Replace Single Row View In Custom STATIC ListView - STATIC Data

Mar 18, 2013

I have Eclipse Juno and I'm working on an app with that.

The main activity will have a scrollable menu that takes you to all the other activities.

So the general structure/outline right now:[HIGH]Relative Layout ImageView (header logo type thing) ListView (the actual scrollable menu)[/HIGH]Here's the problem though... I can't find any simple list tutorials. I can easily make a single line list work but I need to make a two line list and one that is static, not dynamic and no examples are out there for that. It's like if you want to make a 2 line list, you can only learn how to do it in the most code-heavy ridiculous way possible.

Essentially what I am looking for with the list is this: Item one: Centred, bold, non selectable title (Resources)

- Item two-??: two line list items, click-able to a new activity, title of the section on first line, description on the second line.

- Item ??: Centred, bold, non selectable title (Tools)

- Item ??-??: two line list items, click-able to a new activity, title of the section on first line, description on the second line.

Nothing dynamic that is ever going to change, no super complex wonkey calculations, just to simply have the data set in stone (preferably via XML) and to call it into the list.

I experimented with some of the other list views and no matter what I did, I could get, via editing the resources and NOT using Java, more that one item on a single line but it wouldn't format it properly according to the layout I guess because I haven't got the ID correct or whatever I don't know.

I mean, all the examples I've seen for a 2 line list are extraordinarily over-coded and just bloated. I mean I have a website I am still working on in C#/ that has far more complex things in it with half the code that I've seen for the examples of the two line lists.

I tried on my own to figure it out (I am decent with C# and vaguely familiar with Java, self taught, and programming for some other systems like Python, again all self-taught), but like ALL coding references, they're organised by the actual code you implement (that you don't know) instead of by what you want it to do (so you have to search the whole code base to find something that you don't know what it's called but know what it does). >:C

Replace Single Row View in Custom STATIC ListView - STATIC Data

Android :: Call Non Static Method In Static SQLiteDatabase Class

Mar 30, 2010

i want to display a msg to the user (msg box or Toast) when exception happend in a static SQLite Database class that i use. the problem is that i cant call a non static method in a static class , how can i handle this. this is the class

private static SQLiteDatabase getDatabase(Context aContext) {

and i want to add something like this in the class when exception happen but context generates the problem of reference to non static in static class.

Context context = getApplicationContext();
CharSequence text = "Hello toast!";
int duration = Toast.LENGTH_SHORT;
Toast toast = Toast.makeText(context, text, duration);;

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Android :: Cannot Make Static Reference To Anon-static Method

Feb 7, 2010

I'm having some issues with the old "Cannot make a static reference to a non-static method" error in my Android program. I am creating a sand falling game (similar to the Powder Game) and I created a class called Control to create a Control Bar at the bottom of the screen with a slider for brush size (that works fine) and a button to pop up a Dialog to allow users to pick the selected element. However, when I call DemoActivity.showDialog(2) from my code, it gives the static reference to non-static error (DemoActivity is the main activity of my application). I also tried changing it to just Activity.showDialog(2), but I got exactly the same error!

Here's my code:


I fixed it by adding the following to my code:


And then calling control.setActivity(this); from my onResume section of!

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Android :: Non-static Method Cannot Be Referenced From A Static Context

May 26, 2010

I am modifying the source code here:

I get this error:


This error is line 13 on the second box.

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Android :: Static Vs Non-static Inner Classes

Mar 9, 2009

I have been finding it convenient to extend Handler in many of my activities to handle messages specific to the activity. The handler sublass is an inner class of the activity and needs to access its state. I am wondering if there is any performance difference between making the handler subclass static and passing in the activity explicitly in its constructor or making the subclass an "instance class" and letting the vm worry about my accessing members of the containing activity.

The static approach:


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Android :: Static Header In ListView

Jun 12, 2010

I have a ListView with several columns and I need a header row at the very top that labels each of these columns that *does not* scroll with the rest of the ListView. I am using addHeaderView right now, but I've ran into 2 problems:

1) The header scrolls. I need it outside of scrolling so that it's always "floating" on top.

