General :: MTK6582 Repartition - Changing Storage Size

Dec 27, 2013

I have an MTK6582 based phone with internal store size of 0,98GB and phone store of 1,78GB, internal it should be 2.5 GB. Is there a way to change the stor size like on the MTK6589??

I search for an easy way like the meteos-mtk6589-rom-edit app / tool but nothing...

Now I read about changing the ebr1 hex, but the example what i found is for mtk6589 and my ebr1 looks a little bit different...

That's how is looks like :

000001C0 00 00 83 00 00 00 00 E8 01 00 00 E0 15 00 00 00
000001D0 00 00 83 00 00 00 00 C8 17 00 00 F0 03 00 00 00
000001E0 00 00 83 00 00 00 00 B8 1B 00 00 00 20 00 00 00
000001F0 00 00 05 00 00 00 00 94 01 00 FF FF FF FF 55 AA

General :: MTK6582 repartition - Changing Storage Size

General :: How To Repartition Internal Storage To 2.34gb Again

Dec 15, 2013

This 9" MID A20 Allwinner tablet had 2.34gb by stock on internal storage. Something went wrong after something I couldn't say what happened.

How do i re-partition the internal storage to 2.34gb again?

Android - 4.2.2
Firmware - v2.0patch1
Kernel - 3.4.39+
Thursday September 5th : 18:22:06 CST 2013
Build - wing_k70-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39 20130905 test-keys

I can't download anything on play store because it defaults to internal storage wihich is 100% full for some reason?!?

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General :: Changing Size Of App Drawer?

Mar 6, 2013

Is there a app or feature that allows you to change the size of the app drawer, like half of the screen for when you are creating your own custom home screen and such. I would like the apps to be below the picture and not over it. Is it possible? I am rooted (if that makes a difference).

[URL] ......

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General :: Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 - Changing Size Of Icons?

Jan 4, 2013

I wanted to change the size of my icons, so that more of them could fit on the screen. So I download LCD Density Modder and Increased the amount to 160. After I booted my phone, my screen got zoomed in instead of decreasing. Now I cant even type up my password cause the numbers can't fit in the screen. I have no access to my phone because my phone is locked. Btw, I have a Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 (rooted) .

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General :: Repartition Of Android-System?

Sep 7, 2012

Re-Partition of an Android-System?

I bricked my Acer A200

What I did:root and unlock with SimpleTool V2

installed CWM

Started in recovery, did full wipe

after this getting the information, that /data can not be found

restart => rien ne va plus....

After this trying with fastboot, ADB, tools like TWRP, CWM etc to get something work again, manually cleared and also removed files and folders with ADB. At last using Weapon ROM Installer and get flashed a ROM but now my internal Card ist not fully useable - the storage information says 66MB.

I can not install any apps and the system always get aback to zero, when I do a restart

I think, I bricked the internal partition of the whole system..../data is still not usable....etc...

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General :: Rooted ZTE V972M - Bootloop After Repartition

May 27, 2014

I've a rooted ZTE V972M. I tried to increase internal storage following instructions in

"Re-Partition any MTK6589 Phone, Without A PC! (More /Data Storage!)"

When I reboot my phone, it stucks at logo screen. What I've done :

1. Enter the recovery mode; it's a stock recovery (Android system recovery <3e>); wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition.
Result: still stuck at logo when rebooting.

2. Flash a stock ROM in recovery mode.
Result: Update aborted. In the log file, it says "failed to mount /cache (No such file or directory)" detailed in attached file. The stock rom I used is for ZTE LEO S1, while my phone is DTAC LION HD which is a house brand of my phone carrier. So, there may be a problem of ROM signing.

3. I installed "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" and "ZTE_Android_Driver", and run "adb devices" command.
Result: There is nothing under " List of devices attached", so I assume adb cannot see my phone. In Windows' Device Manager, it shows "Portable Devices" and lists drive I: and K: under it.

In summary, My phone is rooted. I might have damaged partition /data and /cache which causes the bootloop. I can still enter stock recovery mode. I have a stock ROM, but may not be properly signed.

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General :: Apps Not Recognized After SD Card Repartition And Format

Apr 5, 2012

I followed the steps on Addictive Tips on how to properly add an EXT4 partition on my 8gb sd card.

Now I have 6.xGB FAT32 as the primary partition, and a 1GB EXT4 logical partition. But my Samsung Galaxy Ace (running on CyanogenMod-7.2.0-C1-cooper, official nightly build) doesn't recognize the sd card anymore.

So I gave up and reformatted it back to a single FAT32 partition, copied my backup back into the sd card, but now the apps don't get recognized.

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General :: INew I2000 - How To Repartition Internal Memory

May 31, 2013

modifying the iNew i2000's ROM in order to allocate more space for installing apps,

My phone's specs

MT6589 @1,2 GHz
1 GB of RAM
8 GB of ROM (1 GB for apps)
5,7" screen 720p
Dual SIM

I want to rapartion disk space in order to allocate 2, 3 or 4 GB for installing applications.

