HTC Desire :: Scratched Camera Lens Cover

Jul 19, 2010

I've had my Desire for just over 2 months now and like to think I look after it - i.e. it doesn't get dropped or thrown about etc. However I've noticed that the rear camera lens cover is already badly scratched which is having a detrimental effect on any photos I take - they have a slightly 'misty' look to them. Quite disappointed by all of this as I owned a SE W880i for 3 years and the lens is still as good as the first day it left the box Just wonder if anyone else has experienced this problem and if there is a fix? I could pop out and buy another cover but I fear it would only last another 2 months and using a protective case isn't that appealing!

HTC Desire :: Scratched camera lens cover

HTC Desire :: Camera Lens Scratched

Sep 16, 2010

has anyone else had their camera lens scratched on their HTC device?i'm using a desire and the lens has become somewhat scratched / blurred.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Camera Lens Already Scratched

Jun 4, 2010

I picked up my Evo around noon today and damned if the lens isn't already scratched.I don't know when it happened, it's just been sitting here beside me on a wood desk.Suggestions for camera lens protection?

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HTC Incredible :: Camera Lens Could Get Scratched Easily

Apr 29, 2010

I haven't got my phone yet, but I noticed on the pics of Incredible, the camera lens could get scratched easily, don't you guys think so?

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HTC Incredible :: Anyone Else Sort Of Red - Camera Lens Cover?

Jun 9, 2010

Originally I kind of dug the red accents on the phone. But the more I've played around with it (different themes, etc.), I've kind of gotten over the red ear piece and camera lens cover. I've been kicking around the idea of dying/changing the color of the ear piece black for starters. Not sure what I would do with the lens cover, maybe just wet sand and polish although I understand it fairly delicate and thin.

My HTC letters have already been removed since the H removed itself, so I decided to finish the job. So maybe I am just looking for a more stealthy look. Anyone else or am I just insane?

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HTC Incredible :: Keeping Phone Off Of The Camera Lens Cover

Apr 29, 2010

Any bright ideas for keeping the phone off of the camera lens? I wish I could add feet on the four corners that would raise it above the lens on flat surfaces.

Do silicon covers raise it enough that the lens does not touch?

Even a small screen protector for the camera lens? Though I don't see that staying on as I slide the phone into my pocket.

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Motorola Droid :: Fingerprints On Camera Lens Cover

Nov 15, 2009

Since the glass covering the lens for the camera is flush with the back of the phone, with my droid I constantly have fingerprints all over it just from holding the phone.With such a tiny lens, a tiny bit of grease from your fingerprints can completely ruin videos and pictures.Things like Phantomskinz intentionally leave the lens uncovered - probably because putting any kind of fingerprint resistant material over it would compromise its optical qualities.I was originally looking at the hard silicone snap on case because that would effectively inset the lens a few millimeters from the back of the phone, meaning my skin wouldn't be touching it when just holding the phone. However, I decided not to use this because it wouldn't fit in the car dock with that case.Aside from simply cleaning it off every time you want to take a picture or video, has anyone found an easy way to keep finger prints off the lens protector?

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HTC Incredible :: Camera Lens Cover Glass Pushes In

May 21, 2010

On my DI the glass/plastic that covers the camera lens pushes a little at the bottom.The top feels solid. I have a bodyglove case and have never dropped it or anything.I'm concerned that it will eventually push all the way in or moisture will get under the glass.Does the glass push in at all for anyone else?

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HTC Incredible :: Possible Loose Camera Lens Cover Repair

May 31, 2010

Like many other people, my camera lens cover pushed in slightly letting dust onto the lens. I didn't want to go to verizon, lose my phone for a month, and lose my data just for a tiny part so I'm taking matters into my own hands. This procedure is currently in progress and may or may not be successful. Cross your fingers for me!

1)Take off the back cover of your phone.

2)Using your fingernail, gently pry up the camera lens cover. It is only attached by a weak adhesive. When you're done, the phone looks like this with the camera lense exposed:

3)Now pop the glass lens cover and the foam piece behind it away from the red ring and scrape away the old glue that held these parts together. Sorry I don't have a picture of this.

