Android :: ProgressDialog With Custom Drawable - IndeterminateDrawable

Aug 31, 2010

I'd like to change the rotating image inside the ProgressDialog.

In the documentation this is suggested:


This can be changed with:


Now I want to change the drawable:


The progress_medium.xml is based on the file in platforms android-1.5data esdrawableprogress_medium.xml:


But the thing isn't rotating. There is no animation at all.

Android :: ProgressDialog with custom Drawable - IndeterminateDrawable

Android :: Android ProgressDialog Setting / Custom View Instead Of Message

Aug 30, 2010

In ProgressDialog's documentation it says:"A dialog showing a progress indicator and an optional text message or view. Only a text message or a view can be used at the same time."I've gotten it working beautifully with a message, but I want to use a custom view instead - a message with a cancel button. But calling setView() on the ProgressDialog seemingly has no effect - it shows the progress bar in the dialog but nothing else. I've tried it with just a TextView with the text "hello", but it doesn't show up.

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Android :: Custom Drawable Register For XML Use

Sep 13, 2009

How can I register a custom codewise created drawable for use in the xml files for the @drawable/. notation? Is there a way to get the drawable into the List which is also display in the R.drawable.? The other part isn't if I for example create a GradientDrawable which is inherited, how can I use it in xml files like the <gradient> tag? Where must I register that?

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Android :: Text In Of A Custom Drawable

Apr 1, 2009

I need help to add text in a custom drawable. I'm looking in tha API ( but cannot find any way of doing this.

What I basically want is a drawable that contains text that I can change. Is this even possible today?

It must be a drawable as I use it where a drawable is required.

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Android :: Way To Specify Thumb Drawable When Custom View Created At Runtime?

Apr 3, 2010

I'm creating custom View that shows when necessary scrollbars. already figured out that i need to call initializeScrollbars(TypedArray) method but have no idea how to specify thumb Drawable when my custom View is created at runtime (not from xml layout).

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Android :: 9-patches In - Selector - Drawable For Custom Button Style

Nov 28, 2009

I'm having a bit of a problem with a custom button style. I have the button states (9-patch drawables) set up in a <selector> drawable. The style I'm going for is a button that looks like it gets pushed down, i.e., you can see the front edge of the button until you press it. It works fine for the button itself, but the contents of the Button (or ImageButton) don't move when pressed, even though I have the 9-patch areas set up to move the content area for the depressed button states. It seems like it's keeping the same 9-patch areas no matter which image it's showing.

Here's an animated GIF to help make the problem a little clearer, since I'm awful at explaining things: The button moves when pressed, but the icon inside stays still. I played with the Draw 9-Patch utility, and it shows that the content area in the depressed image should be shifting downwards like intended.

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Custom Drawable Making Edge Of Image Fade Out

Jan 22, 2014

I have a custom drawable, where I draw a base bitmap image, then part of an image over the top of that that is clipped to a certain rectangle. For the overlayed image, I am trying to blur the edges, and I thought I could accomplish that using a BlurMaskFilter, however, I'm not seeing any blurring occurring.

Here is the content of the draw method from my Drawable class.The result is almost correct, except the overlay image is not being blurred.

m_paint = new Paint();
m_blurPaint = new Paint();
m_blurPaint.SetMaskFilter(new BlurMaskFilter(blurRadius, BlurMaskFilter.Blur.Outer));

This code is written in C# using Xamarin, so I realize that some things are slightly different, but the overall methods will be the same.

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Android :: High Density Emulator Use Drawable Mdpi Folder Instead Of Drawable Hdpi

Oct 19, 2010

I am running my application in the emulator using a high density skin (like WVGA800). However the ressources in my application are loaded from the drawable- mdpi folder instead of drawable-hdpi ... what else should I do so that android use the correct folder ?

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Android :: Not Show A ProgressDialog From My Activity

Jun 17, 2010

I try to show a ProgressDialog at the beginning of my application from an Activity. I debug the application and in theory the dialog is created because it prints a line from onCreateDialog... method.

For more test, I try to show a toast with:

Toast.makeText(MyActivity.this, "test", Toast.LENGTH_LONG);

And nothing is showed.

If is useful, the application is a widget.

