Android :: Emulator Capabilities

Jul 12, 2010

Is not possible to use a cellular card on a laptop that runs the emulator to access the Internet? if the emulator can access the network if the laptop is using wi-fi or cables I am assuming it can still do the same regardless of what technology is used to connect the laptop to the network correct?

Android :: Emulator capabilities

Android :: Gas App - With Having GPS Capabilities

Feb 5, 2010

Why isn't there a gas app for the U.S? I would think with having GPS capabilities, that someone would create one using Google maps and possibly using - Find Low Gas Prices in the USA and Canada for prices.

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Android :: WebKit Capabilities

Sep 2, 2009

Android platform and actually mostly interested in the browser. I created in hopes of developing a web-based cross-device application framework — but I'm running into a lot of issues with Android. Does anyone know of any good resources which describe the features/implementation of WebKit on Android? At first glance, it appears it doesn't support HTML5, nor certain -webkit CSS3 extensions like gradients or transitions. Does support certain other WebKit features like opacity, etc.

Most of my searches are coming up futile, because I end up seeing generic info about Android having WebKit, or technical pieces specific to embedding WebKit in native apps — but no good documentation on general WebKit features available. Again, I'm new to the platform, so I apologize if this information is in the clear...

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Android :: Detecting Hardware Capabilities

Jun 3, 2009

There are return values and such that allow handling if SensorManager sensors and location providers aren't available, but what about the camera and microphone for audio recording? Is there a way to detect those in software, or are we just to assume that every device running Android (even the rumored set-top box) is going to have a camera and microphone and try to use them?

In the case of the camera, it would seem that returning null would indicate the lack of hardware. I don't know if that assumption is valid or not, though, considering it isn't documented as such.

In the case of the microphone, though, I don't see anything that could possibly be checked. The same goes for the camera if you're wanting to do video with the MediaRecorder class.

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Android :: Turning Off Certain Phone Capabilities

Sep 18, 2010

I just joined the site and have been playing around with development for Android platforms for the past few weeks. Is it possible to write code which allows an app to limit the sending and receiving of text messages and phone calls, kinda like airplane mode, over a certain period of time?

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Android : Way To Test Out GPS Capabilities On Phone?

Jul 21, 2010

I'm planning a mini road trip this weekend and I want to use it as a way to test out the GPS capabilities on the phone? I'd like to be able to replace my Magellan entirely. The maps are a bit out of date and it would be nice to have one less device to carry around.

I tried both NDrive and GMaps. I was unimpressed with both of them. Both were much more difficult to program than my Magellan when I tried programming them manually. NDrive was confusing to set up in the first place. GMaps worked quite nicely with voice programming, but I have no clue what commands I've got beyond that. NDrive didn't support this at all. On my Magellan I can give voice commands and have it pull up the POIs at the next exit so I can see not only where the next gas station is, but where the next gas station is after that. (Extremely useful if you're on an eighth of a tank and don't know if you must stop at this exit or if there's another gas station 2 miles down the road.) The voice for GMaps is extremely annoying.

I prefer free of course, but I'm more than willing to pay for a quality app if I can test it out before hand and make sure it does what I need it to do. Ideally I want the following:

Voice programming - I want to be able to say "Go to 1234 Main st" or something similar and it go.

Easy manual programming - I want to be able to easily enter destinations manually.

Trip planning - I want to be able to program multiple destinations. I recently went to Chicago. With my Magellan, I was able to program all the places I wanted to go before hand so I just had to click on the tourist trap I wanted to see and it directed me there.

Voice activation while driving - I drive alone most times. I'd like to be able to not have to take my eyes/attention off the road to search for the closest fast food place or gas station.

Integration with the other parts of the OS - I want it to do the standard things like mute the music when it gives voice prompts and turn it back up when it's done, mute voice prompts when the phone rings, etc. Any ideas on apps that will do all this?

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Android :: Determine Device Capabilities - Chipset Etc

Jun 19, 2010

I have a need to classify the device on first run to set some default settings for my games. This is my first time doing this and I've already hit some snags as to how to handle such a thing.

