Sprint HTC Hero :: Can't Use SD Card / Mount It On Pc / How To Fix?

Sep 19, 2010

Anyone else having major problems with their SD cards running CM6?? I cannot use my SD card or mount it on my computer!

Sprint HTC Hero :: Can't use SD card / mount it on Pc / How to fix?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Unble To Mount Via USB After New Microsd Card

Mar 10, 2010

I went and bought a new 8gb microsd card today, tired of not having enough music to get me through the day. Now, when I connect via USB, I get the normal options to mount and everything. When I choose to mount, the notification shows the option to turn off USB storage, but then just goes to preparing SD card and then I have the option to mount again. I thought that maybe it was the card, but now even with my original card, the same exact thing happens. The phone will read both cards, and both cards can be read in the computer. I also reformatted the 8gb, with the same result. Obviously I need to try another computer, but just curious if anyone has any thoughts. I have seen some people with other issues close to this, but not seeming to find the same issue occurring. btw, my phone is stock.

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HTC Hero :: SD Card Wont Mount With 2.1 On Htc Hero

Sep 11, 2010

I have a htc hero that wont mount the sd card. It has no options to mount even tho it will sync fine and charges fine. I have tried two different sd cards a PNY and a Sandisk. I had a Hero before this one that I lost and it had the exact same problem. No matter what card I use there is no mount option. I have installed usb switcher and still no mount option. I know that this is related to 2.1 cause the previous version had a mount option any ideas?

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General :: Phone Not Mount SD Card But Mount In Recovery Mode

Apr 1, 2013

When the (HTC Desire) phone is powered up it is unable to mount the SD card, and I am unable to have it mounted from the "Settings > SD card & Storage" menu. Having said that, the micro SD card can be accessed from a computer (when plugged in directly to the computer, i.e. no issue with the card), and moreover, when I am in the recovery mode, I can have it mounted and browse it. By the way, the card could be accessed from the phone until I downgraded the O/S, and managed to have it rooted.

When the phone is running normally, and connected to the USB port of a laptop, the laptop does recognize a device connected (can even do ADB), but I believe because the SD card is not mounted, the phone does not offer the option to make the card appear as a disk drive for computer access.

I am running the original (RUU, Telstra) Android 2.2 (2.26.841.2) on a HTC desire, after I had it "S-OFF'ed". After reloading the original 2.2, I had it rooted.

The micro SD card is a 2GB one, with approx 1.5GB formatted as FAT16 (contains typical file and photos), and 0.5 GB as EXT3 (contains nothing at the moment).

HBoot: 6.93.1002
S-Off ( Revolutionary)
Recovery mode: ClockworkMod v5.0.2.0 (I manually loaded it)

I have searched online for solutions, and have not been able to have it fixed. Others seem to have different issues to that of mine. Usually, they cannot mount the SD-card at all (not even from recovery), or their SD card just needed to be reformatted. I think I have indicated that these do not appear to be relevant to my issue at all. I have also tried "Fastboot oem enableqxdm 0", and it made no difference.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Can't Mount Phone To Windows 7 / Fix It?

Apr 27, 2010

I cannot mount my phone to my computer. I've tried everything from installing new drivers, to debugging on and off. Nothing seems to work. Anyone still having this problem? please help. I contacted htc, and they don't know what the hell they're talking about. one told me to dl htc sync 2.0.33 then another said to get the latest 2.0.25.....

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Can't Mount To Put Music On Or Move Pictures Off

May 14, 2010

I downloaded the sync from the sprint site (the current one they now have up) thinking I might need it for when 2.1 comes out (whenever that is now) I started the installing of it then I got some kind of warning saying that something wasn't compatible and it could ruin either my comp or something. How do I fix this I uninstalled what was put on but not it doesn't even recognize my phone anymore so I can't mount to put music on or move pictures off

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Looking For A Good Windshield Mount For Phone?

Mar 8, 2010

Any one have/know where to look for a good windshield mount for the hero? I'm specifically looking for one that will hold the phone in landscape mode so I can use the google turn-by-turn navigation (thanks for 2.1 flipz!!!). Most of the universal mounts seem extremely bulky and also only hold the phone in portrait mode.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Window Pops Up When I Mount Phone / Whats Going On?