4)Put a dab of gorilla glue on your finger and smear it on the red ring. Place the glass lens cover on the glue without smearing glue on the lens. Use the back of a regular Bic-type pen to apply pressure to hold the components together.Well, that I far as I am. At 11:00, I think the glue will be dry enough to continue and I will update my progress. At this point my biggest worry is glue smudges on the glass.

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General :: Bionic Cracked Camera Lens Glass Cover?

Dec 15, 2012

I cracked the glass cover over the camera lens.

know where I can get a replacement to fix it. ?

Bionic xt875

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HTC Desire HD :: Camera Lens Not Central

Oct 29, 2010

Just noticed that the camera lens in mine is below center behind the little round window that protects it. It doesn't affect the incoming light or quality at all but just wondering if this is a common thing or if I should maybe get an exchange. Can you all check yours under a light and post your findings please?

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HTC Desire HD :: Camera Lens Look A Little Off Center When You Look At It On Phone?

Oct 26, 2010

Ok i have a Desire Hd and i think it is awesome but just have a couple of questions:

1: Does anybody elses camera lens look a little off center when you look at it on the phone? (the sensor rather than lens i believe)

2: I thought it was powered by TomTom maps but mine says in the bottom of the map powered by route 66?

3: Do we really have to pay for voice guided navigation now after google made such a big deal about it being free? Anyone in uk get a voucher code included in the box to enable this?

4: Lastly (for now probably) In settings under LOCATION does anybody know what the 'Integrate Google Navigation' option is? It is unchecked by default and i cant find in the manual anything about it.

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Samsung I7500 : Replacement Housing For My Galaxy - Battery Cover Scratched Up?

Apr 14, 2010

Any idea where I can buy a replacement housing for my Galaxy. Works fine but an accident had left it scratched up and missing the charger port cover. So basically I want to fit a whole new shell on the thing. Screen is scratch-free, but battery cover scratched up and the bit of plastic holding the charger flap snapped so it will need a whole shell. Looked everywhere! An online Samsung repair place wants me to send it in but can't give me a price.

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HTC Desire :: Covers That Save Camera Lens From Scratching

Jul 26, 2010

I'm getting my Desire soon, and I'm worried about protecting the phone properly. Specifically, I've heard that people have problems with the camera lens getting scratched because the phone rests on it if you lay it down on its back. Are there any cheap cases out there that can help solve the resting-on-the-lens problem? A cheap gel case off of ebay would be ideal.Also, what other steps should I take to protect the camera lens?

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HTC Desire :: Click / Clunk Noise From Camera Lens Area - What This Could Be?

Sep 28, 2010

I have just recently noticed than when I use my desire there is a click/tick from the camera lens area. It happens about 5 seconds after I turn the camera on and when I move the camera around the room.

Does anyone know what this could be.

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HTC Incredible :: Phantom Skinz Or Zagg On Lens Cover

May 6, 2010

I have an extra Zagg and an extra PS that I'm thinking about cutting and sizing to fit the camera lens. I'm opposed to using any kind of cover, but these leaves the camera cover exposed. The only potential problem I see is my photo shots coming out blurry, and I'll most likely use the PS as it is a little bit more transparent than the Zagg.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Screen And Camera Lens

Oct 10, 2010

Im just curious, but how durable is the screen and lens? I heard it was Gorilla Glass but then also that it's not.Are your screens scratched? If so from what?Also how about the camera lens? Is it durable? Scratch resistant?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Camera Lens Protector

Aug 6, 2010

so today i bought a invisishield screen protector for my evo. I didn't like how it went on and everything, so i threw it away. i started to think about it, and cut it in half, and then in half again. I took off the battery cover and laid it over the lens. Put the cover back on and you can barely notice it. It is worth it for 14.99 to me, and it might be to you, especially if you can find a clearance one!

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HTC EVO 4G :: Lens Protection For Camera?

May 20, 2010

With some of the reviews mentioning that the EVO will lay directly on the camera's lens, is there a chance that the screen protection manufacturers will create a disc to protect the lens as well?It might not get trashed right away, but it would be nice to be able to swap out a disc rather than having permanently fuzzed out pics from the scratches on the lens.

