Motorola Droid X :: Fission 2.1 Final

Nov 13, 2010

I don't take credit for any of this just passing it along since I don't think many team Defuse guys frequent this forum.

2.1 final is now available at their site here. They originally were only releasing it today to people that donated, but since he is so nice he has opened it up to everyone else (although donating isn't a bad idea, he has done a lot and it's always nice to support devs.) I have been on this ROM since the early stages and it's awesome!

A little excerpt about the ROM from their site:
This is not an AOSP ROM but all stock packages are built from source. It is a complete set of vanilla Android applications. All Blur has been removed so it is the closest you will get to a true AOSP clean ROM for the Droid2/X/Global/Pro right now. This is not a themed ROM to make it look like AOSP ROM.

The purpose of this ROM was to remove all Blur and have a real Android experience. Please do not ask to add anything to ROM. Everything that is missing can be found in the Add On folder that was created when you installed ROM or can be downloaded from market.

The installed applications are all of your basic Android apps. Gmail, Voice Search, Car Home, YouTube and some other apps are missing since there are more updated versions on the market.
It is wicked fast and has greatly increased my battery life. I highly recommend this ROM to everyone. Please be sure to follow the directions exactly.

Instructions for downloading ROM can be found at his original thread over at XDA here

Motorola Droid X :: Fission 2.1 final

Motorola Droid X :: KangeradeX Fission 2.0.1 Final

Nov 13, 2010

----Fission 2.0.1 ONLY.----

Themes for Fission 2.0.1. and only fission 2.

Think Im done with these and wanted to post up a cleaned up thread with a couple things in it. (Hope nobody minds).

Only gonna post the one I ran for awhile and had most download hits and the one Im on now that people will probably like. Kept everything moved to a theme previously o.k.'d for Fission 2.+ as a base theme.

Pretty simple themes. (But then look who put them together ).


Fission rc1 was released, no idea if this works on that.
2.1 released as well; have not tried on it.
No idea about earlier versions either.
im using this on 2.0.1

----KangeradeX theme:

mix between;

Joe772's "x" dark theme
D2 Kangerade in blue theme

download link;

Seems to have resolved some things I didnt like about the X theme like the check marks not being real visible in options and it also gave me the status bar back I like.
Im a rookie. Use at your own risk.

blue check marks;

back up current theme your using
download file
copy to sd card
bootstrap recover/ ok
reboot recovery
mounts and storage, mount system
back, install zip from sd card, choose zip from sd card
choose theme
install, done; back and tell it to reboot
----if you notice any issues after reboot; reboot one more time.----
(or just reboot one more time anyway)^

credit links for themes used (not download links for KangeradeX);
[THEME - Fission 2.0+] X v1.1.4 (11/5/2010) (NO 2.1 YET) - xda-developers
[THEME] Kangerade Blue for the Droid2 - xda-developers

thanks to tom for turning me on to 7zip which has helped me waste a lot of my free time playing around with i enjoy it.

thanks to mruno for naming it

----KangeradeX theme with the smoother looking alarm clock and rotary battery charge/animated recharge icon:

Im running this now but haven't been real long. It should be fine as it is based on the same setup as above with the exception of the battery icon.
(Battery icon should be out NO MORE then 10% from what system says at any time.
basically if system says 90%; bat. icon will either say 90 or 80, then they will both say 80 for awhile, and on and get the idea. Not enough you should notice according to my testing).
^1st download link

^2nd download link if first link doesnt work.

Thanks to colchiro for helping me through the bat. icon change.
and link to the credit for bat. icons:
NexTheme 10% Circle Battery Mod
then the same links given credit above for the other version.

And of course thanks to Fission for such an awesome rom!
----check out their newer rom version;[url]
-----and their web site;[url]

The last one that got a few download........ (which I have no idea whom to give credit to):

droid peeing on apple boot animation;
download link^

copy to sd card, use file browser, copy from card, back click, data, paste in local, quit, reboot.

Link to original thread with more downloads and other info.:

KangeradeX theme Fission2.+ (questions/thoughts)

Let me know if there are any issue that werent there before theme install (if anyone tries these). I haven't heard anything on the one that got a few downloads; I assume thats a good
Hope someone enjoys.....

