Android :: How To Access Phone Drawable By A Variable?

Jul 10, 2010

How can i access an Adroid drawable by a variable?

Android :: How to access Phone drawable by a variable?

Android :: How Do I Refer To Drawable With Variable

Sep 13, 2010

I am doing an app related to football. I have a list view that will have various rows representing teams. In my custom array adapter I want to write some code that will present an icon for the team represented by the row. I have a drawable resource for each team (for instance for Indianapolis, Ind.png). In my code I can't refer to "R.drawable. Ind" because the Ind part is dynamic. That value would be in an array, like TeamArray[position]. As I expected, I certainly can't use R.drawable.TeamArray[position] because it won't even compile, it expects a literal name from the drawable folder. Is there a way to do this?

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Android :: Access The Environment Variable In Java Layer

Mar 27, 2009

I wish to get the environment variable which is set by a daemon in native but failed. Some details: in the daemon, which is started by root setenv("MY_NAME", name, 1); in java code, which is started by system String name = System.getenv("MY_NAME);

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Android :: Can I Access A Member Variable Of Current Running Activity In Droid

Jul 29, 2010

I have an Android activity running with a custom view in it. When something happens within that custom view, I want to tell the currently running activity by changing one of the Activity member variables. Is there a way to access the current running activity member variables from within a custom view class besides passing the activity into the view class though a function arg?

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Android :: Cannot Access .R.drawable.timepicker_input

Apr 1, 2010

I'm trying to write a layout similar to the timepicker widget layout.

So i decided to use the android framework layouts but i can't use them It seems that if i write android.R.drawable.timepicker_input or other timepicker related drawables i get them this Eclipse error: android.R.drawable.timepicker_up_btn cannot be resolved

So i tried to import all the pngs and xml from the android source but eclipse says there is an error in the manifest regarding the icon.

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Android :: Access Drawable Resources From ItemizedOverlay?

Jul 3, 2009

I have a method in my ItemizedOverlay class which takes an object as a parameter and depending on it's certain values returns an appropriate icon. What's the best way to access the drawable resource from within ItemizedOverlay as you can't access it directly like in an activity? The only idea I have for now is to pass the resources as a second argument...

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Android :: How Can I Access Rest Of Stuff In Drawable Folder

Jul 22, 2009

How can I access the rest of the stuff in the drawable folder, such as the Android emoticons? I can use many of what is in the drawable folder by doing "drawable.XXX" but not all of them are available when I do that.

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Android :: Many Image Files In Res / Drawable - Access In Droid?

Feb 11, 2010

I have to make a dedicated image viewer app for Android 2.x.

There are too many jpeg image files: about 2000~ jpegs, over 100MB.

I want access the image files with their file names,
but I couldn't find such an example.

By the way, is it okay to put many image files in /res/drawable folder?

I heard that the android application cannot be installed on sdcard and

the program repository is very small so 100MB app cannot be installed generally.

I found some examples which download the large data files on sdcard online,

but I cannot run a web server to host the data files,

and I must upload the fully packaged program on Android Market. (Should I build one apk file?)

What are the best practices for managing too many resource images (or something) in Android?

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Android :: Access Drawable Resources From A Not Context Class?

Nov 7, 2010

So I'm defining a class that sets a Drawable attribute in an object. The problem is that I can't access the getResource().getDrawable(int resourceId) method unless I have some Context.
So what I did was to send to that class an activity instance (let's call it "act") and then I did:


but, when executing that line it throws a NullPointerException.

When idea how to accomplish this?

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Android :: Changing Variable Affects Indirect Variable (value Vs Reference)

Sep 26, 2010

Is copying the reference to the object and not the value of the object. Meaning, when I modify or pos.bottom, the original object gets modified. I'm guessing I am missing a concept of pass object by reference vs value here which I thought I understood. What is the fix here? Is it a problem with how I defined my custom class?

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Android :: How To Use URL Variable To Load Webview ? Not Using String Variable

Nov 3, 2010

these is how to give a string as argument String link =" /devnet/acrobat/pdfs /pdf_open_ parameters.pdf"; webview.loadUrl(link);But how to give an "URL" variable to load its content to webview.

