Android :: Importing External .jar File To Android Project

Apr 22, 2010

I've read various answers to similar questions on StackOverflow, so I apologise if I'm repeating another question, but I can't seem to get this to work.

I have a standard java project in which I've written code to parse some BBC Radio XML data from the internet. The project is called BBCSchedules and the class I'm interested in is called BBCChannel.

I'm now trying to use the BBCChannel class in an android application. How should I go about doing this?

I've tried various things, following various bits of advice on the internet, and the place I've got to at the moment is compiling my BBCSchedules project to a .jar file, and importing that to the Android project using the Build Path/Library/Add External Jar option. However, Eclispe still doesn't recognise the BBCChannel class, and won't let me run the application because of this.

Android :: Importing external .jar file to Android project

Android :: File From Android Library Project Not Importing Into Application Project

Aug 8, 2010

I followed the instructions here on how to create an Android library project, and use it in an Android application:

But it is not working. I can see the library project is added to my application but I cannot reference anything in it because it won't build. The file from the lib is NOT being added to my application project, so the lib project contains tons of errors, everywhere it tries to reference it's own file.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but in the console there are messages stating that the there is "No resource identifier found for attribute 'X' in package 'Lib Package'. My library package has a a few styleable attributes defined for a custom view I made, all of which are being complained about in this console message. The library builds just fine, and I don't get those messages in the console until I hook the library to my application, so I don't know what's up with this.

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Android :: Can't Pick Build Target When Importing Droid Project From Existing Source

Oct 27, 2010

I'm trying to import an Android project into my Eclipse workspace, using existing source code. When I point Eclipse to my existing source location, it doesn't populate the Build Target area on the New Android Project dialog. Why isn't it letting me pick a build target?

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Android :: Importing Existing Android Project Into Eclipse?

Feb 9, 2010

I'm trying to import and existing Android project into my current Eclipse workspace. I select File->New->Android Project, which brings up the Android project dialog, I then select, "Create project from existing source", Location, Build Target and Finish. I get the following error: Invalid project description. Does anybody know how to get past this error?

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Android :: How Can I Use External Jar In Project In NetBeans?

Jan 13, 2010

I need to create an Android library which I can include as a jar in any Android application. I use NetBeans 6.8, the nbandroid plugin, and the Android SDK.The steps I took so far are:

1) Create the library project, with android.jar included to have access to Android classes (the library uses android.util.Log and other Android classes).

2) Compile the library as a jar.

3) Add the library's jar to the Android application (right-click on Libraries under the project node and add the jar).

4) Add <uses-library> to the Android manifest. (erroneous and unnecessary)

Step 3 at least allows me to reference the library's classes in the application's source code, but the classes don't seem to actually be included at compile time.Do I have to add the library to the build path somewhere else? Am I missing something?

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Android :: Importing An Android Project Into Eclipse

Nov 2, 2010

I reinstalled my computer and tried now to import my Android project into the workspace.
(File -> Import -> General -> Existing Project into Workspace)

But now I have got a strange error.


In the second line (@Override) eclipse always tells me there is an error:


This happens everywhere, where @Override is used.

I already tried to Android-Tools -> Fix Project Settings and Project -> Clean.

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Android :: Importing Class From External Jar - Android

Aug 23, 2010

I created a new library and added the jars from web harvester to do a bit of web scraping in my android project. in my main activity I import classes that I need. but starting the project on my phone I get a

08-23 08:28:09.763: ERROR/dalvikvm(2123): Could not find class 'org.webharvest.definition.ScraperConfiguration', referenced from method html.parser.MainActivity.onCreate

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Android :: Adding External Library To Project

Apr 10, 2010

I have created a folder in my project with the weka.jar file, created a new library (adding the weka.jar file to the library) and included this library in my build path. I have also added the library under the "Order and Export" tab in the project properties. I have also tried importing the jar file so that the actual contents of the jar are extracted into a directory in my project. The end result of all of this is that my project is able to build correctly and without error, but when it comes time to run my code on the emulator I get the following exception:

04-10 22:52:21.051: ERROR/dalvikvm(582): Could not find class 'weka.classifiers.trees.J48', referenced from method edu.usc.student.composure.classifier.GaitClassifierImpl. with J48 being the class I reference in my code. Does anyone have any additional suggestions that I may have overlooked?

