General :: IBall Slide Stock ROM?

Nov 10, 2011

Stock iBall Slide ROM? I flashed a custom ROM but would like to revert back to the stock ROM. I was unable to make a backup before flashing.

General :: iBall Slide stock ROM?

General :: How To Root IBall Slide 6309r

Jun 4, 2013

I have tried every possible ways to root my iBall slide 6309r but unsuccessful..

This tablet has jelly bean installed in it..

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General :: How To Root Iball Slide 3G 7334 Tablet

Jan 14, 2013

I'm very much new to android ...

i want to root my iball slide 3g 7334 tablet..

i couldn't find my device in this forum... and anywhere else too .. rooting my Device .. The version of android is ICS.. Also i would like to install Jelly bean .. But hw?? i don't Know..

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General :: Hard Bricked Iball Slide 6318i?

Jul 4, 2013

I have successfully rooted the tablet

Then i extracted recovery.img using recovery dumping method and then using that i created clockwork mod recovery using clockwork mod builder . i put the recovery in sdcard and flashed it using terminal emulator


it showed successfully transferred the files and when i boot into recovery it bricked It is showing black screen
when i connect it to usb cable it shows unidentified device becase it is iball i cannot get the stock firmware any were device specifications

Hardware :rk2928 rockchip based
PROCESSOR :arm cortex a9 1.2 ghz
Ram : 1gb ddr3

i do have system.img

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General :: IBall Slide 3G 7334i - Connected As USB Storage Device It Restarts Automatically?

Aug 21, 2013

I have rooted my iball slide 3g 7334i ( it runs on jelly bean 4.1.2) using following procedure :


I have experienced following problems with my tablet :

1. When connected as usb storage device it restarts automatically.

2. Bluetooth once switched off can't be switched on unless device is restarted.

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General :: How To Root Iball And I5c

Sep 29, 2012

rooting of

Model No.- iball andi 5c
Android version- 4.0.3
Baseband version- MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V14
Kernel version- 3.0.13
Device info: bird75_a_ics /bird75_a_ics
Bootloaer : unknon

builds info:-

android version - 4.0.3
release codename- REL
CPU ABI : armeabi-v7a
manufacturer - iball
CPU ABI2 : armeabi
board : bird75_a_ics
device : bird75_a_ics
display : iball_F1851401V6.0
FINGERPRINT : iball/bird75_a_ics/bird75_a_ics:4.0.3/IML74K/1343392895:user/iest-keys
HOST: test-virtual-machine
hardware: MT6575

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General :: How To Root Iball And I3n

Jan 27, 2013

rooting of iball andi 3n?

The specs are as follows:

Model No.- iball andi 3n
Android version- 2.3.6 (gingerbread)
Baseband version- MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V13.P1
Kernel version-
Build no. : iBall_Andi3nALPS.GB2.MP.V2

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General :: How To Root IBall Andi 4.5Q

Aug 8, 2013

How to root iBall Andi 4.5Q?

root iBall Andi 4.5Q...

As per CPU-Z - system information-

CPU Name- Cortex A9 processor 1.0 GHz r3p0 (Dual Core)

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General :: How To Root IBall Andi 4.5d Quadro

Jul 9, 2013

root iBall Andi 4.5d Quadro ..

Website - [URL]

It has 1.2GHz MediaTek MT6589 Cortex A7 with PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU.

As per Quadrant - system information-

CPU Name- ARMv7 processor rev 2 (v7l)

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General :: Iball Andi 4.5h - How To Move Apps To MicroSD Card

Jan 15, 2013

ihave tryed all the free apps on play store they only move my apps to the 2gb internal sd card. so how du i move the apps to external sd card i.e the micro sd card??mphone: iball andi 4.5h i have root

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Change Lock Screen From Up And Down Slide To A Side Slide

Apr 1, 2010

Am i able to change the lock screen from an up and down slide to a side slide?