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Motorola Droid X :: Blkkangblue Final Theme For Fission 2.1 And Running On 2.2.1 Currently

Nov 28, 2010

I'm calling it final for Fission 2.1 and just booted it up fine on 2.2.1.

First a warning from jaroch on 2.2.1 usage;
Blkkangblue final theme for Fission 2.1 and running on 2.2.1 currently

Expect a long reboot as the name/carrier color changes cause that.

Big thanks to justintoxicated for a lot of bug work/help and some photo shop.

A huge thanks to bouchigo for the help with the new/sweet addition of the carrier change and color in the bar writing/clock....looks awesome!

Shout out to dhoffman1421 for being the first to toss it on 2.2.1 and reporting back.

Props to colchiro for the link for fold animation.

Warning; theme uses wide screen dx camera and notepad, etc.
light blue time download link^11/27/10
dark blue time download link^ 11/27/10

animated versions;
light blue time download link with fold animation^11/28/10

light blue time download with fly in and flip mix^11/28/10

dark blue time download with fold animation^11/28/10

dark blue time download with fly and flip mix animation^11/28/10

(did not load these last two animated ones, please report any issues with them or anything else....should be fine).

drop on sd card then:
go into recovery, mounts, mount system, back out to install from zip, chose zip, chose your zip and yes install, go to reboot when done. (may not be exact steps).

do one more simple reboot if you think its hurt anyway.
next: ?
more credits;
animation link:
[How To] + [MOD] Custom Transition Animations

You can see credits, warnings, and original trouble shooting here;
Blkkangbluecircbat theme for Fission 2.1 gone final (?)

swype credit;
Download: Blue/Red/Gold Swype Keyboards - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

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Motorola Droid X :: THEME - Fission 2 - X V1.0.2

Nov 3, 2010

I, nor any other member of Team Defuse, nor Team Defuse as a whole are responsible for any damage done to your device.

This theme is in rapid production. Initial release contains a few apps themed, and most of the framework. All initial release fission apps will be themed, as well as additional ones.

Fission Latest:
Download Link
Team Defuse Site:
Team Defuse
Download Link:
Version 1.1.4

Installation Instructions:
1. Download
2. Place file on root of your sdcard
3. Bootstrap recovery using Koush's Bootstrapper
4. Mount system *
5. Install zip from sdcard, choose from sdcard
6. Reboot and enjoy.

*Mount system isn't necessary, but recommended as safe practice.

Change log:
Minimal stock colors left. Changed check boxes. Revamped 99% of stock framework
.xml updates
Fixed installation
Initial Release

Fission 2.0.1 - Team Defuse
Status Bar Icons - fichdak and manup456

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Motorola Droid X :: Fission 2.0.1 Available To Download

Nov 1, 2010

FISSION V1.2 can be found HERE.

Fission 2.0.1 Available to download for Droid X. Looks like a good one.

I do not take credit for this Rom only sharing the information. Great ROM. I keep trying Rubix and Apex and keep coming back.

Team Defuse for your hard work and great ROM.



If you are coming from any ROM besides Fission then SBF before you install this.

If you are on Fission and did not SBF before you came to Fission then SBF too.

Do NOT clog thread with posts like "how can I find SBF" If you take 2 minutes to look around you will find it.


This ROM does NOT lose root. You must install root from market or check /sdcard/fission/addon for superuser.apk, bootstrap and terminal.

If you have the latest OTA update then I suggest you do not install this ROM in the case something goes wrong you will be stuck with a brick. You will not be able to SBF your phone YET. So the choice is up to you.

Fission 2.0.1 works on new and old kernel.
Fission 2.0.1 works on new baseband or old.


Themers please get in touch with me before you release your themes. I would like to test them first because a couple of old ones caused problems and I will work with you to get them right. Fission will only support themes that are made for Fission.

Install Insctructions:
Installing ROM:
This Method works for all supported devices.
It is suggested you follow all the steps even if you are coming from previous Fission ROM. If you do not want to perform all wipe steps then at least wipe system.

