Android :: Modify The Drawable Of An ImageView

Oct 25, 2009

I have a gridView generated using BaseAdaptor. (and implementing methods getView() , getCount() ,...) My problem is that i want to specify a drwable image for each ImageView created using BaseAdaptor.

i tried this line: myBaseAdapterInstance.getView(i, null, gridview).setImageDrawable(R.drawable.myimage);

where i is the position of the ImageView that i want.

But myImage isnt displayed on the gridView.

Android :: modify the drawable of an ImageView

Android :: ImageView With Drawable Not Always Rendering

Jun 22, 2010

I have an ImageView object that I'm setting the android:src="@drawable/some_xml_file" instead of a standard png and it seems to not always render the drawable, as you can see in the first row here (it also happens intermittently in other rows as well):

I've tried setting the src & the background property but they both have the same effect. the source code from my list view row item is this:


Then my res/drawable/action_box.xml is this:


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Android :: Drawable Not Maintaining Size Within ImageView

Jun 30, 2010

I'm trying to add a drawable to a layout, using an ImageView, but the drawable doesn't maintain its size and is rendered at 1dp x 1dp. I've called ImageView.setAdjustViewBounds as per the android documentation but this doesn't seem to help. The Drawable is only visible when the ImageView's height and width are set and the drawable is then rendered at those dimensions.

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Android :: Tile A Drawable File In ImageView?

Sep 8, 2010

Like the title. I have a small drawable file, but the ImageView is much larger than it. How I can fill it without left any extra space?

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Android :: ImageView.setImageURI Does NOT Work When Trying To Assign A R.drawable.X Uri

Feb 22, 2010

Is related to:

My problem is:


Does NOT work. why?

I know that



But that does NOT solve my problem. because I want to set the image with an uri independenty if this come from a resource or come from the camera ACTION_PICK intent...

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Android :: Need To Resize ImageView To Match Changing Drawable Size

Aug 27, 2010

I would like to be able to alter the size of some of my ImageViews based on what Drawable they are showing. I've not yet decided on whether I'll get them to read the new dimensions from the Drawable or if I will just have an array/enum storing the heights of these, but what I need help with is the actual changing of the ImageView size.Which of the many many function for altering sizes of things should I be using to change the size of an ImageView while still retaining it's relative positioning in the RelativeLayout it is a part of? I can't work out if I should be changing the bounds of the Drawable or if I should be redefining the LayoutParams of the ImageView or some other method altogether. The drawables are always going to be the same width, but their height will change depending on what is in each tile of a map (which this is rendering).

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Android :: High Density Emulator Use Drawable Mdpi Folder Instead Of Drawable Hdpi

Oct 19, 2010

I am running my application in the emulator using a high density skin (like WVGA800). However the ressources in my application are loaded from the drawable- mdpi folder instead of drawable-hdpi ... what else should I do so that android use the correct folder ?

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Android :: Imageview Ontop Of Another Imageview

Jun 15, 2010

I have a listlayout with items in it that looks like this:

There is first an ImageView (the light) and then two textViews. All of this inside a TableLayout. (source here:

I want to have a rotating animation of a loading indicator Ontop of this light when this particular device (light) performs an action or an action is performed on it.

How do I put an animation ontop of this light imageview?

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Android :: Possible To Modify .apk

Jun 1, 2010

is it even possible to modify .apk, by adding additional class to .dex and re-packing with modified manifest.xml?I know there are tools such as baksmali / smali to disassemble / re-assemble given classes.dex from .apk, but not sure limitation what could be modified from there on? I'm trying to add additional activity, to modify starting launcher activity (may be from androidmanifest.xml) from original apk, then re-pack and sign to make complete single .apk all need to be done out of build time, no raw source or build structure visible, only .apk as input.

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Modify And Run OCR App On Android?

Feb 20, 2012

Im want to modify and run an OCR app on android.As per my research i found that the OCR engine needs an NDK access.

Hence i've started with trying basic ndk samples.But im unable to compile/run those samples too.

Im working on windows 7 64-bit.

My question is whether i need to use Cygwin to run the above ?

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Android :: Can't Modify Database

Jun 10, 2009

I frequently encounter this message when I try to update a table (to enter a proxy) in the database using adb shell. $ adb shell #sqlite3 / data/ data/ com. android.providers. settings/databases/ settings.db sqlite> SELECT * FROM secure; SQL error: not an error sqlite>

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Android :: How To Modify The Call Log

Apr 12, 2009

How to modify the call log? What permissions do i need and is it possible to get some basic code to show how? just a few lines not whole classes or anything.

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Android :: How To Modify Value In AttributeSet

Jul 2, 2009

Is there a simple way to modify value in AttributeSet?

