Android :: BaseAdapter Doesn't Return Position Correctly?

Dec 17, 2009

I custom the BaseAdapter to show image array with full-screen mode. I want the user can flick the images so I use the gallery class.When a image displays on the screen, a correlative sentence should be showed as well. The issue is the position param in getView function jump abnormally, especially when I flick into more one picture at a time. Therefore the string is showed incorrectly, I don't know why the image still displays normally. Here is my code...

Android :: BaseAdapter doesn't return position correctly?

Android : Can I Scroll Position In BaseAdapter?

Mar 9, 2010

I am using BaseAdapter for displaying the list. This list is fetched by calling a Web Service. At a time only 20 records are returned. Now, when the scroll of the BaseAdapter reaches the last record then the application should fetch more records from the server.

So, what I want to know is how to know the scroll position or some other way of knowing that the last record has been reached so fetch more records from the server. I don't want to implement the next and previous button on the screen.and so am trying to implement it in this manner.

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Android : How To Get Scroll Position In A GridView / GetScrollY Always Return 0

Jul 24, 2010

I have a GridView in my activity, and I want to save current scroll position while user goes to another place and restore it while user comes back. I try to use GridView.getScrollY and GridView.scrollTo methods, but getScrollY method always return 0 instead of right scroll position. Am I using this method in a wrong way?

Could anyone who can teach me how to retrieve the scroll position in a GridView?

I searched the Internet found that someone said we can use getSelectedItemPosition and setSelection methods, but this requires user to select at least one item, how about the case that no items is selected?

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Android :: How To Implement Position In Image Adapter To Return Customized View?

Jul 12, 2010

Sample code there is a method getitem(position) in the class of image adapter which returns null for the sample example. However, this method is important and is supposed to return the corresponding data item of the image adapter. For example the image adapter could generate a series of customized image views by magically calling the getview method. How could we implement the getitem(position) method under this case to help us gain access to these customized image views?

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Android :: Geocoder Doesn't Always Return A Value

Nov 12, 2010

I am able to successfully get lat/long and pass it to the geocoder to get an Address. However, I don't always get an address back. Seems like it takes a couple of attempts? I'm not sure why.

Is there a better way for me to obtain the address at this point?


I am calling this method here:


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Android :: Getprop Doesn't Return Anything / What Am I Missing?

Sep 2, 2010

I'm writing a little dhcpcd hook (script) and was wondering how could I get some properties into it. Getprop doesn't work in dhcpcd's "environment". I can see some hooks are setting properties with setprop (that works) but getprop just doesn't return anything. What am I missing?

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Android :: Update Item Position On Map Doesn't Work?

Nov 18, 2010

i have an android app, with a actitity, that shows a map, with a position. This possition is updated on sharedPreferences with a service... ok, that works fine. I need that my activity implements runnable to be a thread that read's the position of sharedPreferences each 1000ms and then update the item position on the map... but it doesn't works. As i saw in debug mode, my thread doesn't work fine, ONLY ENTER ONE TIME on RUN() method... i mean that never enters into RUN() method again, only one time, cause this, the positions doesn't be updated on the map. What is wrong? why this thread doesn't work fine?

public class Locate extends MapActivity{

private TextView userText = null;
private TextView permissionText = null;
private TextView lastUpdateText = null;
private Button locateButton = null;.............

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HTC EVO 4G :: Stock Youtube App Doesn't Work Correctly?

Aug 3, 2010

Since upgrading to FroYo, the stock youtube app doesn't work correctly. Most of the time I can't hear any sound at all no matter what setting the media volume is set to. The times I can hear sound it isn't audible and very very quiet. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Motorola Droid :: Facebook Bookmark On Default Browser Doesn't Load Correctly

Jan 30, 2010

My Facebook bookmark on my default browser doesnt load correctly. It loads what was on my page hours ago. Then I hit home and it loads what was on it a minute after that, and again. I have to hit home (Facebook home) about 10 times before it gets up to date. Its pretty annoying.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Screen Rotation - Delay When Switch From Horizontal Position To Vertical Position

Sep 29, 2010

On my htc i was looking through display, i see g sensor calibration and i perform this calibration and after i do so the screen seems to have a delay when switch from the horizontal position to the vertical position. its weird because when i switch to the phone horizontally it switch normally and responds fast. but when i switch back to vertically it takes almost 7 seconds to actually switch back, sometimes it switch within 2 or 3 secs but never as quick as switching horizontally.


Originally Posted by Rigmaster

Make sure you have the latest updates, which impact speed on the device in some unpredictable and unexpected ways. During system updates, your Evo may reboot and will take the g-sensor changes as last calibrated.

If you're already updated, shut down and repower (soft reboot) should do the trick. I actually updated my phone and after it started to do this. I restarted the phone plenty of times i even took the battery out for 30 seconds. It only does it when im texting on the browser, basically everything but the camera. He camera screen rotation is perfect. I even rooted the phone but i havent figured out how to use the root to fix the problem. Should i do a firmware update? Because i just did the htc software update.

