Android :: Design Clarification In Android List Activity Vs Activity

Mar 25, 2010

I have a simple question. I am trying to design a simple Android app, which based on keywords searches something and shows a listing view of results. Currently it merely searches SMSes in the cellphone.Here are some of the things I am faced with: I have a simple first page with a textbox and a submit button. It's rendered by "Activity" inherited class call SMS Finder.once I have the results present with me, I want them to be binded to a list view. Showing preview text to limited characters, say 20 chars. Clicking on the same should "ideally" open the inbox (or outbox or whatever) and open the SMS, however that meant I cannot come back to my app easily. So I would rather open the whole SMS in my own app. So clicking on the app should open the SMS in a new screen with complete message, sender info etc. Few questions here, For generic Android phone apps, what are the best practices to make UI as compliant to as many phones? Like what kind of views should I use?

Android :: Design Clarification in Android List Activity vs Activity

Android :: Orientation Change Crash In Tab Activity With List Activity

Jan 21, 2010

When views with different type have same id and screen orientation changes,

either java.lang.ClassCastException: android.view.AbsSavedState$1 or java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Wrong state class -- expecting View State will occur. (depends on the view's order)

Because View.dispatchRestoreInstanceState() checks id only.

You may wonder why anyone would make views with different type to have same id.

But it can happen when you use tab activity.

Imagine you have tab activity with two children activity.

Tab1 is ListActivity and Tab2 is ExpandableListActivity.

Both activity have id of "@android:id/list" but the type of view is different.

This means we cannot use ListActivity & ExpandableListActivit at the same in one tab activity.

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Android :: Can Update A List View In One Activity While Im In Another Activity

Oct 4, 2010

I currently have a tab layout with 2 tabs, one tab with a list view and one with the option make strings so I can add them in the list view. Both tabs have their own activity because this made the code much more structured, and I dont have to repeat my self later.

Lets say im in the tab that offer me to create an string, and i press the update list button, how do I update the list view without startActivity()? If i use startActivity(), it starts, and instead of displaying the list in the list view tab, it takes full screen, which defies the purpose of the tab view. In other words, the startActivity() steals the focus from the tab view of the list, and sends it fulscreen.

I want to update the activity in my list view tab, without starting a new activity that goes to fullscreen, and doesnt update the one in the tab.

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Android :: Activity Design Advice

Mar 3, 2010

I have a service running that grabs the users attention with a notification. What i would like to happen when the user clicks on the notification is for it to launch a dialog box. The "proper" thing to do is to launch an activity in this way, so is there a way to get an activity to launch with out filling the screen? So it looks like a dialog box?

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Android :: How To Design Activity And Service Writing To Same Table?

Jun 14, 2010

I have an activity which starts a (intent)service. Both access the same DB and potentially write to the same table. What design pattern would you recommand to avoid concurrency?

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Android : Multiple Handlers Design In An Activity Failed

May 14, 2010

This question is related to an existing question I asked. I though I'll ask a new question instead of replying back to the other question. Cannot "comment" on my previous question because of a word limit. Marc wrote - I've more than one Handlers in an Activity." Why? If you do not want a complicated handleMessage() method, then use post() (on Handler or View) to break the logic up into individual Runnable. Multiple Handlers makes me nervous. I'm new to Android. Is having multiple handlers in a single activity a bad design ?

I'm new to Android.My question is - is having multiple handlers in a single activity a bad design ? Here is the sketch of my current implementation. I've a mapActivity that creates a data thread (a UDP socket that listens for data).

My first handler is responsible for sending data from the data thread to the activity. On the map I've a bunch of "dynamic" markers that are refreshed frequently. Some of these markers are video markers i.e., if the user clicks a video marker, I add a ViewView that extends a android.opengl.GLSurfaceView to my map activity and display video on this new vide.

I use my second handler to send information about the marker that the user tapped on ItemizedOverlay onTap(int index) method.The user can close the video view by tapping on the video view. I use my third handler for this. I would appreciate if people can tell me what's wrong with this approach and suggest better ways to implement this.

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Android :: Activity Bind To Service - Multiple Thread Design

May 28, 2010

A new question about android and services. Currently I'm developing a App that should send images to a server. It should also be possible to send more images parallel. I made a service that creates for every image a new image. The activity can bind to that service and gather information about the progress. I want to show the current status for every image in a notification (and when the user clicks a notification, an activity with the progress for that image should be shown). But I get several problems with that approach. There are errors with binding, the notification pending event starts the activity completely new, so I lose information about currently sending images and so on. How I could design in a appropriate way.

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Android : Design - Launch An Activity Based On Type Of A View

Nov 4, 2010

Should I create a Listener within a BaseAdapter or should I pass it in? I have 4 classes that inherit from a base class. I pass the Adapter a list objects.

The Adapter is eventually used with a ListActivity I want to create a View based on the derived class and I want them to launch an Activity based on the type of a View. Currently I create the intent and Listener in the BaseAdapter. Is what I'm doing a good pratice?

