Android :: No Value Being Returned With Ksoap Calling Web Service

Jun 3, 2010

I have a .Net Web Service which returns a single integer value. When i call upon it from my application, no value is returned. Nothing at all really happens. I set up breakpoints and watched it's progress and it seems the problem is coming from when i get to this, envelope);
I have a hunch that my URL string is the problem. I've tried replacing the "localhost" in my URL string with my local and network ip with no luck. Whenever i replace the localhost with the ip in my browser i get Server Cannot Access or Unable to Connect pages. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

Android :: No value being returned with ksoap calling web service

Android : Way To Invoke A SOAP Web Service Without Using Ksoap?

Oct 11, 2010

I'm not asking to be spoon fed here, just need some pointers on where to direct my searching

I want to call a SOAP web service, possibly this one

I don't want to use KSoap, is there anyway I can do this using the apache libraries that are included with the Android SDK?

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Android :: Return ArrayList From .net Web Service To Droid App Using KSoap?

Jun 9, 2010

My web service is returning quite a bit of data, so i'm storing it in an arraylist and returning that to my application. I don't know whether or not this is the preferred method or not. When the arraylist is returned and displayed in my application, it also displays the arraylists "anyType" section. I'm new to this whole process so i'm sure i'm missing something somewhere or going about this incorrectly. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

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Android :: Web Service Recieves Null Parameters From Application Using Ksoap Method

Jun 15, 2010

I've seen topics discussing this but no one has seemed to post a solution. At the moment, I'm testing passing parameters to my .Net web service. When the parameters reach the web service it adds it with an additional string then returns it too my application; but all I'm returning is the string message, not the parameter I passed. Is there something wrong with my web service or my soap method?



Here is my simple .Net web service:


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Android :: Service Restarted With All Unfinished Intents That Returned Start Status START_REDELIVER_INTENT?

Nov 1, 2010

Suppose you have a download service that downloads files asynchronously. For each download intent received it will put the URL of the file to download and the start ID into a job queue and return START_REDELIVER_INTENT. A worker thread then processes that list and calls stopSelf with the start ID it just processed. My question is: If the service's process gets killed and the service restarted, will the service receive all the intents (with the URLs) it hasn't called stopSelf on before it was killed or does the service receive the last intent only? It seems the API docs are ambiguous on this.

The docs say

"if this service's process is killed while it is started [...], then it will be scheduled for a restart and the last delivered Intent re- delivered to it again [...]", indicating that only the last intent gets redelivered (which would be terrible in this use case), but they also say "The service will [...] be re-started if it is not finished processing all Intents sent to it (and any such pending events will be delivered at the point of restart)."

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Android :: Calling Web Service

Sep 6, 2010

I am currently working on an application in android where I need to call the Web Service. I am working in Android and I don't have an idea about how to call a web Service in Android.So, can anybody please help me out in how to call a Web Service in Android Programming.

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Android :: Consuming / Calling ASP.NET Web Service

Dec 17, 2009

I am trying to develop an application which calls the web service from android. I tried a lot but i got an exception while calling the SOAP_ACTION. I have tried with the localhost, local IP Address and also i have taken URL from the internet but it throws an exception.

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Android :: Calling Activity From Service

Nov 19, 2010

i am writing an app in which i need a background service to call an activity and show some result.

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Android :: Get Calling Context In Service

Aug 30, 2010

So I'm working on a service that will handle requests to send data to a socket.I've done socket programming in a service before, but only within the same application. I'd like this to just sit and do nothing until any application wants to give it data to send. That's all well and good.I have register an intent filter and the usual stuff and can process the data. But I want to process the data coming from different activities in different threads (subsequent calls from the same application will be computed on the same thread).Is there a way to get the calling package or app or whatever? I'd prefer not to require passing in an identifier as an extra to prevent spoofing. (It's not a serious security concern, it's just each application needs its data processed in the order that it's received.)

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Android :: Exceptions With Calling Web Service Using IP

Nov 24, 2010

when I call web service from my machine using 'localhost' or , I got exception. But if I give the public IP, it works fine. Why it is happening?And also, If I use my public IP, I can't access web service. But If I put the same code in another machine, and call that web service using the IP address of that machine, It works fine.

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Android :: Permission Denied When Calling Web Service

Jun 7, 2010

I'm trying to use .net SOAP web service with ksoap2 lib. Example from shows how to do it correct. Below the code from that example. everything shoud work ok, but when I try to do a call inself ( I get "Permission denied (maybe missing INTERNET permission)" exception. Moreover, I don't see in the Application info window among permissions the internet permission alert. Tried this on emulator and Google phone. Will be very appreciated if somebody could help with it. Thanks.

public void CelsiusToFahrenheit()
String SOAP_ACTION = "";
String METHOD_NAME = "CelsiusToFahrenheit";
String NAMESPACE = "";
String URL = "";..............

