General :: Installing GAPPS After Booting Into Regular OS?

Aug 2, 2012

Can I install GAPPS without having to use and recovery manager or ROM manager? In other words can I install GAPPS after booting into the regular OS?

General :: Installing GAPPS after booting into regular OS?

General :: Installing Gapps And CWM To SDCard?

Jun 1, 2013

Background:I have a Nook Tablet (NT) that I have installed CM10 on to the emmc successfully. So I understand that process.

Details:I'm trying to install CM10 to my new Nook HD which only has an SD card install, per this thread:


I followed the instructions exactly and CM10 installed and "worked":

InstructionsDownload the compressed image file cm10-sdcard-installer.img. Posted: 12/28 Unpack and write the image to your sdcard. For more info on how to do it, see this post.(optional) To install CM10.1 instead of CM10, replace '' of the SD card boot folder with any CM10.1 image file you can download here in this page (you need to rename the file exactly as above).

Insert into the device and boot (cold)/reboot (warm).

Wait for it to finish installation.

Enjoy your HD with CM10 (CM10.1)

CM10 installed properly, but it didn't install CWM or gapps. The boot menu does not have a "boot to recovery" option.

How do I install CWM and gapps to the SD card?

I assume that I'll need to make another SD card just to boot CWM. With that I should be able to install gapps, but:

QuestionsHow do I install gapps to one SD card when CWM is on a separate SD card?

Can I install CWM to the emmc on a Nook HD so it just comes up every time?

Is CWM supposed to boot from emmc or SD card?

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General :: Installing Gapps On Phone Without ClockWorkMod?

Apr 28, 2014

So I just flashed CyanogenMod 11 on LG G2 and forgotbto flash GApps on my phone and when I try folowwing CyanogenMod steps to booting into recovery mode it won't and it just boots back into the operating system. I think Clockworkmod got deleted when I flashed the operating system. So I can't install it without gapps and I need my apps.

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General :: Installing Just Google Play (Market) Without Other GApps?

Oct 22, 2012

I would like to install just Google Play (Market) without the other GApps. I tried a couple of APKs that I found floating around the forums, but none seem to work.

Are there some additional dependencies (like the Google account, for example) which I need to install in order to use Play? I am trying to avoid any Google synch and also don't need GMail, Talk, etc. Installing them just to remove them with Titanium or something seems counter-intuative.

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General :: HTC DHD Not Booting After Installing XGS ROM

Aug 27, 2012

I had done a mistake 2 days ago by installing XGS Serie's ROM in my DHD. After installing the ROM from recovery the phone is'nt booting and just animated X. This is only the 3rd time I installed a custom ROM hence I haven't got any solution. how to recover my phone at least to make it to factory reset.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Firmware JG4 Not Installing / Phone Not Booting

Aug 24, 2010

I'm new here. I tried upgrading to this firmware (JG4) through samsung kies..The download took forever and started to install, I even got the successfully installed message in the computer, but it in the process ended during the reboot throwing some �media not loaded error� and my phone is not booting up.

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General :: Gapps For Cyanogenmod 10.2?

Jan 5, 2014

Where can I download Gapps for Cyanogenmod 10.2?

I already downloaded one but not synchronized to google account and not opened the market.

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General :: How To Add Gapps To Custom Rom ZIP

Jan 15, 2014

I try to make a custom rom have Gapps,not flash later.I use 7zip Open zip rom and Gapps ,drop from Gapps drap to zip rom, next i sign this rom.When i flash that rom, rom run good, but auto turn off about 1 minute, I dont know i add gapps is true or not.

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General :: How To Backup Gapps

Mar 1, 2014

I just want to know is it possible to backup latest gapps? I'm tired of updating.

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General :: How To Make Gapps

Mar 3, 2012

how to make gapps?

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General :: Remove Calendar From GApps?

Oct 20, 2012

Now that Google Calendar is a stand-alone app, which files do I delete from the GApps package so that I can download the Calendar app as a user app from the Play Store?

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General :: What App Can Be Removed From Gapps Package

Jul 2, 2012

i would like to just have minimal google apps

using gapps-ics-20120429-signed

under /system/app
removed talk.apk, voicesearch.apk, geniewidget.apk
I removed googletts.apk (can i remove tts folder in /system ?)

