Android :: How To Obtain Crash-data From My Application

Nov 24, 2010

How can I get crash data (stack traces at least) from my Android application? At least when working on my own device being retrieved by cable, but ideally from any instance of my application running on the wild so that I can improve it and make it more solid.

Android :: How to obtain crash-data from my application

Android :: How To Compress Data To Obtain Same Value In Python?

Mar 11, 2010

I am porting a Python application to Android and, at some point, this application has to communicate with a Web Service, sending it compressed data. In order to do that it uses the next method:
def stuff(self, data): "Convert into UTF-8 and compress."
return zlib.compress(simplejson.dumps(data))

I am using the next method to try to emulate this behavior in Android:
private String compressString(String stringToCompress) { Log.i(TAG, "Compressing String " + stringToCompress);
byte[] input = stringToCompress.getBytes();
// Create the compressor with highest level of compression Deflater compressor = new Deflater();
// Give the compressor the data to compress compressor.setInput(input); compressor.finish();
// Create an expandable byte array to hold the compressed data.
// You cannot use an array that's the same size as the orginal because
// there is no guarantee that the compressed data will be smaller than
// the uncompressed data.
ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream(input.length);
// Compress the data byte[] buf = new byte[1024];
while (!compressor.finished()) { int count = compressor.deflate(buf);
bos.write(buf, 0, count); } try { bos.close();
} catch (IOException e) { } // Get the compressed data byte[] compressedData = bos.toByteArray();
Log.i(TAG, "Finished to compress string " + stringToCompress);
return new String(compressedData);
But the HTTP response from the server is not correct and I guess it is because the result of the compression in Java is not the same as the one in Python. I ran a little test compressing "a" both with zlib.compress and deflate.
Python, zlib.compress() -> x%9CSJT%02%00%01M%00%A6
Android, Deflater.deflate -> H%EF%BF%BDK%04%00%00b%00b
How should I compress the data in Android to obtain the same value of zlib.compress() in Python?

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Android : Way To Obtain Bitmap From Data In OnPreviewFrame?

May 16, 2009

I need to capture an image from camera and display on surfaceview for my project. I am trying to obtain bitmap from data in onPreviewFrame method of previewCallback and display on surface using canvas.

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How To Obtain And Parse Data From A Website

Feb 28, 2012

I want to create an app that displays flight information such as: arrival/departure info, canceled flights, etc. I don't know how to query the data from the website in order to display it in the app.

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Android :: Obtain Available Free Space On Sdcard From Application

Nov 13, 2010

I am developing an android application where i need to determine the free space available on the sdcard.

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Android :: GlBufferData Crash When Try To Copy Data To Vertex Buffer

Mar 16, 2010

I have experienced some trouble using VBOs, since the method glBufferData crashes when I try to copy data to the vertex buffer. Below is the smallest snippet of code that I found to generate the crash:

int numVert = 32; GL11 gl11 = (GL11)gl; testArray = new int[numVert * 3]; testBuffer = IntBuffer.wrap(testArray); gl11.glGenBuffers(1, testID, 0); gl11.glBindBuffer(GL11.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, testID[0]); final int siz = testBuffer.capacity() * Integer.SIZE; gl11.glBufferData(GL11.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, siz, testBuffer, GL11.GL_STATIC_DRAW); gl11.glBindBuffer(GL11.GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0);

testArray, testBuffer and testID are members of the class containing this code, declared as follows:
int[] testArray; IntBuffer testBuffer; int[] testID = {0};

I tried this code in several OpenGL applications which don't show any problem otherwise. The crash occurs specifically at the glBufferData() method call. If numVert is set to zero, then the crash doesn't occur.

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Android :: Kill Application After Crash

Sep 3, 2010

I haven't manage all errors on my application anymore. So I would like to know if it is possible to Kill the entire app when it crashes? (when the message "app MyApp crash, force close" appear, I would like the application to be killed when user clicks on "force close")

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Android :: MapView - Application Crash On Launched

Jun 4, 2010

I'm trying to display a map using that rotates according to the phone's orientation. I have rewrite a part of the google sample to use a SensorEventListner instead of a SensorListener.

