Android :: When Will Google Rejoin Linux Kernel Community

Oct 13, 2010

Is Android is going down a dead end?

When will Google rejoin the Linux kernel community?

Is it Goodle's business model (spyware by any other name?) clashes with the ethics of the open source community?

Android :: When will Google rejoin Linux kernel community

Android : How To Patch Linux Kernel?

Nov 17, 2010

I am having a serious problem. What i have in my hand : Linux Kernel 2.6.29 with Android Eclair patches and some board specific patches(as .patch files). Linux Kernel 2.6.32 with Android Froyo patches.

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Android :: Upload Customer Compiled Linux Kernel - Replace

Jan 13, 2010

i want to add some features to linux kernel to run on my mobile (android based mobile perhaps). but i don't know who let me to upload my custom kernel. i want to buy such mobile phone. some restrictions about uploading custom kernel to phone:

1- replace existing kernel.
2- can use my phones functionalities: it is due to some drivers are closed source and i must use the vendor's kernel to use it's drivers.

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General :: Nexus 7 - How To Build Latest Linux Kernel For Android Device

Mar 24, 2013

How to build latest linux kernel from off site for Android device (for example Nexus7)?

I have: AOSP source code

Android build for device (from aosp)
Downloaded kernel 3.8.4 from off site

The question is: How can I build latest kernel using all described stuff (aosp source, kernel config, latest kernel)?

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Android :: Linux Kernel - Communicate With Android Application

Dec 4, 2009

I want to deliver some event to android application. I thought it should pass the event to android framework library and then transfer the event to android application. Is there any clear sample about such scenario? or anyone can show me the hint how to make it work.

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General :: How To Interrupt Android Boot Sequence To Force It Boot To Linux Kernel Only

Sep 12, 2013

I am trying to do some low level performance testing related to device processor cores through adb which I feel it is affected by Android background services and system stuff.

As I know that the Android boot sequence stages are as follow:

1.Execute Boot ROM code.
2.Execute the boot loader.
3.Load the Linux kernel.
4.Launch Zygote, which initializes the Dalvik VM.
5.System server which loads the Android system.

So my question is how can I interrupt this sequence to force it stop on stage 3 to load Linux kernel. This can implement my intermediary performance testings before loading again Android system.

Does Fastboot or Clockworkmod recovery can load my device to a kind of Linux kernel?

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Android :: Community Map Could Not Be Displayed Because Contains Errors - Message

Jun 20, 2010

I'm try to display a map from a Google Maps Data API query (calling intent "geo:0,0?q=<my query url>") and I get this message : "This Community Map could not be displayed because it contains errors"

Does anybody have an idea what the problem could be ?

Here is the query URL :

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Android :: Twitter And Facebook Intent : Suggestion For Community

Apr 13, 2010

this message is mainly for all dev that already done a FaceBook or Twitter client. i would like to know if they can create/manage a capability for their APK to define a possibility with intent (or any other mechanism) to manage/take care of any message to update Profile on Twitter and FaceBook? just in case, because i think it's not useful to create many client, if your application (like mine) just need to send/update a facebook profile to resume: i'm little lazy :-) and i would like to use other APK to update Twitter/faceBook profile/status do you think it's possible? can you after that put a code example in or do i need to create a ugly client for facebook and twitter only to provide a mechanism to update those information by external APK? let me know if my idea is good enought or not ps: i can be great if mechanism is invisible (no UI or else) but as you want

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HTC Incredible :: Rooting Tip For Linux And Linux Live Booting

Jun 19, 2010

i successfully got into adb in recovery mode fairly easily on my ubuntu 10.4 laptop using the following method- this should also work for a linux live boot from a usb flash drive

in one terminal tail and follow log messages
~$ tail -f /var/log/messages

In another terminal run the loop


1. plugin usb and keep it plugged in
2. remove battery, eject sd card.
3. put battery in
4. press vol- and power
5. after around 6 seconds, your terminal with the log will show something like "new high speed USB..."
6. press vol- to select recovery
7. press the power button
8. IMPORTANT- as soon as you see a new log entry (something like "USB disconnect"), pop in the sd card

check your loop terminal for adb. if it doesn't work, repeat at step 2

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Motorola Droid :: Desktop Kernel Patch Applied To Android Kernel

Nov 18, 2010

Does anybody know if the new desktop kernel patch written by Mike Galbraith can be applied or modified to be used in the android kernel?