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Android :: Way To Present List To User Where Each Item On List Starts An Activity When Selected

Nov 4, 2010

I am on my first Android application and I am on a timeline so details and examples will be useful since my knowledge is still minimal. I want my first screen to present the user with a list of activities to choose from. In my situation it is a recipe app where the user first chooses the type of food, such as, Beef, Chicken, or Pork. I want the application to launch an activity depending on the list item that the user clicked on. I am not sure if I should use a list view, a text view, a scroll view, a list activity, an activity group...

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Android :: Android Service Design - Start With Activity Or When Needed?

Nov 24, 2010

I'm an android noob that is looking for some advice on how to properly use a service in Android. I am building an app that will connect to a server on the Internet to get a data stream via TCP. That data then needs to get send out to another device that is connected via a bluetooth serial port. I want this to continue to function in the background while the user looks at a different activity. The app will be a NTRIP client, which pulls real time RTK correction data from the Internet and sends it to a RTK GPS receiver that I connect to via bluetooth. The data rate will be about 500 bytes/second. The user interface is a single button to connect or disconnect the data stream and some text to show status of the GPS receiver. There are also a few settings that will need to be configured by the user such as the IP/port of the server to connect to and the bluetooth device to communicate with.I think I need to have the main activity spawn a local service, and then have the service spawn a thread for the TCP stream and another thread for the bluetooth connection. Does this sound right? What is the best model for the service in this scenario?-Start(bind) the service every time the activity starts, and have the connect/disconnect button send commands to the service to start/stop the threads. If I go this route, the service will continue to run after the user disconnects and goes to another app. The service would need an inactivity timer to terminate itself.-Start and stop the service when the user presses the connect/disconnect button. The service only runs when data is moving. If I do this, the activity will need to see if the service is running when the activity starts, in order to know if it should bind to the service or tell the user that the link is disconnected.

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Android :: Maps In List In Map Activity

Oct 4, 2010

Map activity allows one map in a activity, i have a scenario and hard time implementing it, i have a list of records and for each record i show google map now this is not becoming possible in lmap activity with list having earch row a seperate map?

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Android :: Preloading List Activity ?

Nov 20, 2010

I have a realtively complicated listview in my application, with data fetched from the internet and so on. What is the best practice to do to preload as much as possible of the ListView, such that it appears immediately on the screen?

For example, the standard SMS/MMS app of android shows a white screen with a spinning loader and "Loading..." before a conversation is shown. I can't really find this in the Android source code, but I guess this is an extra loading Activity doing some caching and handing over to the conversation Activity using finish(), so that no screen change animation is shown.

How can I preload or cache ListView items? Is it even possible to do that?

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Android :: List Activity In Application?

Sep 2, 2010

I have a list activity in my application. i have tried to make it so that when a list item is selected to show the selection the background of the view should change. but now when i select one item, the item does get selected but the back ground of random listitems changes at the same time, but the selection is still correct

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Android : How To Get Recent Activity List?

Jul 15, 2010

When I run my app, it works fine but if I switch back to home or another application, I want to go back to my app quickly by using the recent activity list (on my phone this is done by holding down the home button). For whatever reason, I never see my application in this list of apps. All other apps when they are running or have just recently been closed show up ( the menu shows 6 icons for the recent apps). Why doesn't my app show up on this list? Is this something you need to do programmatically?

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Android :: Design Of Android Activity

Jun 27, 2010

Alice has to answer three questions. After she answered the questions she gets a dialog that lists the question and answers and there's a button to save the answers to a database.

At the moment I think that the design should be three classes: Master, Question, Summary.

Master calls Question with an intent that includes the question text of question 1.
After Alice inputs her answer the Question returns the answer to master via an intent.

Repeat two times.

Then Master does processing of the questions and calls Summary via an intent.

Is this kind of design recommendable in Android? Is it possible to have such an Master activity. If so, how can I allow a running master activity to listen to intents?

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Android :: Access Rows In List Activity

Jan 21, 2009

I want to include one button inside each row in a List Activity. When pressing one of these buttons it will be disabled and will perform a heavy task in the background (in a different thread to avoid screen blocking). After the action is completed the button will be enabled again and the row updated with some results obtained from that "heavy operation". Im filling my List with a custom SimpleCursorAdapter, its getView method calls super.getView and in the view (row) returned I access its button through findViewById and set my click listener (to disable it, and launch the heavy task in the background). Once this heavy task is finished I need a reference to this row view to find the button and re- enable it. SimpleCursorAdapterīs super.getView() reuses row views shown on screen to avoid creating many different rows instances, so when my "heavy task" is finished the row view reference i need to reenable its button may have been reused in a different row, so in the end I am modifying a button in a different row! I have tried different solutions, for example giving different ID to each row view (useless because it gets overwritten when the row view is reused) Obviously creating a different row instance for each row whether its shown on screen or not isnt the best solution.

