General :: Stop Google Music App From Adding Ringtones To Library?

Jul 22, 2013

I've tried hiding my custom tones that I've downloaded at various points in different places on my phone (T-Mobile Galaxy S4), inclding the external SD, but to no avail. For example, I added a high quality .mp3 clip of a old rotary phone ring to use as my ringtone, I put it straight into the ringtones system folder.

Very next time that I start up Google Music, there's new stuff from 'unknown artist," low and behold, the ringtone.

Super annoying, part of the reason I was paying for all access to use Google Music was to have a clean, auto-organized library. I don't want all of my sounds system-wide added to my library, and I can't seem to find any way to change the folders it searches, or even to remove it from the library within the app once it is added.

General :: Stop Google Music app from adding ringtones to library?

General :: Adding Songs To Library With Google Play Music

May 20, 2013

So, I was sitting here, and adding music to my library with google play music.. Now... I think the big GMan might have overlooked something. I had around 200 songs uploaded from my computer to Play. Now, I got the trial of All Access, and ive been adding a bit of music with the search and add feature.. So then i thought.. Maybe this is a free way to get audio files. I went to the "Music Manager" application on my computer, and i hit "download my library" and its now downloading all 291 songs, allowing transfer to any device (Like an iPod) 91 of which, keep in mind, I had added via the search feature from the Play Music app on my phone. So, is this a glitch overlooked by Google? Or is it intended to be this way?

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General :: Google Music Won't Upload Whole Library?

Jan 4, 2012

I've been trying to upload my music to Google Music, and I ran into an issue yesterday when I saw that it stopped uploading. I had it running for about a week and I have roughly 3700 songs on my computer (in iTunes). It stopped at around 2400 songs and won't add anymore, and I'm not entirely sure why. Of those 3700 songs, only about 300 were purchased from iTunes, the rest are CDs or songs that I permanenly borrowed during the Napster days. I double checked the songs that are missing, and there really isn't too much rhyme or reason as to why they're not there.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Remove Ringtones From Appearing In Music Library?

Sep 27, 2010

On my galaxy s I have an external sd card which i put a bunch of songs on in a folder called music. When I open up the music player I see my songs but also sound files from various sound boards I have installed, as well as ring tones I have downloaded. How do I fix this so its just music?

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General :: How To Stop Google Music From Accessing Internet

May 15, 2013

I copied my music files from my PC to the phone, but now when I try and play the music in Play Music, its somehow accessing the internet, changing my tags, album art etc which I've spent years perfecting on my own. BTW none of this stuff is in the cloud or purchased from Google, they're all "real" MP3 files.

Is there a way to stop the app from doing this, or are there alternate apps?

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General :: Music App That Allows To Stream From Shared Music Library On NAS

Jun 20, 2012

I am looking for a music application for android that will allow me to stream from my music library that is on my NAS. I can share my music via CIFS/SMB, NFS or iTunes server. HTC Vision

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General :: How To Separate Files In Music Library

Apr 8, 2014

can i separate my music and other mp3 files (lets just say its some kind of junk files i cant remove) in the default music player in android?

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General :: How To Exclude SD Card Folder From Music Library Scanning

Dec 12, 2012

I have a call recorder installed on my Desire Z, and the problem is that Google Music also pulls in the audio files contained within the folder in which the recorded calls are stored .. I want to avoid this by somehow telling Google Music to NOT list the audio files contained within that folder ..

Yes, I know a playlist would essentially solve my problem, but I sometimes choose the 'Shuffle All' option, which starts playing randomly from all the audio on my phone .. This is where the problem occurs, because Google Music often starts playing back those darn recorded calls :S

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Android :: Adding External Library To Project

Apr 10, 2010

I have created a folder in my project with the weka.jar file, created a new library (adding the weka.jar file to the library) and included this library in my build path. I have also added the library under the "Order and Export" tab in the project properties. I have also tried importing the jar file so that the actual contents of the jar are extracted into a directory in my project. The end result of all of this is that my project is able to build correctly and without error, but when it comes time to run my code on the emulator I get the following exception:

04-10 22:52:21.051: ERROR/dalvikvm(582): Could not find class 'weka.classifiers.trees.J48', referenced from method edu.usc.student.composure.classifier.GaitClassifierImpl. with J48 being the class I reference in my code. Does anyone have any additional suggestions that I may have overlooked?

