Android :: Quick Actions UI Pattern ?

Jun 17, 2010

I'm interesting in incorporating the Android UI pattern called "Quick Action". Basically, it's a context menu that doesn't cover up the data that is being acted on. I'd like to implement this but I cannot find an API to help me out or some sample code.

Note this UI pattern is discussed in the YouTube video,

Does anyone have an implementation of this or know what google's standard for adding this to an application?

Android :: Quick Actions UI Pattern ?

Android :: How To Make Twitter App Style Quick Actions

Jun 24, 2010

Is there any code that gives an example about how to implement the Quick Actions and Popdown menu that is displayed in the Twitter for Android app?

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General :: Do Custom Actions When Too Many Pattern Incorrect Unlocking Attempts

May 1, 2011

I'm searching for an app (or hack, or whatever) which allows me to do custom actions when there are too many incorrect unlocking attempts. For example, when 5 incorrect patterns are entered, get the location and send it to a remote web server. In my case, I would like to start Cerberus tracking, but that's not the main point.

Is there an app, or custom lock screen, or any security app that allows me to do this?

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Android :: Spinner - How To Do Distinguish User's Actions From Computer's Actions In OnItemSelectedListener

Nov 17, 2010

I'm in a trouble managing a spinner. I have a spinner with its adapter. I initialize the spinner with a list of values when starting my activity. Then I force the selected value to be the one used in the object that I manage.

Once the screen is initialized :
When the user selects a value in the spinner, according to the selected value, I may continue (or not) to another activity for let the user choose a complementary and necessary value.

If the user "cancels" this second activity, I want to rollback the spinner to its previous selected value, and cancel some actions made in the meantime.

If the user goes to the end of the second activity, everything is fine and I want juste to refresh the spinner display with the datas selected in the second activity (I overload the getView method in the adapter to do this).

Overall, I can easily do all of this, however, when I force the selected value in the spinner at the begining of my activity, or whene returning back from the second activity by "Cancel", the change value event is catched and the second activity is triggered (the user did not click anything at all).

How would you allow the second activity to be lauched only if the change of the selected value in the spinner is due to a manual action from the user, and prevent that same second activity to be launched when the value of spinner is changed "in the code "?

I tried many solutions, as setting a boolean into the adapter that tells if the next event will be raised because of an "in the code" action.

Or also putting a boolean in the adapter that tells if the adapter has initialised itself, and I force that boolean to true on the forst change catched event.

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Android :: Enabling Pattern Lock Without Set Pattern

May 1, 2010

What happens if I enabled the pattern lock by updating the setting LOCK_PATTERN_ENABLED, but have never set a pattern? I would check, but I don't want to reset my phone (I don't see a way to clear the lock pattern). Does anyone know?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Pattern Lock Security - Must Enter Pattern B4 Pickup Call?

Dec 11, 2009

The subject is pretty much it. With pattern lock security enabled, what happens during an incoming call? Must you enter the pattern to pick up the call, or can you simply press "Send"?

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HTC Desire HD :: Lock Pattern - Swipe In Certain Pattern

Nov 29, 2010

Is there a lock pattern on the DHD, the one where you swipe it in a certain pattern like I saw on the original desire?

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Android : How To Detect Media Actions?

Jun 18, 2009

I'm trying to detect media events. As a test I created a simple broadcast receiver so that I can understand the media events. However, for some reason I'm not receiving the broadcast. Here is my code...

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Motorola Droid :: Voice Actions For Android 2.2

Aug 12, 2010

I am running BB v4 and can't seem to do this. Is there a rom that does? Will this be coming on BBv5 you think?

Google's One-Button Voice Actions For Android 2.2. nevermind got it but still doesn't send text after talking. Just waits till i hut send.

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Android :: Live Wallpapers - Cannot Get Actions By Tapping

Feb 10, 2010

Can't get actions like: # android.wallpaper.tap # android.home.drop
I tried on Cube Wallpaper example by adding to CubeEngine class:
@Override public Bundle onCommand(String action, int x, int y, int z,
Bundle extras, boolean resultRequested) {
System.out.println("action" + action);
return super.onCommand(action, x, y, z, extras, resultRequested);}
No actions happens by tapping dropping and etc.

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Android :: How To Do Some Visible Actions During Telephone Call

Sep 23, 2009

Is it possible to do some visible actions during telephone call?

It could be something like: play custom animation. inject some custom layout with controls

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Android :: Update - Perform Database Actions

Nov 5, 2010

I don't exactly know how android updates the applications. As far as I've read around here it keeps the SQLite database. So, imagine this scenario: one application that uses SQLite database for persisting data. After a while I release v2 which contains some database changes and I need to update user data in database. How can I make this during the update process ?

