Android :: Changing Package Name But Keeping Database

Sep 7, 2010

I've created an Android application which has a certain package name that I've been using personally for months now. I'm about to release it on the market, and I have to change the package name. This cannot be avoided.

My issue is that the application has an SQLite database attached to it that I want to keep, but I know if I change the package name, it'll install as a separate application and I'll have to restart my database, which would take a very long time.

Is there a good way to change a package name while maintaining the SQLite database? Or at least moving the database easily? This will just be for my own phone since it hasn't been released to the public yet.

Android :: Changing package name but keeping database

Android :: Keeping Data In Memory And Database At Same Time

Sep 9, 2010

We're designing an Android app that has a lot of data ("customers", "products", "orders"...), and we don't want to query sqlite every time we need some record. We wanna avoid to query database as most as we can, so we decided to keep certain data allways in memory.

Our initial idea is to create 2 simple classes:

"MemoryRecord": a class that will contain basically an array of objects (string/int/double/datetime/etc...), that are the data from a table record, and all methods to get those data in/out from this array.
"MemoryTable": a class that will contain basically a Map of [Key,MemoryRecord] and all methods to manipulate this Map and insert/update/delete record into/from database.

Those classes will be derived to every kind of table we have in database. Of course that there are other usefull methods not listed above, but they are not important at this point.

So, when starting app, we will load those tables from SQLite database to memory using those classes, and every time we need to change some data, we will change in memory and post it into database right after.

But, we want some help/advice from you. Can you suggest something more simple or efficient to implement such thing? Or maybe some existing classes that already do it for us?


I understand what you guys are trying to show me, and I thank you for that.

But, let's say we have a table with 2000 records, and I will to list those records. For each one, I have to query other 30 tables (some of them with 1000 records, others with 10 records) to add additional info in the list, and this while it's "flying" (and as you know , we must be very fast at this momment).

Now you'll gonna say: "just build your main query with all those 'joins', and bring all you need in one step. SQLite can be very fast, if your database is well designed, etc...".

OK, but this query will become very complicated and sure, even SQLite be very fast, it will be "too" slow (2 a 4 seconds, as I confirmed, and this isn't a acceptable time for us).

Another complicator is that, depending of user interaction, we need to "re-query" all records, because the tables involved are not the same, and we have to "re-join" with another set of tables.

So, an alternative is bring only the main records (this will never change, no matter what user does or wants) with no join (this is very fast!) and query the others tables every time we want some data. Note that on the table with 10 records only, we will fetch the same records many and many times. In this case, it is a wast of time, because no matter fast sqlite be, it will allways be more expensive to query/cursor/fetch/etc... than just grab the record from a kind of "memory cache". I want to make clear that we don't plan to keep all data in memory allways, just some tables we query very offten.

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Android :: What Is Standard Way Of Keeping List Updated With Database

Aug 23, 2010

I have a database, a ListView, and a CustomCursorAdapter that extends CursorAdapter. A menu button adds an item to the database. I want the ListView to update and show this change. Normally it doesn't show this new item until i go to the homescreen and reopen the application.

I did eventually get it to work by calling cursor.requery() or mCustomCursorAdapter.changeCursor(newCursor) whenever I added a new item, but when I set autoRequery to false in the CursorAdapter constructor, it worked just the same. Why does it update correctly when autoRequery is set to false?

Am I using CursorAdapter correctly? What is the standard way of keeping the list updated with the database? And what does autoRequery do?

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HTC Desire :: Incorrect Timezone - Network Keeping Changing

Nov 23, 2010

I have been lurking for a few months now but have finally registered as i have an issue i just cant figure out. Me and the wife both have a Desire. When the time is set to automatically update from the network it keeps changing to GMT -8 Las Vegas time. it even says Las Vegas in the current clock.(and i cant delete it We have never manually changed the clock to Vegas time. The freaky thing is that we used to live in Las Vegas, BUT we didn't get our Desire's until moving back to the UK. I have made sure all my router, modem and PC settings are all GMT UK Time. the only thing that i can think is it is Gmail doing it as we made our Gmail account whilst in Las Vegas. its very annoying as when it changes to Vegas time obviously all our alarms and calender entries go "pete tong".

Also if i set the clock to manual it loses time pretty quickly as i left the wifes on auto and mine manual and within a few days mine had dropped 2 or 3 mins. We have the same gmail account synced to both phones. we also use Launcher Pro I thnk that is all the info i have for now.

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Android :: Populated Database Inside The App Package?

Jan 19, 2010

I'm trying to bind a pre-populated database (.db file) to my application, so that I could use the data right away. I cannot, however, figure out a way to: 1) Store the .db file inside the application. 2) Access the database inside the application.

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Android :: Package To Back-up My App's Database Filles?