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Android :: How Does BaseAdapter Communicate With Its ListView?

Sep 6, 2009

How does BaseAdapter communicate with its ListView? I was wondering how the BaseAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged() method notifies the attached View that the underlying data has been changed and it should refresh itself? When creating a BaseAdapter you attach it to the View with.So the ListView then knows it's adapter to get list elements. But you never tell the BaseAdapter what ListView it is attached to. So when you call BaseAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged() how does it reach the View to tell it to refresh itself?

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Android :: For Google About BaseAdapter Class

Nov 19, 2009

For Google about BaseAdapter class

In Android 1.6 and 2.0 the BaseAdapter class has apparently been modified to throw an exception when it sees the Adapter.getCount() method return a number different than what it picked up when BaseAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged() was called (at least I did not observe this behavior in pre 1.6).

So now the question is, when should one call notifyDataSetChanged() or more importantly, when can the count in the Adapter be safely changed?

Consider the case of an app with a background thread delivering data to a BaseAdapter at a rate faster than the ListView responds to notifyDataSetChanged(). Because notifyDataSetChanged() is a synchronous call and the ListView updates are taking place sometime in the indeterminate future on the UI thread, how can an app know when it is safe to change the adapter count?

If the app changes the count while the ListView is updating itself the exception will be thrown (and there is no way to catch the exception).

Is there a way to know when it is safe to change the count in the BaseAdapter?

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Android :: Finish Activity From Custom BaseAdapter

Nov 22, 2010

In my android application I have custom listview with an image and textview. In extended BaseAdapter under getView method click events of textview and image are associated with onClick method using setOnClickListener as shown in code below




When clicking on image it acutally deletes that entry from List which works fine, but on clicking textview i would like to return the text of clicked textview to main activity but I am unable to achieve this, although I can do this from setOnItemClickListener of this custom listview acitivity.

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Android :: BaseAdapter Class Used With Json Parsing

Oct 12, 2010

I have Parsed the Json Response and Now I want to use the BaseAdapter Class in my Application. I have a rough Idea about the BaseAdapter Class but not very clear about the same. what exactly the Base Class does.

Also do I need to use the Getter and Setter Methods if I am using the BaseAdapter Class in my Application?

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Android : Different Types Of View In ListActivity / BaseAdapter?

Feb 22, 2009

In a list, is it possible to have different kind of views, inflated from different layout XML?

I started with the sample in the API Demo, using the Efficient Adapter, and it starts like this Code...

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Android :: Default Number Of Views Constructed For A BaseAdapter?

Jun 26, 2009

I've tried to describe this problem a few times, but I'll try again.I have a thread (not spawned from the adapter) which updates items in a List that a BaseAdapter child uses to populate its view. I am not adding things in the List from the thread, just modifying content. In any case, I have 6 rows visible at first on the screen. The thread pulls data from the network and updates them in 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 order. However, when 0 is updated, 5 mirrors its data on the screen briefly, then 1 is updated, 4 mirrors it, 3 is updated, then 4 is reloaded correctly, then 5, then 6. I am using the view holder/ convertView pattern correctly, as far as I can tell.How many views are created by default for an adapter? My guess is 3 based on what I see. Then, when getView() gets to index 4, 5, or 6, it correctly creates more Views and populates the right data. Anyone ever seen anything like this?

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Android :: BaseAdapter Don't Hide Layout With SetVisibility - View.GONE

Jul 29, 2010

I have a little problem. I have class


When I do that, method convertView.setBackgroundColor(Color.RED) work great, what I need Image is there:

But when I want to remove that item, I can't do it. I add there convertView.setVisibility(View.GONE); , but have empty item, beside hide it. I read that parameter View.INVISIBLE won't hide layout, but View.GONE have, but in my code, doesn't.

And that image:

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Android :: Custom BaseAdapter - Dynamic Updates - Crash In ListView Layout

Feb 16, 2010

I'm trying to get my first Android app stable enough for the marketplace, and I've hit a brick wall with one exception that I don't understand. Probably I'm doing something stupid, but I can't tell what, and after several hours googling and experimenting, I thought I'd see if I can get some help. My Activity extends ListActivity, and the parts I think are most important are extracted below:

GroupedListAdapter is a simple class that extends BasedAdapter to provide headings for sections of the list (not unlike the Fancy ListView tutorials that are floating around).

I create this in onCreate, and it works fine. Inside onListItemClick, I do some actions which will create a different set of list contents. I "clear" the adapter, which empties the contents, and call reload, which repopulates it. Then I call notifyDataSetChanged.

Most often, this seems to work, but also fairly often, I get the exception following the code snippets below - this seems to indicate the ListView is not in sync with my changes. Lately this crash happens 100% of the time under the simulator.


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Android :: Custom ListAdapter Extending BaseAdapter Crashes On Application Launch

Mar 23, 2010

Data being pulled from a local DB, then mapped using a cursor. Custom Adapter displays data similar to a ListView. As items are added/deleted from the DB, the adapter is supposed to refresh. The solution attempted below crashes the application at launch.