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Android :: Adding Library / JAR To Eclipse Project

Sep 4, 2010

This is a two-part question about adding a third-party library (JAR) to an Android project in Eclipse. The first part of the question is, when I try to add a third-party JAR (library) to my Android project I first get the problem of Error parsing XML: unbound prefix

because I'm trying to use a class from that JAR (and need the prefix somehow defined). What's going on?Second, (after fixing that--the answer is given below), my application doesn't work on Android and I discover via the debugger (LogCat) that the class I'm attempting to consume doesn't exist.

Caused by:

Why, when I get no compilation or linker error in Eclipse, does it have this problem on the emulator? These two questions are rhetorical for I'm going to answer them myself below. Other posts in this forum creep up to the problem and elsewhere there is discussion, but I feel that I can be more explicitly helpful for the next guy to come along.

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Android :: Adding Library To Eclipse Project

Jul 18, 2010

I'm clearly missing something simple, but after nearly an hour of trying to figure it out, I'm still stuck.
I have an external jar file containing classes I want to use in my project. No problem, right? I just followed the instructions at

That is, I used the Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries panel to add the jar to my project as a library. But it doesn't work. The external library is being included in the compilation classpath, so everything compiles correctly, but the external classes aren't actually getting included in the apk. When I try to run my app, it immediately crashes with a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. And looking at the apk, I see it's only 20K, whereas the external library jar is over 200K.

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Android :: Adding C Libraries To Library Layer

Jun 21, 2010

I have a few already written C libraries which i want to embed into the library layer of the android architecture at the same level as the already existing libraries such as libc etc.... i dont want to insert it as .jar packages at the application or framework layer. is that possible.

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General :: Setup Two Different Google Accounts To Stream Music From Google Music?

Oct 8, 2012

Any way to setup two different google accounts to stream music from the google music service minus using two different devices. Is it even possible.

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General :: Adding Pictures To Music Files

Aug 18, 2012

is there anyway to add a pic to a music file so that when it is played the pic appears next to the name of the song?

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Android :: Unknown Option Error When Adding Library Project

Aug 27, 2010

I've moved some of my common code into a library project so that multiple projects can access it. I created an empty project, set it to be a library in the properties screen, then imported some classes. Next, I created a new (non library) project and added my new library project to it. Immediately upon rebuild, I get the following error: ERROR: Unknown option '--auto-add-overlay' Android Asset Packaging Tool

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General :: Samsung GS3 - Ringtones Showing In Play Music App

Nov 29, 2012

I am running ICS 4.0.4 on a Samsung GS3 on the Verizon USA network.

The issue: I downloaded a ringtone and now it is showing up with all my mp3's (500 or so) in the Play Music App.

What I need: I do not want the ring tone to show up in the Play Music App but I want to keep the ringtone because I use it to identify when my girlfriend calls.

What I don't want to happen: I do not want the ringtone deleted because I still need it to function as a ringtone for one of my contacts.

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HTC Magic :: Adding Ringtones For Notifications

Jul 11, 2009

i noticed on my rogers magic phone you can add ringtones that you put on sd card for voice calls but when i go to select ringtones for notifications SMS it doesnt give me the option of getting them off of sd card.. am i doing something wrong or? For now i have an app for that.. rings extended. but shouldnt need that app imo

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Nexus :: Adding Ringtones Onto Contacts

Jan 28, 2010

I can't seem to find the option other than create a whole new ringtone in Ringdroid. I've already created the ringtone in that! For some reason it wants me to create yet another ringtone from the already created one if I want to assign it to a contact again.I cant seem to find the option to just assign a ringtone to a contact.I think installing Zedge as well may have wiped my existing custom ones I did.Is there not a way in the system to assign ringtones to contacts without an app? Or a simple app to do it?