I'm wondering what is gallerygoogle.apk? already got default "gallery" app in my custom android ROM (AOKP build 40).

if I do not plan to sync my calender, I should have no problem removing googlecalendersyncadapter.apk? I'm using googlecontactssyncadapter.apk, but that should not matter?

I'm using lg p500 which has limited system ROM of 199MB, hence i need to squeeze out as much space as possible i do remove the "face*" folder in gapps as well.

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General :: GAPPS Not Supported In Huawei G610s-U00

Dec 31, 2013

I bought a HUAWEI G610S-U00 from china . i just want GAPPS to support in it . I tried downloading and installing the google service framework.apk file and installed google play .....the framework.apk file is is not responding and google play shows ''cant establish a secure connection' at the time of signing up time..

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General :: Xolo A500 - How To Update Gapps

Nov 18, 2013

mobile : Xolo A500
version ICS 4.0.4

Problem : not able to use google+, hangout and other google apps because app tells to install "google play services" and when try to install google play service got error " incompatible with other application using same shared user id " wont installed

So i want to update all google apps without rooting my mobile because it is still in warranty. Any method to install gapps without root

what i tried
-factory reset
-software update (doesn't updated gapps)

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General :: Flash Gapps - Rooted But No Recovery?

Jun 26, 2012

I have been lucky enough to been given a Huawei P1 and a P1 XL.

I have managed to root it successfully which is great but the rom on both does not come with Google Apps Suite.

I know it's possible to flash the gapps once rooted and you have a recovery on Huawei's as I have done this on my honour.

The Chinese recovery available for P1 doesn't work on my P1 or XL.

Is there any way to flash the gapps packaged without a recovery or to do it manually?

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General :: GApps Core 4.4.2 Failing To Install

Dec 16, 2013

I installed CM11 on my sgh-t849 tablet.. it works but when i try to flash GApps Core 4.4.2 it fails and stop working.. can i just install the apk onto a external sd card and just install that way and it work fine or?

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General :: Google Talk CM9 ICS With Recent GApps

May 9, 2012

I recently flashed Galaxy Captivate with Dark knight ROM v5.5. Everything went well and then I installed latest GApps (20120429). All other Google Apps works except GTalk. If I try to install it via adb it gives error like:


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General :: Flashing Gapps On Stock Android?

Oct 25, 2013

I had access to a Nexus Q, during the time i was using it, i flashed gapps on the Q's stock rom. My question is if i flashed gapps on the LG L9 (LP769) would gapps install properly? Is there a possibility of bricking my device (which i wouldn't mind because i have a backup)? Although the Nexus Q's bootloader was unlocked, I'm sure that would't have changed the outcome. The only thing that's truly bothering me is since the Q is a Nexus, and since gapps seems to be heavily based of of vanilla android, wouldn't that mean flashing gapps on the L9 more prone to failing? My phone's bootloader is locked but the apps are deodexed.

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General :: Lightest JB Gapps For Play Store?

Aug 14, 2012

I'd like to make the lightest zip possible to install ONLY Play Store to an AOSP JB ROM (without Gapps).What are the minimum apks and libs needed for google play to run on android ?

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General :: Installed CyanogenMod 11 On LG G2 And Forgot To Flash Gapps

Apr 28, 2014

So I just flashed CyanogenMod 11 on LG G2 and forgotbto flash GApps on my phone and when I try folowwing CyanogenMod steps to booting into recovery mode it won't and it just boots back into the operating system. I think Clockworkmod got deleted when I flashed the operating system. So I can't install it without gapps and I need my apps!

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General :: Google+ Account Reset After Flashing New Gapps

Feb 18, 2014

I have an htc incredible s, i had android revolution hd 5.3 rom with ics 4.0.4, i create my google+ account using that rom, i downloaded clash of clans and play it a lot, now i flash the lacoste cm 10.1 rom with jellybean 4.2.2, bt, the problem was that this rom didnt bring gapps with it, so i download my respective cm 10.1 gapps from (20130812) and everything was perfect! My google+ account restore all my apps and contacts, but the main problem here is that when i open clash of clans, and try to restore my last progress with the google account, it doesnt, its like the data reset, now my data of clash of clans in my google account is this new village i have, its like my new gapps bring new and fresh data, but if thats so, how my google+ account have all my events in the calendar and contacs and everything, except my clash of clans data?

how can i get back that progres in this rom?if i have to restore my backup of my previous rom, how i surpass the md5 mismatch clockworkmod error if my backup file doesnt have the nandroid.md5 file in?