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Android :: Change Tutorial To Access Images From Sd Card / Make Subfolders Within R.drawable?

Aug 9, 2010

How would I edit this tutorial so that it will grab images from the SD card? code...

Alternatively is it possible to make subfolders within R.drawable?

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Android :: High Density Emulator Use Drawable Mdpi Folder Instead Of Drawable Hdpi

Oct 19, 2010

I am running my application in the emulator using a high density skin (like WVGA800). However the ressources in my application are loaded from the drawable- mdpi folder instead of drawable-hdpi ... what else should I do so that android use the correct folder ?

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Android :: How To Create Nine Patch Drawable In Phone?

Sep 22, 2010

I want to set a specific background image for all my buttons. So, I changed my PNG file into a Ninepatch drawable using the "draw9patch" tool(by specifying the line of strecth).Then, I applied this as background to my button using
Now, the background appears for the button, but the lines of stretch are also visible on the android screen, wherever I'd specified them in the tool. Can you help? Is there something wrong in how I'm using the tool?

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Android :: Variable Cannot Be Resolved

Apr 6, 2010

I am trying to create an item list, diffrent for each i and j variable. My code is: I get an error in the line .setItems(items,: items cannot be resolved I think that the compiler thinks that the CharSequence[] items may not be initialised or something. How can I make this programme run?

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Android :: Passing Variable From One Class To Another

Nov 15, 2010

I am working to set a countdown timer. I have successfully (borrowed) a number picker (spinner) and set up the dialog box for the user to set the time. This is in a class called timepickactivity and the variables are hour and mins ( and I want to call the set values ( and from the dialog (timepickeractivity) to the actual countdown class (countdown) but I can't figure out how to get the values.

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Android :: Set Classpath Variable In Eclipse?

Oct 18, 2010

Has anyone set the Classpath variable in Eclipse?If so, where is it?

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Android :: Fetch My Xml Through XmlName Variable?

Jul 29, 2010

I have some xml files, and I keep them in raw folder. Now, the problem is that I have to use them with variable name according to my application condition. But I don't know how to fetch them. The main thing is that I am not getting that how to give the path of my xml file in application.

For example:

My file application.xml is stored in the raw folder and I have to access it with a variable name.

String xmlName= application.xml;

How can I fetch my xml through xmlName variable?

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Android :: Condition Variable Usage

Apr 21, 2009

I'm trying to use a Condition Variable to control the execution sequence of two threads. I can create a Condition Variable in one thread and block on it. But I would like to be able to access it from another Thread and unblock it from that thread.. ? Blocked Thread i am planning to keep as GUI thread and it should update the messages which are sent by b/g thread on the screen during its block state and will be unblocked by b/g thread in the end by calling open(); method.

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Android :: Getting Variable Out Of Public Void

Apr 21, 2010

I have this code:
hubSpinner.setOnItemSelectedListener(new OnItemSelectedListener() {
public void onItemSelected(AdapterView<?> parentView,
View selectedItemView, int position, long id) {
final MediaPlayer mp2 = MediaPlayer.create(Textbox.this, R.raw.hero);
mp2.start(); } public void onNothingSelected(AdapterView<?> parentView) {
} } );

(The code basically runs when a new item is selected of a spinner and then plays a song, which later will be a variable based on what was picked, but I'm fine as it is for now). And I want to be able to use 'mp2' out of this public void, (I want a button which pauses it). How can I do this?

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Android :: Variable Speed Audio?

Dec 15, 2009

Anyone know of an audio player that will speed up the playback? It would be nice if it could keep the pitch the same but sped up is the goal. I used TCPMP on the Treo. This is great for listening to podcasts in a fraction of the time. Depending on the original audio, I can generally make everything out up to +25%.

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Android :: Variable Number Of Settings

Sep 7, 2010

I'd like to make a preference screen with a variable number of preferences, very much like the WiFi selector. A number of profiles should be clickable and possible to edit and in the bottom there should be an add profile button. Has anyone got any tips on how to accomplish this? All I've found is this: /group/android-developers/browse_thread/threa.