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General :: Adding Music To (Nexus 5) Using ITunes And Android File Transfer On Mac

Nov 8, 2013

I love the native music player that comes stock on android (via google music). I also use a mac, and I'm in Canada (so I can't take full advantage of the google music service, I.E. storing music in the cloud and managing it that way. In order to put music on my android phone i simply select the songs in my itunes and and drag them into the music folder in Android File Transfer. This works, however, there is one problem: the songs aren't organized into folders, which makes it extremely difficult to organize / delete music from my phone when I want to, as the songs are organized as 01 01 01 01 01 01 02 02 02 02 02 02 03 03 03 03 etc. I tried to right click the music folder and say new folder but it won't create that folder in the music folder. I tried moving the songs into that folder then dragging it into the music folder but that won't work.

I really don't want to use double twist, because I have in the past, and I don't really like it all that much. I just want my files to be organized into folders so that when I can delete them later when I want to.

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General :: Music Player Which Supports Adding Multiple Files To Playlist?

Jun 3, 2013

Is there any free music player app right now that can do that? I have tried all sort of music players such as google music, winamp, etc but all players requires me to manually press and hold each mp3 file to add to a playlist. Is there any app that allows us to choose all the files we want and subsequently add to playlist??

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Samsung Epic 4G :: Adding Notifications / Ringtones

Nov 17, 2010

I fought for quite a while trying to add custom ringtones to the epic, don't know why they make it so difficult. Anyway, create a two folders on you phone called "notifications" and "ringtones" these can either be in the root dir of your sd card or nested in another folder. Apperantly it for these it searches for folder names instead of file type. I have my nested in another folder called media. I use this for all external media I add to phone.

Also remember that the phone will find pictures by file type. So any pictures you put anywhere on your sdcard will show up in gallery. This makes it real easy to create folders for sorting pics. If you don't want a certain folder to show up in the gallery just put a "." in the beginning of the name. Then when you want it to show up in the gallery go to the folder, delete the period at the beginning of the name and there it is in gallery. So folder name "confidential pics" will show in gallery but folder name ".confidential pics" wont show up in gallery. I use Astro for changing the folder names on the phone and it works pretty good.

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Samsung Captivate :: Adding Ringtones From SD Card

Jul 18, 2010

Where should I put a file to use as a ringtone on my phone. Its the intro to a TV show and I want it on my phone as a ringtone

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HTC Desire :: Adding Ringtones Notifications And Alarms

Apr 21, 2010

according to the Sticky I should have three different folders for ringtones, notifications and alarms. I only have the notification one. Only got the Desire model today. Have I missed something?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Adding Ringtones From PC To Phone

Jan 5, 2010

I have recently Purchased a HTC Droid Eris and was wondering if anyone could help me with adding ringtones, wallpaper and music to my phone.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Settings - Adding Ringtones Alarms And Notifications Etc?

Jun 3, 2010

I wanted to create a thread that will help new users to Android with settings through out the phone. Most phones have all the settings with in a control panel or in a main location. As for Android this is true of main settings for the phone but you will also find settings with in the built in applications as well. From past experience on other Android forums there are always tons of threads created for "HOW DO I find the settings for x". Simply put. If you are looking for settings for an application, even the built in ones, use the menu button in that application. Most of the time you will find settings.

I have compiled most of the Tips, Questions, and Answers from this forum and added them to the first post. Thanks to all the users out there New and Experienced that have helped us build this list. Please read fully before posting your question. If you don't find it here post it! We will respond when we can.

A. Adding Ringtones, Alarms, and Notifications to EVO (Thanks Companyman!):
1. On your SD card make a folder called Media (if it's already there skip step)
2. In the media folder make a folder called audio
3. In the audio folder make a folder called "ringtones", "alarms", and "notifications"
4. Put any ringtones that you want in these folders.

B. If you want to make a contact show up in the "Favorites" widget do this: (Thanks Companyman)
1. Go into the People application and select your contact
2. Select the "Edit" function near the bottom of the page (might have to scroll down to see it)
3. Under the "Group" section select the Favorite group

C. If you want to change the default action that occurs when you select a contact from the Favorites widget: (Thanks Companyman)
1. Go into the People application and select your contact
2. Click on the Menu button near the bottom of your phone
3. Select the "More" option
4. Click on the "Set widget action"
5. Select whatever action you want.

D. When your phone is ringing, if you flip it over, it will silence the ringer. (Thanks kimreichle)

E. To access the SD Card on the phone you have to use a file manager. I like Astro File Manager myself. Gives you lots of options to manage the card.