All i want to do is something like this: in public Button(Context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defStyle) { /** In origional XML, I have android:textSize="20sp". Then do something to make textSize attr. value + 2sp. The effect of this will make all button textSize bigger than original setting. **/ super(context, attrs, defStyle);}

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Android :: XML - DOM - Modify - String

Jun 29, 2010

I am coding an Android client that talks to some web services via XML packets.
A typical packet looks like this..

<Packet service="login">

I have about 20 of these packets and would like to store them in my resources maybe in res/xml or res/raw

I want to store these 'empty' packets and load them using XML DOM and then fill in the content between the tags or attributes but am unsure how to do this.

Once the DOM packet has been filled in I want to get that back as a String so that I can send the packet to the server.

So to summarize my questions are..

(1) How do I load an XML resource using DOM?

(2) How do I convert the DOM object to a String?

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Android :: How To Modify Settings App

Aug 18, 2010

I would like to hack around the Android default Settings app for prototyping purposes. What is the correct procedure for building and installing the "customized" app?

After I modify the Settings source in the platform source tree, how to I build it? After I build it, can I install Settings by itself, or do I rebuild and reinstall the entire Android platform image?

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Android :: Modify Notification Of Another App

Aug 24, 2010

I'm trying to find out if it is possible to modify the notification of another app (the calendar app from Samsung) from my own app. Specifically I'd like to change the alarm for a calendar event from a one-time sound (which is silent, if the phone is set to vibrate) to a repeating vibrate.

Can I even modify the notifications belonging to a differnt app?

If I can't, could my app get notified about all notifications and just rethrow my own, modified notifications?

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Android :: OnCreate - Cant Modify

Aug 21, 2009

My prob is the following: My android application has the class TestActivity (entrypoint) -my app uses "library.jar" wich contains J2ME classes, used as library -library.jar also includes "UIActivity" [can spawn several dialogs] wich is called by a (j2me) class of library.jar -I only have the .class files of the j2me-lib stuff, so I cant modify them, but I can do so on Android-classes

so... the short form:


finally I get the error:


Do I have to use Services instead of Activities? But afaik I have to give a reference of an activity to spawn dialogs.

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General :: Android App To Modify APK?

Sep 3, 2013

I would like to ask whether there is an app to modify apks on your phone or not I'm asking because I don't get to use the computer that much.

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Android :: Modify Voice Data Before It's Sent

Dec 3, 2009

Is it possible to modify the voice data before it's sent to the radio?

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Android :: How To Modify System Preferences

Oct 15, 2009

How I can access and modify the system preferences (the options you see on system 'Settings' application)?

Cheersss, Armond

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Android :: Modify Strings.xml Dynamically

Apr 21, 2010

I want to implement a "Settings" section in my application, and I want that when the user selects whatever, one of the strings from string.xml will change its value according to the user selection. Is this possible at all? any ideas on how to implement it?

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Android :: How To Modify The .apk File Name During Compilation

Sep 27, 2010

I want to change my apk file name on every compilation of my build.

For example, I have my build name currently, android.apk

Now I want it to be on every compilation as, android_v0_0_1.apk android_v0_0_2.apk android_v0_0_3.apk . . . . And so on.

How do I achieve these results.

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Android :: How To Customize The Launcher Without Modify The SDK

Jul 8, 2009

I would like to build my own launcher application. Beside modify the Launcher.apk in the SDK, is there any other method to replace my own application as the home menu?

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Android :: Modify The RecentTasks List

Dec 6, 2009

I know I can get recent tasks list by using ActivityManager - public List<RecentTaskInfo> getRecentTasks(int maxNum, int flags);

but can I modfiy it?

I also check the source code to find out the storage of recent tasks. but I cannot understand it. Where the recent tasks from? I want to add a method setRecentTasks to


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Android :: How To Modify The The Height Of Status Bar

Jun 23, 2010

Can I modify the the height of status bar? if yes,how? 'notification bar'

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Android :: Way To Modify 9 Patch Images?

Sep 24, 2009

I wish to customize the button images, but after I opened the png file, changed the color, reimported back into the draw9patch editor, the compiler spew out errors. how can I modify the 9 patch image of the default button?

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Android :: Modify Checkbox Preference ?

Mar 27, 2010

If I can modify the checkbox preference in order to inverse the direction from left to right to right to left.

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Android :: Modify SMS Header Before Sending It Out?

Oct 13, 2010

I've been looking around and have been wondering is there any way to modify the SMS header before sending it out?

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Android :: Allow To Access - Modify A Remote Database

Oct 30, 2010

I'm running a .net aspx application. I'll need my android app to access and modify/insert information into the ms sql database. is there any api ?

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Android :: Want To Modify A Text In File Function

Apr 4, 2010

I want to modify a text file using Android program . I searched about that and i found that I have to copy whole content of file and than Modify it and save it to other file and than Delete Original file and rename the Modified one. I tried file.delete() method But i am getting error of permission denied to delete that file. So can anyone help me As Soon As possible.

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