Jan 13, 2010

I would like to use this package to back-up my app's database filles. I was looking at the source for the User Dictionary Provider when I noticed that it was using it. Why is it not exposed in the public API and what are the plans in the short term with it?

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Android :: Changing Package Names Fibers Map Overlays?

Jan 20, 2009

This is odd. I need to make my code pretty, so the first thing I want to do is to change the all the strings 'com.appspot.lbtdl' to 'com.faberfedor.tagyourworld'. I change every string in all the directories using the Perl 'pie' technique. Then I put the code into a new directory, create a new Eclipse project and run it. Code...

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Changing Package Name Of App In Eclipse?

May 18, 2014

I have been working on an android application for a few months and now need to change the package name. So I went into AndroidManifest.xml and changed the package name, but all it did was create errors.

So my question is:How do you change the package name of an application in Eclipse?

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General :: Changing Package Name Of Settings APK?

Feb 28, 2013

how can I change package name of to something else..I have edited the manifest file but after recompiling it gives me a bunch of errors...i want to install two Settings.apk 1st id original Stock Settings.apk and another GB Settings.apk which I obtained from source system.img but both have some errors and when I try to open something it gives me FC's Something works and something doesn't So if i have installed both the apk i can redirect bu editing apk files so i will not have any errors or FC's

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Android :: Perform Database Specific Operation Using Android.preference Package?

Jul 23, 2010

I need a database in which I can store data and get data whenever I need. Is this possible with android.preference package. I do not want to use sqlite database.

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Motorola Droid :: Changing Plans Minutes Lose Unlimited Data Package On Phone?

Sep 15, 2010

If I change my plans minutes, will I lose my unlimited data package I have on my Droid?

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Android :: Package Manager Get Size Of An Installed Package?

Feb 12, 2009

i work on custom Application Manager and try to get the disk usage of installed package. So PackageManager.getpackageSizeInfo was removed from SDK on 0.9->1.0 update PackageStats(String pkgName)(cacheSize, codeSize, dataSize) returns always "0" Size of phys. file ( in "/data/app" seems wrong/not completely. Has anybody any solution to get the total disc space used by an installed package?

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Android :: Can't Access Package Private Fields In Android.widget Package?

Oct 7, 2010

I'm attempting to override an Android View class to tweak the functionality just slightly. But I need to modify a field that does not have a setter method. I've placed the subclass in a package called android.widget. Why can't I access any of the package-private member fields? I notice that the compiler says they "cannot be resolved," rather than not being accessible. Does this have something to do with how Android.jar is built?

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Android :: Connect To Remote Database Online Database

Nov 8, 2010

ive been looking for a week now i need some help connecting to a remote database...i want my app to get data out of the database and update the database.ive tried this but i dont understand it.

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Android :: Full Android Database Class For Existing SQLite Database?

Aug 23, 2010

I'm trying to deploy an application with an existing SQLite database.I've been reading though the examples that are posted but they are always missing some part of the class. I feel like I'm trying to bake muffins but no one told me to use baking powder.Can someone post a full database helper class for depoying an SQLite database on Android? Edit : Delete old code because it doesn't work.

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Android :: Synchronizing Sqlite Database On Android To A Sybase Database On Server

Apr 12, 2010

I'm currently developing a Field-Service application that stores data in the local sqlite database on an android device. At some point, usually after completing the data collection rounds, the local sqlite db is to be synchronized to a remote sybase db on the server.Any suggestions as to how this could be achieved or engineered as a solution? Or even better, are there alternatives to synchronizing data in such an application?

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Android :: Keeping An Application Running

Jul 24, 2010

This is sort of about task managers, and yet, not. I have an application I need to stay open (meebo) but Androids's task manager closes it sometimes. I have tried using task managers to keep enough memory free that Android won't kill Meebo, but it usually gets killed eventually anyway. Does anyone have an idea on how to keep it open? I am running 2.2.

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Android :: Need App For Keeping Apps Closed?

May 19, 2010

Let me start off my saying I searched this topic before I posted. I am constantly closing apps with them being restarted and I'm not opening them like Music, alarm clock, Amazon mp3 store, moxier mail, etc. The only one I actually use from time to time is music but they open on there own. Is there an app or setting to change this?

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Android :: Keeping An Application Running In The Background

Jun 26, 2009

We have an application that connects to a device and therefore needs to keep running in the background even when there are no Activities active. What is the recommended way to indicate that our application is still active and for it not to be killed automatically?

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Android :: Handcent Keeping Phone Awake

Apr 3, 2010

Ever since the last update Handcent keeps my phone awake, and subsequently kills the battery if I get a text message and don't get to it for a while. I have the pop-up set to not turn on the screen or even appear over the lock screen. I uninstalled for a while used chomp and stock, along with sms popup and neither caused similar behavior?

