Android :: StartForeground() Broken On Incredible

May 24, 2010

It seems that on the Incredible the startForeground() call is non- functional, causing my process to be put into the background scheduler class even though it has an active ongoing notification. I'm calling it the same as on other 2.x devices (through reflection as suggested by Diane for backward-compatibility), and this works fine on the Droid, with the same OS level (2.1-update1). I can see in the debugger that it gets all the way to ActivityManagerNative.setServiceForeground() with the notification param being non-null, so it's got to be in the ActivityManager or below.

The really telling thing is that the stock music player acts the same way. When I'm playing a song and go to the home screen the process goes into the bg class, even though its notification is still active. This is a real problem for us, as it denies us the CPU we need to play back music in some cases without stuttering. Any ideas on whether this is getting fixed, and how I might work around it?

Android :: startForeground() broken on Incredible

Android :: StartForeground() - No Notification Required

Oct 9, 2010

Hi, I have a "Remote Service", which I am starting at Bootup of the emulator. I want my service to keep running as a foreground service. For this, I am calling startForeground() from my service's onStartCommand(). I don't want any notifcation from the service. But startForeground() needs a notification object as its second parameter. How can I set my service as a foreground service without using any notification.

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Android :: Using New StartForeground Vs Old SetForground For Services

Nov 26, 2009

I have a couple of services in my application which need to be marked as foreground to prevent them from being killed unnecessarily. Currently I am building my application with the 2.0 SDK but I have android:minSdkVersion="3" android:targetSdkVersion="5" in my manifest file so that I can support 1.5, 1.6 or 2.0 devices. I am currently using only the 1.5 APIs so that my application will run correctly on the 1.5 devices.

2.0 introduced a nicer startForground method that combines setting the foreground flag and starting a notification which can be used to control the service. The 2.0 documentation says that startForground replaces setForeground, and that due to the fact that many applications were mistakenly using setForeground without a notification that could be used to control and close down the service, that the older setForeground method had been changed so it no longer does anything on 2.0. I tried using the newer 2.0 interface but it caused an exception for phones running 1.5 or 1.6. So I am still using the older setForeground interface and calling notify separately. But it appears that since I am building with the 2.0 SDK the older interface isn't really preventing my services from being killed.

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Android :: StartForeground Backwards Compatibility

Nov 15, 2009

I've got a question as I don't have an Android 2.0 device to test on and this particular aspect seems untestable in the emulator. I've got a service that needs to be run as a foreground service. I have a notification that stops it etc, so I have no problem using startForeground instead of setForeground. However, I'd like to have 1 version of my app that works across all platforms... Is this possible? If my app is compiled with Android 1.5 and uses setForeground, then will that command actually work on an Android 2.0 device, or does it not matter which sdk was used to compile? I've tried compiling with 2.0, and surrounding the call to startForeground with a try/catch, but that throws a VerifyError when the service is started, when run on a 1.5/6 device since startForeground doesn't exist there. Can I catch and ignore the VerifyError somehow and make it work that way?

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Android :: Service.startForeground() Messes With Scheduling?

Apr 8, 2010

I updated my app to use the "new" startForeground() method of Service. Now beta testers are complaining about the foreground app going slow. Is that a coincidence or does startForeground() mess with the thread's prio or does anything else but what is written below? Just as an additional information the background activity does some syncing, reports the progress to the notification using remote views and as it is not latency dependent I use (and did that before already) this: Process.setThreadPriority(Process.THREAD_PRIORITY_LOWEST);

Should I use another Priority? And if it makes any difference, how does that play with Android 1.5 devices?

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Android :: Implement StartForeground Method In Andorid

Sep 10, 2010

I want to implement startForeground method in Service class for prevent service self kill. Can anybody sent me code for implementing this method?

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Android :: Saving Service Killing Without StartForeground

Nov 20, 2009

I am running a background Android Service as VoIP Framework which provides different VoIP services to different Android applications, (VoIP call, Video Call, etc). The service establishes a network connection with the Server(Service Provider) and does some initial handshake before it can start providing service to the Android applications, that's why though of starting the service on BOOT_COMPLETED event.

The problem is when the service gets started on BOOT_COMPLETED event, before even it finishes the initial network connection with server and handshaking, it gets killed by the system. I have tried using setForeground which improves the behavior a bit but still gets killed mid-way. I am working with old version 1.5 r3 of SDK and hence, cannot use "startForeground". Is there a way out or another alternative available with SDK 1.5 r3?

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HTC Incredible :: Facebook App Broken?

May 14, 2010

I do not get face book notifications and have tried every setting. Does the app work for you?

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HTC Incredible :: Youtube Player Broken

Jul 23, 2010

youtube was fine up till root, now, it freezes the phone, or decides to give me a error playback message. anyone else have this prob? running the stock rom rooted.