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HTC EVO 4G :: App Size And Storage Space

May 3, 2010

since so many people in the evo forums are so worried about space for apps Android Forums - View Single Post - Size Of These Application's What the Droid doesn't do! | All on the iPhone, iPod touch & iPad and don't forget about the upcoming android update which will address the app storage issue as well.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Can't Add Contacts / Storage Size Increasing Everyday

Jun 11, 2010

I had my HTC EVO 4g for a week now and loving it. I always make sure I have a sufficient enough of space on my my phone's memory.. It frustrates me knowing that the application with the most database size is the contacts storage! (13.54mb ) What really bothers me, it gradually increases by the day.. When I first got the phone it was 9mb.. and as the we days go by it would increase. I don't even add any new contacts. What's the root of the problem?! Should i disable syncing facebook / gmail?

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Android :: What Are Size Limits Internal Storage?

Jan 12, 2010

1) Our Android app will store data in a built-in SQLite DB. I see the DB can throw android.database.sqlite.SQLiteFullException, but there's no exact info in API what is the limit. Could anyone tell what are the size limits for a DB in order not to get into the SQLiteFullException? I assume DB will store data in device's internal storage (versus SDCard). Am I right? Given SQLite DB is just a file, probably the DB size is limited with free internal storage space. Again - Am I right? If yes, then what is the internal storage size on Android? How to detect it? Does it vary on a device model basis or OS version basis? 2) We'll also need to save app settings. I think SharedPreferences will fit nicely. However the question is - are SharedPreferences saved to the internal storage too? If yes, then is it the same storage where the DB stores its file.

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Android :: Any Way To Set Emulator Internal Storage Size?

Oct 15, 2010

Is there a way to set the emulator's internal storage size? It is currently set to a fairly low value. Also, while searching for the answer to this question (which I didn't find), I ran across several threads which seemed to indicate that many phones have a very limited amount of internal storage. If I have an application which is 30 Mb (due to graphics and audio resources), is this going to be too large for most people to use. Should I be looking to install my application on the SD card instead (can this only be done on version 2.2 systems?).

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HTC Desire :: Decrease Size Of Calendar Storage

Oct 25, 2010

What steps can I take to decrease the size of "Calendar Storage" on my Desire?

Is is currently at 23.84 MB according to "Manage Applications".

Desire is Telstra ROM, 2.1, no mods.

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Android :: SetImageURI Is Changing The Size Of The Image

Sep 15, 2010

I am running into a very weird thing. I have an ImageView, and when I call setImageURI with an image, it seems to change the size of the image view.


The default image is 195 x 195, i am trying to set the image to be 200 x 200, after setting the image using setImageURI, i get the dimensions back and it says it's 48 x 48.

I have tried a bunch of different android:scaleType parameters, and I couldn't find anything that worked.

I also tried explicitly setting the size (layout_width="200px") and it seems to work.

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Android : Increase ROM Size - Internal Phone Storage

Sep 6, 2010

I am facing problem here: , regarding application installation.

In above question, you can view the image in which "Internal Phone Storage" is showing where only 43.38 MB is showing , and in latest android phone, i know it is coming with higher space, i have seen 13.45 GB in Samsung Galaxy Android Phone.

But Right now, i am using HTC Hero, so my questions are:

Is there any way to increase ROM size without any side-effect? How do i increase ROM Size?

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Android :: Changing Permission On Files In Application Internal Storage?

Jun 24, 2010

I downloaded a file with an app and stored it inside of its internal storage, but the file is set with -rw- and I want to change those permissions so is it possible? I know that using external storage is an option but I want to know if I can do it with internal storage too. If it turns out that I can't change the permission is there some shared region of internal storage that I could use? I would like to not force the Android device user to have an SD card.

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Android :: How To Change Fontsize Without Changing Button Size?

May 27, 2010

I need to have a grid (created by program, not by xml) of equally sized buttons. They display text in different sizes. The problem is that when I change the text size to a smaller size, then the button automatically resizes to be smaller than the others.

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Android :: Need To Resize ImageView To Match Changing Drawable Size

Aug 27, 2010

I would like to be able to alter the size of some of my ImageViews based on what Drawable they are showing. I've not yet decided on whether I'll get them to read the new dimensions from the Drawable or if I will just have an array/enum storing the heights of these, but what I need help with is the actual changing of the ImageView size.Which of the many many function for altering sizes of things should I be using to change the size of an ImageView while still retaining it's relative positioning in the RelativeLayout it is a part of? I can't work out if I should be changing the bounds of the Drawable or if I should be redefining the LayoutParams of the ImageView or some other method altogether. The drawables are always going to be the same width, but their height will change depending on what is in each tile of a map (which this is rendering).

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HTC Droid Eris :: Contacts Storage Doubled In Size Without Me Doing A Thing / Sort This?

Aug 9, 2010

Very odd, but on Saturday, my phone game me the "almost out of space" icon on the top of the screen. I checked which apps were hogging the most space, and Contacts Storage was number one at 27 megabytes, twice the amount that it typically sits at.

So I turned of all of my syncs, deleted my contacts, and went back into my syncs to enable them all again, but then I noticed that Facebook was listed twice. I'm assuming this was because of the new Facebook update.

