General :: DNS Look Up On NOAA Website

May 30, 2014

I used to be able to go to NOAA's site and use my saved pages. I'm now getting DNS lookup failed(for about 2 weeks) and cannot even get to NOAA basic site.

General :: DNS look up on NOAA website

General :: NOAA Weather Alerts For Tablet

Dec 21, 2013

I live in southern Illinois in an area that gets tornados, floods, straight line winds, and some pretty wicked storms. The last couple times we had tornado warnings my phone did the NOAA weather alert noise. I really like that, since it gives us a heads up about the weather.

But I got one this morning (flash floods until 1pm) and I noticed that my tablet did not go off. After doing some digging I found out that the alerts only go to cell connected devices. Since my Nexus 7 is only wifi I was wondering if you all had any apps that could alert us on my tablet. The things I'm looking for in such an app is that it emits the extreme weather noise when the alert goes out (a red icon in the status bar), and the ability to tell the app to not alert me for things like high winds.

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General :: Can't Log Into Banking Website Or Direct TV App

Aug 8, 2013

I cant log into my bank website or Direct Tv or Sunday ticket app. It says user name or password is wrong, I know they are not I have changed them and can log in on my computer no problem.

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General :: Bypass (m) Mobile Website

Jun 24, 2011

My Samsung Epic, using Dolphin browser, usually defaults to the mobile version of a website. So if I type in, it will search out I don't know if it's Android, or Dophin, or just something in the website itself, but it does that. And normally it's right. Sometimes, however, the mobile site is soo dummied down and so useless I want to get to the main site. So how do I do that? It keeps going to the mobile site.

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General :: How To Open PDF In Browser From Link On Website

Apr 1, 2014

I went to the same site via phone,computer, and Ipad...and my ipad in the chrome browser opened it up in a new tab preferred method. On computer using chrome opened in same tab which is ok. But my phone (moto x) just downloaded it. Even if i hold the link for menu, and click open in new tab. it opened a new tab Still just downloads and closes the new tab out. I also tried chrome beta with no luck. My phone doesn't tell me how to open it or what i needed to do next to see it after its downloaded either. (not intuitive enough) Finally saw in notification and clicked there to get a list of apps, which the browser is not listed. This PDF isn't something that I want to keep i just want to view it. and then close the page /tab and be on my way.

Lastly it downloads this file to my phone. How does one find where it put the bogus file that i didn't want to save in the first place, so i can delete it?

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General :: Offline Website Image Capture?

Apr 16, 2013

I made a purchase online utilizing my Razr this weekend and I saved the confirmation website page in my offline saved sites on my phone. I need to print a hard copy of this receipt and when I search on the device for the site I only find a .SKIA type file at the date and time of the purchase. I am assuming that this is the offline image of my save website, but now I can't figure out how to print it.

My phone attempts to search for a WIFI printer, but I don't have one available.

Is their a way to convert the .SKIA to a .pdf and then print it from my desktop or laptop?

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General :: HTML Website Not Visible On Android

Mar 1, 2012

I recently recoded the HTML on my two websites. The sites show up perfectly on PC, Macs and iPhones but when I go to the sites on an Android device, all I see is the background colour of the website. The .jpg in the center of both pages is not visible at all.

I'm not sure if it has to do with the pixel size of the images (1024x768 which is pretty standard) as per what WebKit can deal with for smaller screens of mobile devices (although the sites show up on iPhone so maybe this isn't the issue), the positioning of the image (centered), or have I missed the boat on extra code I need to add regularly to sites nowadays since surfing the net on phones has become more of a regular thing?

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General :: No Privacy Policy In App Menu Or On Website

Aug 20, 2010

I found a program on the Android Market called "Vaulty" (there are both free and paid versions), which password-protects media such as pictures and videos. Upon reviewing the app, there is no privacy policy in the app menu, or on the website. The app does require full internet access (advertisements), SMS/MMS control (to save MMS attachments?), and of course permissions to modify SD content.

If the content is hidden, there is probably a good reason why it is, and I just wanted people to consider this when downloading an app. Someone might end up with pictures of your wife, husband, significant other, dog, cat, computer password, or whatever you're trying to hide.

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General :: YouTube Link Directing To Website Rather Than App

Sep 18, 2012

Every time I click a YouTube link I am directed to the the website instead of the app. I have cleared permissions and defaults still it directs me to the GT-I9300

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General :: Possible To Block Stock Browser To Not Go To Mobile Website?

Jul 14, 2012

Is it possible using the stock browser to not go to a mobile website? When I search certain websites it gives me the mobile version.

is there any way to block this and make it only go to the web version or atleast hide the fact from the internet that I am on a mobile device?

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General :: Razr HD - Saved Website In Bookmarks But Can't Find?

Mar 24, 2013

I saved two websites to bookmarks, or so the Razr HD said so. I opened the widget that says bookmarks and can't find them there. Where did they go? All I want to do is save these websites to my home screen. Is there an easier way than bookmarking it in a widget then moving that widget to the home screen?

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General :: Opera Mobile Browser And Google Website?

Jul 27, 2011

I had recently switched over from HTC's stock browser to Opera Mobile browser and I'm loving it. It's much smoother and just feels better but something that was really well done in the stock browser is Google's site; really easy to use and looks and feels great. However, in Opera Mobile, it's a really bad, watered-down version that just looks ugly. Is there a way to get the good Google site to work on Opera Mobile?

HTC Sensation

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General :: Entered Event On Phone Never Shows Up On Website Calendar

Jul 22, 2012

Should I be backing up my phone some way other than using the sync feature built in to Android? The reason I ask this is that the sync feature of the google calendar only seems to be a one-way sync. If I enter a event on the website calendar it goes to my phone OK. If I enter a event on my phone it never shows up on the website calendar.