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Android :: Reference External Jar In Library Project In Eclipse

Sep 13, 2010

I have a workspace with a few projects in it. App1 and App2 are Android applications. Common is an Android library project. App1 and App2 depend upon Common (linked via the Android tab). Common has some external dependencies, namely httpmime & apache-mime4j, which exist as jar files. For some reason, it appears that I need to add my mime jars to the build path of App1 and App2 for compilation to succeed. This seems really dumb. In normal Java, I would add Common to the build path of App1 and App2 and things would work. Is this expected that I have to add my jars to every Android application?

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Android :: Setup/calculate Texturebuffer In GlTexCoordPointer When Importing From OBJ-file

Nov 20, 2010

I'm parsing an OBJ-file in Android and my goal is to render & display the object. Everything works fine except the correct texture mapping (importing the resource/image into opengl etc works fine).

I don't know how to populate the texture related data from the obj-file into an texturebuffer-object.

In the OBJ-file I've vt-lines:


And face-lines: f 127/73/62 98/72/62 125/75/62

My draw-routine looks like (only relevant parts):


Output of the counts of the OBJ-file:


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Android :: Android Adding External Libraries To Project

Apr 3, 2010

I have a project that I would like to add external libraries to (and have them packaged with the application) but I am not sure it is happening. I read on this link: how to, but they do not show up in any of the /data/data/project directories. Does anyone know how I can confirm that the libraries were in fact added to the project for use at runtime?

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Android :: Importing Excel .xls Or Comma Delimited File Into Motorola Droid X - 2.2 Phone Book

Nov 4, 2010

So I had a 5 yr old blackberry, was able to use the blackberry software to output my phone book (name,addy,ph#, all kinds of data) to a comma delimited txt file, which i then imported into an .xls excel spreadsheet. is there a way to use either of those files to populate my phone book on my new phone (droid x, android 2.2) instead of typing up hundreds of new entries?

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Android :: Compiling Source Code Or Importing Private Class File Into Android.jar

Feb 16, 2010

Some classes are NOT PUBLIC like android.os.ServiceManager, android.view.IWindowManager, etc, they are implemented in the mobile devices, but not present in the SDK .jar. This is because these classes are private APIs . now please tell me is there any way like compiling source code or importing private class file into android.jar so that i can use this private APIs.

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Android :: ID Specific To XML File Or Whole Project?

Jun 24, 2010

Is the android:id="@+id/somevalue" specific to the xml file in which it is defined, or the whole android project? If it is project-wide, it seems like I have a lot of id's to come up for text fields. For example I have to name my "title" field like "title1" and "title2" etc.

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Android : How To Add Xxx.db File Into Project In Droid?

Jun 22, 2010

i have xxx.db (SQLite file) where i want to add him to my android app in my android app under src i open new directory where i add "test.db" then in my app what should i write in order to get the db?

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Android :: Adding External JAR File

Sep 10, 2010

We are making an application that needs to convert one file format to another. I am not sure whether we can add a JAR file in which we develop the code to convert the file format to our required file format, to our android project.

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Android :: How To Add File .sqlite Extension To Our Project?

Nov 3, 2009

Can anybody tell me whether android support file with .sqlite extension?how can we add this file to our project.?is it same as .db file?i have one file with .sqlite extension.I need to fetch data from that. i dont understand how to add it.

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Android :: No Generated R Java File In Project

Nov 3, 2010

I am doing the Notepad tutorial, exercise 2. I started by creating a new Android project and chose Create from source to import the downloaded source files for the excercise. But now I get many errors in Eclipse, and the problem is that there is no generated class. How can I solve this? The folder gen / is empty. I have errors on and in res/layout/note_edit.xml and both seems to be related to the fact that the generated is missing. Here is my import statements in

import android.R;
import android.content.Intent;
import android.database.Cursor;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.ContextMenu;
import android.view.ContextMenu.ContextMenuInfo;
import android.view.Menu;
import android.view.MenuItem;
import android.view.View;
import android.widget.ListView;
import android.widget.SimpleCursorAdapter;

They are created by the Eclipse command Ctrl+Shift+O.