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Android :: Static Variable Instantiation

Apr 1, 2009

I have noticed in my application(s) that after a call to Activity.finish() that the static variables that I declared in my classes still hold the values that they were changed to during the activity's life cycle. Upon the re-launch of the activity, the program does not re-instantiate the variables as declared or set them to the default java behavior. Is there something that I can do to cause this to happen, other than re-setting every static variable in my application?

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Android :: Variable OnClick Listener ?

Jun 25, 2010

Is there a way to have 1 onClick Lister for many buttons where I can toss a case statement to do things based on what buttons were clicked.

I know I can make 100 different listeners for 100 buttons but I have to think I can create some nifty variables to do it in less lines of code.

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Android :: ImageButton SetImageResource From Variable

Jul 11, 2010

I want to setImageResource for an ImageButton programatically, based on a variable.

For eg: if size=5, I want to setImageResource to R.drawable.five if size=6, I want to setImageResource to R.drawable.six

Unfortunately, I have too many of these, so an if-else or switch gets tiring.

Is there a way to achieve something like: R.drawable.size?

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Android :: How To Set And Use An Environment Variable In Test

Sep 17, 2010

For now I've used the classic export command to set an environment variable and tried to read this variable from my test with System.getenv() function, but it doesn't seem to work. how to set and read a system variable in an Android application?

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Android : Way To Get Variable Values Back?

Feb 6, 2010

I seriously need help with a quite strange problem. I created a client which communicates with a server. Therefore, I have three classes. An activity providing a nice dialog to configure some data, a background service which checks the connection status periodically and a server class which handles the socket connection. Originally, the background service owned a server connection object but because I could not manage to provide data from the activity to the service, I decided to create the server connection class as singleton. The user is now able to change data in the activity (IP, Port, Username, Password) which shall be transmitted to the server object, if the save button is pressed. The data is read correctly, the activity calls the setter of the server class and the logcat also says that this data is correctly applied to the variable that stores the data in the server class. However, if I try to start the socket connection still the old values are stored in my variables although they've been overwritten before. What I am doing wrong, or how can I fix this?

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Declare Global Variable In Android?

Jan 31, 2012

How is declare global variable in android...some link send searched various post..but am not clear about dis concept...send me valuable link..

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General :: Set Environment Variable In Android?

Feb 29, 2012

Today i installed nano on my android device. it works but i have to set the following variables manually in the terminal emulator:


export TERM=linux

is it possible to set this variables automatically when the phone is booting?

Android Version 2.3.4

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Android :: Passing An Order By Setting Variable

Jul 24, 2010

I have a list view with several columns; things such as name, date, etc. I want to be able to click on the header TextView and sort the list by that field. When the list loads the variable works, and a list is queried and sorted by the field _id (no surprise other than it works), but when i click on the header TextView I get a force close:

Thread [<3> main] (Suspended (exception SQLiteException))
ViewRoot.handleMessage(Message) line: 1757
ViewRoot(Handler).dispatchMessage(Message) line: 99
Looper.loop() line: 123
ActivityThread.main(String[]) line: 4595
Method.invokeNative(Object, Object[], Class, Class[], Class, int, boolean) line: not available [native method]
Method.invoke(Object, Object...) line: 521
ZygoteInit$ line: 860
ZygoteInit.main(String[]) line: 618
NativeStart.main(String[]) line: not available [native method]

The TextView gives no errors when not changing my orderby variable.
Setting Variable:

private View.OnClickListener NameSortbtnListener = new View.OnClickListener(){
public void onClick(View v){
} };

Populating List:
private void fillData() {
Cursor notesCursor = mDbHelper.fetchAllJournals(sort);
String[] from = new String[]{journalDbAdapter.KEY_JOURNAL_TITLE,
journalDbAdapter.KEY_LOCATION, journalDbAdapter.KEY_JDATE,
int[] to = new int[]{,,,};
SimpleCursorAdapter notes =
new SimpleCursorAdapter(this, R.layout.notes_row, notesCursor,
from, to);

Query (In DB Adapter):
public Cursor fetchAllJournals(String sort) {
return mDb.query(DATABASE_JOURNAL_TABLE, new String[] {KEY_JROWID,
KEY_STEPS},null , null, null, null, sort ,null);

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