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HTC Incredible :: Getting Files Off Broken Phone?

Aug 6, 2010

I dropped my phone and broke the screen underlying the glass. Over the course of the next few hours the screen turned black. I would like to get some of the pictures off of the phone I took but i don't know how to do that. The phone still turns on you just can't see anything and when i try to connect it to the computer it sees the E and F drives but won't allow me to access them.

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HTC Incredible :: App Market Broken After Root / What To Do?

Jul 1, 2010

I rooted and tried 2 roms, then went back to my original setup I had on my own but with root and tether. Now the android market has stopped working. Any suggestions? Or a place to get a full backup that would put me back to 100% stock so I can bring the phone into a verizon store if I need.

I used clockworkmod for all roms and restores. I did the wipe data and cache etc before loading roms or restoring from nand.

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HTC Incredible :: Alarm Broken After Froyo Update

Sep 26, 2010

Ever since the froyo update (installed fresh from the RUU file), there are random days where my alarm will not sound, both from the stock htc alarm app, and Alarm Klock.At first, I thought it may be gonig off, but I've been muting it in my sleep, but today my suspicions were confirmed when I was awake in time to see it attempt to go off, only for the alarm screen to come up with no sound, despite the alarm volume being cranked up to maximum.I'm honestly at my wit's end with this; I can't find anyone else with this problem, and I've had to buy a cheap clock from CVS to wake myself up in the morning.Has ANYONE else been having this problem? I've already been late to work twice because of it!

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HTC Incredible :: Verizon Bookmark Link Broken?

May 27, 2010

After doing a hard reset at the VZW corporate store with a techie last week for my MMS (pix msg) error/delivery failures, I've noticed that my pre-installed Internet Browser Bookmark to My Verizon no longer works. I then went into the Verizon Home Page Bookmark to access My Verizon from there, and it doesn't work there either. I get a page saying: Device Not Supported in a red tool bar, and This device is not supported in the white space below it. Prior to the reset, I was able to access my usage in a hot second. I called VZW for tech support today, and we could not fix the bookmarks. They're instructions were for me to download the My Verizon App, which is fine. But I'd like to know why the "much quicker Bookmarks" no longer work.

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HTC Incredible :: LCD / Digitizer Broken - Need Internal Memory

Sep 20, 2010

My sitch is this: My HTC Incredible has broken screen and digitizer. Otherwise the phone seems to power up and work. I have all my pictures stored on the internal memory (boo). Is there any way to get to the internal memory given that I can't set the phone to USB Debugging mode? Is there an app that I can install on my pc that will allow me to "press buttons" on the phone? I have installed DroidExplorer and I can see the phone, and the sync works... But thats it.

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HTC Incredible : Slow Browser - Broken Media Player In 2.2?

Sep 6, 2010

Ever since 2.2, my browser (I use Dolphin HD) moves very slow. Slow load times, and after hitting the Menu button it takes a few seconds for the menu to pop up. Am I the only experiencing this?

Also after the update, the stock media player (I use the HTC one) has developed a few problems. The biggest problem is that it no longer remembers where I pause my music. This problem only develops after being paused for a few minutes. After that, when I press play it restarts the song it was paused on. The other problem, which I've seen reported a few times, is that the player can lag easily and skips sometimes. I've noticed that when I play music and try to look through my music at the same time, that will also lag the music. Is there either a fix, or another music player that will remember where in the song it was paused and not be so laggy? I also need it to be able to Scrobble with my account.

The laggy browser, the laggy music player and a general legginess seems to me like the phone is being over-taxed while doing nothing so when it's told to do anything else it lags. This was never a problem in 2.1. Also, after the 2.2 update I did a factory reset to make sure there was no lingering problems, and I have experienced all of these issues while using and while not using a task killer.

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HTC Incredible :: Broken LCD - How To Retrieve Photos From Onboard Memory

Aug 10, 2010

I'm trying to help my gf with a phone issue with her Droid Incredible. Her screen recently stopped working, so we took it into the Verizon store and she got a warranty replacement. We still have her old phone (it must be returned within 10 days), and I was hoping I might be able to retrieve her photos from the onboard memory.

She does have an SD card, but she only installed it a few days prior to this incident, so I assume her photos were being stored to the onboard memory prior to this.

The phone appears to still be functional except for the screen... It still rings when it receives calls (but can't answer them), still beeps for text messages, etc., and when I hook it up to a computer via USB, two inaccessible disk drives appear.

The problem, as far as I can tell from reading online, is that the onboard memory can't be accessed unless you click "Disk mode" [or whatever it's called] on the phone after plugging it in, and if you don't click this option, it defaults to "Charge Only".

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HTC Incredible :: "Using Current Location" In Google Local Broken?