Pre-Installation Tasks:
Tap "Bootstrap Recovery"
Tap "Allow" if asked to grant SU Persmission
Tap "OK' on "Success" screen
Tap "Reboot Recovery"
You will be booted into Recovery
Use Volume up/down keys to navigate through menu. Press Camera button to Confirm selection. Power button to back up to last menu.
Create Backup - "backup and restore" then select what you want to do
Back out to main menu
Wipe Cache
Wipe Data
Mount System - Screen will read "UNMOUNT /SYSTEM" when mounted
Mount Data - Screen will read "UNMOUNT /DATA" when mounted
Back out to Manin Menu
Install Zip From SD Card
Choose Zip From SD Card
Select your ROM
Yes - Install
Wipe Cache
Wipe Data
Back into Android
Perform a Factory Reset
Open App Draw
Tap Settings
Tap Privacy
Tap Factory Reset
Tap Reset Phone
Tap Erase Everything
Your phone will now be rebooted, perform factory reset and then reboot itself when completed.
Activate phone when prompted.
Installing Updates and Add Ons:
Open Bootstrap
Tap "Bootstrap Recovery" - if you have not installed yet on new ROM
Tap "Allow" if asked to grant SU Persmission - If you have not granted it SU permission
Tap "OK' on "Success" screen - if you have not installed yet on new ROM
Tap "Reboot Recovery"
You will be booted into Recovery
Use Volume up/down keys to navigate through menu. Press Camera button to Confirm selection. Power button to back up to last menu.
Mount System - Screen will read "UNMOUNT /SYSTEM" when mounted
Back out to Manin Menu
Install Zip From SD Card
Choose Zip From SD Card
Select your Zip File
Yes - Install

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Motorola Droid X :: Installed Fission Now Cant Go Into Recovery

Oct 26, 2010

Installed fission and like it, but cant get anything to go into recovery to create backups or do anything. bootstrap wont go into recovery either.

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Motorola Droid X :: TestBlackoutKangblue2.1 Theme For Fission 2.1

Nov 14, 2010

Blkkangbluecircbat theme for Fission 2.1 gone final (?))




I mixed this for myself as I like the blue theme. I literately just loaded it and tested it for internet, text, phone calls, etc., etc.
I never loaded Blackout theme prior to loading this theme. These two are the first two themes I have loaded since installing Fission 2.1.

I loaded the small and tested, loaded the full and tested, and loaded the small again and tested.

I loaded Fission 2.1 as per the directions, did not load any extras from the sd card, and later mixed this theme. I did not use any extras from the sd card for blackout. Im not that smart....I just like

This wasnt hard to do so all credit for anything positive in it goes to Javroch and Fission. Anything negative you can blame me and yourself for loading it.

Im sure there will be updates to the blackout theme and other things....all this again equals you load and deal with any issues of your own choices.

If you run it today, you are running it for as long as I good luck.

If you're worried then just wait. I'm sure more approved themes will be out soon.

I'm a rookie. Use at your own risk.
(Half tempted not to put this up).


Loaded via the sd card normal way.
Download file, drop on sd card, bootstrap recovery, ok, bootstrap reboot.
mount system, install .zip from sd card, pick .zip from sd card, install, reboot.

After it loads, reboot once more for fun.

Notice that it took a second longer then i was used to for the bootstrap to throw up the green writing offering to reboot and other options. So be a little patient. (Boot animation as well).

For the only final version (fingers, go here;
Blkkangbluecircbat theme for Fission 2.1 gone final (?)

known issues;
TestBlackoutKangblue2.1 Theme for Fission 2.1
(does not effect final version blue version in above link)^

blue simple battery, simple icons blue version;
TestBlackoutKangblue2.1 Theme for Fission 2.1

(both still have market visibility in auto search issues)




[ROM]Fission Vanilla 2.1 - 11.13.2010 - Generic Android - xda-developers
Team DeFuse - Bringing you the FIRST Android Vanilla ROM to Droid2 and DroidX!

Black Out theme
[THEME] Black Out (Current Version: Preview 3.1 for Fission 2.1) - xda-developers
Black Out ver. 3.1

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Motorola Droid X :: Blkkangbluecircbat Theme For Fission 2.1 Gone

Nov 17, 2010

Big thanks to justintoxicated for a lot of bug work and some photoshop.

A huge thanks to bouchigo for the help with the new/sweet addition of the carrier change and color in the bar writing/clock....looks awesome!

You can see credits, warnings, and original trouble shooting here;
TestBlackoutKangblue2.1 Theme for Fission 2.1

swype credit;

light blue time download link^11/27/10

dark blue time download link^ 11/27/10

-Expect a slightly longer reboot after installation. Should be a one time thing.