Jan 28, 2010

ok so when i mount my hero to my laptop it asks me if i would like to scan it cause there may be problems with files on it or something and if i click scan it pops up another window with a start button i click it and then it brings up my hero as a removable disk and says please reconnect or something idk never saw this until now anyone know what going on?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Backup Phone Contacts To Sd Card On Sprint Hero

Aug 12, 2010

Is there a app out there will back up all my phone contacts to the sd card?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Micro SDHC Card Deal - Need Good Memory Card

Dec 24, 2009

Hey for anyone that needs a good memory card for their phone for music or whatever. I found a deal on a kingston class 4 8gb microsdhc for $16.95 with free shipping and no tax for most:
Kingston 8GB microSDHC Card - (Class 4) - SDC4/8GB - Buy.com

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Sprint HTC Hero : USB "mount" Option Not Showing Up / Way To Fix?

Mar 11, 2010

I am running fresh rom 2.02b, when i connect my USB to my computer the pull down menu only shows "USB debugging connected" and does not give me an option to Mount or unmount my SD card so i can access the "e" drive on my computer. When i go to click on the "e" drive it says "please insert a disk into drive E". If i go into settings the "Unmount SD card" is lighlighted and the "format SD Card" is grayed out. Any help on being able to access my drive "E" would be appreciated. I cannot move files between anything right now and i am stuck.

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Sprint HTC Hero : Possible To Put Sprint Apps On SD Card?

Dec 20, 2009

Is it possible to put the Sprint apps on the SD card post rooting, and if so, is there anywhere I could look for a walk-through or some pointers?

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HTC Hero :: How To You Open The Sprint HTC Hero To Remove SD Card?

Oct 22, 2009

I already had one to replace the one that it comes with at home so I didn't have Sprint open it to replace it. I forgot to ask as well.I've searched online and the "chin" hero seems to have a little dent where you can prop it open. The Sprint Hero looks pretty solid... but I know you have to open it to replace the SD card so my question is how do I do it without ruining the molding?

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HTC Incredible :: Sd Card Won't Mount

Sep 29, 2010

After powering on my phone this morning(I charge my phone off to bump charge my 2100 battery ) I tried to play a podcast on Google listen and noticed my phone said there was no SD card. I tried everything. Rebooted several times and I even booted into recovery. I got weird screen, triangle with an exclamation! So I rebooted back into current Rom(Ruby1.1). So I finally bit the bullet and decided to reformat the SD card (through the phone) and it still doesn't work! I don't have access to a computer but it looks like my SD card is toast. This card is a 8gig scan disk that came with my old BB Storm. Luckily the 2 gig SD that came with my incredible has a nandroid back-up, but its a 2.1 back-up. Not sure if it matters but I do have an extra backup. When I get a home I'll get another SD and do so backups. Just thought I le you guys know to tell everyone to make extra backups!

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HTC Incredible :: SD Card Won't Mount

Oct 6, 2010

So I somehow killed my 2GB SD card last week (accidentally unplugged from the laptop while it was writing data- wasn't recognized as existing by my phone or laptop after that) and just got a 4GB card today. I formatted it (FAT32) before trying anything, then copied my files back from my laptop onto the card and ran a new Titanium Backup batch thingie. Everything was fine, and I was going to go create a new backup file through Clockwork Mod so I could flash a new ROM on there and I get this message.

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General :: CMW Can't Mount SD Card

Nov 18, 2012

I have not long bought my first tablet - its an ly-f1 / alldro speed etc clone. It came with android 4.0.4 and was already rooted. Play store access isn't bad for standard, i have found most things i have looked for, although some say device is not compatible - for example the speedtest.net app and itv player. There's some it cant find either like grand theft auto 3 for example.

The performance for the tablet is ok but i understand a custom rom could improve it and also give better play store access/compatibility. So i started looking at what roms were available, i found troys CM9 and CM10, so wanted to try CM9 first. This is where i started running into problems. Mainly finding everything i needed - CMW, ADB drivers etc.. oh and mounting the sdcard! as below..

I managed to find CMW 6 for the ly-f1, which i copied across onto the tablet and ran using a shell to install it. I copied across the CM9, compatibility and gapps zip files to the internal sdcard. So far so good, however.....

when i rebooted into CMW and went to "install zip from sdcard" then "choose zip from internal sdcard" it comes up saying "cant mount /emmc/"

If i try "choose zip from sdcard" rather than internal sdcard, it says "cant mount /sdcard" - to be expected as i dont have one in it! but i cant figure out why the internal one doesn't work.