My Problem is when I try to use the findViewByID() method to display the map my application crashes on start. If I use MapView(Context, String) to create my view it works fine. Did I miss something to use main.xml layout file ? What's wrong with this ?

Here is my code :.......................

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Android :: Service And Application Got Crash / Installing A New Apk

Sep 16, 2010

I m developing an which service start at boot time. but after some time it goes crash and also it is installing a new apk.. i m not understanding what is the problem..becoz there are so many problems in this Plz take a look at it and help me..

I/DEBUG ( 30): debugged: Jun 30 2010 13:59:20

D/qemud ( 37): entering main loop

I/Netd ( 29): Netd 1.0 starting

I/Vold ( 28): Vold 2.1 (the revenge) firing up

D/Vold ( 28): Volume sdcard state changing -1 (Initializing) -> 0 (No-Media)

W/Vold ( 28): No UMS switch available

D/qemud ( 37): fdhandler_accept_event: accepting on fd 10

D/qemud ( 37): created client 0xe078 listening on fd 8

D/qemud ( 37): client_fd_receive: attempting registration for service 'boot-properties'

D/qemud ( 37): client_fd_receive: -> received channel id 1


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Android :: Why Does This XML-Layout Based Application Crash

Sep 14, 2010

I am very new to Android Development. I am trying a sample application and it is generating a button dynamically using Java and it is working fine.

This works fine in my emulator. However when i try do with an XML based layout, my app crashes in the emulator.
Main.XML contents
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Button xmlns:android="com.testing"
android:layout_height="fill_parent" />
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {



Does anyone know why this simple application is crashing because of the XML layout?

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Android :: Why Does Showing A Toast Outside Of OnCreate Crash My Application?

Jun 20, 2010

old question: "Why does creating a Toast crash my application?" My application runs fine if I don't use toasts but if I want to create and show a simple Toast I get these lines in the log and then the app crashes.

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Android :: Any Simulator To Prevent Application Crash On Desire?

Jul 30, 2009

A Galaxy user emailed us to report that one of our apps crashes when he performs a function, we had over 10k downloads of this app with no similar report. Since the Galaxy is not yet available in the US, is there a simulator to help resolve issues like this?

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Android :: Vibrator.vibrate() Makes Application Crash

Mar 29, 2010

I need in my application to make the device vibrate during the playback of a sound. I did something like this: Vibrator vibrator=(Vibrator)context.getSystemService(Context.VIBRATOR_SERVICE); ... vibrator.vibrate(mp.getDuration()); but it makes the application crash. What am I doing wrong? Does the emulator support the vibration?

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Android :: Best Way To Store Application Data / When Data Stored / Data Format Could Change In Future Versions?

Mar 4, 2010

I'm making an Android Java app game (although this question applies to all languages really) and hope to release the first version soon. I'm nervous about how I save data in my game. My problem is that, if in a later update, I decide to store more data or store the same data in a different way, I need to be careful I don't lose or corrupt data for users that upgrade (i.e. I want users to be able to use data created by an old version in the new version, like their high scores from before).For example, say I want to save high scores in version 1.

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Android :: After Downloading An Application With Two Launcher Components From The Marketplace - Clicking Open Will Cause A Crash

Feb 11, 2010

Create a sample application with two launcher icons.

For example, two components such as:


Either install the application via downloading from the Marketplace, or via AppInstaller. When the message box asks you if you would like to run the application, an exception is thrown:


The crash happens because is trying to find a (single) component which resolves the following intent: <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" /> <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />

Has been tested BOTH with the AppInstaller, and the actual Marketplace on a real device.

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HTC Incredible :: Crash And Burn - Contacts And Application Gone

Oct 17, 2010

my Incredible would sit for a while at the end of the Droid eye animation, then turn off. I let it charge, fully, overnight. This morning, my phone turned on, and all of my contacts (as well as most of my applications) are gone. I tried to shut down normally, but the "shutting down" window just looped infinitely. I pulled the battery, and now it will start up, but when I swipe down to unlock, it freezes. My face is not this ->

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Android :: Emulator - SDK 1.1_r1 For Widndows XP - Crash Using Emulator -data

Apr 20, 2009

I need to run several emulator instances to test my application. When i try to run instances using emulator -data <path> option, the emulator crashes.