2) Each column in the header isn't lining up with the columns in the listview. I can make the header columns and data columns all line up perfectly if they're all in one big TableLayout, but how would I get the header to be outside of the scrollview yet also stay uniform and inline with the data columns?

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Android :: How To Add Static Row In List View

Mar 17, 2010

How to Add Static row in list view. I have a requirement where i need to add the Static row as first row in list view.

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Android :: Listview Display All Available Items Without Scroll With Static Header

Nov 22, 2009

I'm having a little difficulties while trying to get a certain layout to work: I want to have list. List does not have to be scrollable, but should be shown completely. But the page itself should be able to scroll (with the lists in it), if the total content ist higher than the screen.


It only uses a small part of the screen (about 2 lines per list), instead of filling the available height, and the lists themselves can be scrolled. How can I change the layout to always show the whole lists but have the screen be scrollalbe?

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Android :: Dynamic Array Instead Of Static / When Creating ListView Icons And Text

Oct 29, 2010

I am using this following code which creates a ListView with text and an icon but the problem that I have which the following I want the array to be dynamic instead of static so my list gets created dynamically not statistically. My ultimate goal is to retrieve specific strings from my Db and to display it then on the Listview where every string would be in each row.

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Android :: Storage Of Static Data Within App

Jul 28, 2010

I am currently developing a simple info app on various uni campuses. I want the app to operate predominantly in an offline state thus I want to store all my information locally. The data within the app will not be subject to any change thus I was wondering what the best (practice) method was to store such data? Basically should I be storing the info in a SQLite db, java file or xml?

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Android :: Put Static Data Into SQLite Database?

Jun 8, 2010

If I have a bunch of data that is never going to change (eg. an English language dictionary or the rgb values of a couple hundred color names), how do I use an SQLite database to store it? I know a database is faster than loading everything into memory when the app starts, but how do I make the database either the first time the app runs or "before" the apps ever runs?

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Android :: Static Method In Java Accept Only Final Or Non Final Variables Within Its Method - But Not Static

Sep 15, 2010

Why should a static method in java accept only final or non final variables within its method, but not static?

For example I have the following method:


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Android :: High Performance Access On Static Data

Nov 24, 2009

I am writing a program where I have to access some static data, and now I am looking for the best method of how to include them into the project.Reading in the data by parsing an XML is *slow* (even using the SAX parser). 2. Reading the data by parsing a CSV file is faster than loading an XML, but again is too slow. 3. Putting the data into a Java file directly (e.g. by defining an array) fails because Dalvik says it is too large. 4. Reading in the data using serialization is slow. The funny thing here is: It takes a bit longer than loading the XML file. 5. Reading in the data from a SQLite database is the fastest method until now. But a bad workaround is needed: A SQLite DB can not yet be read directly from the resources, but instead has to be copied to the cache or to the SD card - even for read-only access. Right now I am using method 5, but I would really like to use a more simplified and faster solution.

What I found out: Unserialization in Java is *fast* (reading a HashMap with 5000 integers and strings in 79ms on my PC), while the same action on my G1 takes over 13500ms. I know that I can not compare a PC to a mobile device. But still, there seems to be a big difference here. I think that the JRE directly copies the serialized data to RAM, while Dalvik seems to read every object step by step. Is this going to change in the future? And, most interestingly: what do you do to access lots of static information?

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Android :: AutoCompleteTextView Static Data / Slow Performance

Jun 1, 2010

I am facing the following problem: I have a big list of street names(~2000 entries), which is stored as a variable. I have an AutoCompleteTextView which should complete the names. The process takes really long time(approx. 2 - 3 seconds) to complete the suggestion. Is there any way to speed this up? I am pasting my code, if this is necessary:The getStreetsData() method simply returns the static list of the names.

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Android :: Static Data Structures On Embedded Devices

May 2, 2010

I've started working on some Android applications and have a question regarding how people normally deal with situations where you have a static data set and have an application where that data is needed in memory as one of the standard java collections or as an array.

In my current specific issue i have a spreadsheet with some pre-calculated data. It consists of ~100 rows and 3 columns. 1 Column is a string, 1 column is a float, 1 column is an integer. I need access to this data as an array in java.