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General :: Launcher With Slide Up App Tray

Jul 17, 2011

Are there any launchers that have a slide up app tray like the stock android launcher in 0.9/.10/1.5/1.6 or would I have to pull the Apk from a G1 rom?

I meant to put this in Apps & Games, could a Mod move it for me?

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General :: Can Turn On Droid 2 From Slide Out Keyboard

Dec 7, 2011

My lock/turn off&on button on the upper right on my droi 2 is pushed in, causing me not to be able to turn it on or off, is there a way to turn it on from the slide out key pad?

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General :: Instagram Toggle Slide Button

Apr 2, 2014

Create a toggle slide button like the one in the instagram android app. With smaliToJava tool i got the code, but, some methods came very messy.If we succeed, we may create a github project for everyone who want use this feature too.

Smali2Java Code:
package com.instagram.ui.widget.switchbutton;
import android.content.Context;
import android.content.res.Resources;

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General :: Unlock By Slide For Defined Interval Then PIN?

Aug 16, 2012

I am looking for a way to have the phone unlocked by slide for a user defined period of time, after that pin will be required to unlock. However, I dun see this after browsing through the web.

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General :: Android Launcher Like Slide Screen Pro?

Aug 25, 2012

I found a next-gen interface launcher , which is Slide screen Pro from Larva Labs , but it is end project. I like this launcher style , it is simple but everything on the screen is best thing that I need , it is so smooth and not need big memory ( only 11-16mb ram ) . I do not know why a good product is discontinue ? I can not use the email on this launcher because Google change the API . URL.....

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General :: Slide Unlock And Pin / Pattern Lock

Sep 13, 2012

Is there a setting that allows you to have the JV slider and then followed by your choice of security lock, and without using a third party app like widgetlocker or Go Locker?

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General :: How To Make Slide To Unlock Widget

Feb 5, 2012

I want to theme my unlock screen. The rom that I am using on my Thunderbolt is Liquidrom 3.1. I am not sure where to start. When I search "How to make slide to unlock widget" I get no matches. From what I have read the CM7 themes work with this rom.

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General :: Can't Answer Phone If Slide Screen Disappears

Sep 4, 2012

I have to call back about one out of 3 callers because when I try to slide the answer button, something goes wrong and the screen to answer disappears without answering the phone. the phone continues to ring, but I can't answer it.

1) Is there an app to change the answering options?

2) is there a way to get the slide screen back so I can answer?

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General :: Automatically Switch Between Pattern And Slide To Unlock?

Apr 3, 2012

if there is a way to automatically switch between pattern and slide to unlock based on location? I know there are automation apps out there, such as tasker and setting profiles. I tried the LITE version of setting profiles and it does have an option to disable the lock screen completely, but not to switch between pattern and slide lock screens. I'd like to have a slide to unlock while at home, but have it change to a more secure pattern unlock when I leave home.

My guess is that this would be difficult because whenever you manually change between slide to unlock and pattern it asks you for your pattern, i.e. it doesn't seem to store your pattern if you ever disable it. I haven't tried tasker because it doesn't have a free demo version, but I would assume that if tasker (or another automation app) does have this ability, it would have to somehow store your pattern so that it can re-implement it, making it possibly insecure?

I'm not sure if there is a custom ROM that will do this. I'm currently running 4.0.4 plain vanilla rooted and unlocked on Verizon LTE Gnex.

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General :: Xperia Arc S - Disable (Slide To Unlock) On Android 2.3

Sep 8, 2012

My phone is Xperia Arc S, android version 2.3.4 Phone is rooted.

Now, I think I used ALL utilities there are to keep that damn unlock slide from appearing every time I turn my phone on. "No lock", and all that stuff, a lot. But all of those apps fail from time to time which makes me mad. Why the unlock exists at all?! A stupid invention of apple. WM didn't have it and was just fine.

