Android :: Writing Portable Java Application Using JOGL And OpenGL

Oct 24, 2009

I plan on writing a Java 3D game that will work both on PC and Android. Unfortunately it looks like there is no common OpenGL API for both platforms.Do the APIs differ significantly? Is there a way I could use the same 3D code in both versions? Is it a good idea?

Android :: Writing portable Java application using JOGL and OpenGL

Android :: NDK OpenGL - Mixing Java And Native - C - Calls To OpenGL API

Jul 24, 2010

I would like to be able to use the OpenGL API from both Java and C (via NDK).

In Java, there is a GL object passed, which has all GL methods on it.

In C, you just talk to the native library.

In a single onDrawFrame callback (for which Java is passed a GL), can I use methods on the GL object, and also call NDK methods which access the openGL library?

In other words, is the GL object just a wrapper for the same instance of the native library?

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Android :: Java API For OpenGL ES 2.0?

Aug 25, 2010

I am learning Android development, specifically to eventually do OpengL 2.0 ES on it. So far I have read that the NDK supports Opengl 2.0 ES. However, is there also a Java API for it? If there is a Java API for it, which one is recommended? I know both C++ and Java, so it is not a big deal if I have to use the NDK, but I would prefer to work only in Java if possible and without a big performance hit.

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Android :: Java OpenGL ES 2.0 Bindings Project

Mar 12, 2010

i started a small project over at google code that provides you with bindings for OpenGL ES 2.0 in Java. I started just a couple of hours ago so it's not finished yet. The project includes the original GLSurfaceView plus all the helper classes from the latest Eclair build as well as a modified version of GLJNIView from the NDK samples which is now a fully functional GLSurfaceView subclass called GLSurfaceView20.

OpenGL ES 1.x and 2.0 are exclusive so you have to first check wheter GL ES 2.0 is supported. You can check this via the following method:

private boolean checkGL20Support( Context context ) { EGL10 egl = (EGL10) EGLContext.getEGL(); EGLDisplay display = egl.eglGetDisplay(EGL10.EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY);

int[] version = new int[2]; egl.eglInitialize(display, version);...................

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Android :: Testing OpenGL Rendering In Java Outside?

Aug 30, 2009

I would like to write OpenGL classes and test them in java outside of an Android device or emulator, and then use these in the Android.

Has anybody done this?: If so, are there JOGL implementations that are directly compatible?

I tried doing this on Windows using JOGL and writing wrappers, etc, but it turned out to be a real mess. I finally gave up when I didn't know how to get a GLU instance for a frustrum call.

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Android :: Exceptions That Are Thrown When We Are Writing Email Application?

Sep 7, 2010

I am writing an android application for sending email which launches the default mail application of android and asks to allow sending mail or not.

I want to know the type of Exceptions that are expected to throw in this case.
I have gone through Developer guide and some other Android PDFs ,I am finding only base class Exception.

I want to know are there ant other exceptions that will be thrown other that exception, which we need to handle in our program.

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Android :: Library And Classes / Enables Writing NetMonitor Application For 3G & Wi-Fi

Mar 31, 2009

Dears Is there any Library and classes that enables writing a NetMonitor application for 3G & Wifi like in Symbian phones? and seems haven't enogh functions to do that.Are Android Kernal developers willing to set such Network functionalities as Symbian & Windows Mobile have.

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Android :: Writing Mobile Application - Connects Multiple Social Networking Sites

Jan 28, 2010

I need to write an Android application that allows a user to connect to multiple social networking sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, FaceBook etc. and fetch friends list.

I know that most of these applications have Java libraries or functionalities exposed as REST based WebServices. But since there is a lot of variety and disparity in the ways that these libaries are written or service that can be consumed, is there any single, integrated service or middleware component that I can use to provide a unified interface in my mobile application?

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Android :: OpenGL ES Application

Oct 25, 2010

I am currently trying to develop a game for android in OpenGL ES and I am testing it on my Nexus One. But I have run into some performance problems,and I would like to ask somebody about it,could you help?I currently have a very basic scene - background made of 25 tiles(256x256 texture each), and then a number of textured cubes(128x128 texture for each side of a cube ). However,when I try to display approx. more than 10 cubes, the performance becomes so sluggish that I can't even rotate the scene smoothly. I can't imagine how can I add more objects(player,enemies, all that kind of stuff) when it runs so slowly with 35 objects in total. I mean - games like Raging Thunder 2 probably display hundreds of objects at once(plus they do lots of computations behind the scenes) and they run super- smooth on my nexus one. What am I doing wrong? Could somebody help me please?

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Android :: OpenGL ES Application On WebView

Sep 5, 2009

I want to implement OpenGL ES application on WebView. Can the application be ported that way? I have an Applet Player which uses JOGL for rendering purpose and JavaScript for event handling. Now to port that application on Android I have completed rendering on GLSurfaceView. For event handling I need to replace the code of Javascript with something else. Can I call Javascript and parse it from my standalone application. Or I would have to use WebView class to use it.In case I need to use WebView for calling Javascript then can I draw opengl es on WebView.

