General :: How To Edit Application Content

Jun 28, 2012

i want to create just a application in which i put some good wallpapers. but i dont know how to do . then i think editing a application is easy then making a new application . on google play there are different applications which contain only wallpapers like glaxy s2 wallpapers etc. so i want to edit it just want to changey its name and all of its wallpaper with wallpaper of my choice.

General :: How to Edit Application content

General :: How To Edit Packages (XML) And Keep Its Content After Reboot

Jul 18, 2013

I got a problem with editing file packages.xml (I need to fix problems with <shared user></ shared user>), because none of editings will survive a phone reboot. I tried the method using adb, which is described here and method using CWM also, but result is always the same, file packages.xml is restored to its previous original version after rebooting phone.

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How To Update Content Of Edittext On Third Row After Edit Content Of Edittext In First Row

Jun 20, 2012

i have a listview (i use a custom adapter) with 10 rows and each row has edittext how will i update the content of edittext on the third row after i edit the content of edittext in the first row.

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General :: Nexus S 4G Using XDA - Camera Application Allows To Edit Shutter Speed

Mar 13, 2012

I need a camera application that allows me to edit the shutter speed..

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Android :: Save Edit Text Content With Rich Text

Jul 26, 2010

I have an EditText where users can set text to bold, italic, etc but I can't figure out how to save that text with styles as .txt file/any otherway to save it.If we save as html page we can't edit the webview. I use getText but that only returns text and no style info.

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Android :: Application To Edit PDF Files?

Sep 20, 2010

Will Android Phones or Apads ever have an Application that allows the user to EDIT a pdf file, not just view or read it?

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Android : Want To Edit Application Contents?

Jul 19, 2010

I've tried some Biblie applications and I'd like to add a translation that we commonly use here in Brazil. I have the content in my computer and i could easily make any format for the application to read with some script. Is that possible? Do I have to make my own application?

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Android :: Application To Edit Office Spreadsheets (xls)?

May 5, 2010

Apparently Quickoffice only allows me to view. Is there any decent app out there that allows me to edit?

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Application Scroll To First Edit Field On Startup?

Oct 5, 2011

I'm debugging my first Android app and when running in the emulator it seems fine. The main view appears and no edit fields have focus. I see the full screen including the introduction text at the top.

When I start this on my Vodafone 858 Smart phone, the view scrolls down to the first edit field (which is a phone number field) and also pops up the number pad. I have removed the 'focus' tags from my mains.xml, so I do not see why it's scrolling to the first edit field.

Android SDK 2.2 (8)

what I can modify to prevent this?

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Android :: Way To Distribute Content For Application On Market?

Jun 7, 2010

Does the android market support distribution of content packages? Is there any way a dependency structure can be created so that to obtain a content package for the app depends on the app to be installed as well?

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Android : Content Provider Is Part Of My Application

Jan 8, 2010

I need to create 3 things:

Content Provider

I'm wondering if these all three will be in one single project, or they will be three different projects?

Also how can I limit my Content Provider to my services and my applications?

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Android :: Insert In Content Provider - Application Stops

Jul 28, 2010

Look what Im doing. Im getting a SMS message and breaking word by word using the StringTokenizer class.I've done this, but when I try to insert the word in the content provider, the application stops, and the emulator says the application stoped unexpectadly.

I don't know what to do anymore, I've tryied everything you can think about, but i didn't found the answer.
Please Help Me! Check my two classes. Class:


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Android :: Browser Application To Open And Display Content From Menu

Jul 13, 2009

Here's what I'm attempting to do. I have a menu and when a user selects a particular option in the menu I want the browser application to open and display the web page. However, I cannot seem to do this. My application uses a TabWidget to display its content (which works perefectly) but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to open a link into the browser. I have tried adding a WebView to the TabWidget (but when I request it from the view by findViewById(...) I get a null.

I've also tried creating a separate view and performing a setContentView(...) and then I get an exception. I've also tried using an intent I've seen demonstrated on this group. It seems like this should be fairly easy, but I must be missing anything. I've looked at the sample apps as well as the Apps-for- android samples and have followed them to the T, yet still to no avail I cannot get the browser to open (or anything like that).

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Android : Content Provider In My Code - Application Has Stopped Unexpectedly

Sep 11, 2009

I am a newbie to android programming. I want to search the name of contact member by taking phonenumber from the user. I dont know whats the issue and when run it just displays error .. "Application has stopped unexpectedly !".

My code is like this ...


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Motorola Droid :: Official Facebook Application - News Feed (No Content)

Aug 24, 2010

I am able to access my photos, friends etc., but when I click on News Feed, I get "No Content. An error has occurred while fetching data. MalformedJSON". Deleted/re-installed and made no difference.

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Android :: Edit Text - I Dont Want To Edit Before $ Symbol

Oct 26, 2010

In editText I set text as $ . I dont want to edit before $ symbol . i.e edit text doesnt want take any value before $ . ex: $adfdfd correctad$dsdff wrong .like this . how to restrict this one .