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Motorola Droid X :: Way To Get Back Blur Email On Fission?

Nov 15, 2010

I went from apex to Fission 2.1 and i had blur email installed on apex because i can't set up my college email acct on the email app that is already installed with both apex and fission. Is there any way to get back the blur email on fission? or can someone help me set up my email acct another way. It is through outlook.

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Motorola Droid X :: Blue Theme For Fission 2.2.2 W/change Log

Nov 30, 2010

I made this for myself.It is not an approved theme.It is put together different then the others I have put out (for 2.2.2).Please check the Change log at the bottom of pics. I just booted it on 2.2.2 and am up and running fine so far.It is still in the testing faze. Do not apply this and then cry to the guys at Fission about problems.Do read the change log before applying. Its the same theme I always like with a little lighter application.It does not have a base in black out any longer. The base was taken from one of the direct 2.2.2 download themes.

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Motorola Droid X :: True AOSP Fission Beta

Oct 14, 2010

[ROM]FRF91 AOSP Fission - Beta Preview - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

Saw this posted, has anyone tried it out yet?

Seems a lot like RubX, made from same person I believe.

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Motorola Droid X :: Flashed Fission 2.0.2 And Stuck On Startup M

Nov 10, 2010

I tried to flash the Fission 2.0.2 rom earlier today. I am running the OTA Froyo update (can't remember the exact firmware off the top of my head) with the 928 Droid X Black Glass theme, so I was deodexed. I followed the instructions, I made a nandroid backup, wiped the cache and data, mounted the cache and data, installed the ROM and tried to reboot, and it poped up to the M.

I waited an hour and a half and it was still stuck like that. I pulled the battery hoping to get back into Clockwork recovery, but not it's still stuck on the M.

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Motorola Droid X :: List Of Updated Themes For Fission 2.2.1

Nov 19, 2010

All credit goes to those who created and updated these awesome themes!

[THEME] Revolution Remix for Fission 2.1 (Now updated for 2.2.1!)
[THEME] Kangerade Blue for Fission 2.1 (Updated for 2.2.1!)
[THEME] Revolution for Fission 2.1 (Updated for 2.2.1!)
[THEME] NexTheme for Fission 2.1 (Now updated for 2.2.1!)
[THEME] Galaxy S for Fission 2.1 (Now updated for 2.2.1!)

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Motorola Droid X :: Difference Between Themes For Fission And Apex

Nov 28, 2010

whats the difference between the themes for fission and apex, or is there no difference?

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Motorola Droid X :: Black Notification Font On Fission Theme

Oct 25, 2010

Droid Life Forum View topic - [THEME] Kangerade Blue for Droid X.I love this theme just need the white font color for notifications and texts and what not.

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Motorola Droid :: Android Tournament Final Four

Mar 23, 2010

Cant believe Moment is beating the Droid.The Android Tournament Final Four.

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Motorola Droid X :: THEME - Black Out - Current Version - Preview 3.1 For Fission 2.1

Nov 15, 2010

Black Out
Preview 5.1

for Fission 2.2.2
Brought to you by javroch

Feel free to repost, but please ask and always include a link back to this original post at all times.

[THEME] Black Out (Current Version: Preview 5.1 for Fission 2.2.2) - xda-developers

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Android :: Static Method In Java Accept Only Final Or Non Final Variables Within Its Method - But Not Static

Sep 15, 2010

Why should a static method in java accept only final or non final variables within its method, but not static?

For example I have the following method:


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MP3 Works In Browser But Not In Final APK?

Feb 2, 2012

I'm working on a fairly simple web based app. Basic functionality is push a button and hear a sound. It's all done in HTML and JavaScript and then built using Phonegap Build. It works perfectly in Android's browser. But when packaged into an APK and installed on the phone, the sounds don't play.

I'm still fairly new to Android development, so I'm just looking for some direction. I downloaded a logcat viewer, found where the mp3 files are being loaded up, but nothing stands out as an error or problem. Here's the basic JS code that should play the sound.

var sounds = new Array();
sounds[0] = "0.mp3";
sounds[1] = "1.mp3";
sounds[2] = "2.mp3";
sounds[3] = "3.mp3";
function PlaySound() {
randNum = Math.floor(Math.random()*4);
var sound = new Audio(sounds[randNum]);;

The PlaySound function is called when the button is tapped. I've done console logs to ensure the function is called properly.