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Android :: Progressdialog Slow To Show

Oct 12, 2009

I'm starting a ProgressDialog using:, " " , " Loading. Please wait ... ", true,true);

Then running a block of code to download and parse XML.

The problem I'm having is that this is all running under a onClick button method, and that the xml is downloaded and parsed before the dialog is shown.

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Android :: ProgressDialog Doesn't Show

May 9, 2010

I'm trying to create a ProgressDialog for an Android-App (just a simple one showing the user that stuff is happening, no buttons or anything) but I can't get it right. I've been through forums and tutorials as well as the Sample-Code that comes with the SDK, but to no avail.

This is what I got:


I've also tried adding; and messed around with the parameter in new ProgressDialog resulting in nothing at all (except errors that the chosen parameter won't work), meaning: the ProgressDialog won't ever show up. The app just keeps running as if I never added the dialog.

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Android :: ProgressDialog Does Not Want To Update The Message

Oct 16, 2010

I just tried to implement a progressdialog and I have some issues to change the text during my long and complex calculations.


I can clearly see the incrementProgressBy working and my dialog updating, but the message does not change.

Any idea on how to make that work?

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Android :: Progressdialog Over Context Menu

Mar 7, 2010

I have a context menu option that, when clicked, will load some information from the web and insert it into a database.So this is a lengthy process and I would like to display a progressdialog over the top of the context menu when this option is selected.I've got the progressdialog running now, but it won't show up.It's almost like the context menu is covering it.So is there a way that I could get the progressdialog to show up on top of the context menu and be visible to the user.

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Android :: Can't Put ProgressDialog In OnClick() Other Than OnCreate()?

Jul 30, 2010

I try to call inside onCreate() it is ok but not onClick(). How to make it work?

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Android :: Screen Rotation And ProgressDialog

Sep 20, 2010

How should I handle an active ProgressDialog when the screen is rotated? Perhaps I should cancel the dialog in onDestroy and restart it in response to a SavedInstanceState flag?

I'm getting an exception and the following message in logcat:


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Android :: ProgressDialog In Full Screen

Apr 22, 2010

I have the standard ProgressDialog displayed during a lengthy operation. How can I make this ProgressDialog to occupy the entire screen (make it full screen)?

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Android :: ProgressDialog - How To Remove Numbers

May 9, 2010

I was following the progress dialog example in the ApiDemos. all went great except for one thing - I want to remove the numbers that appear underneath the bar (those running numbers that run from 0 to .getMax().

couldn't find how to do it.

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Android :: ProgressDialog - How To Remove Numbers

May 9, 2010

I was following the progress dialog example in the ApiDemos.
all went great except for one thing - I want to remove the numbers that appear underneath the bar (those running numbers that run from 0 to .getMax().

couldn't find how to do it.

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Android : ProgressDialog From Within ContentProvider Class

Dec 5, 2009

I have been stuck at a place , strange, I have a content provider class i.e class extends ContentProvider, I want to know about the method to show the dialog to the user when upgrading / creating a content provider or database from within content provider, I tried many ways for it, but nothing seems to be working, Can anybody here direct me to the reference or can tell me the way I can show progress dialog box from within contentprodiver.

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Android : Way To Create A ProgressDialog In Droid?

Sep 14, 2010

Can anyone tell me how to Create a ProgressDialog in Android?

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Android :: Displaying ProgressDialog Within A Preference Activity

Aug 1, 2010

I've got a quite interesting issue when I try to display a ProgressDialog (the simple, spinner type) within a onPreferenceChange listener.The ProgressDialog shows up, but not until the method (sleep in this case) has finished. What am I doing wrong?

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Android :: Can't Show ProgressDialog During Listview Update

Feb 18, 2010

I have a listview of items (songs on the sd card). The user has an option to load all the songs on the sd card to into a current playlist -- those songs are what is displayed in the listview. Because this can take few seconds to load if they have a lot of songs on the card, I want to display a progress dialog to just tell the user "One moment..." until the list refresh is done.

I launch a thread to do this. I've done this successfully on another app I have (which just updates a database in the background but doesn't update any display), but this one fails with this error message, "Can't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare()". I chopped down the activity and pasted it below. What am I doing wrong here? I have just a vague idea of what might be happening.

By the way, everything works when I take out the threaded stuff, it just looks like the app freezes for a couple seconds.