Apr 30, 2010

I am trying to google.. for instance "Panera Bread". I flip over to the Local tab and it says "Use current location", which I am clicking.. but nothing is happening..

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Android :: Broken APK In Fw 1.5

May 6, 2009

Fastbright, Useful switchers, Dark keys. These applications in firmware 1.5 does not work. Is there any substitute for the APK?

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Android :: Scrolling Broken In 2.2?

Sep 15, 2010

My app builds up a custom screen as dictated to me via the users 'application'. This means that I can end up in the situation where I have a parent scrollview and somewhere down the heirachy I can have a listView or a multiline TextView. Both of these scenarios continue to work fine under 2.1, however are broken in 2.2 (both device and emulator). The symptoms are that the child (list or textview) is unable to scroll using touch gestures although they can be scrolled using the keypad. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour and/or have a work around?? It appears that the onTouchEvent function in View has been changed substantially but I am currently delving into the code...

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Android :: App For Broken Menu Button?

Jul 22, 2010

Recently the home and menu buttons of my HTC hero broke down. I found an app, "soft home" which creates a home button in the notification bar.Does anyone know of an app which does the same thing for the menu button? While Im on it, a second question: My browser which is the default browser of the hero goes full screen. This causes the notification bar to dissappear thus making the home button app useless. Does anyone know how to turn this fullscreen feature off/know a good browser which does not do so.

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Android :: Way To Set Screen Brightness Broken In 2.0?

Nov 17, 2009

I use the following code to dim the screen in one of my apps...

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Android :: Broken Emulator After New Update?

Nov 2, 2009

I've tried the following using an emulator with the 2.0 and 1.6 target and still same results!

I'm currently trying to change the Telephony status via eclipse to test how my application behaves on bad network speeds and dropped connections. But after the last updates to the SDK, now this settings are not working! I set Data and or Voice to denied and my application is still downloading content... Why is this? I tried setting the connection to a lower connection type and my app is still downloading very fast no change!

I tried making a call to the emulator and that works...

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Android :: Pandora 1.3 Update Broken

Jun 11, 2010

I recently attempted to download an update to pandora on my motorola droid, and it completed download but gave a download unsuccessful error message, when tapping on it, it brought me into the market and told me the package was not signed correctly.

My question is, is it hitting everyone or is it just me? and if its just me, anyone know how to fix it?

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Android : NY Times Widget Broken

Jun 1, 2010

The NY Times App appears to be broken on my DINC. The LATEST NEWS is stuck on 5/30 whereas all the other sections are updated to today. Yes I tried the little resfresh dodad on the bottom of the screen. Anyone else experience this. Perhaps I should delete and reload...

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Android :: Transfer Text Msgs From Broken Evo

Aug 9, 2010

Broke the screen on my evo today, i know that the memory card will transfer some data but i want to make sure i can transfer all data. how do i do this? the usb cable that came with the phone is not working when i hook it up to the computer (it may be bad) so im going to the store tomorrow. but if the cable does not allow the transfer, what can i do???

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Android :: Cannot Play Video - VideoView Broken?

Feb 11, 2009

VideoView video_view = new VideoView(context); video_view.setVideoPath("res/raw/movie.mp4"); video_view.setMediaController(new MediaController(context)); video_view.requestFocus(); video_view.start();

Seems simple, but even with video files that I've seen work in other video players on the phone, I keep getting the "Sorry, this video cannot be played" message. And this associated debug info: INFO/MediaPlayer-JNI(234): prepareAsync: surface=0x1a3ff0 (id=1) ERROR/MediaPlayer(234): Error (-4,0) DEBUG/VideoView(234): Error: -4,0

what those errors mean or how I can fix this? If this is not how I should be using VideoView please let me know. I'd appreciate being sent in the right direction for how to get a local video file playing within a view.

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Android :: Webview Broken In 1.5 SDK - Black Screen?

May 3, 2009

Can anyone confirm the fact that webview is broken in the 1.5 sdk? Either that, or update the code page on the google developer side as neither that code nor any other (including my previously working webview code) is showing anything but a blank black screen.

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Android :: ToggleButton Image Broken On Device

May 17, 2010

I found ToggleButton image has broken on my device. And, I initialized my device but occored same problem.
On emulator, it shows correct image. My device is HTC Desire Android 2.1 Japanese version. I want to know how to repair my device, or is it correct ToggleButton Image on 2.1.

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Android :: Eclipse Project Broken From Accidental Run Of XML

Aug 8, 2010

I forget to select the .java file before running an android app from Eclipse. I have a .xml selected, press Run and the projectfile breaks.

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Android :: Layout Broken With 9-patch Background

Oct 11, 2010

I encountered this problem when updating my background to use a 9-patch image. The layout is fine on different screens using different sizes of the same image, but when I change the image to be a 9-patch it breaks the entire layout mysteriously.

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