Basically I want to figure out if I can run the game with full quality everything on, which would be for the following phones: Nexus One Droid Incredible EVO X10 Maybe devour, haven't tested Any other snapdragon or cortex/pvr device

Everything else with a GPU gets low quality settings Anything without a GPU gets low quality plus a warning saying that the game will not perform adequately on their device

Ideally, I would retrieve some information like:

CPU = MSM7200, MSM7600, CortexA8, etc.. GPU = MSM7200, PVRSGX530, etc.. - OR - CPU speed = 378Mhz or 600Mhz, or 1000Mhz GPU max = GLES 2.0 or GLES 1.1, etc

but of course that's not really available as I only have a few pieces of information in android.os.Build, which mostly are:

Build.BOARD (IE trout) Build.DEVICE (IE dream) Build.MODEL (IE T-Mobile G1) and then whatever is in /proc/cpuinfo which I could fetch easily through either Java or native.

Examples on the end.

So here are the 3 approaches I was hoping to try:

1) Benchmarking - Run a simple test for 2 seconds and ballpark the raw cpu power from that. Pros - easy to implement, fairly reliable Cons - If it happens to run during a high-load moment on the phone (which can last for several seconds) it will be very far off and will misclassify devices. 2) Use a really big list of DEVICE or MODEL names and check against that list. Pros - It'll work Cons - The list is already over 60 entries and is growing at an incredible rate. It would be very hard to keep it current and keep all the variants straight 3) Pull some raw info out of linux and use that. Pros - Most detailed info available Cons - Can't find things like raw CPU Mhz, OpenGL version support, etc..

cpuinfo for a G1:

Processor : ARMv6-compatible processor rev 2 (v6l) BogoMIPS : 245.36 Features : swp half thumb fastmult edsp java CPU implementer : 0x41 CPU architecture: 6TEJ CPU variant : 0x1 CPU part : 0xb36 CPU revision : 2

Hardware : trout Revision : 0080 Serial : 0000000000000000

cpuinfo for a Nexus One:

Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l) BogoMIPS : 162.54 Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp thumbee neon CPU implementer : 0x51 CPU architecture: 7 CPU variant : 0x0 CPU part : 0x00f CPU revision : 2

Hardware : mahimahi Revision : 0081 Serial : 0000000000000000

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Android :: Capabilities Of Calendar/contacts Apps

Jan 6, 2010

I'll be buying and Android phone with Verizon sometime soon. The one issue stopping me at the moment has to do with the capabilities of the calendar/contacts apps, and I'm hoping someone who is familiar with the android OS can give me a workaround (so I can justify buying one sooner rather than later.)

I've been using Palm Treo's for years, and use my phone for running my business, including scheduling clients and making notes about client sessions. With the Treo, and using a third party calendar app (Datebk), I can link someone in my contacts/address book to an appointment. So when I look at my Wednesday 1pm appointment with John Doe, with one click I can go to a list of all appointments I've had with him over the years, and can easily go to any of them and find session notes, etc. It basically links my contacts and calendar so I have access to all the info on that client easily. (The old Palm PIM when was genius).

Is it possible to do anything remotely like this with Android? In the little playing around with Google Calendar, and in playing with the Droid and Eris at the Verizon store, I couldn't see that there's any way to do this, without manually creating a list of session dates for a client every time I make an appointment. I know that the Datebk creators have talked about an Android app coming later in the year, so I may have to wait till that happens. Much as I'd love to upgrade now, I run my business on my phone, and having the capability to handle client/session info in a way I can easily access is near the top of my priority list.

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Android :: Want To Determine Audio Capabilities On Droid?

Mar 10, 2010

I'm experimenting with Android's audio recording and playback. Is there a way to enumerate the available audio parameters on my device?

Right now, when I pass a combination of parameters that the hardware (or emulator) doesn't like, I just get an error. So I am having to "guess":code...

Surely there's a better way!

This chart indicates that the only supported audio input sampling rate is 8 kHz? Is that correct?

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Android :: Phone Choice - Get Multi-Touch Capabilities

Jul 18, 2010

So I'm in the process of needing a new phone, I've went through three blackberries and I am honestly tired of them, the only benefit is BBM and I can live without it...

Questions :

1. If I get the X10, since it it currently running 1.6, if I root and upgrade to 2.1...

Do I get Multi-Touch capabilities? Will it run smoother and more efficently?

