HTC Aria :: Aria No Longer On HTC Site

Jul 25, 2010

I just checked tonight, and the Aria is mysteriously missing from the HTC site. Are there plans to stop production? It's still available on the AT&T site.

HTC Aria :: Aria no longer on HTC site

HTC Aria :: Clock - Weather App/widget For Aria

Oct 9, 2010

Is there an alternative app for the stock home screen clock+weather widget? I just dont like the stock one and has not been able to find one which will give both time and weather..

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HTC Aria :: Screen Goes Off?

Sep 2, 2010

i used the desk clock app. where it has the time, but noticed that after a while, the screen goes off. i thought the objective of this was to stay on?

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HTC Aria :: Some Useful Links

Jul 1, 2010

maybe we could compile some useful links and get one of the mods to sticky? one of the big things with the Aria seems to be removal of the 3rd party app install option. This is the workaround I used.Installing 3rd Party Apps - xda-developers.Tethering (does not require root) to download remove AT&T sim card and download from market over wifi (this method works for getting all non AT&T approved apps)Google Android Tethering Solution.

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HTC Aria :: How Is Overall Performance?

Jul 22, 2010

I was considering getting this phone. I know its not a 1GHz snapdragon, but how is the performance overall?

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HTC Aria :: Android 2.2

Jul 27, 2010

When is android 2.2 going to come to the aria cause im aware the software is out there on some phones.

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HTC Aria :: Low-Mid Level ?

Jun 14, 2010

It may be a low to mid level phone, but can anyone explain how that makes a difference on whether someone should buy the phone or not. Is there really anything that intensive that people would be running on their Android phone (except 3D games)?

What problems do you expect people to be having with the Aria because of this outdated processor and low resolution?

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HTC Aria :: Way To Toggle On / Off 3G

Jun 28, 2010

Does anyone know of a way to toggle on/off 3G? There is no 3G in my area quite yet (hoorah for living in the sticks).

Since there is no need for me to have the phone searching for 3G if it's not available. I tried to switch it off, however I can't find the setting. Has it been removed from the Aria?

I've gotten Curvefish's 2G/3G toggle widget, but no luck for me.

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HTC Aria :: Checkmark Symbol Under 3G Or E

Jul 8, 2010

sometimes i get a checkmark symbol right under the 3G or E on my Aria. i think it usually happens when i am connected to wi-fi, but there is no symbol like that in the manual saying what it is. if it's just for wi-fi, then thats kind of redundant since the wi-fi signal/symbol lets me know that

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HTC Aria :: Larger Fonts

Nov 7, 2010

Is there a way to make the fonts on the Aria larger ? I thought maybe through Accessibility but that's grayed out.

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HTC Aria :: Car / Desktop Dock

Jul 5, 2010

Are their any car or desktop docks out yet(not universal)? Do you think their will eventually be any specifically for the Aria?

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HTC Aria :: Rooted To Use LauncherPro

Nov 20, 2010

I couldn't find this on the board when I searched for it so I apologize if it is a redundant question. Does my phone have to rooted to use LauncherPro?

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HTC Aria :: Looking For Battery Cover

Aug 3, 2010

I lost my battery cover (or someone stole it) from my birthday party. I cannot seem to find one online. I called HTC and they dont have one available, but maybe I got the wrong rep? I called ATT and they were no help. There is an HD Mini (somewhat of the same phone) battery cover on eBay but it doesnt have the metal connections since the battery cover of an Aria is part of the antenna. Please help me find one! Even if I have to buy an extended battery (with battery cover) so be it. I just need my phone back.

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HTC Aria :: Two Email Accounts

Aug 29, 2010

I just got my aria and love it. My problem is I have two yahoo accounts. One regular and one junk. How can I use both but in different ways. The regular I want notifications the other not. I have downloaded the yahoo app. Is there anyway to have two yahoo apps. The gmail is being used for important emails and the HTC mail is being used for work exchange mail so neither is available.

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Android :: Developing With Htc Aria

Aug 9, 2010

I have a couple of apps working using eclipse and the emulator. I now want to try the apps on my htc aria. I went through downloading the usb driver as the Android Developers documentations sans and a usb driver folder now shows up in my sdk folder. However, apparently there isn't a driver for the HTC aria in the folder.

After research some people suggested using htc sync. I donwloaded htc sync and let windows check that I had the latest version. However, my phone keeps saying that it can't find htc sync on my computer.

When I plug in my HTC aria, the device manager on my lap top recognizes two devices as listed below: My HTc under Android USB devices and a HTC Android Phone USB Device. I clicked on update driver for both devices, Windows found them on-line and verified that they were the latest. I dont understand why there are two drivers, but My HT seems to have a problem as listed below. One thing that I should mention is that I am using the dreaded VISTA.

Device Manager: Android USB Devices: My HTC Device status: Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37) Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.

Description: Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver software encountered a problem when it tried to run. The problem code is 37.

Problem signature: Problem Event Name:


HTC Android Phone USB Device

Device Status: This device is working normally. Driver Provider: Microsoft Driver Date: 6/21/2006

So, the best I can tell is that there isn't a driver from the normal Android repository for the htc aria yet. And, for some reason my computer can't handle the htc sync drivers.

