Add Live Animation Wallpaper To Notification Background

Oct 8, 2012

Is there a way to add a live animation wallpaper to notification background. GT-I9100

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General :: Android Live Wallpaper - Command Output

Aug 14, 2012

live wallpaper that shows the output of a command?

Example: the output of the "top" command as my live wallpaper.

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General :: CM 7.2.4 - No Option For Selecting Live Wallpaper From Appropriate Menu

Feb 23, 2014

Seems that I've lost this functionality some time ago, I don't have the option of selecting "Live Wallpaper" from the appropriate menu. I'm using CyanogenMod 7.2.4

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General :: How To Insert Sequence Of Images In Live Wallpaper

May 27, 2012

i have read lots of tutorials about making live wallpapers but i can't find how to create a live wallpaper using set of images in eclipse?p with it?

[Live Wallpaper] Custom Creater 2.6 [SCRIPT] [WINDOWS . i have seen this but it is nt effective.

how to make such using Eclipse IDE

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General :: Use Live Wallpaper As Background In Lock Pattern?

Oct 1, 2012

I would like the pattern lock screen in my S2 to show my live wallpaper (or a different lwp) instead of a regular image.The new S3 pulls this out easily. How can I have this in the S2? I. tried several launchers but they do not change this option.

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General :: Live Wallpaper Missing On Play Store In ICS?

May 17, 2012

I have live wallpapers and apps on the Play Store. I just updated my HTC Sensation 4G to Ice Cream Sandwich (CM9) and the Play Store says that my live wallpapers are not compatible with my device. But, I can see and install my apps no problems.

When I search for my wallpapers, they do not show up in the results. I can, however, side-load my app, install, and set the live wallpaper no problems. Is there something I need to do? I can't see anything in my manifest that I've missed.

If you try to search the Play Store for "pub:ccw" or click the first link in my signature.

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