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Android :: Use Of Final For Locals On Dalvik

Jan 28, 2010

I've seen a lot of use of final for local primitives.

Presumable to indicate to the compiler that the value shouldn't be changed.

However, what's the implication of this on Dalvik?

I believe final local variables are usually placed on the heap for extended lifetime (for use in inner classes), so is their a runtime overhead rather than using simple locals (which use Dalvik registers)?

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 5 Final Build

Mar 29, 2010

New ROM over at XDA for those of you who haven't seen it. Just flashed it. It's a port from a CDMA Hero build, basically a final build apparently. Seems nice so far except for a dodgy skin ( will be available tonight apparently to revert to normal sense), and I can't seem to sync my facebook contacts.
[ROM] 29/03/10 - VillainROM 5.0: CDMA Hero 2.1 Port for GSM HERO - STABLE BETA - xda-developers

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 12.0.0 Final - WWE Android 2.1

Jul 1, 2010

VillainROM 12.0.0 based on HTC OTA update WWE 2.1. Lots of stuff in the OP that wasn't in 11. Livewallpapers, Rosie config, Friendstream, News widget fixed, etc.
[ROM] VillainROM 12.0.0 Final - WWE Android 2.1 by TeamVillain - xda-developers
VillainROM Forums View topic - VillainROM 12.0.0 FINAL WWE Android 2.1 Release

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Android :: How Final Keyword Works

Jan 20, 2010

Can anyone explain why, when I use the Final keyword the following code works fine, but without it, it doesn't?

I just find it irritating that I don't understand why it works! ;)


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Android :: Suggestions Related To Final Application?

Jun 1, 2010

i have completed my First android application and i have deployed that application to different android based mobile phones which is working fine. my question to you is, is there iphone store like thing exists in android to upload your application by paying fee to android store or something like that. or nothing or should i start passing my application to end users directly? any help would be appreciated.

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Android :: Error Generating Final Archive / Fix It?

Jun 3, 2010

I am trying to add some updates to an already released application but something has happened with my workspace that prevents me from Running or Exporting the application. I keep getting the following code...

You think it would be an easy fix but I looked into the HDPI drawables folder and there were no doubles. I even went as far as to delete the entire folder and the error still appears. Anyone got any clever ideas?

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Games : Final Fantasy VIII / VIX Card Game?

Oct 27, 2009

That would be so awesome if someone made an Android Game out of the card game found in those games. That card game was the shiz!

Minigames of Final Fantasy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The one's I'm referring to are Triple Triad and TetraMaster. Tetra Master is the best one, someone, anyone?

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General :: Save Game Editor For Final Fantasy IV

Jul 21, 2013

Is there a save game editor for the FF IV? You have editors for FF Dimension and FF III listed in here. I don't seem to find editor for FF IV?

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HTC Incredible :: If Froyo Added To Final Update What About TESTERS Phones?

Jul 21, 2010

there are test phones out there and from what I can tell they have had the 720p OTA update for about the last month now. But what will happen if froyo is added into the final update? I would expect they would be in the same shape as many of us rooters now with the leaked version. Just thinking ahead if we will be able to install another leaked or modified version of the update over what we have now and just have it add froyo since testers are not going to be able to roll back what they have already on their end.

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Android :: Why Should A Variable In Static Method Be Declared As Final In Java

Sep 15, 2010

I am having a static method .In the method when I decalare a variable , it was showing an error in eclipse saying that the variable should be decalared as final.

Can I know the reason for this , y should a variable in a static method be declared as final? I am writng an Android application where I should pass as an argument current Context of that application. So, when I pass the current context to the method and trying to copy it in a local variable , I am getting this error saying that the variable should be declared as final.

My method is like this:


Error is showing at line where Context myctx=ctx; is declared and asking me to declare it as final.

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Android :: How To Fix Error Generating Final Archive - Duplicate Entry

May 29, 2010

I put two projects into Eclipse, called Project1 and Project2.Project1 is independent, but Project2 must be dependent to Project1.When I build the Project2, the error msg comes like this: Error generating final archive: duplicate entry: AndroidManifest.xml

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