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Android :: Good Organizer App For Keeping Track?

Sep 29, 2010

Does anyone know of a good organizer app for keeping track of your life? Appointments and such. I have the Jorte and I do like it but for some reason it is now linked to my Face book and puts in all my friends birthdays which I do NOT want in there and I can't seem to unlink it. But I would also still appreciate any recommendations so I can check them out to see if they work for me.

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Android :: What Is Keeping Retailers From Making Apps?

Dec 9, 2009

It seems like more and more mainstream retailers are making apps for the iPhone, whether it be Starbucks, Pizza Hut, UPS, etc. When do they start making these apps available to Android users. The Droid has sold almost 1,000,000 units in a little over a month. With several phones slated for 10' do you think that this will happen?

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Android :: Keeping Service Alive Across Configuration Changes

Apr 7, 2010

The default way configuration changes (i.e., rotates) are handled is to destroy the activity & recreate it with a new one. What is the recommended way to handle these changes in an activity that binds / unbinds to a service (that is possibly heavy/slow to start)? When the activity gets destroyed, it unbinds & causes the service to be destroyed. When the new activity is created, it binds & recreates the service.

The only choices seem to be:
-- override onConfigurationChanged in the activity. Feels ok, but non - conformant.
-- explicitly start the service & only stop it when the last activity gets an onDestroy that's not due to a config change (i.e., there was no call to onRetainNonConfigurationInstance). Feels icky.
-- explicitly start the service & don't stop it until some amount of time after the last unbind. Ickier.

On a related note, what happens between activity switches within a process, where the first activity (A) starts the next activity (B) & then calls finish() -- is there a guarantee that B.onCreate is called before A.onDestroy? If not, and the activities share a service, the same issue of keeping the service alive during this window exists, but with only the icky workarounds.

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Android :: Keeping An Activity Alive Instead Of Destroying It?

Nov 23, 2009

Is there a way to keep an Activity in memory after the user hits the back button on it?ActivitySearch is used frequently in my app, however after the user starts it up, then hits the back button, it's destroyed, and the next visit to it requires it be built from scratch again.If after its first construction, I could just request it be paused instead of destroyed on the back button, then I could reuse it. Is there a sensible way of doing this?The only way I could think of reasonably doing it is to combine ActivitySearch with ActivityMainMenu into a single activity, and simply switch views when the user chooses search, but this is probably a bad design.

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Android :: Keeping Track Of All Downloaded Apps

Sep 27, 2010

I might be getting a new phone next week. Is there any way for me to have a list of all the apps I've downloaded rather than trying to remember all of them?

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Android :: Keeping Map API Keys In Sync Across A Dev Team

Jan 5, 2010

When an app which uses the Map API is released it must be signed with the public cert. For individual use the key comes from the local debug keystore, created each time the Android SDK is installed. In other words, its different for each developer. When I include a view using it, then commit, my key goes in the xml, but the next developer to take an update clobbers his key, which being different to mine results in no maps being shown for him. Is there a smarter way to prevent this when a team is using the Maps API please?

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Android :: Is Anyone Keeping Track Of Browsing Stats?

Oct 16, 2010

I always see articles on places like Engadget about browsing stats and about how much traffic is from specific devices (or at least specific operating systems).It appears the Evo is showing up as running Mac OS and using Safari. I found that to be odd.

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Android :: Keeping Screen On While Activity Active

Jul 14, 2009

I have a map activity for which I would like to have the screen turned on as long it's active (the app consists of one activity only). When the activity is paused or stopped I want to return to normal on/off mode. Keeping the screen on works fine while the app is running but when I exit the app the screen stays on as well. What am I missing?

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Android :: Best App For Keeping Track Of Writers' Projects?

Jun 1, 2010

Just got the incredible and I need an app that will help me with work because that's the main reason I got a smartphone. I use to use Google Apps spreadsheets to keep track of all my writers projects, but it seems that would be harder on the incredible. Basically I need something where I can know which client the project is for, which writers are working on it, a short description of the project, if it's done, been paid for, etc. Any app that could help me with this?

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Android :: Way To Use Features In 2.1 / 2.2 While Keeping A MinSDK Version To 3?

May 26, 2010

I have a project that is just using Android 1.5 for programming, but with the proliferation of other handsets and some cool features in Android 2.2, we'd like to support the features without losing support for 1.5 or forking a new code base. Is it possible to do with Android SDK?I do have some sense of the "ugly" way to do it, as in keeping the same code base but have a build system that builds different versions for the platforms and keep different Java files around that get added in our out of the build based on which version is selected. I'm hoping someone else has solved the problem based on the many versions of apps in the market that run on multiple Android versions.

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