I got a MS Visual Studio window informing that emulator throws a "unhandled win32 exception".

The exception message in the debugger (MS Visual Studio 2008) is: "Unhandled exception at 0x77c4706c in emulator.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x03216848"

The emulator runs normally without "-data" option.

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Android :: Why Android Application Crash When Loading Image From Gallery?

Mar 15, 2010

I've written an app, thats loading images either using the android gallery app or by taking a photo using the cam. When I now load an image using the gallery, everything is fine. When the code is being executed a second time (for loading another image), the application crashes.

try { Uri data = intent.getData();
ContentResolver cr = this.getContentResolver();
Bitmap mBitmap = null;
mBitmap = Media.getBitmap(cr, data);
} catch(Exception e){ showToast(this, "Failed loading image from gallery");
The code crashes at the line:
mBimap = Media.getBitmap(cr, data);
Everything is initialized, there are no null values etc. The strange thing is: no exception is thrown, I don't get into the catch block to determine whats going wrong. Am I not allowed to "re-use" the content resolver? Do I have to free it after the first usage or something like this?

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Android :: Advice On First Application (loading Data / Populating Data)

Jun 23, 2010

to start with I've gone through the entire notepad tutorial, I'm a professional game programmer who has some extra time. (though most of my time has been in C++, I did take a year or two of Java classes in college, and remember some of it). I'm not sure the site is a good site to ask questions like this.. If someone has a Forum that might be a good place to ask these newbie questions, please feel free to point me in the direction. I've examined a few of the samples, and think I've a grasp of what I want to do. I've a three to four project plan for some Android releases to sharpen my skills, but since this is my first project and I have never really developed for a mobile phone or the android before, I'd like to make sure I have a solid plan.The first project is an example of the license plate game, however I want to do a few things to change it. Heck maybe when I'm done it'll become a bingo style game, with bluetooth connectivity, you never know. The base idea is I want to offer a list of states, with checkboxes next to them. so to do this, I'll be starting with a Linear List layout similar to the note pad example, and then have a row that is only a Checkbox. I can use text and call strike through if it's been checked off. Perhaps offer an option to not show them if they are checked.

But I want the list to be generated from a set of lists. Maybe all of America's states, maybe reasonable American states (no Hawaii, no Alaska) maybe a North American list, (add in Mexico and some Canadian provinces), a European list, who knows. I'd probably have to have a pop up window that lists all of the lists I suppose using a radiogroup of some sort. So then as far as the data, after weighing options I think best solution is to make a database with two fields, "checked" and "name".I figure I can use the menu for most of the user interaction (aside from clicking on stuff we want to check off) with maybe a few context menu items, I understand how to make all of those already so I should be good. The question I have is what is the best way to populate the lists? Should I create raw data, and have different files for all the lists? Or is there some other way to do this? I've seen this done on the searchable dictionary, but I'd like to hear what people who have actually generated the data like this before. In addition is there an easy way to look at the sql database these applications create, or do you have to run searches on them and output the data? Finally any other suggestion or advice? I definitely want to try to get something like this on the market so I can see the full life cycle and see if anyone actually likes it. (luckily there's not a plethora of them already) but I also want a few people to look over my code if they're willing when I'm done to make sure I've done this right or at least not missing any basic mistakes.

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Android :: Application Data Remain After Application Removal

Feb 6, 2010

I want to add a flag that will tell how much time my application is running. This flag will have to stay even after the application is removed. And, if its installed back, i must have a way to recover this flag. What's a way to implement this?

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Android :: Want To Obtain A Virgin Map

Jul 11, 2009

Is there a way to obtain a virgin map with the Google Map Api or other API (no city and country names, i want only country borders)?

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Android :: Obtain GPS Location Once Every Few Minutes

Aug 23, 2010

I would like to write an app on Android to upload my GPS location to an external website once every 5 minutes. This needs to have as minimal an impact on battery life as possible, but it also needs to work without any user interaction. (Background: I'm competing in an Ironman triathlon which will take me about 14 hours to complete, and want to broadcast my location in near-real-time but without having to worry about fiddling with my phone.) So my initial thought is to write a Service which uses LocationManager.requestLocationUpdates() with a minTime of 5 minutes, but will this actually wake the device up every 5 minutes for my service to do its job?