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Android :: White Screen In OpenGL Application

Oct 23, 2009

I've just dusted off an application I did for Android half a year ago. I upgraded to the latest SDK and Eclipse ADT. After some struggeling I get the application to run again. When I debug it I can see that all the right code are executed the right way. The application shows a OpenGL surface and animates stuff on it. It used to work perfectly (I even have it running on my HTC Magic device), but in the new emulator the screen is just white?

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Android :: OpenGL Application Rendering Using Software?

Oct 27, 2009

From the adb log of my G1's boot time, it shows "requestGPU returned -1", among other stuff. Does this mean that my OpenGL app is being rendered using software? BTW, I see the same messages on Hero as well.

------------------------------------------ log begin ------------------------------------------

I/SurfaceFlinger( 81): SurfaceFlinger is starting I/SurfaceFlinger( 81): SurfaceFlinger's main thread ready to run. Initializing graphics H/W... D/SurfaceFlinger( 81): pid 81 requesting gpu core (owner = -1) W/SurfaceFlinger( 81): couldn't grant gpu core to pid 81 D/EGL ( 81): requestGPU returned -1 E/libEGL ( 81): h/w accelerated eglGetDisplay() failed (EGL_SUCCESS) I/SurfaceFlinger( 81): EGL informations: I/SurfaceFlinger( 81): # of configs : 6 I/SurfaceFlinger( 81): vendor : Android I/SurfaceFlinger( 81): version : 1.31 Android META-EGL I/SurfaceFlinger( 81): extensions: I/SurfaceFlinger( 81): Client API: OpenGL ES I/EGLDisplaySurface( 81): using (fd=19) I/EGLDisplaySurface( 81): .......

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Android :: Memory Usage Profiling OpenGL Application?

Aug 23, 2010

How do I find out how much memory my openGL application is using at any given moment, including sounds, textures, and everything else? I've been wrestling with DDMS for hours and all it seems to show me is basic object allocation counts. I must be missing something, but I haven't had any luck searching. LONG VERSION: I've got an otherwise operational beta Android game which crashes out after a while on my device (Droid X). I'm fairly sure my problem is that my textures are not being properly cleared from memory. I'd like to confirm this fact before I start blindly making changes. My game does fairly frequent level transitions. During these transitions I typically dump a texture file, wait a bit, then load a new one.

Over time the application performance degrades. After 10 or so transitions frame rate starts to take a nose dive. 10 or so more and it usually dies. Prior to dying I see log messages like this: 08-23 12:26:58.038: DEBUG/Cursor(1265): fillWindow is not executed because Cursor object is closed. 08-23 12:27:27.186: INFO/ActivityManager(1239): Low Memory: No more background processes. And then eventually: 08-23 12:27:46.952: INFO/ActivityManager(1239): Process com.thup.lunchbox (pid 4927) has died. There are no specific error messages of any sort. I've got lots of ideas for things to try to fix this (e,g, glDeleteTextures), but I really want a way to measure before I start trying to fix.

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Android :: Crashes - Blank Screens When Running OpenGL Application

Jan 14, 2010

I'm nearly ready to publish my OpenGL game. I've been browsing this newsgroup and I've seen quite a few posts regarding crashes, blank screens, etc when running an OpenGL application on the Droid. I have three questions:

1) What are some common pitfalls that occur when trying to support the Droid/Nexus One? So far, I've tested my game on the Android 2.0 emulator (both WVGA & FWVGA) and everything works fine but I'm still paranoid.

2) I've placed my textures (png) in the assets folder. Will these images be pre-scaled automatically? I've read about specifying density independent images for resources but do the same rules apply for images stored in the assets folder? I'm afraid that pre-scaling will cause my textures to become non-power of 2.

3) What additional strategies have developers been taking to ensure their application works on the newer devices when they only have access to G1/G2 hardware?

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Android :: OpenGL Speed Issue - Code Contribution To Other OpenGL

Feb 25, 2009

Single Threaded OpenGL game ! (check bottom, you can download and use the helper class) Lighting disabled ! Depth Buffer disabled ! Culling enabled ! Textures disabled !

Just 176 integers (x,y values only) making 88 vertexes along with 132 index numbers making "44 triangles only"

Framerates I get is

with GL_BLENDING disabled - 145 fps approx only! enabled - 110 fps approx only!

I have the screenshot of exact code in the draw function here.. just 2 damn lines ! I have hidden only the comments.. click here to see it

variable details in the 2 lines of code =========================== ipts = 176 elements (only x and y for each vertex) totallinetriangles * 3 = 176 lineindexes = 132 elements - type "short"

Here is the screenshot of output drawing and how it will look like

OpenGL single threaded Initialization Helper ================================ Here is my OpenGL helper class.. makes the OpenGL initialization for newbies a cakewalk

I tested by rendering on the touch event only.. frame rate drops only when u touch and drag and here I have just tested by tapping and releasing gently on the emulator and on the device

Is this the device limitations ? So graphics is actually a lot lot lot slower than on iPhone ?