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Android : How To Add Custom Actions In Phone Call Log?

Nov 17, 2010

Is there possibility to add some custom actions to Android phone calls log? For example, user is entering to phone calls log, make long tap on some item and standard context menu appears. I need to add item like "bill call" to this context menu. Is this possible?

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Android : How To Add Some Key Actions From Physical Keyboard To Droid?

Apr 27, 2009

Now I want to add some key actions from physical keyboard to android such as page down, page key, printscreen, pause and so on. May you provide some ideas to me?

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Android :: Hide Actions In People Contact Manager

May 2, 2010

I was wondering if there was a way to remove certain actions from the individual contact display in the HTC People app. It gives you the option of sending an MMS to all the phone numbers associated with the contact. It's confusing because I only ever want to MMS the mobile number.

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Android :: Vlingo Vs Google Voice Search - Actions

Aug 13, 2010

Whats everyones take on both these applications? I've just started using the new google voice actions and think its amazing, and actually interprets my speech quite well! Voice actions I think provide a bit more robust actions over vlingo, as they can be used to get directions, navigate you somewhere, call certain businesses etc.

I do like the idea of Vlingo's, text to speech, reading who's calling you or a new email or message. I use handcent and that has text to speech although its extremely quiet even if i turn it up completely. I also can't understand it most of the time as it speaks too fast in its funny computer voice!

Another plus, Vlingo is now FREE! I haven't downloaded it yet as I'm just enjoying Googles new voice actions, but I would be interested in a comparison with accuracy and speed in both these applications!

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Android :: How To Arrange Long (time Consuming) Actions?

Feb 10, 2010

For instance, we are in SomeActivity and the activity has a button that invokes moving files from one dir to another (let's call it job).On Android things change. I know there's the AsyncTask that is probably provided to solve my case. There's even a good example of how it should be used. But since there's no guarantee of how long an Activity instance will live the AsyncTask should be cancelled on onSaveInstanceState (and restarted on onRestoreInstanceState). This means using AsyncTask there's no guarantee we are able to fully fulfill the job once started. In some cases as sending an http post request for creating a user I would not want to get in "user already exists for this login" trouble on reruning the AsyncTask. This is possible since the AsyncTask can be interrupted while the request is already sent (and the server actually is doing its job - creating a new user), but the AsyncTask is canceled before we got the response.

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Android :: Need To Create A Background Service That Listens For Actions

Aug 26, 2010

I'm new to the android platform, and I need to create a background service that listens for actions from different applications, the home activity, menu items in different apps, etc. Is it enought to call several event listeners and pass the different home activity events (and events from other activities) to the listeners? If so, what exactly to I pass to my event listener? Is the home activity an object that I can call? What is it and how do I pass it? Otherwise how to I listen for user interaction with variouse elements of a given view/activity? I need the listeners to trigger an activity that occurs before the event they asked for. For example. 1. They press the arrow button on the homescreen. Before it pops up, a picture pops up on the screen.

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Android :: Default When Using Multiple Actions In Intent-Filter

Jul 6, 2010

Trying to grok intents and actions in android and looking through the documentation. But one thing I keep seeing is an intent filter with multiple actions defined.

Like this, from the above link:


But, if you call that activity, how does it choose which action is chosen?

For that matter, that linked to example has multiple activities that all contain the same actions, "android.intent.action.VIEW" for example. When calling this with something like content:// how does it even know which activity to use?

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Android :: Setting Multiple Set Different Actions To One Menu Item

Jan 21, 2009

I am having trouble setting one menu item/button to run different actions based on other actions currently running(ie having the button toggle actions). what I am trying to do is have a menu item to toggle wifi on and off but when I try to run if/else statements on the menuitem click it force closes the app.

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Android :: Modify A An Existing ROM To Control User Actions

Sep 2, 2010

I am creating an Android application for a customer which will be pre-installed and distributed together with the handsets. Now the customer asked me to lock down the ROM to prevent the future users from using anything else apart from this one app. I.e. no browsing, no email, nothing which could create any costs etc.

Now after some googling it seems to be relatively straightforward to remove applications from an Android image. But even if I can remove the web browser, email client, the Android Market App etc, how can I make sure that the user will not reinstall those apps via the USB connector? As Android is just Linux I am sure there are ways of denying all users the right to install new applications (or actually denying them pretty much anything apart from using this one app).