2. Should I just wait for Sony to release their proprietary stuff and hope they do well?

3. Is the X10 really worth it? I'm between it and an Iphone right now, not much else of an option for a full touch on the Rogers network here in Canada for the phone selection that I have. You can see all the phones I am able to get here. (By this I mean these are literally the phones I can pick from, I get them as free upgrades)

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Android :: Manage Home Screen Interface Capabilities

Jan 21, 2009

I am looking for pointers on Androids capability to manage its home screen. for example I need to put my own application links programatically in a particular design/UI and manage it. Something similar to the Nokia E71 home screen interface capabilities.

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Android :: RSS Reader With Nice UI And Native Reading Capabilities

Aug 6, 2010

Anyone knows of an RSS reader with nice UI, offline reading, and native (built-in) reading capabilities?

I tried feedR and NewsRob, but they both still need to jump to 'browsers' when I wanted to read full articles. This would mean their offline reading features would be useless to me. When commuting, I always had no signals, and it would be useless if I could only read short article because of no network receptions.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Android WiFi Tether For Root Users (Infrastructure Capabilities)

Jun 12, 2010

WPA2 + infrastructure = strong security and access for your Android devices and other devices that didn't support ad-hoc mode (WiFi, etc). Written by Andrew himself - the guy who developed most of the code for this to work on the EVO. Props Andrew! Free Android WiFi Tether For Root Users App Now Supports WPA2 And Full Hotspot (Infrastructure) Capabilities On EVO 4G

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HTC EVO 4G :: Video Capabilities

Aug 25, 2010

I uploaded some .mpg videos into my phone but they wont play. What format do the videos have to be in? Or can you convert them to play on the EVO somehow?

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HTC Incredible :: USB Capabilities On Mac?

Sep 4, 2010

I'm sure I already know the answer to this, but is it possible to use the USB capabilities on a Mac? Or is the Incredible not Mac friendly?

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Games :: Hardware Capabilities Of The G1

Nov 12, 2008

About the hardware in this phone? How powerful is it and what is is capable of? Does it have some kind of 3d graphics chip... or at least enough power to push some decent polygons with textures and filtering? I'm just wondering what the phone is capable of doing. I've seen some 3d apps running on the I-Phone which where actually pretty impressive. I'm wondering if the G1 has the power to do a First person shooter type game, for example, and run at a decent framerate. I'm curious what kind of games we might see in the future when/if Android game development picks up a bit.

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HTC Desire :: Graphics Capabilities

Apr 15, 2010

I've been looking around the internet at the moment and can see that a few phones are starting to get close to a completed playstation emulator. The n900, the hd2, and a black berry i seem to re-call. Is there any reason why the desire wouldn't be able to do the same? I would love to play final fantasy 7, to the point at which i'm tempted to try out an n900 for a few days (i've only just received my desire and would still be able to cancel...), I'm aware they're not playing at full speed yet, but am more wondering if people think the desire would be capable of running a playstation emulator, should decent software be written in the future!

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HTC Incredible :: Still Camera Capabilities

Sep 6, 2010

I took several shots of the same inanimate subject (Crayons) at different ISOs under "perfect" light conditions. I also took several shots of a different inanimate object (baby chew toy) under slightly less "perfect" light conditions (namelly I moved about 6 feet deeper into my house). All 100% crops. No retouching of any kind. The shots can be found here:

HTC Incredible Shot Comparison - Imgur

regretfully imgur removed the file names. But to give you an idea, the shots taken of crayons taken @ ISO 100, 200 and even 800 were nothing to write home about, but photographically acceptable. Noise is visible at all ISOs and @ ISO1250 things fall apart at the 100% scale (chromatic aberration, destructive noise, etc.). The chew toy shots were very telling. Light conditions were good and yet the camera had a hell of a time focusing. Took me several tries to get an acceptably in-focus shot at each ISO. And then I tried photographing my kids. In short, the came failed miserably, in every setting, to get a decent picture: this due to the fact that shutter speed cannot be changed (but this is a HUGE, drawback as it this pretty much puts taking pictures of moving subjects out of the question). Even though children portraiture is a challenge even with pro equipment, my piss-poor point-and-shoot can get a few remarkable pictures of the kids (posing) and yet the Incredible built-in camera could not get a correct focus reading to save its life.