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Android :: Writing Own Application Launcher For Android

Nov 22, 2010

My Use case like this
- User is in my application
- User presses home key (application goes to background)
Now user wants to go back to the same application (task in android terms)
one way is it through the application launcher BUT
for my application there is no icon provided.Instead user have to launch app with some "key combinations ". Essentially I have to write program to simulate application launcher.So How can "application launching" be achieved with CODE?

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Android :: Add Uses Permission To Application Via Java Code

Jul 30, 2010

I want to add <uses-permission> via programatically .I want to telephone number of the device.For that i need to access the phone state.But i need to add that permission only with Java code at runtime. Is it Possible to do so. (or) Can you suggest any alternative way to read the telephone number .?

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Android :: Java Application For EPUB Library

Sep 5, 2010

Is there any ready library to read ePub format? I found ePublib in I'm still learning how to use it. I wonder if there is ePub jar which ready to use for read ePub format in android.

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Android :: Start Native Application From Java

Apr 23, 2009

I have a native application that I would like to start from a Java interface. Does anyone know of a good way of doing this? can start the application using adb, with no problems. I can also start the application using Runtime.exec(), but that doesn't work so well for me; I need the application to run outside of a Java Runtime Process. Any ideas?

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Motorola :: Can Java Application Runs On Android

Dec 8, 2009

I m a programming noob here..i need help on some issues here. I understand that Android is built from Java. I need to know if i can run a java application on android? Or can i run the application with minor change to the current coding? I read about Java ME can run on android but what abt .Jar file?

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Android :: Java Application / Native Library Integration

Apr 8, 2009

I have developed bluetooth application where native library will be initiated by Java application (using JNI wrapper). JNI will call the entry function of the native library and then it will create Pthread to for scanning the device. Once Scanning is over, i will get the callback which i registered during the entry function of the native lib (called by app). But i haven't received the callback, but if i run the same native library in the shell (executable from the shell terminal) it is working fine. Can any one help me, if there is any specific architecture needs to follow while developing Java application based on native lib?

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Android :: Running Native Executable From Java Application

Nov 5, 2009

I am trying to run a native executable from inside an android java application. The native executable exists in my assets. At start of activity, I copy it from assets to my application cache Dir. then I use Process Builder to run it.I tried to run "chmod 777" on the file and on cache directory containing it and I ensured permissions are granted using adb shell. but I still get this permission exception.

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Android :: 2D Game In Java Swing For Desktop Application

Oct 13, 2010

I have developed a 2D game in Java Swing for a desktop application. My characters are simply JLables that move around over a static background image. I do the animations for the characters walk sequences by changing their image every certain number of game logic loop iterations. Being new to android, what would be the best way to port my game over to android since Swing is not supported? Is there something like a JLabel that can be used for characters? A whole different approach?

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Android :: J2SE Java Application / Porting To Phone

Oct 4, 2009

I'm trying to run J2SE JAVA Application on Android.As you know, the main problem is that J2SE classes such as awt, applet, and etc are not supported in Android. Consequently, this means that I should replace those many java classes with Android classes.So, Do you have some idea or information for replacing J2SE classes with Android classes?

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Android :: Get The Images From Device In Droid Java Application?

Feb 9, 2010

In my application i want to upload the image.for that i have to get images from gallery in android device.can pl send me that code get images from android device gallery

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Android :: Java.lang.VerifyError When Added Third Party Jar In Application

May 14, 2009

I added a third party jar in my application and tried to run, but its showing, java.lang.VerifyError..

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Android :: Can A Native Application Use Java Methods In Telephony Manager?

Sep 17, 2009

I am currently working on porting a application written in C in android platform. I need to know that can i invoke/call the getSystemService from the C application using invocation interface by JNI. Meaning using a .java file which will interact with the interace provided by the for using getCallState() and other mehthods.

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Android :: Sending Email Using Java Mail API Without Default Application

Apr 6, 2010

I followed this stackoverflow thread to implement EmailSender using Javamail on Android. But I am still getting this exception: Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 465. I am using Android 1.6.

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Android :: Runtime (321) Java.lang.Verify On Testing Application

Oct 20, 2009

i get following error, if i test my app on a real android phone. On the emulator, my app works fine.

W/dalvikvm( 321): threadid=3: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4000fe70) E/AndroidRuntime( 321): Uncaught handler: thread main exiting due to uncaught exception E/AndroidRuntime( 321): java.lang.VerifyError: E/AndroidRuntime( 321): at java.lang.Class.newInstanceImpl (Native Method) E/AndroidRuntime( 321): at java.lang.Class.newInstance ( E/AndroidRuntime( 321): at E/AndroidRuntime( 321):.....

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Android :: How To Use Java Runtime Class For Starting Another Application From Mine

Mar 12, 2010

Basically i want to start Notepad application in android from my application , can i do this in android using runtime.exec() method of RuntimeClasss and assign it to a process and kill the process later.

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