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Android :: Switching Content Providers For Same Content URI

Aug 12, 2009

This may seem like a stupid question but I need to be sure. I was wondering if it was possible to pro-grammatically change the Content Provider used when making a query given a Content URI. The reason being I need to know if it's possible to force the Calendar/Contacts applications to read from a different database via a different Content Provider temporarily while my application is running, so that I can reuse those applications to display my own data. Since the Content URI s are hard coded in each of these applications the only way it might be possible is if we could somehow temporarily change the Content Provider used for a given URI. I know this probably isn't possible, I just need to show it isn't. Could someone confirm this can't be done?

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Android : Content Provider - No Link Between Content Provider And Its CONTENT_URI Declared In Another Class

Mar 1, 2010

I am having a hard time understanding content providers. In the notepad example and others, the content provider never even declares its CONTENT_URI anywhere inside itself, yet the docs say to publicly declare this. It's declared in a different class. So when an activity queries a content provider with a CONTENT_URI, how does Android know which one I want. I see no link between a content provider and its CONTENT_URI declared in another class.

I also don't how to think about intents and content providers. I know that you don't call an intent on a content provider. But an activity queries a content provider without an intent, and an activity has a mimetype attribute in the manifest that would seem to tie it to a content provider.

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General :: How To Edit A ROM

Jan 29, 2012

i can edit an existing rom for the Samsung Infuse 4g such as the stock rom and replace stock apps. I want to just edit some of the system/apps like the stock launcher, stock messaging app, etc and replace them with different ones that i already have downloaded. I don't want to edit any of the really deep/internal stuff just the stock applications that are loaded on the phone.

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General :: How To Edit APK Name

Jul 14, 2012

if I want to edit tha name of any apk .( sure I dont mean the file name ) ,, I mean .. the name that show up when you install it for example : .. there is a CAM Mod .. and I dont want to flash it from recovery ( cuz if I do that ,, it will be the only app for camera ) .. and I dont want that .. but when you install it as APK .. you will get the 2 apps and you are free which one you want to use.

BUT .. if the app is named ( Camera ) .. you cant install it .. cuz there is already an app with that name ..

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General :: GS2SR - Trying To Edit APK

Nov 16, 2011

Just bought a GS2SR and installed a keyboard app to replace the android keyboard however i LOATHE the keypress sound (sounds like an old typewriter). I really like the galaxy s2 keyboard sounds so here's what i've done to solve the issue so far..

-downloaded stock GS2 rom and extracted the .ogg sound files for the keyboard click
-converted .ogg files to .wav(same format as files i am replacing inside the .apk) and renamed them to the EXACT name of the .wav files i am replacing inside the .apk
-download the keyboard .apk and open in winRAR (didn't change file extention)
-inside the .apk i located directory containing the .wav files and deleted them
-from the desktop i dragged the new .wav files into winRAR and dropped them in the original directory
-close winRAR
-resign .apk
-plug phone in and view on PC as mass storage mode.
-click and drag newly edited and signed .apk into the downloads folder on phone
-unplug phone
-install .apk on phone

So the installation went fine. I go into messaging and the keyboard shows up and works perfectly. only problem is i have no keyboard sounds! why aren't my new .wav files playing when i press a key?

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General :: Edit APK With WinRAR Possible?

Jun 11, 2013

I was searching for a tool to edit an apk file and i found Apk Tool on xda but i think it's not, that much easy to work with this program. (for a n00b, like me.. ). I managed to open and edit te file with winRAR, but is this program also capable of proper compiling the app again, ready to use?

I tried it and it worked well i think, but is this possible with any app or other kinds of changes?

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General :: How To Edit SMS Messages On PC

Mar 1, 2012

are there any PC programs out there that let you edit exported SMS messages?

I'm currently using GOSMS PRO, I'm able to backup my messages in either .dat or .xml format. I also use SMS Backup & Restore and it also backs up to .xml format.

I can open the .xml file in a text editor and can edit the message contents from there, but the date format doesn't make sense to me so I was wondering if there's an editor that's GUI friendly?

I also know about apps like Fake Text or SMS Faker etc, but I wanna edit the messages on PC as it's a lot easier and faster.

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General :: Edit Apk Files

Aug 17, 2012

I have apk file how can i edit it? I need to reprogram it.

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General :: How To Edit Kernel Name In Rom

Sep 11, 2012

I have a kernel in my phone and I want to change its name. How to do it


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General :: How To Edit Lib Files

May 23, 2012

how i can edit lib files such as

I mean how can I decompile it and recompile again? So do i have to "decompile" it at all?

Am I right that i can use eclipse for it? But how to do it?

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General :: Can't Edit XML Files

Jan 31, 2013

i have big problem when i opening *.XML file in notepad, notepad++ or Wordpad ;( i have this problem with android xml. i used different XML on different roms and problem is the same ;( and i changed fonts and it dont work. in notepad++ in wordpad

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General :: How To Edit MMI Code

Dec 6, 2013

I have mobile from Korean , and it have one problem in MMI code , when i press ( *101# ) and dial it was closed directly

So i need to know the file responsible for the problem , and i think its java file. My device is rooted.

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General :: How To Edit App Name In Android

May 2, 2013

How to edit app name in android?


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General :: How To Edit PNG Files

Oct 20, 2013

edit some of the .png files(signal icons) in the drawable hdpi folder of system UI.apk after editing in photoshop some black shades exists....

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