F. Accounts & Sync (Thanks Bek)
Menu -> Settings -> Account & Sync
- All system managed accounts are here & you can tweak all sync settings for each account here. Very useful, especially if you're having poor battery drain.

Exchange or non gmail mail Settings (from inbox of account):

Keyboard Settings:
Menu/Settings/Language & keyboard

Internal Browser:


Questions & Answers:

Q. How do I set the backlight to stay on while on power?
A. Menu/Settings/Applications/Development/Stay awake. You can check this too keep the phone awake.
Menu/Settings/Sound & Display Then browse for Screen Time Out.

Q. Do I have to go thru android market to get new apps?
A. You can download apk files and load them to the SD Card and use astro filemanager to install Directly. I would recommend the Market though. You can uninstall from there as well.

Q. How do i make the alert tone for an incoming email, different from a text message?
A. From the All Messages window in the text messaging application select Menu/Settings/Notification sound.

Q. I can't for the the life of me turn off the haptic feedback that vibrates when typing on the keyboard.
A. From the main home Screen:
Menu/Settings/Language & keyboard/Touch Input/Text input then uncheck Vibrate when typing.

Q. On my BB I had all of my mail, IM, Facebook, SMS, MMC and everything in one place for reading. Is that possible with the Evo?
A. Not with the built in apps that come with the phone. There Might be another app out there though, I don't know. Maybe someone else knows this?

Q. Anybody know if there's a way to uninstall some of the HTC/Sprint software that came installed on my EVO?
A. As far as I understand it the only way to uninstall the preinstalled sprint applications is to have root access to the phone. (Thanks Companyman)

Q. Long time windows user and would like to know how to delete all texts and/or email at the same time (delete all)
A. Delete all emails at the same time: I don't think it's currently possible in the Gmail app. You can use a web browser, go to gmail and use the select all feature there to delete all the emails. (Thanks Companyman)

Q. How to change the weather update to less than one hour?
A. Go to your "Settings" menu. Click on "Accounts & sync"
Then select "weather" all the way at the bottom. Click Account settings. There is your update frequency. (Thanks Companyman)

Q. Is there anyway to calibrate the screen?
A. Menu/Settings/Language & Keyboard/Touch Input/Text Input There are 2 tools here:
1. Calibration Tool
2. Reset calibration

Q. When sending text messages, is there a way to send the text from the message window without having to hit the button to make the keyboard disappear and then hit the send button?
A. The send button should be to the right of the text window even if the keyboard is up, at least in Portrait mode. In Landscape you either have to hit menu and send or just minimize the keyboard.

Q. Is there's a way i can delete my custom scenes I have saved..?
A. From the Main Window, Menu/Settings/Personalize/Scenes
Select the scene you want to delete. Hit Menu Delete.

Q. Is there any way to make it so that you can push one of the buttons on the outside of the phone to stop your phone from ringing?
A. Not that I know of but check this out. If you take the phone and turn it over the ringer will silence. (I love that feature!)

Q. How do i get to the download history page?
A. While in the browser click menu/more/History

Q. How can I tell if my phone is root?
A. That usually depends on the root process you used. You could try to load a program that requires root like wi-fi tether, if it works then then I would say your rooted.

Q. Does anyone know how to turn off/change the "green Android Robot" picture that pops up when you're trying to make a phone call?
A. The way to change the Android pic is to assigned the person your calling a picture in your contacts. If the number is not from a contact then I am afraid you are stuck with the little green monster unless you root and someone builds a rom without him.

Q. What format do the ringtones have to be? Mp3
A. Yep. I think there might be a few other file types too....but I use MP3.

Q. I added a couple new folders to my home page but can't figure out how to name them, they just say folder. Is there a way to do this?
A. Open the folder. Long press on the top of the folder window.

Q. Is there any way to make one of the side buttons activate the shutter for the camera? I was trying to take a picture of my lady and me and it was a pain to try and press the on-screen shutter button.
A. Not that I am aware of but there is a self timer you can set up. That might help ya. With the camera open hit the tab to the left. Click the hears in the left corner. Scroll till you find self timer.