Tiny Linux Kernel Patch Delivers Huge Speed Boost - PCWorld Business Center

I haven't messed around with android kernels yet, but I have applied it to my current Ubuntu 10.10 system and you can see the difference. Its like night & day!

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Android :: Patches To Convert A Normal Vanilla Kernel Into Droid Kernel?

Mar 3, 2010

I have vanilla linux kernel version 2.6.27. I want to apply android specific patches and convert it to android linux kernel 2.6.27. Where can a user find the patches to convert a normal vanilla kernel into android kernel?

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Samsung Moment :: Joeys Kernel And Get Stock Kernel Back

Jun 11, 2010

where I have got right now on my phone, which is:

1. I updated to stock 2.1 using the sprint update tool.
2. I followed the video tutorial to root the phone
3. then i used joey's page ( to install the his kernel (joeykrim-SDX-kernel v2.0.4 (includes root)).

I have done nothing else to the phone but this and removing a couple of bloatware apps (i checked the list of permitted deletions before i removed anything.) I have not installed a new least i dont think that I did as part of one of the other operations I performed (as an aside, i am not really sure what the custom recovery is or what it is used for, so i didnt install it...i guess i need to read up more...)

So that is where I am..but i have a couple of questions.

1) i am now having issues with my wifi connection - the signal reception is very spotty in areas where i should have atleast 2 bars of reception, and the wifi often cuts out completely....Is there any know corellation between joey's kernel and this wifi issue? I have searched the forums and have found nothing that answers this.

2) Is there an easy way to get back to the stock kernel? I have read that i can get back to stock everything by using the sprint download center where I did my original 2.1 update. But is there a way to get back to just the stock kernel without wiping the phone?

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Android :: Android - Based On Linux - Can Run Anything That Can Run On A Linux Box

Apr 16, 2009

I know android is based on linux, does this mean it can run any and all linux applications? If so has anyone tried to run anything like wine? I also noticed that by default you cant run apps directly from sd card, but i saw a modification on a site that lets you change it so you can, so technically speaking is there any limit on the size of sd the G1 can handle?

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Samsung Moment :: How Is Custom Rom Community For Moment?

Dec 26, 2009

I've been eyeing the Moment and have toyed around with it and the Hero at the Sprint store. Why is it that people seem to prefer the Hero to the Moment almost 2 to 1? It seems to me that the specs are better, screen is nicer, and the UI can be customized to be as "pretty" as the Hero. Is there something I'm missing?

On a similar note, how is the custom rom community for the Moment? I know there are a number of roms available for the Hero, but I can't even find anything in development for the Moment. I'm not even clear that it can be rooted yet (definitely want to do that so I can install to the SD card).

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Motorola Droid :: Community Ditching DROID?

Jan 5, 2010

I read tweets from some of the well know Community DEVs and all they are talking about is N1. Cyanogen, for example, was given money to buy a N1 so he will be developing roms for it. It seems like nobody is interested in developing for DROID and I'm afraid we won't get the best homebrew.I have a hard time keeping up on the boards. Am I over reacting? Will DROID development keep going strong?

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General :: How To Port AODP Kernel To CM9 Kernel

Jun 9, 2012

I have u8800 and 3.0.8 AOSP kernel. But not runnig cm9 with AOSP kernel. How to port aosp kernel to cm9 kernel.

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Motorola Droid :: New Kernel Over Old Kernel

May 20, 2010

I currently have bekit 1ghz kernet installed, but I was interested in trying out some other kernels. Can I just install them via Rom Manager over the first kernel? Or is there some kind of uninstall process I should use first?