To clarify things a bit, the customer does not want to use the android devices as phones, even though they are phones. With 100€ touch screen phones becoming available, it becomes viable to use those phones for just one specific purpose. In my customers case, the device will be used as something like a POS system: the employee uses the phone to process a certain kind of customer request, and for this the app needs to have a data connection which will accrue costs of course. Now obviously contracts can be set up that will oblige employees to pay any irregular costs themselves, but why make it that complicated?

This is not about taking freedom away from users but rather about using android phones as general purpose touch screen devices with a data connection that employees can use in a business environment without shooting themselves in the foot with unexpected high data connection cost.

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Android : How Can I Make An App Trigger A Set Of Actions On April 01, 2011

Sep 27, 2010

I am trying to build an app on my wife's phone that pranks her on April 01, April Fool's day of course. The app is going to change her background to look like the screen was cracked, the background is very convincing when I try it on my Droid (I was pranked similarly).

Anyway, digging into how this would work, I think its quite the process, however, I may be looking too far into this. I started diving into setting an alarm, however, I am confused about a couple things:

Would it be necessary for my wife's phone to load this prank application in the background each time she reboots her phone? I am assuming yes, as I believe this prank application would most likely invoke a broadcast receiver to "listen" for April 01, 2011?
If the application doesn't need to load each time in the background, what facilitates Android alerting my application and firing it when April 01, 2011 comes around?

I hope that makes any sense, basically, I want to ensure this application runs on April 01, 2011 even if my wife's phone crashes or reboots.

What would be the most straightforward method of making this work? I apologize if I don't understand broadcast receivers properly, this is quite the new concept which I am not use to. The Service and Broadcast Receiver functionality is native to Android and not any other language, no?

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Android :: What Is Point Of Defining Actions Within Intent Filters On A Receiver Tag

Apr 15, 2010

I'm currently exploring Broadcast Receivers and Broadcast Intent. There are some aspects of the tutorials which are ambiguous to me. To my knowledge this is how the process works. I can broadcast an intent from my application and any receiver on the phone can act on that intent as long as the actions match. I can register a broadcaster receiver on anything that extends Context and when I do so I must provide a filter which will allow the receiver to act on one or more intent actions.The part which confuses me is defining a receiver via the manifest. Must the name of said receiver match a class name? Why should I ever define an intent filter with an action in the project manifest if I always have to provide another intent filter when I register my receiver in code?

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General :: Android Devices - Getting Message That Says Unauthorized Actions Have Been Detected?

Apr 13, 2014

ok so me and my mom traded phones i had a iphone 5 and her the samsung galaxy s4 active so when i got the phone it worked great had it for about 2-3 weeks then all of a sudden when i try to enable wifi it wont let me it stays green and i keep getting a message that says Unauthorized actions have been detected. Restart your phone to undo any unauthorized changes my device is active 1537 version 4.3 ML2 build

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HTC EVO 4G :: Voice Actions

Aug 21, 2010

I was having a problem getting VA to call anyone in my contacts. It would want to call some random business and offer to Google the person I actually wanted to call. After searching for a while I came upon the solution of clearing out the contacts data - Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications (select "All"), Contacts Storage -- the select Clear Data. Then re-sync your contacts with your Google contacts. You may want to backup your contacts before you do this. I didn't lose any, but YMMV. Note that this also cleared up a sync issue I was having with my Google contacts. May the force be with you and live long and prosper.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Unable To Install New Voice Actions For Android Application

Aug 18, 2010

Is anyone else getting the "unable to install error" when trying to install the new "Voice Actions for Android" (known as Voice Search in the marketplace) when using Cyanogen-RC1? I want to be able to do these things with nothing but my voice!

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Android :: Pass User Defined Intend Actions / Can I Create Own And Use In Code

Oct 5, 2009

Is it possible to pass user defined Intend actions?

That is instead of using predefined Intend actions like "ACTION_MAIN" can I create my own action and use it in my code?

If so how do I do that?

I have been surfing for this detail for long but dint find anything useful. Can any of u help me regarding this?

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HTC Desire :: Voice Actions

Aug 30, 2010

I know there was a thread about it on here before, but I cant seem to find it. I'm just wondering how to get it working properly on my 2.2 Desire. I'm in the UK. I know there was mention of changing the language or something?? And I remember someone gave a list of all the actions they had gotten it to do so that would be useful as well as what to say to get those actions.

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HTC Hero :: Voice Actions In 2.1

Aug 24, 2010

I've noticed 2.1 voice input will recognise the 'call' and 'navigate' commands but I am trying to find out which other actions work on 2.1. Is there a list anywhere?

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How To Assign Two Actions To One Button

Mar 9, 2012

how can i assign two actions to one button

i've tried this


bHat_cl.setOnTouchListener(new View.OnTouchListener() {
public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) {
if (event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN) {


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