HTC Incredible :: False Notifications

May 18, 2010

Anyone been getting false notifications? For example, my phone just vibrated like it got an e-mail or text message, but when I checked my phone there was nothing going on at all. This has happened a few times so far.

HTC Incredible :: False Notifications

Motorola Droid :: Getting False Notifications

Nov 11, 2009

I keep getting email notifications from my droid, but when I bring up my inbox there is nothing new there. I get like a dozen of these a day.

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General :: False Text Message Notifications

Jun 5, 2014

Ever since I did the update to Kit Kat or whatever it's called, I've had an issue.

It goes like this. I just received a text message from a 570 number. I click the notification, and it opens to a new text message draft. I click back, to go to my messages, and there's nothing there. Then I close the messaging app, and my text messaging widget has a little 1, signifying I have a text. I even delete all my text messages, and it's still there.

I do know people from the 570 area code, but why am I receiving ghost texts from them, and how do I fix it?

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HTC EVO 4G :: False LED Notification When Car Charging

Aug 15, 2010

I've noticed when I'm charging and using Google Nav in my car, sometimes I'll randomly get the green LED notification blinking in between the amber LED charging light, even when there's no new messages of any sort. Seems to go away once you unplug and plug it back in, but it's annoying since it gives a false positive for new notifications. I'm using the Rocketfish charger in case that makes any difference.

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Samsung Behold 2 :: False Advertisement

Feb 15, 2010

It might not be completely false Advertisement, But seriously how many of us would have went out and bought this phone Knowing that we would be stuck with 1.5 mid February 2010? in this link first few sentences out of there guys mouth, Samsung claims we will get the update (this is what sold me on this phone). But this is ridicules.... I had a G1 prior to B2 and I would have stayed with my G1 If I knew I would be using Android 1.5 till now. Im ready to jump ship Id like to smash my B2 into little pieces and mail it to Samsung. I dont think I will buy another Samsung phone ever again.

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Android :: Comparing Two Strings Get False

Jun 29, 2010

I have a strange error that I can't understand. I have this code: if (VersionsKoll == Ver) { }

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Android :: MoveTaskToBack Returning False

Apr 16, 2010

I am trying to send all my activities to background by calling this.moveTaskToBack(true); on a menu button click, but the call returns me a boolean value false. Please can anyone let me know if my way to invoke this is wrong or if I am doing anything wrong.

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Android :: RequestRouteToHost Always Returns False On AVD

Jul 20, 2010

I need to check web site availability and use requestRouteToHost for that purpose. On real device everything works fine, but on emulator requestRouteToHost always return "false".

What's wrong? Code is:............

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Android :: Accelerometer False Detection

Oct 27, 2009

I have a code snippet to detect accelerometer movements. It works some times by properly detecting slight movements, but sometimes it detects movements when I kept my device idle too. Are there any problems with built-in accelerometer detection on Android?

I use an HTC G-1 device. My code snippet is below. How do I resolve it so I can detect small device movements but not detect anything when the device is idle?


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General :: False Duplicates Of Songs?

Jun 17, 2012

I've got the problem that since i use resurrection mod 2.0 my S2 always creates copys of my songs and pictures. Those copys have the same name but with the endig *.data .

Now my galerie and winamp shows this copys but cant play them and just stop.

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HTC Hero :: False Time Change In Tenerife

Jan 7, 2010

I am in Tenerife, which is technically part of Spain but operates on GMT (same as London back home). The phone insists on showing the time as European GMTplus1 as if I was in mainline Spain. The GPS knows that we are in Puero Cruz de Tenerife, so it is presumably the programming somewhere?

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Motorola Droid :: False Battery Reading

Jan 20, 2010

I have had the Droid since the day it was released and have had absolutely no problems with the battery up till now. I can still make it through a full day without having to charge it. But now it seems like something funny is going on. About a week or two back i had charged my phone over night(like i always do) a few hours later it alerted me that the battery was low and that i should plug it in(hadnt used my phone at all yet that day). I thought that was a little strange so i rebooted it, once it restarted i checked my battery and it was at 90%, i figured the phone just read the battery wrong for some reason and moved on. But today my phone randomly shut off and i had to do a battery pull to get it to come back on, i have read that the battery pull issue has happened to a few people so far so i didnt think much of it, but this combined with the false low battery reading makes me wonder if there is something wrong with my phone. Has anyone else had a false battery reading and if so did you need to replace you Droid?