When the tablet is on i can get into the internal sdcard fine and if i connect it to the pc i can see it fine. I've looked around google and the forums and tried a few various things with no joy - for example i tried copying everything off the internal sdcard and formatting it - done this through the android setttings and through windows - both fat32 and ntfs just to see, none made any difference.

I then thought i'd try find another version of CMW in case it was that, i found a version 5 which is when i required the ADB drivers as it was a different method for installing it - got it installed and it rebooted into CMW but i had the exact same problem, still cant mount it, so i am still unable to flash to a new rom.

Is there another method i can use to flash the device? I know theres livesuite but not sure if this is suitable for CM9 since theres 3 zips that need installed? i cant understand why it cant mount the internal sdcard.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Damaged SD Card?

Dec 23, 2009

how I woke up this morning to my phone saying the sd card is damaged? When I went to bed it was fine. It works in my computer?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: What Does Unmounting Sd Card Mean?

Feb 25, 2010

I am in the process of rooting my phone. What does "unmounting" the sd card and "mounting" it mean? I get that it means taking it out of the phone and in, but is there a certain way of doing it? I have my phone plugged in the computer right now, so can I just take the micro sd card out? Or can I just take it out whenever?And when I put it back in, is there a certain way to do that?Sorry for such a dumb question, I just want to be sure I do everything right!

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Put Applications On SD Card?

Feb 5, 2010

How can one put applications on the phone's SD card using a rooted hero? Is it a complicated process? Is there a decent guide that explains how to do it?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Add Applications To SD Card?

Dec 3, 2009

Does anyone know how to move / save apps to your SD card? I am using the RA heroc rom and apps to SD will not work are there any other apps to do this or can you do it manually with a file manager?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: How To Get Music On SD Card?

Feb 4, 2010

I am using Double Twist and it seems the music I drag and drop onto my Hero are being save to the internal memory and not the SD card. How do you get them on the SD card?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: REMOUNT SD Card

Jun 6, 2010

Can somebody PLEASE take the time to let me know HOW TO Re-Mount my SD Card? Dont know what happened after the 2.1 Update but shows Unmounted and NEED TO Re-Mount...

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Way Of Partitioning My SD Card

Jan 21, 2010

ok so im wondering do i just go into recovery and then go to partition SD card and thats it or what?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Installing A New SD Card?

Jun 9, 2010

I just picked up a new 8gig Class 6 for my hero. The original 2gig in the phone looks like it has a lot of application related data on it. Do I need need to copy this over to the new SD Card or will everything be automatically rebuilt on the new card?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Where Is Sd Card / How To Change

Feb 24, 2010

How do I change my sd card?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Need To Keep Apk Files On SD Card?

Jan 11, 2010

I downloaded some non market apps and installed them and they run perfectly. However, do I need to keep the apk files on the SD card or can I delete them?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Went To CM6 And Now Cannot Connect To SD Card

Sep 15, 2010

Downloaded CM6 R1 for Hero onto SD Card (had Fresh ROM) and then flashed CM 6 and Google apps as per instructions.

Everything seems top work well except that the phone/SD Card is not recognized when connected to computer with USB.

I found this out when I went to try tethering and PDA Net. Neither worked and then I realized the phone is not being recognized by the computer.

My computer at work tried to load some ADB drivers but errored out.

When I connect the phone to either of my 3 computers I either get no popup or a popup saying do you want to load ADB drivers (which errors out).

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Anyway To View Sim Card?

Dec 17, 2009

is there a way i can look at pics stored on my memory card besides doing it on my comp?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Can't Seem To Access Sd Card / Get It On Pc?

Oct 13, 2009

I cant seem to access my sd card. I followed the book but still cant seem to find it on my pc.

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Motorola Droid :: Cannot Mount To SD Card

Sep 16, 2010

I rooted last night, DL LFY and LFY1100 kernel. I installed the kernel and then LFY itself. After trying to reboot it only gets to the custom boot screen and will not launch. After 15 minutes I pulled the battery and tried to launch in recovery mode to load my backup. Upon trying to do that it says cannot mount to SD card. I try again and same thing. After failing to mount it goes into the same custom launch screen for LFY but no OS comes up.

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