Android :: Android 1.6 - Android - View - WindowManager$BadTokenException - Unable To Add Window - Token Null Is Not For An Application

Apr 14, 2010

I'm trying to open a dialog window, but every time I try to open it it throws this exception:


I'm creating it by calling showDialog with the display's id. The onCreateDialog handler logs fine and I can step through it without an issue, but I've attached it since it seems like I'm missing something:


Is there something missing from this? Some questions have talked about having this problem when creating a dialog from onCreate, which happen because the activity isn't created yet, but this is coming from a call from a menu object, and the appContext variable seems like it is correctly populated in the debugger.

Android :: Android 1.6 - android - view - WindowManager$BadTokenException - Unable to add window - token null is not for an application

Android :: OAuth Request Token - Null In App

Jun 4, 2010

I am trying to authenticate something(in this case LinkedIn) using OAuth but the requested token always returns null?

Here is my code below:


I basicaly followed the example here

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Android : Unable To Get Auth Token In Flickr

Oct 8, 2010

I am trying to access flickr services from android, to get the full permissions , first of all i fetched forbs using flickr.auth.getFrob method by integrating & converting in MD5

secret + 'api_key' + [api_key] +
'method' + 'flickr.auth.getFrob'

I successfully got the frob , but the problem came when i request a authorized token by integrating & converting in MD5

secret + 'api_key' + [api_key] +
'frob' + [frob] + 'method' +

but unfortunately i am getting invalid frob , i don't why whats the problem.

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Android :: Syntax Error On Token - QUOTE - VariableDeclaratorId Expected After This Token

Jun 2, 2010

I've posted a bigger chunk of the code below. You can see that initially QUOTE was procedural- coded in place. I'm trying to learn how to use declarative design so I want to do the same thing but by using resources. It seems like I need to access the string.xml thru the tag and identify QUOTE with that string value. But I don't know enough to negotiate this.


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Android :: Window.opener - Null - Is Not An Object

Jun 22, 2009

I have a webview with a FriendConnect button to allow a user to login to FriendConnect.

When clicking on this button, I'm taken through the expected screens for logging in.

However, it seems like the last redirect after logging in fails with a Javascript error in the browser:


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Android :: Getting ClientLogin Token For Application Server?

Sep 7, 2010

Anyone know where I can find an example of how I can get a ClientLogin token for use in Cloud to Device messaging? I get the general idea, but I'm not exactly sure what parameters I'm supposed to be sending, and how.

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Android :: Unable To Synchronize View With Hardware In Application

Aug 2, 2010

I am working on Android App and unable to synchronize View with Hardware. Let me explain.
1) I mute and unmute microphone of Android based on random values (which are random sleeps) stored in array A, from within run method of Thread 1.
2) I draw blue pulses that reflects the mutes of microphone. This is done by independent View class.
3)I move a red line across the graph drawn in above view, by calling from within onTick of a countdown timer.
I start the two threads one after other, this way:
Thread1.start counter.start();

How to synchronize both of these, I want to do three things at a time and avoid multiple threads. Three things are: Draw the pulses (which is constant), make the red line move across x axis and touch the blue pulse as soon as the phone is muted, and keep moving every second, the width of pulse reflects duration of delay. as soon as microphone is about to be unmuted, red line should leave the pulse and move forward. Currently, code is doing what I want. but there is no synchronization. Either microphone does its job first, or graph moves fast. They are not in Sync. Is there a way to hold a thread, force it to behave as coutdowntimer or sync both of them. I cannot embed the red line movement in thread 1 because, it will have to progress across x axis every second.

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Android : Need To Pass Authentication Token Along To Application's Login Address

Aug 30, 2009

I'm connecting to my AppEngine application using the Apache HttpComponents library. In order to authenticate my users, I need to pass an authentication token along to the application's login address ( and grab a cookie from the header of the response. However, the login page responds with a redirect status code, and I don't know how to stop HttpClient from following the redirect, thus thwarting me from intercepting the cookie.

Fwiw, the actual method I use to send the request is below. How would I stop the client from following the redirect?

Update: As per the solution below, I did the following after creating a DefaultHttpClient client (and before passing it to the execute method):
More verbose than it seems it needs to be, but not as difficult as I thought.

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Android :: Windowmanager - Problem With Progress

May 4, 2009

I have problem with Windowmanager. WarrenFaith suggest me add the Dialog to the Windowmanager on page , but I don't know how could I do it.

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Android :: View.getContext Returns NULL

Jun 13, 2010

I'm trying to save a file in Activity.onPause method and sometimes (I've fond it in Market stacktrace) View.getContext returns NULL. The code:

public class MyActivity extends Activity { ... @Override protected void onPause() { super.onPause(); surface.saveState(); } ...