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Android :: Seek Bar .setFocusable - False - Not Working

Apr 22, 2010

I need a seek bar to not be able to be adjusted, but without making the color change... setFocusable does not work for this. Is there a way to do this because it seems like there should be (without re- writing the seekbar class that is).

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Android :: Decoder - Decode Returned False

Mar 29, 2010

In my application during downloading of images, for some of the images i got the error like

D/skia (374): --- decoder->decode returned false

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Android :: AT&T Samsung Captivate - MExternalStorageAvailable - False

Aug 18, 2010

I have my application running on a Motorola droid. We have successfully used it in the intended enviornment for 2 days collecting 340 readings. The app is not full featured but it is running. The data storage is complete and we store, create, delete... small data files on the sdcard. Our design team prefers, in this application, the small files on the external storage sdcard and does not want to use sqlLite.

My beta tester purchased a AT&T Samsung Captivate (Samsung SGH-i897). It seems to have two sdcards. In an earlier thread on this list, they were referred to as an "internal sdcard" and an "external sdcard". Our test unit has both installed. I am having trouble accessing the external storage sdcard. I utilized the code from to determine if the sdcard is installed and readable and writeable.

The code is:


This code returns False which means it is neither readable or writeable. It prints the else - "in cksdcard, Something else is wrong".

The app will not run on the Samsung Captivate because it cannot access the data files on the sdcard.

Strangely, when I mount the device on the desktop computer, windows explorer shows two (2) connected usb drives which it calls E: and F:. E: is blank. I can copy the files to F:AndroiddatalmsmpT...... with windows explorer. Windows explored does not show /sdcard anywhere, it is probably using an Alias?

android.os.Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() returns "/sdcard" on BOTH the Moto droid and the Samsung Captivate.

''adb shell" works on the Samsung Captivate. "ls -l /sdcard" returns "access denied" or something like that. "ls -l" does show /sdcard in the root directory with the following attributes: "d---------" which means the owner, group, and user (everybody) have no rights at all.

How I might get read and write access to the sdcard on the AT&T Samsung Captivate?

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Android :: Replicate - Editable - False In Code

Mar 18, 2009

In the layout you can set the EditText widget to be non-editable via the android:editable attribute.

How can I do this in code? I need to make the EditText widget to be editable depending on conditions.

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Android :: AllowClearUserData - False Has No Effect In Froyo

Sep 29, 2010

In early versions of Android the android:allowClearUserData flag worked. Using this flag with an application on Froyo has no effect, even if the application is installed as a system application. The "Clear Data" button is enabled no matter what in the application manager. I have found no reason in the Android documentation why this shouldn't work.

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Android :: False New Mail Indication On 2nd POP3 Account

Jun 11, 2010

I recently set up a second POP3 account and have shortcuts to both on my home screen. The second one perpetually shows 1 new message, though I've checked every folder and rebooted the phone.

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Android :: BitmapFactory: Decoder - Decode Returned False

Oct 27, 2009

For my current application I collect images from different "event providers" in Spain.

However, when downloading images from I get the following logcat output: 13970 Gallery_Activity

I Fetching image 2/8 URL: 13970 ServiceHttpRequest

I Image [url] fetched in [146ms] 13970 skia D --- decoder->decode returned false

Searching for that error message didn't provide much useful results.

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Android :: Eglmakecurrent Is Return False - When Porting Hadware

May 25, 2010

Ask to be excused, i don't know why eglmakecurrent() is return false.

Operating emulator is no problem.

When on hardware, eglmakecurrent() is return false.

I guess > getHolder().setType(SurfaceHolder.SURFACE_TYPE_GPU);

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Android :: Uses-feature - Hardware.wifi - Required - False

Oct 25, 2010

Android developing and want to do things ok so I've started adding hardware requeriments to my app manifest. The problem is that I cant set the property <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.wifi" android:required="false"></uses- feature>. I've been searching and found that this was introduced in API level 4 so I set this requeriment to my manifest also but eclipse stills returning: "error: No resource identifier found for attribute 'required' in package 'android'"

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Android :: Create A Directory Hierarchy Byt The Mkdir Returns False

Jan 16, 2010

I am trying to create a directory hierarchy byt the mkdir returns false. What am I missing here?