It sounds like I would also need to use AlarmManager.setInexactRepeating() to make sure my service is awake while it completes its task but how does that play with requestLocationUpdates()? Should I instead set minTime=0 on requestLocationUpdates() but then go back to sleep as soon as the next update is obtained? Any general guidance on how to design this. I'm a competent Java programmer & will be using Google Maps on the server to plot my location, but am pretty new to Android development so I'm basically looking for a high-level plan on how to architect the client app.

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Android :: Obtain An Instance Of ServiceState

Jun 26, 2010

I'm trying to obtain an instance of ServiceState in my Activity. But how am i supposed to do this? There is no static method to obtain an instance or any method on any service that returns an ServiceState instance.
There is the TelephonyManager.listen() call. But i want to get the ServiceState instance when i want, not when android calls my listener because something changed.

The documentation of ServiceState can be found here:

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Android :: How To Obtain Frequency From Mic On Phone?

Jun 9, 2009

I wish to obtain the frequency of an input signal from the mic. Can anyone send me some pointers on how this may be accomplished.

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Android :: Trying To Obtain Battery Temperature

Jan 18, 2010

I'm trying to obtain the battery temperature, the battery voltage and the battery current. The return value of the code (see below) for voltage and batteryTemperature is always 0 while the others work. I would like to know if there's any other way of obtaining this information and how. Finally, I couldn't find anything in the API for accessing the battery current... Is there any method to know its value? Code...

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Android :: Can I Obtain Resources With A Given Locale

Jul 28, 2009

I have different text packaged into my app for different locale. The Resource.getString(int resid) method automatically returns me the string for the CURRENT locale of the phone. Is there a way I can specifically obtain resources while passing in a locale? For example, there isn't such method as: Resource.getString(int resId, Locale myLocale);

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Android :: Possible To Obtain ID Of An Image By Id Of Thumbnails?

Jun 25, 2010

I'm developing an image editor for android. In the main activity, I get to show all images by viewing the thumbnails to make the process faster. The problem it's that I need to process the image later and I would get the normal image ID (with the original size, which I think is in MediaStore.Images.Media). I can't get the form of the query. The code that I have is the following but I can't obtain the real image ID (in the IDImage variable) code...

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Android :: Do I Obtain Droid_id Of A Device?

Jul 28, 2010

In the licensing documentation the android developers mention an easy way to more or less securely identify an android device. They are using android.Settings.Secure.ANDROID_ID.

They say they query the system settings for this. But they don't explain this any further.

How do I obtain the android_id and do I need special permissions for doing so?

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Android :: Only Have 2 Contacts - Yet Can Obtain 5 From A Query

Aug 27, 2010

I have setup 2 test contacts in my emulator.

I'm running the following query, it should pick them both out, populate my domain object, and add to a list. The output at the bottom should therefore be 2, but it is 5, why is this? (cursor.getCount() is 5 instead of 2)

I have stepped through each iteration of the while loop and it is retreving the same contact multiple times, but with different values for POSTCODE, such as the phone number


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Android :: How To Obtain Subviews From Listview

Oct 1, 2010

My program will show data based on selection from two spinners (month and year). Based on month and year, it will query DB and displays the content in listview.

I created two spinners and populate with array string. Then I created two spinner views, two arrayadapters and set onItemSelected listeners and set adapter to the views. Then I use cursor to get query from DB, then put the result into simple cursor adapter and put them into list adapter. Finally I use list view to add this listadapter. Result shows properly. It is OK when the queries is not too much. But when there are lots of queries, it is difficult to see. So I want to implement paging for my program. For example: I get 100 queries, and I want to show them like 10 or 20 queries per page. I can control how many records per page via another spinner.

But the main problem is that I don't know how to get subset data or subview from return queries (listview).

Are there any methods in listadapter or android can do that ? I'm still new in android. I also read some documents about getView(), I don't understand and not sure whether it can help on my purpose.

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