Did this happen to anyone else? Any theories?

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Samsung Moment :: Changing Font Size On Standard Email Program Possible?

Jul 13, 2010

Anyone know how to change the standard font size on the email program which is standard? While were at it, can a signature be added with that program?

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General :: Stop Phone From Displaying (low Storage - Uninstall Apps To Free Storage)

Dec 4, 2013

How to stop phone from displaying "low storage, uninstall apps to free storage. "

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General :: 2 Small Internal Storage - How To Swap SD To Be Main Phone Storage?

Aug 23, 2013

I've bought this chinese clone of the SIII, it's a MT6575. It's great except for the internal storage, which supposedly is 500MB but there seems to be an invisible SD storage which is 2GB. It's really confusing... When I go to Settings -> Storage there are 3 memories: "Internal Storage" (claims to be 4GB but it's fake, it's actually 500MB), "Phone Storage" (claims to be 16.5GB but it's probably 2GB), and finally my SD, "SD Card" (32GB).

The thing is, I'm having problems downloading big apps because apps go to "Internal Storage" which is 500MB only, and which files are stored in the "Phone Storage" (maybe internal & phone are actually the same?). However when I go to Settings -> Apps, on the "Downloaded" tab, the apps are in "Internal Storage" (500MB), and on the "On SD Card" tab, it shows that apps are in "Phone Storage" (the ones I moved to SD). This means my 32GB SD isn't being used by the system when I send apps to SD probably.

Also, my 32GB SD card is found in /mnt/sdcard2, and the /mnt/sdcard... I don't know which storage is that.

So basically all this is happening because I tried to Link2SD with my 32GB SD doing all the 2 partitions stuff and so, but Link2SD never detects the "secondary SD" which is the 32GB SD, as this fake SD card, "Phone Storage", is probably what the programs thinks to be the SD card.

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General :: Is Emulated Device Storage Same As Cloud Like Memory Storage

Sep 13, 2013

On my galaxy tab 2 7, with Android 4.3, I have two choices of memory storage, emulated and extSdard. Im wondering if the emulated is actually on a like Cloud system or are the files still on my tablet? Also, if emulated storage is for multiple users, does this mean another device is connected besides my tablet?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Zenexp Requires Repartition Of SD Card?

Jun 30, 2010

Alrighty so im very tempted to go to Zenexp and have my nandroid backups and everything, does the nandroid backup my apps too? I also have my ext. backed up can i wipe and do factory reset and still be able to go back to my old image? Also do I have to partition my SD card again?

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General :: How To Fit Button Size With Screen Size

Dec 19, 2012

I am programming an app using an absolute layout (@ eclipse). How to fit the button size with the screen size? (I have four buttons per row).

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: How To Transfer File Betwen Phone Storage And SD Storage?

Sep 22, 2010

i just download some applications from the Market then suddenly got warning phone storage getting low. So is there anyway to transfer the files from phone storage to SD storage ??? PLease anyone who knows about it to inform me coz i stuck with this problem.

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HTC Incredible :: Trouble Mounting Internal Phone Storage And Sd Storage

Aug 22, 2010

For some reason my Incredible won't mount both the internal phone storage and the SD card storage at the same time. What I mean is...when I plug my phone into my PC I only get a single popup asking to mount the phone's SD card storage, but not the internal phone storage.If I remove the SD card (or unmount the SD card using menus on the phone) and then toggle the connection type from Disk Drive, to Charge only, and then back to Disk Drive (to burp the connection), the internal phone storage will mount, but the SD card won't mount because it has been removed.When I connect my wife's incredible, my computer sees both the SD card storage and the internal storage (as expected) and gives me prompts for both. I took the SD card from the problematic phone and put it in the "good" phone and there are no issues at all (IE.. both the internal storage and SD storage mount). This of course means there is no issue with the SD card.

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Motorola Droid :: How Do I View Phone Storage Vs Sd Card Storage?

Jun 7, 2010

My phone keeps telling me I'm low on space, but I cleaned out my sd card and I know I haven room. Just today my phone at the top scroll bar said I was running low on space, and that my text memory was full even though I only had very few.

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Jelly Bean :: Does Extending Internal Storage From Phone Storage Possible

Nov 19, 2013

I bought my new phablet that was powered by 4.1

im shocked with how the manufacturer of my device(cherry mobile) designated their storage. the phone storage is 2gb and internal is 500 mb.

it is not a problem if i could write apps on phone storage by default but even though the 'write to phone storage' is checked, when i downloaded an app, the internal storage still losses free space.

so is it possible to extend internal storage?

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HTC Desire :: What's Difference Between INTERNAL Storage And SYSTEM Storage?

Aug 18, 2010

I used this to check the amount of space on my A2SD partition of my SD Card. However I've noticed that as well as INTERNAL storage, there's something called SYSTEM storage. Which is considerably bigger than whats left of my internal space.Is the INTERNAL used for Multimedia files as this thread suggests?Internal Storage vs Phone Storage.If so. How come my multimedia files have ended up there, when they've always been saved to my SD card.

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