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Android :: Find The Window Containing A View

May 7, 2010

I can't find a way to obtain a reference the Window containing an arbitrary View v. I found getWindowToken, but I can't figure out how to use it? Does anyone know how? Also, does anyone know why it returns an IBinder rather than a Window?

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Android :: Unable To Handle Kernel NULL Pointer Dereference

Sep 16, 2009

I have created a simple driver to implement mmap and an application program to uses the sys call mmap and tries writ/read data. The mmaped area is the RAM.(I am working on beagle board) This works fine when I execute my application program through the shell/console but fails (with the following error) to work when executed through an apk. Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual Code...

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Android :: Conversion To Dalvik Format - Unable To Execute Dex Null

Apr 22, 2010

I'm trying to use the SmugFig SmugMug API on Android. It was designed for J2SE I would imagine, so I'm not sure it will even work on Android, but I figured it was worth trying as opposed to trying to create my own API. When I load the project though, I get the following error: Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: null. It doesn't say what package it fails on, just "Android Packaging Problem", but it did not do this before I added SmugFig and it's dependency JARS to the build path. Where should I look? Or does this mainly me that it just won't work with those libraries?

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Android :: Unable To Hide Window Title Using A Theme

Aug 26, 2009

yes, I know how to do it in the java code (requestWindowFeature (Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE)) -- but I would like to create a style that does that.

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Android :: "Unable To Find Viewer For Application/docx" / Way To View

Aug 2, 2010

I'm using K9 email client on my DroidX. I have the free version of DocumentstoGo installed.

I just sent myself a test message with a Word .docx attachment. I click on the "Open" button next to the document icon at the end of the email and I get this message: "Unable to find viewer for application/docx".

Any suggestions?

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Android :: How To Attach View To Window Manager?

Nov 20, 2010

I'd like to ask about how to proper handle progress Dialog in Thread, since getting the error from subject. My code...

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Android :: Check If The View Is Visible On The Window

Sep 4, 2010

What's the best way to check if the view is visible on the window?

I have a CustomView which is part of my SDK and anybody can add CustomView to their layouts. My CustomView is taking some actions when it is visible to the user periodically. So if view becomes invisible to the user then it needs to stop the timer and when it becomes visible again it should restart its course.

But unfortunately there is no certain way of checking if my CustomView becomes visible or invisible to the user. There are few things that I can check and listen to: onVisibilityChange, it is for view's visibility change, and is introduced in new API 8 version so has backward compatibility issue onWindowVisibilityChange, but my CustomView can be part of a ViewFlipper's Views so it can pose issues onDetachedFromWindows, this not as useful onWindowFocusChanged //Again my CustomView can be part of ViewFlipper's views. So if anybody has faced this kind of issues please throw some light.

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Android :: View Not Attached To Window Manager

Feb 8, 2010

I am having some of the following exceptions:


I have googled it and see that it has something to do with popups and turning the screen, but there is no reference to my code.

The questions are:

Is there a way to find out exactly when this issue is happening? other than turning the screen, is there another event or action that triggers this error? how do I prevent this to happen?

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Eclipse Android Web View In Popup Window?

Apr 4, 2014

Can you create a popup window in eclipse with web view in it, if so remotely how to achieve this. Im trying to get part of an app when loaded to automatically popup a web view box over the top of everything

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Android :: View Get Drawing Cache Method Always Returns Null

May 12, 2010

I'm working with Android 2.1 and have the following problem:
Using the method View.getDrawingCache() always returns null. getDrawingCache() should return a Bitmap, which is the presentation of View's content.

Example code:
public void onCreate(final Bundle savedInstanceState) {
final View view = findViewById(;
final Bitmap bmp = view.getDrawingCache();

I've already tried different ways to configure the View object for generating the drawing cache (e.g. View.setWillNotDraw(boolean) and View.setWillNotCacheDrawing(boolean)), but nothing works. What is the right way, or what I'm doing wrong? In real code I want to apply getDrawingCache() on a ViewGroup like RelativeLayout. Is the behaviour the same when using a ViewGroup?

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Android : Null Pointer Exception When Assigned A View To An Activity

Jul 27, 2010

I have built an activity to handle gestures in my Android game and want it to respond to a gesture anywhere on the screen but I am getting this error on the Log:


I understand I need to allocate a view to the activity and as you will see in my XML, a view called gestures will serve this purpose but I keep getting Inflation errors when trying to inflate the view. Before when this happened to me it was a misspelling of the view name in the XML but that's not it this time I don't think.

How would I properly assign the 'gesture' view to this activity to prevent the errors?

