HTC Hero :: How To Play Web-based Games Like West On Phone?

Aug 27, 2009

Is it the software or the hardware that makes it impossible to play web-based games like The West? Regarding The West, I can manage to log in, but that is how far it goes. No other interactivity is possible. All I get is a pop-up window saying "please wait" when I try to play. The West is web-based game at the address The West
Login: htchero
Password: herohtc
World: 10
Is there something I can download to make it work properly?

HTC Hero :: How to play web-based games like West on phone?

Games :: How To Get Gang$star West Coast Hustle Gamw On Phone?

Mar 30, 2010

When will Android get this game? I don't want the crappy one they have right now. The Pre's already got, so why don't we? Gameloft did a wonderful job with Asphalt 5, I want to see more of their hits on iPhone ported on Android.

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Games :: Need Gangstar West Coast Hustle / Parkour Roof Riders On Htc

Oct 17, 2010

Has any body tried these two games, gangster and parkour roof riders, I'm thinking of buying either one of them or both on my htc tattoo, and wondering what people think of them.

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Games : How Practical It Is To Play Games On A Phone With No Hard Buttons

Dec 12, 2009

Can anyone give me any input on how practical it is to play games on a phone with no hard buttons? Examples would be the HTC Eris and the potential Bravo/Passion. I kind of don't want the Droid because of the keyboard, the D-Pad seems necessary to play games with...

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Games : Can I Play Most Games From Facebook On Droid X Phone?

Jul 19, 2010

Wondering if we can play most the games from Facebook on our Droid X phone?

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Games :: Physics Based Games - Angry Birds

Apr 30, 2010

My mates at work have iphones/ipod touches and have been playing a game called Angry Birds - a wacky castle-destruction physics game where you fire birds through a slingshot in order to kill piggies. Is there anything similiar on Android?

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Games :: Turn Based Strategy Games?

Jul 4, 2010

I been having a poke around the market but haven't found anything to my taste or at least has free demos available. Can anyone recommend any turn based strategy games for Android? I'm on a Desire so preferably ones that don't require trackball or keyboard! I'm thinking of games like Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics, UFO: Enemy Unknown, Lazer Squad type thing. Anything that involves a good bit of turn based combat and some form of levelling up.

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HTC Desire :: Way To Get A Nat West Apps For Phone?

May 2, 2010

New to all this so I will start with an easy one for now. I have The Desire but was wondering if there is an app out there for Nat West Banking like they do for the i-phone. Anyone?

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HTC EVO 4G :: How Is Phone Coverage In West Hollywood CA?

Jun 19, 2010

I am thinking of getting this new Sprint EVO 4G phone but I am hearing all kinds of horror stories in these forums. How is the 4G coverage in West Hollywood CA?? Los Angeles is scheduled for sometime before the end of the year. I am new to this whole Android world and I hate AT&T with a passion.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Social Apps - Play Games

May 15, 2010

What are some apps where I can like play games and socialize with other Android users....

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HTC Hero :: SNES Emulator Query / How To Play Games

Feb 17, 2010

Does anyone know how to play games on the hero with this, as I load the games but no controls are available to me to play the game.

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Samsung I7500 :: How To Play Games Like Hero Of Sparta / Nova Etc?

Oct 13, 2010

As you know if you have Donut or Galaxo roms on your I7500, you cant install some appsa and games like Hero of Sparta, Nova,Skype, etc. "Application could not be installed on this phone." alert appears.I installed Gaosp Nightly but it was not stable enough for daily use so I had to turn back to donut rom. (Lags, Force closes, etc. on Gaosp cause its still beta)Is there a way to install these games or apps on Donut rom?

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Games :: Tilt Based Games?

May 27, 2009

Loving the tilt (accelerometer) based games on the G1, have 3D cube race and labyrinth plus the brain genius game, are there any other games that make good use of the accelerometer?

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Games : Can I To Play Pokemon On Phone?

May 15, 2010

I have the HTC Incredible and I want to be able to play Pokemon on it but I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm completely new to this. Can someone give me a walkthrough or info on how to do it? Also I have looked at other posts and have no idea what a ROM or BIOS is, sorry I'm a noob .

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Possible To Play Ps2 Games On Phone?

Sep 15, 2010

Hope i don't sound too much as a noob but just wanted to ask ,is it possible to play ps2 games on samsung s galaxy ?
i know s galaxy has the strongest gpu now and i guess with overclocking it will be even stronger but is it possible to play ps2 games on it?

btw this is my first thread ever and I'm buying the s galaxy tomorrow

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General :: VNC Like Application To Play PC Games On Phone?

Mar 16, 2012

I recently bought Xperia S - that has separate HDMI and USB ports, so i was thinking if i could use the device to play pc games and stream video and sound via my phone to tv.