It seems like i could:

1) Encode in XML - This would be cpu intensive to decode in my experience.

2) build into SQLite database - seems like a lot of overhead for static access to data i only need array style access to in ram.

3) Build into binary blob and read in. (never done this in java, i miss void *)

4) Build a python script to take the CSV version of my data and spit out a java function that adds the values to my desired structure with hard coded values.

5) Store a string array via androids resource mechanism and compute the other 2 columns on application load. In my case the computation would require a lot of calls to Math.log, Math.pow and Math.floor which i'd rather not have to do for load time and battery usage reasons.

I mostly work in low power embedded applications in C and as such #4 is what i'm used to doing in these situations.

It just seems like it should be far easier to gain access to static data structures in java/android.

Perhaps I'm just being too battery usage conscious and in my single case i imagine the answer is that it doesn't matter much, but if every application took that stance it could begin to matter.

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Android :: BroadcastReceiver For Data SMS - Static Works - Dynamic Does Not

Mar 29, 2009

I have created a broadcast receiver statically by specifying it within the Manifest, and I have also created the "same" broadcast receiver in code and have registered it with the application context. The static way works very well, but the dynamic way does not receive the expected broadcast. It could be that I am not creating the intent filter correctly, or that I need to register it with some other context somewhere. Please see the code examples to see what I am doing. This is related to receiving data SMS, it works very well on a device using a broadcast receiver defined in the Manifest. The correct permissions are set for both examples.

The following is from the Manifest, and the resulting receiver gets the expected broadcasts:


The following is the code example that doesn't work (it does work with an intent like "android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED" but not for data sms):


The question is - why does this broadcast receiver get notified of the incoming data messages? It seems some other resource is notified when the Manifest version of the receiver is created...

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Android :: Creating Static Data Structure On Application Startup For Android

Oct 27, 2010

In my application, I am going to create a few listviews that are dependent on the listview before it. For example,Then, depending on user choice, will go next screen, let's say, it contains a submenu of each type of school,that may be different or may be the same to other states.What I want to know, is how to populate these different lists dynamically as the user goes on? I don't know what the best of doing this is, and I seem to be looking in the all the wrong places because I keep getting stuck. Once all the data is added into whatever structure is used, it will be static. I basically just need help as to how to code information into some sort of hashtable or anything of the sort that can be easily referenced, and later when the Application is updated, be able to add more schools/states/submenus etc.

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Android :: Is It Efficient To Use Text File Or XML File To Store Static Data

Jul 31, 2009

I have some reference data in a text file (~5MB) that I want to use with might android application.The file is of the format:
1|a|This is line 1a
1|b|This is line 1b
2|a|This is line 2a
2|b|This is line 2b
2|c|This is line 2c

What I want to know is the most efficient way (less memory, fast, size etc.) to use this file within my application.

a.) Should I save the file as a raw resource and open and read the whole file whenever I need a certain line.
b.) Should I convert the file to XML and use XPath to query the file when ever I need to look up a value
<!--sample XML -->
<line number="1">
<entry name="a">This is line 1 a</entry>
c.) Should I just copy & paste the whole file as a static string array in the application and use that.
[EDIT] I will also need to search this file and jump to arbitrary keywords e.g. "line 1a".

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Android :: Static Way To Get Context

Jan 4, 2010

Is there a way to get the current Context instance by using a static method? I'm looking for that way because i hate saving the context instance each time it changes.

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Android :: Static Compilation

Sep 11, 2009

I was working on Freescale iMX31 board, I ported android and it was working fine , but when it came to integration of WiFi & Bluetooth, android forum recommended me to do static compilation for porting over android !

Can I know why some drivers have to be statically compiled before it is ported over android? It was not the case with other drivers which when integrated with android, they worked perfectly well like serial port, usb etc..

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Android :: Is The Static Safe ?

Jul 29, 2009

I use a single static class in my code that defines a static field which I'm reusing between Activity onStop/onStart invocations. Here's a scenario:

User clicks on "Authorize" button (static data is initialized) Activity is stopped and web browser is called
Browser executes callback and Activity is restored (static data is reused)

At least one of my users reports the failure at step 3 which I cannot reproduce but which looks like reset of static data.