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Android :: Trying To Show A Progressdialog In A Lengthy Task

Feb 17, 2010

When i first launch my main intent, i check if the application was updated and, if yes, i decompress some asset files. This task can take up to 15 seconds (to decompress a 6MB zip file).

So, i was trying to show a ProgressDialog to the user. However, nothing in hell makes the dialog appear.

The lengthy method is called from onCreate. I already tried to put it in onStart, but same thing. I also tried to run it in the ui thread, same thing: no dialog appears, even if "isShowing" returns true.

This is the code:.......................

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Android :: ProgressDialog Doesnt Show When Called

Sep 22, 2009

I have some code in my program that processes some stuff, and takes a few seconds. So I thought logically I can place my dialog show at the beginning before processing begins, and cancel it at the end. What ACTUALLY seems to be happening is my dialog shows after the processing is done... Some demo code to show what I mean with a simple sleep:


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Android :: ProgressDialog To Show On Application Startup

Jun 28, 2010

What is wrong with this code:-


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Android :: ProgressDialog Doesn't Show Up Until It's Too Late

Aug 13, 2010

I'm writing an Activity which fetches some XML from the web via HTTP and then parses it into a DOM. It then pulls some required data from the DOM.

As you can imagine, this takes a few moments, so I put that code into it's own thread and then tried to set up a ProgressDialog to display while the user is waiting for that to complete.

The problem is that the ProgressDialog doesn't display at all. If I remove the call to dismiss() then it displays after the work is done and, obviously, just sits there...

Here is my code:..................

The constructor of the FighterVersesDownloader is where all the work in terms of HTTP and DOM is done.

Any ideas on what I'm missing? I've seen a few similar threads on this using AsyncTask, but I wanted to use good old fashioned Threads directly and the solutions suggested don't apply.

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Android :: - Crashes With GetApplicationContext

Oct 13, 2009

I can't seem to grasp why this is happening.

This code:...................

Throws the following exception:


I'm calling this from the onCreate method.

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Android :: External AsyncTask Class With ProgressDialog

Jul 27, 2010

What I want is just to have the AsyncTaskTask showing a progressbar an external class. To do this I am passing the context as you can see in the main class. But whatever I try I get NullPointerException.

Working code examples.

Using Android 2.2 by the way.



I have a follow up question: Using the above code, is it possible to return a value from the onPostExecute method back to the main class, somehow? (Sorry about beeing noobish)
I have tried something like this:

String result = new AsyncClass(this).execute();

and then a method that return back a string. But I can't do that because i got:

Type mismatch: cannot convert from AsyncTask<String,Void,Void> to String

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Android :: ProgressDialog Progress Bar Doing Things In The Right Order

Apr 7, 2010

I just about got this, but I have a small problem in the order of things going off.
Specifically, in my thread() I am setting up an array that is used by a Spinner. Problem is the Spinner is all set and done basically before my thread() is finished, so it sets itself up with a null array.

How do I associate the spinners ArrayAdapter with an array that is being loaded by another thread?

I've cut the code down to what I think is necessary to understand the problem, but just let me know if more is needed. The problem occurs whether or not refreshData() is called.

Along the same lines, sometimes I want to call loadData() from the menu. Directly following loadData() if I try to fire a toast on the next line this causes a forceclose, which is also because of how I'm implementing ProgressDialog.


I tried changing onCreate() to the following after Jims suggestion.

Not sure if I did this right, still doesn't work:


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Android :: ProgressDialog In AsyncTask Throws An Exception

Jun 25, 2010

I'm trying to make a simple ProgressDialog appear while my AsyncTask is fetching data. In my onPreExecute() method I have this: pd =, "Loading...", "Please wait");

c is the context passed into the constructor of my AsyncTask from this.getApplicationContext(). Unfortunately, I keep getting an exception with this message: Unable to add window -- Token null is not for an application

What am I doing wrong?

Using this instead of this.getApplicationContext() has revealed another problem. When I call, a ProgressDialog is displayed, but not until after the AsyncTask has completed. In other words, the data loads and then the dialog is displayed. If I include pd.dismiss() in my onPostExecute() then I never even see the dialog (presumable because it is closed before it ever gets opened).

It turns out that fetch.get() was hogging the UI thread and not letting the ProgressDialog display.

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