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Android :: Calling Method From Service Immediately

Sep 3, 2010

I'm pretty sure that android services are going to be the end of me.I have almost no hair left after the last few days.At first I was having a heck of a time getting the service to bind on an onclick of a button, got that straightened out from help here yesterday. Now I actually want the service to bind in the onCreate() method of the activity. That part is no problem, works as intended.My service is actually a socket service to connect TCP sockets to a socket server that I wrote.If I put the call to the method from the bound service mBoundService.StartSocketServer() inside a button click, bingo, works great. But I need this to fire up immediately when the activity loads, so directly under my bindService() call within my onCreate() method of the activity.When I place the call to start the socket inside my onCreate() I get a force-close.

This method (StartSocketServer()) spawns a new thread then opens the socket on that thread to my remote machine.I'm guessing that the problem lies with the new thread generation before the activity fully loads not sure.LogCat is fairly cryptic here. It does say something about thread attach failed, then shows an uncaught handler exception that has "Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException" within it.Again, if I put this call to the method inside a button click, I"m in business, if it's in the onCreate() it fails. Is there some way inside an activity (presuming that my assumption is correct that it needs to fully load before spawning a new thread) to call the StartSocketServer() after it's loaded: ala body.onLoad() in html?

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Android :: Service Dies Without Calling OnDestroy

Dec 15, 2009

A service is setup by an activity with startService(service_intent). This service is meant to run 24 hours a day. After some amount of time, 5 or 6 hours sometimes but its not predictable, the service is killed.In the database log, the destroyed message does not show up and the notification #1 is not cancelled. Android makes no attempt to restart the service. The database log will show the startup of the replacement service if I trigger it by visiting the activity. What can I do to keep this service running or at least get it restarted by android automatically?

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Android :: Calling Background Service From BroadcastReceiver

May 24, 2010

I am trying to call a push notification background service from BroadcastReceiver class, but my application crashes.When I call this service through an Activity it's working, but my goal is to call this service from a BroadcastReceiver.

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Android :: Eclipse Plugin Calling A WCF Web Service In BasicHttpBinding

Nov 11, 2010

I'm trying to port an app over I wrote for the new Windows 7 Phone to the Android OS. I have Eclipse and the Android SDK. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I might call my WCF web service from my Java app? The WCF service is very basic and uses Soap 1.1 (basic http binding)

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Android :: Calling StopSelf In Service While Thread Is Running

Sep 14, 2010

Suppose I have code in the onStart() handler of my Service to launch a thread to do some stuff and then call stopSelf().stopSelf() gets called before the thread finishes.What exactly happens?I've tested this out myself and my thread continues to execute until it is finished.Does Android hear the stopSelf() call, but postpone it until the thread is finished?

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Android :: How To Serialize Double Value When Calling Soap Service?

Nov 19, 2010

I am having one web service and I have call that from the Android application by passing double value along with other values like String, int and float. When i call the web service I am getting Runtime exception saying cannot serialize the double value. Please some one help me to do call the web service if you know the solution.

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Android :: How To Stop Service Method Of Calling Activity Class?

Jul 2, 2010

I am trying to call my service class's stopService() method from my activity. But I don't know how to access stopservice method from my activity class. I have the below code but its not working. This is HomeScreen class:
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
enablecheck = (CheckBox)findViewById(;
enablecheck.setOnCheckedChangeListener(new OnCheckedChangeListener(){
public void onCheckedChanged(CompoundButton buttonView, boolean isChecked) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
startService(new Intent(HomeScreen.this, AutoService.class));
} else {
stopService(new Intent(HomeScreen.this, AutoService.class));
} } });
This is Service Class:
public class AutoService extends Service {
private static final String TAG = "AutoService";
private Timer timer;
private TimerTask task;
public IBinder onBind(Intent intent) {
return null;
} @Override
public void onCreate() {
Toast.makeText(this, "Auto Service Created", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
Log.d(TAG, "onCreate");
int delay = 5000; // delay for 5 sec.
int period = 5000; // repeat every sec.
timer = new Timer();
timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(task = new TimerTask(){
public void run() {
} }, delay, period);
public boolean stopService(Intent name) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
return super.stopService(name);
} }

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Android :: Can Service Report Back To Calling Activity With Status

Jun 29, 2010

Is there a way that a Service can report back to the calling activity when the Service has reached a particular stage of processing? Consider a music player activity that initiates the actual music playing in the background as an Android Service. I want to detect and inform the Activity when the Service has reached the Mediaplayer's onPrepared. Is there a way that the Service can tell the calling Activity when the MediaPlayer's onPrepared is called, to let the Activity know that the audio is prepared and ready to play?I am basically looking to see if there is work around, rather than having a thread in the activity, pinging constantly to check if the Service has reached onPrepared.