Will there be a usb driver for the htc aria that I can download from Android Developers in the future? Has anyone else been able to get htc sync to work with the htc aria? Is there anohter way to transfer my apps to the phone for development?

I guess that I can always use the ddms environment and transfer the app, but I really wanted a more graceful way to do this.

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HTC Aria :: Put Sim In Phone To Work

Aug 10, 2010

I'm thinking of getting the aria as a "weekend" phone in addition to my blackberry that I use mainly for work. Would everything work fine if I just take the sim out of my BB and put into the aria?

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HTC Aria :: Cracked Screen

Jun 26, 2010

I've had my HTC Aria for less than 4 days and handed it to some girl and she dropped it. Well the glass screen shattered and I was curious if there is anywhere I can get a replacement for it yet? Incase anyone is curious about the drop it occured from less than 2 feet off the ground. I was in a booth when she handed me the phone and she let go of it before my hand was near. The top left corner was where the impact first hit, and is where the majority of the screen is cracked.

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HTC Aria :: How To Post A Ringtone?

Aug 14, 2010

I had a few questions about ringtones that I posted yesterday in a post. and it's not there anymore? anyone know what might of happened to it?

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HTC Aria :: What Browser Do You Like Best / Is Dolphin B

Nov 9, 2010

I read on one of these threads that the Dolphin B browser was very good but I'm not sure, after using it, if it's any better than the browser that came on my phone from the factory. Any insight?

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HTC Aria :: Can I Locate Audiobooks

Nov 25, 2010

I found this site trying to figure out (what I'm sure you will laugh at me having problems with) how to find the audiobooks I've downloaded using Overdrive Media Console on my Aria. I searched on the forum, but my question is probably just too simple.

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HTC Aria :: Large Earbuds / Won't Fit At All - What To Do?

Jul 3, 2010

The earbuds that come with the Aria are huge. There is no way I can use them. I am a pretty big guy with what I consider normal sized ears. These things won't fit at all. Anyone else have this issue?

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HTC Aria :: New Android Update From HTC/AT&T

Jul 10, 2010

There's a new Android update posted on the HTC Support site for the Aria. Here's the description:

HTC Sync Update for HTC Aria (AT&T) (3.0.5372) | 07.09.2010

HTC Sync lets you synchronize Outlook and Windows Address Book (Outlook Express), contacts and calendar events on your PC with your phone. It also lets you install third-party Android applications on the phone, and the Mobile Network sharing function as well.

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HTC Aria :: What's Durability Experience?

Oct 19, 2010

I (think) that I am going to purchase the HTC Aria but have gotten cold feet reading about the screens breaking. Can anyone comment on the screen durability with a case attached or a skin applied to the Aria. I'm hoping that if I purchase the phone and get a good case, or "skin" it, the glass would have a lot less chance of breaking if I drop it, which I surely will do.

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HTC Aria : Way To Get Ringtones For Contacts?

Jul 3, 2010

I just got the phone 2 days ago and I am having problems getting custom ringtones for contacts. I can set the default ringtone to something different and that works, but when I try to change it for one specific contact it still play the default one. I have tried changing it in the contact it self, i changed it from the app i downloaded, and i even set it using the music player. I don't know if it is something wrong with the phone or if its is something with 2.1. I went back to best buy where i got it and the one of the workers said the same thing happened to his hero and incredible when he updated to 2.1.

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HTC Aria :: Web Browser Set Home Page

Aug 19, 2010

My dad has an Aria, so I am asking this question for him. Under the settings for the Web Browser my dad set his home page to Google, however when he opens his browser it always opens on an AT&T Yahoo page. I have an Eris on Verizon and my browesr opens to the page I set as the home page. Is this a problem with the Aria or AT&T? Is there a way to fix this?

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HTC Aria :: Remove Unwanted Ads From Phone?

Jul 21, 2010

I was wondering if there is a way without having to ROOT the phone to remove those unwanted ads in apps that you always see? I know there are programs out there for this job, but all of them require your phone to be rooted.

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HTC Aria :: Sorting The Contacts List By Last Name

Jun 26, 2010

Is it possible to sort the PEOPLE's ( contact ) list by last name Given Aria is a sense UI it still would be useful to sort by last name.

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HTC Aria :: How's Typing / Keyboard Predictive?

Jun 22, 2010

How's it working? Too small? One handed? Predictive?

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Android :: Deciding B/w Captivate / HTC Aria?

Sep 29, 2010

So as the title says I am deciding between the HTC Aria and the Captivate. I would be sold on the Captivate but the issue that everyone seems to be having is the phone shutting itself off. Is this like a really widespread issue or is it just a normal issue with some of the phones. If the chances are high of me getting a phone with that issue I might lean towards the Aria. I like the way both phones are but I dont want to get the Cap if there's a good chance of me getting one with that issue.

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HTC Aria :: Converting MOV Videos File Into MP4 Or WMV?

Jul 2, 2010

How do I watch a .mov file on the HTC Aria? Can I convert it to a .mp4 or .wmv on the phone?

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