Android :: Way To Restart A Service After Upgrading Application On Phone?

Feb 1, 2010

After upgrading my application I would like the service to restart if it was running before. Is there any way to do this? I didn't see any Broadcast Intents that I could register for in the manifest.

Android :: Way to restart a service after upgrading application on phone?

Android :: How Can I Restart My Application - Service Automatically

Nov 9, 2010

Some Android application restarts automatically when i kill process manually. How this can be possible?

Is there anyone who know how to do like this on Android platform?

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Android :: Restart Service For Application SD Card / Remounted

Oct 18, 2010

Due to overwhelming user complaints I have decided try allowing users of my Android application to move it to the SD card as per the official documentation. However, a core feature of my application requires a background service to be continuously running. When someone who has moved my app to their SD card mounts their SD card for whatever reason, my background service will be killed.

That's all okay by me, as long as I can restart the service at the first available opportunity. Unfortunately, despite the install-location guide claiming I can use the Broadcast Intent ACTION_EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE to detect when the SD card is remounted locally, the documentation for that flag itself, this newsgroup discussion, and my own testing show that this broadcast is not delivered to the applications which become available. Only applications which have not been moved to the SD card get the Broadcast Intent. Is there any way to restart my background service without waiting for the user to open my app after the SD card is remounted?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: After Upgrading To 2.1 Switch Off Button Not Working / Restart Phone?

Nov 20, 2010

Two days back I had upgraded my X10mini to andriod 2.1. 24 hours after upgrade the screen got freezed. Its showing FM screen and the restart button is also not working. If I press the power button, screen lights on for some time and goes off. I can't remove the battery as the battery is fixed. Please let me know if you know some other way to restart the phone.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Long Restart After Upgrading To The Latest Damage Rom

May 25, 2010

I have been running Damages Rom for a while. I like the Rom and have been upgrading as the releases have come out. I worked a lot of hours and skipped a coiple before the last one. I flashed the update with a wipe, took 30min. first boot like it was supposed to. Takes 15 every time since. I've not found any mention of this in the forums. Is it just my phone or are there others?

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Android :: Make Application To Restart After Phone Powered On Again?

Mar 29, 2009

what should I do to make my application to be restarted automatically after the phone has been powered-off and powered-on again? I read that regular alarms do not survive phone reboots so, I'm assuming there should be a way to do it.

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HTC Legend :: Application To Restart / Shut-down Phone

Aug 3, 2010

I do need to restart phone sometimes to make sure my internet works. Is there any app available which can help me doing that and maybe to switch-off phone as well? I do use hardware key currently, but want to minimize the usage for better longevity.

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Android :: How To Restart Scheduled Jobs No Phone Restart

May 15, 2009

I am developing a ToDo reminder type of app for android. on creation of a new reminder an alarm and vibrator scheduler is created with a toast. This works on intents and broadcasts and is pretty straight forward stuff with putextras using the reminder id from the db. My problem is, if some one restart the phone, i guess all the scheduled alarm and vibrator tasks for the reminder will be killed. Once the phone restart again how to recreate the scheduler tasks.

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HTC Droid Eris :: When Aps Restart My Phone It Takes About 15 To 20 Seconds To Restart

Apr 20, 2010

I have noticed that when aps restart my phone, it takes about 15 to 20 seconds to restart When i Power down, it takes MINUTES!Does anyone know of simple restart app I could use to avoid this? If not, anyone know someone who could make one?

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Android :: How Do I Restart Service Automatically?

Apr 29, 2009

How do I restart my service automatically when my service gets killed or crashes, until and unless I myself de register the service.

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Android :: Service Always To Restart Even If Force To Kill It?

Apr 22, 2009

Is there any way not to force to restart the service once the service crash and is killed?

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Android :: Service Restart After Preferences Change

Oct 2, 2010

I have a Service and a PreferenceActivity that allows the user to edit some preferences. I would like to restart the Service once the user is done with the PreferenceActivity.

I understand that I can register onChange listeners for individual preference changes, but I do not want to restart the Service as each preference changes. I would like to do this when the user is done editing all the preferences. Short of having a "Apply Now" button in the PreferenceActivity, I do not see a straightforward way of doing this.

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Android :: Broadcast Receiver / Service Will Only Restart Activity Once

Mar 17, 2010

I have a single Activity application, within it I have a service which creates an AlarmManager and sends a broadcast to a broadcast Receiver.If the activity which starts the services dies, (ie. divide by zero), the broadcast receiver stops the old service which created the AlarmManager.It works the first time. The second time, it does not.It seems like the AlarmManager is still active but the broadcast receiver is no longer receiving. It works great once!

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Android :: Scheduling Restart Of Crashed Service - But No Call To OnStart

Mar 7, 2010

In the 1.6 API, is there a way to ensure that the onStart() method of a Service is called after the service is killed due to memory pressure?

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Android :: Scheduling Restart Of Crashed Service - Need Call To OnStart?

Mar 7, 2010

In the 1.6 API, is there a way to ensure that the onStart() method of a Service is called after the service is killed due to memory pressure? From the logs, it seems that the "process" that the service belongs to is restarted, but the service itself is not. I have placed a Log.d() call in the onStart() method, and this is not reached.

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Android :: How To Automatically Restart Widget Update Service After Killed?