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General :: ICS Find Which App Is Calling Service / Process

Jun 9, 2012

I am trying to reduce the battery consumption on my Note. I have several apps which use the GPS but the gpsd process is being called quite a lot, even when I am not using any GPS app.

Simple question - now that I have established which service is being called (using better battery stats) is there a way to determine which app(s) are using it? GT-N7000

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Android :: Block Non-Android Users Calling JSON Service

Nov 5, 2010

My Android application is calling a JSON service via HTTP and I would like to only allow my application to call the service and block others.What is the best way to do it?One way I can think of is using private/public key encryption. Can we embed a private key securely in the application?

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Android :: Install Ksoap In Eclips?

May 4, 2010

I new to android. i want to use ksoap to connect to web service. i have seen a lot of example. but the bet which i am not able to figure out is how to install ksoap in eclips

so that i can import the ksoap libs

import org.ksoap2;

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Android :: Custom Namespace Using .Net Webservice And Ksoap

Jun 1, 2010

I am calling a web service which has the following request format.


Now when I call the web service I get the following error SoapFault - faultcode: 'a:DeserializationFailed' faultstring: 'The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message: There was an error while trying to deserialize parameter

The InnerException message was 'Error in line 1 position 463. Element ' DataContracts:InFields' contains data of the ' DataContracts:anyType' data contract. The deserializer has no knowledge of any type that maps to this contract.

Add the type corresponding to 'anyType' to the list of known types - for example, by using the KnownTypeAttribute attributre or by adding it to the list of known types passed to DataContractSerializer.'. Please see InnerException for more details.' faultactor: 'null' detail: org.kxml2.kdom.Node@43bcb040

The Request sent is has i:type="n0:anytype" in each tag which is creating an error in server side. How do T remove the attribute from the XML tag of the request XML for example <n0:ExServiceDataField i:type="n0:anyType"> should be as <n0:ExServiceDataField>

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Android :: Binding A Ksoap Object To An ArrayList?

Apr 13, 2010

I'm working on an app that calls a web service, then the webservice returns an array list. My problem is I am having trouble getting the data into the ArrayList and then displaying in a ListView. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I know for a fact the web service returns an ArrayList. Everything seems to be working fine, just no data in the ListView or the ArrayList.....donned on me that the data the webservice responds with is a complex type. I really think that's where I am getting hung up, but not sure how to correct it.

I finally figured out my webservice returns a JSON Array. Now getting that over to the ArrayList and/or ListView is the challenge. I have a feeling that once this project is done, it might make for a great tutorial or example...


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Android :: Using Ksoap Over HTTPs To Request Data From Server?

Feb 11, 2010

I'm using ksoap over https to request data from a server. It works fine, but only every other time! Looking at the traffic with wire shark it seems that on every other request something goes wrong with the ssl traffic/handshake (data doesn't even get sent except for an fc-fault coming back). Doing the same requests using curl the server always responds fine and afaik the iPhone version of the program also doesn't seem to have any problems with the server.

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Android :: Include .jar Files In Droid For Particular app In Which KSOAP Implemented?

Jan 29, 2010

How to include .jar files in android for a particular application in which KSOAP is implemented?

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Android :: Call Webservice Using KSoap Simply Returning Error String

Apr 26, 2010

I'm trying to use ksoap to call a simple webservice. I followed this video to try to get started. When I call "getResponse()" on the envelope I just get the string "Error". There's no exceptions thrown or any other detail. I've successfully connected to a simple webservice I just setup on my local machine. Could this potentially be related to being behind a proxy server here at work? My code is below:


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Android :: Decoder - Decode Returned False

Mar 29, 2010

In my application during downloading of images, for some of the images i got the error like

D/skia (374): --- decoder->decode returned false

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Android :: How Do I Standardized Size Of Returned Bitmap?

Jul 6, 2010

I'm writing a Music application and I have already gotten the album arts. However, they came up in various sizes. So, how do I standardized the size of the returned bitmap ?

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Android :: How Can Check If Returned Location Is Reliable

Jan 4, 2010

I know how to get the calculated GPS position via getLastKnownLocation (). As tests show, this function really always returns the last known location, so it doesn't matter if there is a gps fix available.

How can i check if the returned location is reliable? I tried it with getAccurracy(), but this function even returns a accurracy although no gps fix is availavle (anymore). Is there a possibility to get gps dop values? Used SDK is 1.6.

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