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General :: GApps Successfully Installed - Can't Find Google Play

Jun 10, 2012

I installed quickflasher Quickflasher from broodplank (i9001_Quick_Flasher_v1.4.rar) and used this image:

I Wiped data/factory reset and did Wipe Cache partition. However I did not have the option Advanced > Wipe dalvik cache in CWN recovery. I was able to succesfully install CyanogenMod 9 ALPHA (Build 4) with

Then I successfully installed gapps package with MD5SUM:


However after reboot I expected to see Google Play on the home screen or between the installed applications.

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General :: GAPPS - Eliminate Or Add Some More Applications Inside Of CWM Flashable Zip File?

Aug 8, 2012

Can we reorganize the applications inside the 'Gapps_ ics_ xxxxxx.signed zip'?

I mean can we eliminate or add some more applications inside of CWM flashable zip file, instead of working with TitaniumBackup to restore our own favorite applications after every wipe Rom Flash ?I mean just deleting or adding some xxxxx .apk files...

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General :: Default Gapps And Google Play Stopped Working

Jul 23, 2013

I recently upgraded my phone xperia mini pro SK17i 's software from GB to ICS 4.0.4 and rooted my phone. After rooting i installed Titanium backup and remove a few what i thought were unnecessary apps from my phone . I think i also deleted the i'm not sure but i cannot see this service in my "ALL APPS" (APP Manager) Its not at the bottom or disabled its just not there.

Since then i keep getting gapps stopped working and Google play stopped working .

i have tried

1. Rebooting (multiple times)
2. Clearing cache/clearing data for Play
3. un-installing /Re Install play
4. Download goomanager and downloading latest gapps packed and flashed the zip
5. Delete gmail account and restart and add account again.

Also i don't think there is prob in Google sync...

and checked out all the sites and forums for solution ... i still haven't gotten any solution to this.

i saw in a few places about QtADB and new ROM..but i have abs no clue about what it is or how to go about it

I jst want the Google download manager back and Google Play to work...

I have downloaded a new download manager for now. But was wondering if i can get back Google download manager without have to to do a factory reset.

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General :: How To Install Google Play And Other Gapps On Coby Kyros Mid1060 Tablet

Feb 10, 2013

how to install google play and other gapps on coby kyros mid1060 tablet?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Face Book Installing And Installing And Installing

Nov 9, 2010

Anyone ever had this happen? Downloaded an update after the 2.1 upgrade and I sync'd my contacts with FB. It then deleted all of my contacts.So I deleted Facebook, re-stored all my contacts and reloaded Facebook. However, now it gets as far as installing and it never stops. It just stays on Installing.However, the FB app works fine on the phone itself.Is this a Market glitch? Is there anyway I can purge it from out of my downloads section?

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General :: Properly Backing Up MIUI SMS To Regular Android?

Oct 25, 2012

I've been using MIUI for a long time now but I wanna use regular Android now and I've like 7K SMS'es that I wanna bring with me. I've tried a whole bunch of SMS backup tools but they all seems to import the messages in a wrong order even though the dates are right. Extracting the messages from a Nandroid doesn't work because MIUI uses a different sms database format or something.

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General :: Droid X - Cannot Factory Reset Alternate Or Regular Way?

Sep 17, 2012

i have a droid x that i can not factory reset alternate or regular way. in fact it will not do anything. the phone has not been wet or dropped. it just shut off and now nothing.

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General :: How To Edit APK Files To Make It Install As Regular App

Jun 4, 2012

So I have just started nodding apk's . I modded the unicornporn one to get rid of the stuff I didn't like and added in what I wanted. Problem is they'll only install if I paste to system/app and reboot. How can I edit the apk files to make it install as a regular app?

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General :: Installing New Kernel Without Installing New Rom?

Sep 9, 2013

I have installed cyanogenmod 9 in my Sony Live Walkman, and the kernel that comes with it.

Can I install a new kernel (like rage kernel) without having to install the rom (CM9) again? It will work just replacing the kernel?

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