Q. Does anyone now how I can silence emails but have a notification sound for texts?
A. Well that depends. Text msg do use a separate notification so it can be done. You can turn off exchange and pop mail from within the internal mail app. Once there click menu/settings/notification settings. Uncheck the box for notification sound. For GMail, hit menu/settings and Uncheck email notifications.

Q. How do i get my nicknames for contacts to be displayed on my device?
Nicknames were done on gmail account.
A. It seems there is no place for that on the EVO. Looks like the contact card on the phone doesn't support it. I will keep looking for a way though.

Q. Is it possible to have a different wallpaper on the lockscreen from your home screen?
A. Seems that is not available in this build of 2.1. In others I have used you could. If you or anyone else finds this to not be true let me know. As of right now it seems the same wallpaper for the home screen works for the lock screen as well.

Q. I have a folder that I named GAMES. How do I put my game apps in there? Is it even possible?
A. Make sure your focus is on the home screen with the folder, bring up the all programs window (up arrow in bottom left) and find the game you want to add. Long press on the game and hold. You will see your games folder and home screen. drag the game to the games folder.

Q. Lost my favorites Widget, how can I get it back?
A. Click the + then Widget/people/ choose the style you want then select the group you want to display. If you don't have the group you are looking for you can add them using the computer too in GMAIL on your browser.

Q. I was wondering how to "star" someone?
A. Those would be whoever is listed in your Favorites group. So you can create and add users in the people application. Open Up People, Select Groups, Select the group you want to add contacts too. You should be able to add contacts from there.

Q. Is there a way to change the 'me' display name in text mesging conversations?
A. Nope

Q. How do I link only certain phone contacts to facebook?
A. If you go into People and find her contact and tap on it near the top it should have an icon that says link and it should ask you what you want to link the contact with ie: Facebook. You might need to have Facebook set to sync with your other contacts though too but maybe not I haven't tried the way you are thinking. (Thanks Noodle3)

Q. Is it possible to change the name of your shortcuts/icons?
A. Sounds like a Job for anycut (Free). There are options for paid versions as well that will give you more control.

Q. Can you change the storage location for apps?
A. I don't think so unless the app has a way to change were it stores its data built into the app. For those you have to leave default or the app will just re-create the original folder.

Q. Is there an easier way to get from any screen to the "apps" screen?
A. For this there are several options. What I like to do is create folders on one of my home screens with categories for my apps, like gps apps, media, internet, office and so on. While on that home screen hit the arrow button to bring up all apps and long press the first app in the list. You will see your home screen come back and you can place that application into the folder of your choice. It makes it so you click on the folder and only see the apps for that item. You can arrange it anyway you like which is very helpful. I almost never use the all apps screen anymore.

Q. Is there a way to make folders in the pictures gallery? On my bb, i use to have folders like, Pets, family, etc..
A. YES! Easiest way is to connect your EVO to your computer and connect as a Hard Drive. Then you can create a picture folder. Then inside that create whatever folders you want. Move the pics to them. Disconnect from the computer. Bring up the gallery. You will still see all pics but you will also see your folders with the pictures you put in there. ;-) When you first bring up the gallery after doing this it may take it a min or two to create and build the folders if you have a lot of images...just close and reopen. You can also use Astro File Manager to do this on the phone.

Q. How do I save my MMS pics to a different folder? It's only letting me save to "All downloads" and I dont want to save it there, how can I save it to a folder that I have created on my SDcard?
A. I don't think you can change the download folder. But what you could do is install Astro File Manager and use that to move the picture once its downloaded to the folder of your choice.

Q. Can I hide files and folders on the SD card?
A. Load Astro File Manager. When you first load it you will see files on the card that have a period in front of the name. Those are hidden system files. You can add a folder. Name it with a period in front of the name. Then from the top of astros menu choose View/Set Directory Options and uncheck Show Hidden Files. This will hide the folder and its contents from the phone apps. When you are ready to see them again just check that box and then rename the folder without the period.

Q. How do I set custom notification ringtones for each of my contacts?
A. You can not do this with the stock SMS application, but! you can do this with Handcent. Its a free application from the market and has many many customizations. To set personal RT for each contact in Handcent: Goto the contact messaging thread in Handcent, Select the little gear in the top right hand corner of the window. Then select Notification settings. Set the Ringtone for that person there. You can test the ring tone as well.