I have defined my activity in my code like this:


I have created the activity in the main thread in it's doStart() method by saying:


And my XML layout looks like this:


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Android :: Progress Dialog Unable To Add Window In Preference Activity

Jun 17, 2010

I encounter a problem with a ProgressDialog in a PreferencesActivity in my application.What I want to do is pop up a ProgressDialog after the user has changed his username or password during the check on the remote server. In the onSharedPreferenceChanged() I call the method. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes not at all.

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Android :: Type Conversion To Dalvik Format Failed: Unable To Execute Dex - Null

Oct 21, 2010

I am trying to create an Android maps project. Everything was working fine until i added Salesforce classes into it. Now it doesn't even compile. It gives me: Type Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: null error.

I tried 1) Increasing memory in the .ini file. That didn't help. 2) Project -> Clean option. It cleans, builds again and then gives me the same error.

I am using Snow Leopard and i have the latest version of Android on my system. I just installed it last week. Plus, my eclipse is Ganymede. I even tried it with Galileo.

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Android :: Creating And Showing A View/window From A Service

May 22, 2009

I want to show a view on calling a Service API. Currently the only way looks like using the Toast class.

I tried the following after getting the WindowManager service, but it crashes at addView. I looked into the Toast class and found that it uses WindowManagerImpl which is not accessible publicly - is there any way to access the WindowManagerImpl functionality?


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Android :: Error - View Not Attached To Window Manager

Jul 31, 2010

I am getting the following remotely from clients so I don't know what hardware etc they are using.


This is happening because of a ProgressDialog


The Activity looks like this in the Manifest.


So what could this mean? I think it has something to do with the Activity being destroyed then created but as you can see I have the configChanges set correctly.

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Android :: Cleanup Of Hidden View When Using Window.addContentView

Nov 19, 2009

I recently got some fade in stuff working so that my "loading" view is an ImageView that takes up the whole screen, and then I fade in the main view (a GridView in this case) over the top of it. In the activity creation, I call:


Then when the loading AsyncTask is done, I call the following:


Do I need to do anything in particular to clean up the loading_foo view to reduce the amount of memory my app is using? Any other issues with this approach?

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Android :: Find View Returns Null For Custom Component In Layout

Nov 7, 2009

I have a res/layout/main.xml including these elements and others:

<some.package.MyCustomView android:id="@+id/foo" (some other params) />
<TextView android:id="@+id/boring" (some other params) />
In my Activity's onCreate, I do this:
(TextView) boring = findViewById(;
// ...find other elements...
MyCustomView foo = (MyCustomView) findViewById(;
if (foo == null) { Log.d(TAG, "epic fail"); }

The other elements are found successfully, but foo comes back null. MyCustomView has a constructor MyCustomView(Context c, AttributeSet a) and a Log.d(...) at the end of that constructor appears successfully in logcat just before the "epic fail".
findViewById() returns null for custom component in layout XML, not for other components. Why is foo null?

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Android :: Animation Not Start Immediately When The Target View Is Out Of Window

Jun 10, 2010

When I apply some animation to the view, which is out of window, the animation not start immediately. And then, I scroll the screen to show the animation target view, the animation will start. I hope to the animation will start immediately when it apply.

Bellow is sample code.................

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Android :: Change Custom Title View Of Window At Run Time

May 5, 2009

I am using a custom title view in my application for each activity. In one of the activities, based on button clicks I need to change the custom title view. Now this works fine every time when I make a call to setFeatureInt.

But if I try to update any items in the custom title (say change the text of a button or a text view on the title), the update does not take place.

Debugging through the code shows that the text view and button instances are not null and I can also see the custom title bar. But the text on the text view or the button is not updated. Has anyone else faced this problem? How do I resolve it?

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Android :: Illegal Argument Exception View Not Attached To Window Manager

Nov 8, 2010

I am getting this error automatically sent to me from a lot of beta users. ava.lang. Illegal ArgumentException: View not attached to window manager at android.view. Window Manager Impl.findViewLocked( 355) At android.view.Window Manager Impl. removeView( at android.view. Window $LocalWindow Manager . removeView( 2) at .dismissDialog( at android. app. Dialog. access $000 ( at .Dialog$ (Dialog. java:111) at android .os.Handler.handleCallback( at android.os. Handler. dispatch Message( at android. os.Looper. loop ( at Activity Thread . main (Activity at java. lang.reflect .Method.invokeNative(Native Method)at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( At internal.os. ZygoteInit $Method And Args (ZygoteInit .java:868) at os. ZygoteInit .main( at dalvik . system . Native Start.main(Native Method) Since it comes from external beta users I dont know what they were doing when they got it. Nor do i know how to reproduce it. The stack trace does not list any of our code. Usually, this error means that there was an orientation change while a dialog was open, thereby invalidating the reference to the dialog when android recreates it. All of my activities already uses Android:configChanges="keyboardHidden|orientation" in order to prevent them from doing this. We still get the error. Has anyone else seen this before? What could be the problem?

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