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Android :: Push Kernel Repo Into

Jul 13, 2009

I'm working for Freescale Semiconductor on the i.MX series linux BSP. Now we have android running well on i.MX515 platform, and hope to push android kernel repo into Then what's the process need us to follow? How reviews will be done? And what we should provide?

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Android :: How To Run Apk Application On Linux?

Jan 28, 2010

Is it possible to run apk application on Linux without using android emulator? if yes, How ?

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Android :: Feature Of Linux In Our App?

Mar 25, 2010

Since Android is built on Linux Kernel.Are there any functionality of Linux which we can use in our application?

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Android :: SDK Run File On Linux 64 Bits?

Dec 21, 2009

I wonder if someday the SDK will run fine on Linux 64 bits. I understand it's not a priority for Google team, but 64bits desktop OS are becoming common. My case : Mandriva 2010 64 bits, Eclipse 64 bits, SDK 1.6 : OK to create code & launch emulator. But : - adb never find my phone linked to USB cable (it was OK before on Mandriva 32 bits) - TTS also doesn't work well on the emulator (it was OK in Mandriva 32 bits). Do you think the problem is with Mandriva ? or in Android SDK ?

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Android :: Torrent FU - Linux Router

Jun 5, 2009

I've been trying to set up torrent fu on my computer for the past 2 hours. I have everything downloaded, things just wont connect, can anyone help me who has done this before, I have a Linuxes router which I've read might be a problem?

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Android :: Signing An Application On Linux

Feb 20, 2009

I've got a problem! I don`t know how to sign an application on Linux. Can you please help me?

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Android :: Update Sdk On Headless Linux

Jan 28, 2010

Has anybody succeeded in updating/installing Android SDK platforms on a headless Linux server? All I got is the following error:

It seems like the action "update sdk" is actually not supported? I searched around but couldn't find anything yet..


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General :: Android Apps On Linux?

Sep 1, 2012

Android and Linux kernels started re-merging at version 3.3. People said that a short way down the road, android apps would be able to run natively in linux. the kernel is now version 3.6 and I've heard nothing more about running android apps in linux. people on these and other forums put a lot of great work into getting linux running on android devices. now with windows 8 coming out, the market will be full of both ARM and x86 based touch devices of all sizes and shapes. I for one would love to be able to boot up ubuntu on one of these devices, and use either traditional linux apps or android touch apps as my mood and situation dictate. so- any new word on when we will be able to run android apps in linux?

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General :: Gbox MX2 Android To Linux

Mar 2, 2014

Been following chroniccorey's linux mod for the gbox mx2, and am wanting to use advanced launcher to access the terminal to add firefox and a couple emulators to my xbmc. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the terminal, and ssh isn't working to apt-get from repositorys. I have some experience with linux, but am by no means pro.

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Android :: Want Terminal Or Ssh Client To Unix Or Linux

Sep 6, 2010

I want a ssh client or terminal simular to Unix or Linux so I can ssh into my server.

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Android :: How To Run Linux On Hand - Held Tablets?

Aug 22, 2010

I want to run a dj tango app on a hand-held device. It'll need to run Python (obviously) and will write its data to an SQLite database. Are there any tablets available that will let me do this? Specifically, if I bought an Android tablet, would I have to/be able to install Linux instead, or would I be able to run it under Android?

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Android :: Download Linux SDK Version / Use Different Formate

Oct 18, 2009

If one downloads the Linux SDK (1.6) the extension of it is .zip but in fact it uses the .tgz format. So if anyone cannot unpack just rename the file to .tgz and it will work. I am surprised that no one from Goolge tested that and that no one complained so far.

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HTC Hero :: Rooting Any Android Phone From A Linux OS?

Feb 22, 2010

I'm a Linux user, so the idea of rooting the phone is one of the many reasons I picked up this phone. However, I've been reading the forums and searching around, and have yet to find anything about rooting *from* Linux. Ubuntu and Fedora find the Hero beautifully; I've had better response mounting this than some portable hds I own. But has anyone successfully tried rooting any Android phone from a Linux OS? I'd really rather not install Windows just to do this. I imagine Wine might help, but there's got to be a better way to access Linux-to-Linux than using Windows.

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