File directory = _Context.getFileStreamPath("");

File subdirectory = new File(directory, "dir/mk/foo");

boolean result = subdirectory.mkdir();

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HTC Hero : Lockscreen Resolution / Compression Errors And False Info

Jan 17, 2010

I've tried a bunch of my own images as my lock screen, all set at what I've been told is the correct resolution, but they always come out looking pixelated, dull and blurry.The images look extremely crisp and bright when i preview them in the lock-screen selection area - but when saved, there's a huge difference in quality.The resolution which fits perfectly is 320x455, but pretty much everyone online says its 320x480 which I know to be wrong because you can see it clearly doesn't fit the screen when you're selecting it - and so it gets resized up.I've tried JPG, PNG, TIF.I've tried different sample rates, different color pallettes - nothing works.Even using the default HTC one (which looked gorgeous originally) - whenever I apply it now, it looks like it went through some 60% JPG compression.artifacts all over the place.

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General :: Adjusting Permissions Or Feeding False Data To Apps?

Mar 24, 2014

Before rooting my device I had read there's the possibility of adjusting the permissions or even feeding false data to apps.

Today I found such an app to allow me to do so.

Both xposed apk and xprivacy ! I downloaded both which is needed. Anyway before configuring to operate there was a warning to have backup of whole system and know how to recover. Further warning said there was possibility of soft brick and bootloop. I immediately deleted them both. So did I do the right thing?

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HTC Incredible :: Different Notifications

Jun 4, 2010

I was wondering if anyone knows of an App that will let me have different sounds for specific notifications.

As I have gmail, facebook, skype, mms, texts and more, And I which I got when I get it.

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Android : Current Latitude And Longitude Checked The Gps Enabled It Shows False

Sep 17, 2010

I have android HTC mobile os version - 1.6 . I have GPRS setting in my mobile. I can access internet through mobile. But in my programme to findout my current latitude and longitude i checked the gps enabled it shows false.

My code is below


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BitmapFactory - (decode Returned False) For Internal Image Files Extracted From Zip

Apr 19, 2012

Need to display images downloaded and extracted from a zip into the "/files" directory of the app. the images are getting in there properly as far as i can tell - i am able to extract them from the emulator and view/open them from my desktop. but every attempt, every variation of code i have found and tried so far has failed (Tag: skia / Text: --- decoder->decode returned false).

My latest construct, which does work for image files downloaded separately and uncompressed :


String imgFile = new File(getFilesDir(), "myImage.jpg").getAbsolutePath();
ImageView myImageView = new ImageView(this);
Bitmap bm = null;
bm = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(imgFile);
} finally{

And here is the construct i am using to handle the zip extraction. I assume this is where the problem lies but i am clueless as to what i could possibly do differently and to what effect:

ZipInputStream zis = new ZipInputStream(fis);
BufferedInputStream in = new BufferedInputStream(zis, 8192);
ZipEntry ze;
while ((ze = zis.getNextEntry()) != null){
File dest_file = new File(getFilesDir(), ze.getName());


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General :: Google Play Store False Insufficient Storage Available Message

Apr 11, 2014

Recently, I have been VERY frustrated with my phone as it is not possible to install ANY apps. I am using a Huawei Ascend G510, unrooted, running Android 4.1.1. I heard something about luckypatcher, but I do not have it nor could I find it on Google Play. Google Play keeps saying "Insufficient storage available". I have over 120 megabites of space for apps. I tried cleaning cache and data but it did not work. What's really weird is that I couldn't even install the app with an apk ! Is a facory reset needed (I hope not, as I can't even install a backup app...) ?

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General :: Hisense Sero Pro Digitizer - Random False Touches When Connected To PC Via USB

Nov 19, 2013

My sero pro produce random false touches when connected to computer via usb cable. That makes it very inconvinient to use for development. It does not have this problem when the cable is not connected. That is most apparent when "Show touches" is turned on in developer settings.

I opened it up looking for loose joints on usb or digitizer ports, but everything seems good with that.

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HTC Incredible :: Different Colored LED Notifications

Oct 19, 2010

I'm about 98% sure I've changed what color my LED light (the one that comes on when you're charging) was for notifications. But now I can't find an option or setting anywhere to do it... did they remove this feature with the 2.2 update or something?it may have been a setting that was in handcent but i'm not sure

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