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Android :: Not Getting Touch Event For List Activity

May 21, 2010

I have created ListActivity of images i want touch event just like onItemClickListner how can i do it? i'm not finding any on Item Toch Listener.

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Android :: How Do You Activate Checkmarks In List Activity

Feb 5, 2010

I have a ListActivity with an array adapter declared like arrayAdapter = new ArrayAdapter<String> (this, android.R.layout.simple_list_item_checked); This shows a bunch of rows with checkmarks on the far right. Can you tell me how to get a reference to those checkmarks or how to check/uncheck them?

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Android :: Pass List<GeoPoint> To Another Activity?

Nov 10, 2010

I have an ArrayList of type GeoPoint.

private List<GeoPoint> points = new ArrayList<GeoPoint>();

I want to pass points to another Activity and retrieve the data in that activity. How do I do it? I know I have to use the parcelable but I searched, but could not find a way to pass ArrayLists.

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Android :: Possible Mapview And List Exist In Same Activity?

Jul 24, 2009

For now i have a list, using extends listactivity, and now i want to add mapview on the same activity using framelayout probably,

but if i want to use the mapview, the activity must extends mapactivity,

one must extends mapactivity,the other must extends list activity,

if it possible to do that?

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Android :: ListView - How To Display A List In My Activity

May 5, 2010

I'm just starting with Android and can't find how to display a list in my activity. The activity and the layout main.xml are shown below. How can I display the country array in the ListView 'list' of my layout?




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Android :: How To Display Custom List Activity

Jan 20, 2010

I want to display data in list activity. How do I achieve this?


Sub Title Button


Sub Title Button


Sub Title Button

and so on

Does a tutorial exist related to custom list activity?

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Android :: How To Add Buttons Dynamically In List Activity

Jan 20, 2010

I want to put description and buttons dynamically can any one guide how can i do that? i have data in the form of object list/array i.e ID,Title and want to display in list activity like..

TITLE [Details Button] [Edit Button] (repeating in list activity)

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Android : Get Scroll Position In A List Activity?

Mar 23, 2009

I'm trying to get the scroll position on a ListActivity. Here is what I'm trying to do: I have a list activity that is populated from an XML file. Another thread downloads all pictures so the user can see the list while the thread is still downloading the files.

What I'm trying to do is when the thread finishes getting all pics it reads the listview scroll position, refresh the listview and scroll to that position again.

ListView main = getListView(); <-- not sure if I'm really getting the ListView this way. int scY = main.getScrollY(); Log.d("Scroll", scY + " "); <--- this is printing zero even when at the moment I run this I already scrolled the list. setListAdapter(listadapter); main.scrollTo(0, scY);

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Android :: How To Implement Generic Activity - List And Map Activities?

Oct 13, 2010

I want to display the same options menu on all of my application's activities. I created a generic Activity that implements the menu, and all my further activies extend it. The problem: when I need to extend other specific activities, like ListActivity and MapActivity, I can't figure out how to extend the generic activity and add the List or Map behaviour to the new class. To deal with the issue I had to create three different generic activities, each extending Activity, ListActivity and MapActivity.I've tried creating an abstract activity but it doesn't work, I would need to extend two classes at the same time. I could try interfaces but since I can't implement methods, I would have to paste the menu implementation all over the second-level classes, right?

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Android :: How Can I Enable Touch Event In List Activity?

May 13, 2010

I have created a list activity where i have placed some items and i am using OnListItemClick to get the desired actions through D-pad and KeyLeft and KeyRight Buttons, In Emulator TouchEvent is not working , I want to know whether it works in real Handsets? How can i enable the TOuchEvent? also Can anyone please help me out in this.

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Android :: List View Selection To Start A New Activity

Aug 6, 2010

I'm working with a list view trying to get specific activities to open when a certain item is selected. This is the code that I'm working with right now. I know its wrong but am not sure what I need to change it make it work. I think I need an intent and tried a few ideas but did not come up with much.


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Android :: Find ViewById() Id / List Element In Activity?

Aug 10, 2010

I'm trying to get the ListView by using the findViewById function, yet I'm unsure what I am trying to find or what to put. does not work.

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Android :: Activity Contains Some Textviews At Top Then Expandable List View

Jun 2, 2010

I have requirement like this- my activity contains some textviews at the top then the expandable list view in the middle and a button at the bottom. my problem is when i clicked on
expandable list view the expanded list get accommodated in the space between button and expandable list view.

I wanted expandable list view to get expanded full and button should move downward according to the contains of the expandable list view. And i have used scrollview as a main layout.
thank you

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Android :: Button And Expandable List On Single Activity

Jun 16, 2009

I want to customize my ExpandableList my issue is i need a button and expandable list on single activity can i achieve that as i have seen all the examples they all extends ExpandableListActivity not the Activity in which i can put all the widgets in one activity

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