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Android :: App Static Storage ?

Sep 30, 2010

I am creating an Android application which will have some embedded music inside of it ( ~ 80 MB ). I was planning on putting it in the res/raw folder.

Since android stores that all in it's internal memory, is this way too large? What are my options? I have come up with the following:

Copy resources out of internal storage and onto the SD card when application first starts. Afterwards remove from internal storage (is this possible?)
Download music from the web when the application first starts.

I would really prefer not to have to go with option 2 since I want the app to be entirely offline and the static music is not going to change (except between releases).

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HTC EVO 4G : What Would Cause Static When On A Voice Call?

Oct 6, 2010

This seems to happen mostly when I'm talking to one person, but every now and then I'll hear static on the line when I start to talk. Sometimes when I sniff it happens, or if we talk over each other. It doesn't happen on other calls, so is it the other phone perhaps?

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HTC EVO 4G : Speaker Ear Sounds Really Static

Jul 8, 2010

All of a sudden my speaker (the one you put to your ear) sounds really static-y. Not signal static, it's very clear that it's the speaker itself or at least something around it vibrating. It kind of sounds a speaker that has been damaged (ripped, or got wet or something even though it has not been wet).

Anyway, I plan on taking it into the sprint store today and having them check it out. Anyone one else with this problem?

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General :: NFC - Presenting Static UID

Apr 27, 2012

Not sure if this is the right section but I have a quick question regarding NFC in android 4.0.4. I wondered if it was at all possible, either with an app or with some hacking to present a standard UID from the NFC, rather than generating a random code each time.

I am looking at using my handset on a door access system which traditionally reads the UID from a Mifare 2k card. If I could get it to present the same number each time I am sure it would work.

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Android :: Mic Audio Capture Too Static

Jun 3, 2009

As a first step toward a speech recognition project, we wrote a simple voice recording application based on the information in this thread:

It is working; however, the audio is extremely poor too static for our needs. As a comparison, we did a similar audio file captured with audacity on a PC and it was much better. Has anyone been able to record high quality audio with the android dev phone? According to the documentation of MediaRecorder, there is only one audio encoder "AMR (Narrowband) audio codec" and three output formats--3gpp, mpeg, and raw AMR:

According to wikipedia, AMR encoding is only 8hz. Is there a better option available perhaps a lower-level API compared to MediaRecorder? We are testing on Windows XP, with a Logitec USB microphone, eclipse ganymede, and we are using all the defaults for an android 1.5 app (no emulator command-line options. We defined the SD card in AVD manager).

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HTC EVO 4G :: FM Radio Not Working - Only Static Heard

Jun 4, 2010

I cant get the FM radio to work at all when I plug in headphones and turn it on all I hear is static no matter what station I goto. It would be real nice to get it working so I can use it while I'm walking. If I don't find a solution eventually I am going to take it into sprint and see if its defective and get and exchange for another Evo.

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Android :: The Life Cycle Of Static

Mar 7, 2010

When starting a new Activity, I want to pass a complex object and do so by using this approach:

MyActivity.COMPLEX_OBJ = myComplexObj; // which is definitely NOT NULL! Intent intent = new Intent(); intent.setClass(this, MyActivity.class); startActivity(intent);

and then in MyActivity:

@Override public void onCreate(Bundle bundle) { if (COMPLEX_OBJ == null) { // report to Flurry ... } ...


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HTC EVO 4G :: Crackling And Static Durning Calls

Nov 27, 2010

so everyonce in a while at the beginning of a phone call i get this crackling static sound till i hang up and retry the phone call then its fine didnt know what the cause of this could be?

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Android :: Static Variable Instantiation

Apr 1, 2009

I have noticed in my application(s) that after a call to Activity.finish() that the static variables that I declared in my classes still hold the values that they were changed to during the activity's life cycle. Upon the re-launch of the activity, the program does not re-instantiate the variables as declared or set them to the default java behavior. Is there something that I can do to cause this to happen, other than re-setting every static variable in my application?

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