Sep 5, 2010

I have an app widget that uses a Service to handle updates (as per the SDK sample). If a task killer kills the service, the widget obviously stops updating. Is there any way I can notify the widget that the service has been killed so it can attempt to restart it?

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Android :: How Will Application Developer Will Make Sure / Service Is Available On Phone ?

Sep 30, 2010

I have developed an android service. Any android app can use it's API's to get some kind of news updates from this service. I want to distribute this service so that any android app on the phone can use this service. My questions here are :When some android application try to use its API on the phone and suppose that service is not available on the phone then what will happen ?How will android application developer will make sure that the service is available on the phone?Does application developer has to bundle service with his application ? If yes then wont be there multiple instances of same service on phone if multiple application contains same service on the phone?

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Android :: Sharing Resources Between Service - Application In Phone?

Feb 24, 2010

The code I am trying to implement includes a service and an application. When the application is first launched, it starts the service using the
startService(svc_name) call. Here svc name is an intent pointing to the class that runs the service.

I want to share a resource(file/socket connection) between the service and the application. For example one writes to a file and another reads from it. I am unable to get proper sync between the service and app. Could you please let me know how this can be achieved?

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Android :: Good Sample Application For Phone Service

Aug 2, 2010

Is there a good sample application for creating android services that run in the background?

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Android :: Upgrading Application From 1.6 To 2.2 Emulator - Not Working

Oct 5, 2010

I currently found out, that my Application developed for Android 1.6 does not work on Android 2.2. I'm quite puzzled about this, because its a very simple Application which almost does nothing. The Expeption I get is like that:
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate application [packagename].AndApp:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: [packagename].AndApp in loader

The weirdest part is, that the Class it is searching for here does not exist and never has. The app itself does nothing than show some text in a textview. In Android 1.6 I dont get this problem and I cant see a reason, it event works in 2.1. The Manifest looks like that:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:android=""
package="[packagename]" android:versionName="1.02" android:versionCode="3">
<application android:label="@string/app_name" android:icon="@drawable/stop_48"
android:description="@string/Description" android:name="@string/app_name">
<activity android:name=".DefaultActivity" android:label="@string/app_name" >
<intent-filter> <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />
</intent-filter> </activity>
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="4" android:targetSdkVersion="4"</uses-sdk>

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Android :: Force Application To Restart On First Activity

Mar 18, 2010

For an unknown reason, I can't get my application leaving properly so that when I push the home button and the app icon again I resume where I was in the app....But I would like to force the application to restart at the first activity...I suppose this has something to do with onDestroy() or maybe onPause() but I don't know what to do..

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Android :: How To Restart Application? (Changing From Horizontal To Vertical)

Jul 9, 2010

I would like to restart my application, just like when you change from horizontal to vertical. Something like finish, but I don't want to exit the program.

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Android :: How To Auto Restart Application After Force Closed?

Apr 21, 2010

In an Android application, we usually got the "Force Closed" error if we didn't get the exceptions right. How can I restart my application automatically if it force closed? Is there any specific permission is used for this?

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Android :: Avoiding Application Restart - When Hardware Keyboard Opens

Nov 7, 2010

I am currently working on a multi-threaded game application for the Android platform. so far so good. I just got over a bug in my application which caused it to restart on orientation change (fixed by designating a specific orientation depending on the availability of a hardware keyboard or not, which is important 'cuz it is an online game with chat capabilities), and that works. BUT now i am trying to avoid the same problem when the user simply slides open the hardware keyboard. I'm not quite sure how to go about avoiding the restart of my application or the saving of the state of my application. Any solutions/suggestions?

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Motorola Droid :: Upgrading To Pay Application

Dec 5, 2009

So i have the free sneoid on my Droid. if I want to upgrade to the paid do I have to uninstall the free one first? or just install the paid? will the paid install over the free?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Way To Save All Data Before Upgrading And Restore After Upgrading

Jun 20, 2010

I have installed PC Companion but every 2-3 days it announce me a new update for my phone X10mini.Is it possible to know which bugs are fixed in each update before proceeding ?Is there a way to save all data before upgrading and restore after upgrading ? (sms, sounds, accounts, software, note, alert, phonebook etc)

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HTC Droid Eris :: Application Killers Seem To Force SenseUI To Restart?

Apr 23, 2010

I am rooted and rom'd and everything works great. But I have noticed that when using app killers sometimes (maybe 1 out of 10 times) When I kill all apps my SenseUI restarts. So I've started looking at the apps that are being killed before killing them to see if I could find out what is causing this but everything seems to be normal and I cant figure out why this is happening.

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Android :: Getting An Error While Upgrading My Application In Android Market

Oct 9, 2009

Whenever I try to upgrade my application in android market I am getting this error:"The apk must be signed with at least one certificate in common with the previous version"and I have lost my previous keystore.

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Android :: Looking For An App To Restart My Phone

Jan 22, 2010

I've been having some reception issues that seem be cleared up when i restart the handset. What I'd love is to be able to schedule a daily restart around 4am to prevent any problems from the phone running too long. Does anyone know of an app that could do this for me?

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Android :: Possible To Restart Phone With SDK Or NDK?

May 11, 2010

Is it possible to programmatically restart the phone from a application (service) running on top of the Dalvik VM?If the SDK does not provide this functionality, then how about using the NDK and calling some functions provided by the kernel? I know this option is not preferred (not stable enough libs), but if it's the only option, I'll have to consider that as well.

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