IVMHO, it's a nice add-on camera but with severe photographic drawbacks when photographing moving objects (or even inanimate objects under less than perfect conditions).

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HTC Incredible :: No Search Capabilities

Jun 1, 2010

I'm a long-time palm user, and a very new Android convert! But as a palm user, I've enjoyed the ability to search everything on the palm...notes fields, addresses, etc., as well as names and phone numbers. So no matter what piece of information you recall about something, there is a way to find it. Is there a way to do this with Android? So far, the only thing I've been able to find is a not-much-downloaded app called "aurora". It says it does that but does not. Mostly it searches the web. I'm an old fart, and my memory is not what it used to be, so I need the search app to become my "brains in a box".

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HTC EVO 4G :: Multi-touch Capabilities

May 26, 2010

So other than pinch to zoom, what do you use this for?

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Samsung EPIC 4G :: Lost MMS Capabilities?

Sep 28, 2010

So my wife got pissed at me and shut off my phone. I purchased this phone, but it was put on her account which we share... I think I lost MMS capabilities for now, but I have internet/voice/text. Everything else is working great! If you're looking for Cricket... get a bad esn phone.

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Motorola Droid X :: Swype Capabilities

Aug 31, 2010

Is there anyway to set it so that you use swype when the phone is in portrait and multitouch when the phone is in landscape mode?

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HTC Desire :: Capabilities Of Search Function

Apr 8, 2010

I am planning on getting a Desire as it seems like a really nice phone. So I read the user manual on Legend to understand what it can do.

There are some questions:

I have all my contact and calendar info in Outlook 2003 and not in any online account. So I will only sync the phone with PC.

- can Outlook Contact fields like birthday and notes sync to People in the phone?
- user manual said I can search on Last Name, First Name in People. Can I search in the notes field?
- can I search for events in the Calendar? If so, can it search the whole database, or just up to X number of years in the past?

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Motorola Droid X :: Waterproof Capabilities

Aug 5, 2010

I'm not saying they implied it is waterproof by any means. Just want to see how it handles an accidental encounter with water. I fish a lot and know I will have it with me on the water. It will be in a waterproof case of some kind, but you just neven know what might happen.

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HTC Desire :: Face Detection Capabilities

Sep 16, 2010

does anyone know how does face detection work in the desire's camera. i have it enabled but i don't see any changes. any ideas guys?

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General :: How To Add USB OTG Host Capabilities To A Kernel

Sep 22, 2012

Right now, I'm using an HTC EVO 4G LTE, running ICS. Now the source code is out, however, no one has yet to add USB host capabilities to their kernel, so I figure I might as well do it myself. I read on kernel development, and I have a surface level understanding, but I'm just interested in adding the USB host capabilities.

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Motorola Droid X :: Update Roaming Capabilities

Aug 12, 2010

I've been wondering why my service was HORRIBLE in my house when my previous phone had great service. The X would jump from 0-2 bars constantly. I updated my roaming capabilities (*228, option 2) and I'm getting pretty much full bars continuously and my speedtest showed my ping decrease by 100ms, download speed triple, and upload speed double. This may be a drain on peoples' batteries if they haven't updated their roaming capabilities and their service keeps jumping. This may have been discussed before, but I figured it doesn't hurt to repeat for other people who have issues with service.

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HTC Incredible :: 2.05/2.15 Radio Update And Roaming Capabilities

Aug 13, 2010

Will updating the radio effect my ability to update my roaming capability on on Verizon calling *228?

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Motorola Droid 2 : Microsoft Exchange Capabilities

Sep 6, 2010

Does the D2 have microsoft exchange capabilities?I am trying to set up my work email account.Any ideas?

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Global Capabilities - 1.2 GHz Processor Inside

Nov 9, 2010

The Droid 2 alone wasn't all that impressive to me. But the Droid 2 global looks like it could be pretty sweet. I'm liking the 1.2 ghz processor inside. I don't know if Ill need the global capabilities but it seems like a pretty good upgrade from the standard Droid 2. Just curious what your guys thought is on this? Don't get me wrong I love my Droid Incredible but I'm wondering if the Droid 2 global will be a little snapping with the better processor.

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