Q. When I select the contact list for a new message, I get hundreds of listings. I get 3 or 4 for each person sometimes too. It will list all of their phone numbers and email addresses from my contact list, gmail, and facebook. How do I get this list to be the same as my People list and only show their mobile phone numbers?
A. This was a bug that was introduced in Android 2.1. I had the same issue with my Droid Eris and Sprint Hero. All we can do on that one is hope that it gets fixed with 2.2.

Q. If I am using the Sprint network outside of home, come home and get on my wifi, am I still on the Sprint 3G network, or do I need to turn it off?
A. 3G should go into standby mode when using wifi....but if you are using wifi, I would just turn off 3G using the mobile widget. No need for it to run while on wifi.

Q. Can you attach an Mp3 to your gmail?
A. Yes! Download an app called Astro File Manager. Then when you go to add an attachment you can select astro and attach anything in your SD Card including MP3's. Tested and works.

Q. How do I make a new folder on my memory card, or I should ask is it possible to do through the phone itself, or do I have to set it up through my laptop?
A. 1. Through the laptop: Connect your USB cable to the phone and the computer. Select Disk Drive if you are prompted to connect to the computer. If you are not prompted then drag your top bar down and select Charge Only then select Disk drive. This will allow your computer to see the SD Card. You can create folders that way just like you do in Windows.

2. Using the phone: For this you will need a file manager that you can download from the Market. The one I like the best is Astro File Manager. It has a ton of functionality and the best part is you can create folders and move files around without connecting to the computer. Once Astro is Loaded open it up. Hit Menu/New. That's it!

Q. Is there a way to put a bookmark in a folder?
A. Yes you can. Create the folder. Then click the + and select shortcut then select bookmark. From there you choose the bookmark you want. Then drag the bookmark to the folder.

Q How do I set up a group for mass texting on my Droid?
A. Open up your contacts app,
All Apps/Contacts
Use the slider to open up groups
You will see groups already listed there.
To add a Group:
Menu/Add Group

To add contacts to a group:
Select the group then hit menu/add group member

Once you have set up your contacts you can then select groups in the TO: section of a new message.

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General :: Pantech Flex / 32gb Micro SD - Adding Music Files Getting Corrupt

Jun 7, 2013

I purchased a 32gb micro SD for my pantech flex and I started adding music to it and files seem to keep getting corrupt after awhile is there a glitch with the flex or do I have to do it a certain way I tried putting it in my pc first to add files and then I tried USB cable but I only used MTP so far.. What I should do I also transferred them with es explorer.

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Samsung Captivate :: Adding Files To Default Ringtones

Jul 25, 2010

I want to know how to add to the default ringtones. I downloaded Zedge and it works great for voice ringtones but I can't get notification ringtones from this. Help.

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KitKat 4.4 :: Stop App Library Downloading On New Device

Mar 5, 2014

I have several Android devices, all using the same Google Account.

I have recently purchased a new Android phone, however when I set it up, I don't want it to download and install all the apps that are associated with my Google account (like it did automatically on my tablet).

I'd like to be more selective, and control which apps install on my phone.

I'd like the current apps installed on my tablet (and old phone) to remain as they are, and still automatically update.

How can I do this?

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Android :: Start And Stop Music On Application Launch And Stop

Jan 5, 2010

In my application i have several activities and i want to start background music whenever my *Application* is launched and stop music whenever *Application* is paused or stopped.

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Media :: Keep Out Non Music MP3's From Music Library?

Jun 3, 2009

I just got a free HTC Magic at the Google I/O conference and am liking it so far. I'm trying to set it up as a day-to-day replacement for my iPod, and right now I'm using BeyondPod for podcasts and have tried several different music players. My plan was to keep the two separate - Podcast software for podcasts and a music player for music. There's just one problem that is driving me nuts: I can't figure out how to keep "non-music" MP3s (namely, podcasts) out of the music library. The music players all seem to scan for every audio file on my SD card, and can't be forced to use just the Music folder. So I end up with a music library littered with podcasts.

I'd put them in separate playlists, but the files are constantly changing, and it wouldn't be worth trying to keep up with them. Am I missing something? I've googled the heck out of this and can't seem to find anyone else who's bothered by this. Is there any way to have a music player only play files from a certain folder?

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