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HTC Incredible :: Camera Lens

Aug 25, 2010

My camera lens is kind of broken. Well, technically it's not broken. If I push the lens with my thumb, it makes "tick" sound and I can see the gap between actual lens and cover. It shouldn't make a gap, isn't it? If this is not normal, where should I go and fix it? is there any service center to fix this?

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HTC Incredible :: Loose Camera Lens?

Jul 31, 2010

So I just got my Inc on the 27th. was checkin things out today, and noticed my lens is bcasically coming apart I noticed this because a piece of hair was stuck coming out of the area that is loose. any one else having this issue?

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HTC Incredible :: How Are You Going To Protect Camera Lens?

Apr 19, 2010

I tend to be pretty rough on my phones and this is the first one with the camera lens being an outty. Seems like the lens in particular could be prone to a little extra abuse. What will you do to keep it safe?

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HTC Incredible :: Shattered My Camera Lens

May 4, 2010

Just wanted go give a heads up to those that are using the Verizon silicone case, or other similar tight fitting cases. I had to take my case off to get to the battery, and somehow applied pressure to the phone in such a way that I shattered the camera lens.It's totally my fault, I should have been more careful and paid better attention to what I was doing. Just wanted to let you know that damage is possible if you aren't careful.

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HTC Incredible :: Dust UNDER Camera Lens?

Jun 1, 2010

This weekend, I noticed a small black spot on every picture that I took or video that I filmed. Thinking that it was a speck of dust on top of the camera lens, I took off the back cover, removed the protective glass plate (it is easily removable as it is secured by double sided tape), and cleaned the lens. Unfortunately, as you can see from the picture, the spot remains. The spot is slightly down and to the right of center.Does anyone have any idea as to what this could be? I am thinking that it may be dust under the lens. If that is the case, any suggestions on how to clean it? I think the only way I can get under the lens would be to take screws out, but then I would void the warranty.I didn't get insurance so I don't think I can return it. But, even if I could, I don't think I want to given the shortages (esp. if it means that I'm going to get a refurbished phone).

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HTC EVO 4G :: How Many People Out There Have Cracked Camera Lens?

Aug 4, 2010

I have had my phone since June 14th and today noticed my camera lens is cracked. It's a very small crack that goes right across the middle and you have to look hard to see it. Doesn't seem to impact image quality as far as I can tell. It has never been dropped so I'm not sure how it happened. I don't use a case but I'm very careful with my phone. Not sure why HTC made the EVO with a raised camera lens, anytime you set it down that�s the piece that makes contact with whatever you put it on.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Thin Film Over Camera Lens

Jun 4, 2010

I got my EVO this morning and I am thoroughly impressed. I had one issue however. I tried to take some photos and and the pictures all seemed blurry. I then inspected the lens and noticed a thin film over it and it had small air bubbles in it. I tried to remove it but it did not come off easy and began to tear so I stopped immediately. Is the film normal?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Spec Inside Camera Lens

Jun 5, 2010

So first off this phone is amazing! But I want it perfect and when i closley examine the camera piece I notice a spec it i cant see it in pictures but it bothers me any chance of this going away on its own?Err sorry not the lens but the glass over it.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Anyone Blacked Out Red Part Of Phone Around Camera Lens?

Jun 23, 2010

I want to do that because I don't like the red poking throughI'm sure that others do. Just thought I'd ask if anyone blacked theirs out, though.Ideas are appreciated. That is all.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Pressure Crack On Back Camera Lens

Jun 9, 2010

Thought I had a horizontal scratch running across the back camera glass element. After investigating with my finger nail and then looking at it from an angle I've determined it's not a scratch but a pressure crack. My fingernail can't get caught anywhere on the surface, but when you view it from an angle it looks extremely deep (basically the thickness of the glass).

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Motorola Droid :: Clean Camera Lens

Nov 16, 2009

When I started playing with my new Droid (4409) I saw that it had the same auto-focus issues that everyone else complained about.Setting the unit to action made it focus at infinity, so somewhat better but I couldn't get shopsavy to recognize any barcodes.I cleaned the lens even though it didn't seem dirty and now Shopsavy locks onto bar codes and the unit seems to Auto-focus with just about 100% lock (green corners).Could some of the problems people are having just be be caused by lens placement and skin oils?

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