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General :: Ghost App Showing Installed On Google Play Store Website

Aug 4, 2013

I have a Nexus 7 & a HTC Desire...I have cleared cache, cleared data and force stopped Google Play Store on both APP called Easy Money doesnt show up at all on either device....but on Google Play Store website it constantly shows as installed and I can't delete it from the list at all...I think it is causing problems stopping my devices from showing all my APPS in play store..I have tried installing and uninstalling it on both devices also but still no joy getting rid of it from the Play website.

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General :: Play Website Does Not Show Apps On Multiple Devices Anymore

Aug 9, 2013

I just have purchased a Nexus 7. I went to the google play website and I used to be able to see all my devices individually and see what apps were installed on each device and all the apps in my library. It made it easy to add apps to a new device. Now I just see all the apps installed but not broken down by device, so I have to click on each individual app to see on which device they are installed. It is a more convoluted process, and I would like to see on the website at a glance which apps are installed on each device I own. Did something change or something I am missing? I also can't log in do the device manager with Chrome but I can with Safari. Mac OS X10.8, Android 4.1

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General :: Vanilla 4.2.2 ROM / Nexus 4 - Apps Won't Download From Play Store Website

Feb 18, 2013

A few days ago I flashed a vanilla 4.2.2 ROM to my Nexus 4 and restored the Titanium backup to it. Today I realized that when I get apps from the Play Store website, they never get downloaded to the device. Downloading via Play Store app works fine. I followed these suggestions but nothing worked: [URL] .....

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General :: Open Website Video In Default Video Player?

Nov 26, 2013

I watch a lot of anime from Nwanime or TV series from Couchtuner When I open these video webpages on Android I have to nagivate like on a desktop browser (tiny play button and maximise button and seek bar) On the iphone the video would open in the default video player.

How can I enable my Android device to open these videos with a default video player like mxplayer for example?

*note. Mxplayer is already my dafault player, so if I open an actual video file it plays in mxplayer. My problem is with web video

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Android :: Website To App

Jan 18, 2010

I know that this was asked before, but he one I found only pointed the person to the android sdk and documentation and I'm sre that there must be an easier way for doing what I wanna do.OK, so I have a mobile site I built specifically for his purpose, which is sitting online as we speak, but I want to put it in an basically I want to have something with a browser in it that will only load my site (hiding teh URL off course creating the illusion of an app).Is there any way to do this quickly and easily with having to install eclipse and all that? Maybe a freestanding application that can just "frame" a site like that?

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Logging Into Website

Feb 19, 2013

I am a complete beginner at this HTTP stuff so bear with me! I have looked around for tutorials and example code to try and log in to an online banking system. Here is my code. I believe I may have to add some auth code in the header or some more parameters.

[HIGH]public class PostData extends AsyncTask<Void, String, Boolean> {
Context ourContext;
public PostData(Context c) {
ourContext = c;

It will always return 200 for me no matter what the username and password is! so I do not think the page is being executed properly!

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HTC Incredible :: Website Keeps Closing

Sep 3, 2010

When i try to load a website and load a popup it foreclose web browser..i have the update too

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM - Website Down?

Aug 18, 2010

Was about to install VillainROM 12 when I discovered VillainROMs website seems to be down. Is this me? Or is it broken? Can anyone give me an alternative download link as I am now stuck between ROMs and am on 1.5!

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Android :: Cannot Login To Particular Website

Aug 23, 2010

I cannot seem to login to a particular website. I get a server error and their help desk says it may be that I need to clear the cache and enable cookies. Well I did that and it did not help. I then installed another browser (Dolphin H) and the problem persists. I ahve used quite a bit of time to solve the problem but I am stumped. I can login into other secure websites but not this one

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Android :: Need App For Website

Sep 30, 2010

Just wondering why there is not a androidforums app for this website. To make it easier to come and check stuff out then going online and going through all of the trouble. Is there any plans in the making? Please make it cheap or free.

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Android :: Best App Review Website?

Apr 20, 2010

I've seen a lot of people mentioning some sites in passing, but to be frank they are underwhelming and/or not content rich. I'm looking for a much more comprehensive app review website.

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Android :: Avaition App Website

Dec 19, 2009

Aviator Android Apps | Ultimate guide to aviation apps for Android devices Just found this. Apparently its a new site that is trying to emulate a similar site for apps for the iPhone. Any pilots on the forum? If so, share your aviation apps cause that site is kinda sparse at the moment.

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HTC Hero :: 2.1 Update On Website

Jun 9, 2010

2.1 update on HTC's website. Quote:

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Android :: Website For Apps

Sep 2, 2009

Alright so I've been experiencing some problems with downloading apps from the market and would like to try to download the file its self to my computer and then install it on my G1.Could anyone please give me a website where I can do so?

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Android :: Posting APK On Website

Jun 9, 2010

I want to post my free version of the APK on my website so people can test it out without going through android market.I am using a third party web host site (windows based server).I tried <a href="freeapp.apk">, it doesn't work.I did some search and all I found was using Apache server to do that. Is there a way to host this apk on a windows server? What the html should look like? Where can I find more information about it?

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Android :: Use Emulator In My Website

Feb 10, 2009

I want to use Android Emulator in my website. The idea is that I will deploy my application in that emulator and so the users can check that application before downloading it. Is there a way we can install or use emulator on a web server?

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Android : Need GPS Sharing App To Website

Nov 22, 2009

I was wondering if anyone knew a good GPS sharing app for the Droid so that my family can follow along with me on my trip back from college. I take a bunch of different people back with me, and figured if there was an easy way to share my GPS location (constantly refreshing) on a website for their family along as well.

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