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Android :: Way To Open An External XML File In Phone

May 31, 2010

Is it possible to open an external file in Android? (As XmlPullParser)

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Android : How To Get File Reference To External Disk

Nov 17, 2010

I would like to get in my file browser File reference to external disk not SD Card. I mean I know that there is method


But to my knowledge this will get reference to SD Card. But how to get external disk (say kind of USB storage attached to Android device)? You know that device can have both SD card and external USB stick attached to them.

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Android :: Add External Third Party Jar File In Inbuilt App

Apr 8, 2010

I want to add a external third party jar file in the inbuilt android app.I've added the LOCAL_CLASSPATH variable in due to which the compilation goes fine. But during runtime, it is not able to find the class definiation which is in the JAR.Which is the variable I need to set to add the third party JARs in the .dex/.apk ?

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Send External File To Android Emulator?

Jan 6, 2010

I tried to send an external file to android emulator using push and pull commands of adb tool.But these files are sending to SDCard.Even i tried to cofigure SDCard in emulator, but it doesnt give me any luck to find transfered files in emulator.

Gallery is only showing 'No Media Found'.how can i transfer files to android emualtor and where can i find those files.

Also i have one doubt that is android doesnt have its own primary memory.create SDCard and to transfer files to it.But i want to transfer files to its own memory.

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Android :: How To Acces File Stored In Project Folder?

Jun 23, 2010

I have several files stored in my project /res/values folder, is there any way to open and read these files from my android application? Each file contains text informations about one level of my game.

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Android :: Failed To Load Properties File For Project

Jul 20, 2010

I finally was able to build and debug the android platform with this tutorial. I imported my project in eclipse, and afterwards installed ADT. Then I converted my imported project to android project (Android Tools -> Convert To Android Project). And now I'm having Failed to load properties file for project 'droid-platform' error. Session data: Code... Does anyone know, how do I deal with this?

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Android :: Place Eclipse Project File In Separate Directory

Jun 17, 2010

I'm using a default Eclipse project file generated for my Android application, and I want to keep it in a targets/ directory (along with other eclipse-specific files) in order to better organize my project structure (I also plan on adding a target for NetBeans).

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Android :: Want To Use SQLIGHT / Setup A Db File Into Project Using Eclipse Droid?

Jun 5, 2010

I want to build a db file where i can

1.withdraw relevant info from tables I already inserted there
2.add to this db file new values

but the main thing I want db file with info already stored in the application where 1,2 are optional from it.

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Android :: Creating Executable File From Working Project With Eclipse

Jul 7, 2010

I've been trying to export it to a jar file but as there is no main method in my app this doesn't work. Can someone tell me how to create this executable? the executable is to run the emulator and app both in computer not at phone!

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Android :: Loading External Data On Local File In WebView

May 27, 2009

when I load external web page, image or javascript file from local webpage. I can't see external image and can't load javascript or webpage. But I can only see local image. Why I can't load external javascript, webpage or image? Here is the HTML source. (of course, I filled right [daum open API key])

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
"http://"> <html> <head> <meta
http-equiv ="Content-Type" content="text/html;
charset=UTF-8"> <title>Daum 지도 API</title>
<script type="text/javascript"
apikey=[daum open API key]" charset="utf-8"></script> </head> <body>
<div id="map" style="width:600px;
" style="border:1px solid #000">
</div> <img src=" AAAAAAAAE9U/LEHMtyVLdY8/s400/CutyTale10.jpg">
<img src="file:///android_asset/coffeebean.jpg">
<script type="text/javascript">
var map = new DMap("map", {point:new DLatLng(37.48879895934866, 127.03130020103005), level:2} );
</script> <iframe src="" width="300" height="150"></iframe> </body> </html>

and I use this Activity source
import android.os.Bundle; import android.webkit.WebView;
public class OpenAPITest extends Activity {
WebView webView;
/** Called when the activity is first created. */
@Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);
webView = (WebView) findViewById(;
webView.setWebViewClient(new DaumMapClient());
} }

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Android : Way To Delete Image File In External Storage After Email Sent?

Sep 20, 2010

I am storing image in External storage using MediaStore,and send email with attach that image,image saved and sent email with attachment is working fine,i want to delete that image in external storage after mail sent.anybody knows,please give sample code for me..

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Android :: How To Find Culprit File In Droid Project Even After Expanding Main Folder

Jul 9, 2010

The side bar in eclipse shows a red cross on the title of my project folder but there are no such signs in the directories below it in hierarchy. In which particular file does error exist? How can I know that

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