The phone can stream 1280x720 resolution to tv, so i was thinking i could create some kind of onlive-like experience, by plugging phone to tv and connecting keyboard/mouse to it via usb hub/bluetooth - and WIFI streaming output from pc to my phone then to tv.

Is there any app i could use to archieve my goal?

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Games :: Poker Apps To Play With Two People On Same Phone?

Sep 10, 2010

So are there any Poker apps that let you play with two people on the same phone? Much like one they have on the iPhone, where each player has one side of the phone (like "2 Player Reactor" on Android, if you've played that).

All I see are online poker apps and poker calculators etc.

Any clues?

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Samsung Captivate :: Possible To Play Flash Games On Phone?

Aug 26, 2010

How do you play Flash games on this phone? For example, Game Bubble Struggle 2: Rebubbled - Games | Rebubbled loads up and I see the startup screen and all, but I can't click/see any way that I can use arrow keys to operate the game. Is it just not possible, or is there another way/will it be possible?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Favorite / Most Addictive GAMES Play On Phone?

Sep 20, 2010

What are you favorite and/or most addictive games you play on your Eris?

Lately, I've been hooked on:Spider Man (by DroidHen)
Abduction! World Attack (by Psym Mobile)
What about you??

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Games :: Motocross Game Like - Play Free Flash For Phone?

Aug 16, 2010

Is there any motocross games like ; - Play Free Flash Games - TG Motocross 2 Info

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HTC EVO 4G :: Play Facebook Games Like Farmville , Social City And Cafe On Phone?

Jun 3, 2010

I wanted to know if some of the facebook apps like Farmville, Social City, Cafe' World etc would be able to play on the evo. sorry if this question was asked already.

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Games :: Best Turn Based RPG?

Jun 12, 2010

I've read the whole thread on RPGs for Android, and there are some pretty good games (just finished the Zenonia demo). But I'm not looking for hack'n slash games with inventories.Are there any turn-based RPGs for Android? (e.g. like Final Fantasy)The math-based fights appeal to me and they can be played whenever - since I don't have to pay constant attention to the screen or buttons.

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Games :: Possible To Play Games Like Odell Lake / Snake Byte

Mar 10, 2010

Anyone know if it is at all possible to play games like odell lake, snake byte and oregon trail on my droid? Used to play these in grade school. Trying to play them again.

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Games :: How About Turn Based RPGs?

May 27, 2010

Android marketplace is slowly but surely receiving its share of excellent games. But you know, I've never found gaming on my N1 very pleasant. FPS? The controls are horrid. Game loft 3D offerings? Nice, but the pathing sucks and controls are cumbersome. It's just the nature of the beast--a device with just a big touchscreen are always going to be like this, and no, it's not because of the multi-touch problem. It's just awkward. There's no feedback to pressing virtual buttons. And FPS are... no. If I want to play those, I'll do it on a big screen. With a mouse. What I'd rather have are 2D games with great art direction. Caligo Chaser fits the bill but, again, suffers from awkward controls and real-time combat. How about a game like it but turn-based? If you're not familiar with turn-based, think... the original Fallouts. Final Fantasy even, if you must. King's Bounty: The Legend. Your party and the enemy take turns. Combat is slower-paced but, what the hell, your controls are going to be shitty anyway and it's best if you have forever to select your attacks instead of having to mash those silly virtual buttons, sometimes to no effect.

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Games :: Play Palm Pilot Games On Android

Aug 11, 2010

Is it possible to play palm pilot games on an android? I would assume it wouldn't be too difficult since they both use touch. I wouldn't care if it didn't fit my whole screen. There are some games that I really want to play again (Space Trader, Strategic Commander (does anyone know of another game like this)).

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Games :: Where Can I Download Gensoid Games To Play?

Jul 8, 2010

I just acquired a X10 & downloaded the Gensoid. Where can I download the games to play?

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Games :: Games To Play Between Android And Iphone

Aug 25, 2010

I have a Motorola Droid. My friend has an iPhone 3G. Does anyone know of any games that we can play against each other?

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Games :: Best Games To Play With Android Friends

Oct 13, 2010

I liked Words with Friends when I had an iPod touch. I'm looking for something like it (Scrabble), but also anything else that's fun and you can play with your friends (poker, shooting, conquering, puzzles, etc). Preferably something where they can make a move, I receive a notification, and respond back at my convenience and vice versa, not where we both have to "be online at the same time". Oh, and free.

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Games :: Games That Let Play Against People Online

Dec 18, 2009

What games in the market can you play against real people live online i found one far whichb is like a connect four type game anyone kno any others.

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Games :: Any Cross-platform Games Where You Can Play?

Sep 14, 2010

Are there any cross-platform games where you can play someone with iphone. I'm specifically looking for scrabble but are there any at all?

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