Anyway. Is there a way to kill that unlock once and forever?! I guess editing some file with Root Explorer might work (did so already to prevent my Arc from waking up by "home" button - just edited some "keyboard.txt" file in text editor). Something like that, a real hack, not an app again, I guess those apps get kiled sometimes by system, no matter what... so they fail accidentally.

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General :: Galaxy Nexus - How To Reenable Slide To Unlock When Disabled By Admin

May 15, 2012

I run my own website over ssl. I haven't bought a trusted certificate, but have generated my own root cert. From this one I have generated various other certificates for my servers and clients.

When I install those certificates on my stock Galaxy Nexus or my CM9 Touchpad, ICS tell me that I must set a pin/pw/pattern to unlock my device. It seems there isn't anyway to store certificates without enabling one of these unlock method.

Once the certificates are installed there is no way to reenable slide to unlock without removing the certificates from the device.

I don't want that. I have generated my own certificates and I have full control on them at the server side. If my device get lost or stollen, I just need to revoke them, and I can do this easily. So this type of security is useless for me.

I would like to be able to use slide to unlock or even "no lock screen" while keeping my certificates installed on my device.

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General :: Restore ICS Stock Camera And Stock Gallery After 4.2 Camera

Jan 5, 2013

I have a problem with my camera so I try to install are the 4.2 camera on my haipad I9300 mtk 6577. No success so now I want to go back to the original ics camera and gallery.. Unfortunately I delete the original ones when I install the 4.2 camera. So I download the camera apk and Google gallery. Apk and put in the gallery shows up but not the camera. The gallery crash very often. I cannot make the camera shows up. Every time I turn on the phone it appears "Android update". I don't have a recovery.

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HTC EVO 4G :: No Slide To Unlock?

Jun 24, 2010

Is there anyway to turn off the slide to unlock so i just simply hit the power button at the top and it awakes straight to the home screen without having to unlock?

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HTC Incredible :: Get Mms Without A Slide Show

May 14, 2010

Is there is a way to take slide show off when I receive a picture message? its annoying I receive one picture go to view it it displays for 5 seconds and then goes back to the text... Is there a way that it doesn't have to be view in slide show mode?

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Android :: How To Unlock Slide

Jul 21, 2010

how can I make an own "slide to unlock" bar on my app?

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HTC Hero :: Villain's Slide ROM 1.0.1?

Apr 28, 2010

I have to say, it is the fastest most responsive ROM I have tried yet! Thought I'd share my thoughts. It's a GSM based ROM, so, view/hide/import contacts from sim is there. APN's work easily. It has only 5 home screens, but I don't use all 7 on Sense UI roms. (EDIT) Just found a setting to expand to 7 homescreens. Maximum MMS size is only 300K, as opposed to 600K. Thought that was odd. Would be cool if he could change that. The themes are pretty cool, nothing too ridiculously awesome, but hey, it's cool lol. Seems to like to hang when messing with themes though, but it's only beta so far.

Only thing I don't really like so far, are all the "t-mobile'ized" icons.. (a lot of icons have pink in them, like tmobile's logo lol). And also, all icons have bubbles around them... not a big deal in the app drawer but just not a huge fan of bubbles all over my homescreen

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HTC EVO 4G :: Slide To Unlock Tone?

Jun 13, 2010

One lil neat feature coming from a previous iPhone user is the slide to unlock tone, anyway this can be implemented on the Evo?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Using Stock Home Screen - Replacing The Stock 4 Icons On The Bottom

Nov 27, 2010

using stock home screen: replacing the stock 4 icons on the bottom. Please help! Was using adw launcher but had to go back to stock home screen.

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Samsung Behold 2 :: Stock Android Look / Stock Settings Menu

Nov 21, 2009

Go to the market and download Panda Home, this will give you a nice stock android feel, and it makes the settings menu return to stock form Part of touchWiz is gone, looks like its not as tightly integrated as I thought

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