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Android :: Invoke GetView Method In BaseAdapter In Droid From Another WebService Bean?

Mar 19, 2010

How to invoke the getView method in the baseAdapter in Android from another WebService Bean?

The adapter in my code as follows, I extends the base adapter code...

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HTC EVO 4G :: 30 Day Return Policy - Out Of Stock At Return?

Jun 27, 2010

If I need to return my phone before the 30 days are up and they are out of stock, will they still honor the return policy and just call you when they have one available or will you have to stick with the phone that you have?

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Android : How To Detect Correctly APN Changes?

Feb 10, 2010

In my application I need to react on APN changes (including going back and forth between WiFi and GSM connections) and change proxy settings in case it needs to be taken into account to connect with the network. I'm listening for ConnectivityManager.CONNECTIVITY_ACTION broadcasts to check for APN changes which contains 'reason' extra among others. Unfortunately the 'reason' for APN change is not documented, maybe it should not be used? I was using (with limited success) reason:apnChanged and reason:apnSetupComplete as indicators of APN change being done but that does not work well with going back and forth between WiFi and mobile connection. What is the correct way of listening for changes of current network APN/Interface?

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Android :: Mail Not Working Correctly

May 23, 2010

I got my droid eris last Feb. 2010. I was always able to retrieve my POP yahoo mail, but it never worked like it should. Then one day a couple of weeks ago, it started working correctly, meaning I would hear a notification sound, the phone would vibrate and there would be a green number on the mail icon on my home page. I don't know what setting I changed, but it was working. Then I decided to get a Mail Plus yahoo account so I could store all my emails in my Mail program on my Mac. I set up it up and all was working.

Then the 2.1 software update came through last week. Mail was not working correctly, so I reset up the yahoo account. The phone did it automatically and I noticed now it's using an IMAP and server address. I could retrieve my email OK, but again, it did not work as I expected. Now, in the last 2 days, it is deleting mail from my server when I delete the mail from my phone. There WAS a setting that said Never Delete from Server in the Send/Receive setting area, BUT NOW THAT IS GONE!

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Android :: Torrent FU Not Working Correctly

Feb 13, 2010

I am having problems getting Torrent Fu to work correctly on my Eris. I have done everything I can think of and need a new pair of ears to help me get past these problem. I have done everything (which I think I did correctly (according to the setup page)) and it is still not working. I have a port on my router open and even tested it and that is ok. However my Eris is not able to see it nor send a torrent to the uTorrent app on the computer.

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Android :: Gmail App Not Syncing Correctly

May 15, 2010

The Gmail app on my Samsung Galaxy Portal/Lite/Spica (i5700) doesn't seem to be syncing mail correctly when previously it was.

I have updated via Odin to Eclair, however the problem was there in 1.5 and I was hoping 2.1 fixed it. Curiously, the issue wasn't there when I first got the phone and it is a relatively recent issue.

When I read a mail in the Gmail app it should mark as read, however when I log on to Gmail from a PC it still shows as unread. But the phone will still mark it as unread.

How do I make the Gmail app show all mail read through it as read when I log on via a PC?

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Android :: DexClassLoader Works Correctly?

Oct 29, 2009

I've been trying to load a class with DexClassLoader, but it doesn't really work. There was a couple of posts about this, so I tried some of them, but it didn't work.Here's my code:

DexClassLoader dLoader = new DexClassLoader("/data/app/ com.testpackage.test2.apk", "/data/dalvik-cache", null, ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader()); try { Class cLoad = dLoader.loadClass("com.testpackage.test2.Test2");
} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) { Log.d("ERROR", "Class Not Found"); e.printStackTrace(); } ..............

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Android :: Google Sky Map Is Not Working Correctly

Feb 19, 2010

Google Sky map is not working correctly.

The display remains stationary when I slowly rotate from North around 360deg.

When I move the phone vertically from the horizon upwards, the constellations change,as expected.

GPS is enabled and gives my correct location when Sky Map starts.

Has anyone, any suggestions. I am an astronomer, and bought my Hero because of this application.

My phone details are:-
HTC hero
Firmware 1.5
Build No:
Software version: 1.0.0.A6288

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Android :: PNG 24 With Gradient / Not Showing Correctly

Jun 5, 2009

I have a LinearLayout and I am setting a Background image. I am using a PNG24, and the image has a gradient in it. When I see the image on the computer the gradient is perfect, but when I see it on the emulator or on a real phone, some colors are lost and I see only like 10 colors, so I see lines and not a perfect gradient. Is the emulator 'compressing' the images? Should I make them in other format?

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Android :: BluetoothServerSocket : Close It Correctly?

Mar 29, 2010

I've activity, which send files using Bluetooth. When I want to stop server socket which is waiting for accept I call close(). After that activity just hang. How should I close BluetoothServerSocket correctly?

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Android :: Way To Correctly Stop Camera Service?

Jun 1, 2010

Is there any way to correctly stop the camera service? This does not seem to work: After doing that the camera does not work, even if I use the program that is pre installed in my handset.

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