General :: Can No Longer Custom Install Stand Alone APKs?

May 31, 2013

when I press it to install the install button just doesn't press, like it's grayed out.The only thing that happened was Google store sort of updated itself (even when I rolled back updates) and it just re-installed itself. Can't install APKs off aptoid or BMA

General :: Can no longer custom install stand alone APKs?

General :: Install APKs From Other ROM

Jan 20, 2013

I am trying to install apks from a sense rom for the Droid DNA but none of them install. What am I doing wrong?

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General :: Modifying APKs - Won't Install

Jan 9, 2013

I want to modify some apps but when I do I can't seem to get them working on devices.

I am happy with the use of APK tool and zipaling, and have successfully modified my SystemUI.apk but when I try to mod apps it does not work.

I have tried modding the apk in data/app and just replacing the file and tried modding the downloaded apk and try to install.

My process:

Decompile (APKtool)
Recompile (APKtool) - with errors
I add the files from the original APK that errored during recompile with 7zip
Transfer back to the device


Samsung S3 mini & Nexus 7 - both running stock rooted JB 4.1.1

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General :: Creating Flashable Zip To Install Various APKs?

Feb 24, 2012

i was wondering if there is a way to create a zip package to flash through CWM, in order to install various apks simoultaneously... You know, when i flash a new rom i get bored of having to reinstall everything, and Titanium backup doesn't work properly... so i wanted to create a pack with all my favourite apps, and install them all in once!

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General :: Install APKs Of Other Device Origin?

Jun 19, 2012

how do i install apks from other devices? i am trying to install sonyericsson timescape on mi700 with no success.

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General :: Suddenly Unable To Install APKs No Screen Filter Installed?

Apr 11, 2013

I use a Note 2, and was able to install apks perfectly fine until this afternoon, now i'm unable to click "install" , it isn't greyed out or anything. I know screen filter and similar apps have a bug which doesn't allow you to click install, so I disabled and uninstalled them just to be sure.

I'm on stock 4.1.2, no software updates of any sort in the last month,weird it suddenly stopped allowing me to install apks

Able to install apps from the play store otherwise.

Edit- Also rebooted several times, and tried installing apks i've installed before, no dice And I do have unknown sources checked.

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HTC Desire :: Mod A Mod To Add Custom Apks Preinstalled?

Sep 30, 2010

I've had problems with Gmail and Maps applications previously with Neophyte ROMs. In that case one of the solutions was removing the apks for these apps from with the /system/app folder of the ROM zip.My question is:
Is it possible to add our own apks to the custom ROM so that these apks come preinstalled on the ROM when someone flashes a manner, a kind of 2nd generation mod?Is it possible to add our own system variables and settings files so that the ROM autoinstalls it on First Install? In particular, I'd like to preset my own APN file for the network.

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General :: Speech To Text No Longer Working - Can't Install App To Fix

Jun 8, 2012

I rooted my phone (Samsung Galaxy S Showcase i500) the other day and deleted a lot of the stock apk files, the ones that I thought I didn't need .

One of them was Voice Search (and also voice commands, if that matters). Now, my speech or voice to text in my text messaging program is not working. Whenever I press the mic icon, nothing happens. Through searching I think I've determined it's because I deleted the voice search apk?

Whenever I go to the Market to download Google Voice Search, the Market says its already "installed"...but obviously its not?! I've tried downloading the file from other places but when I try to install it says "There is a problem parsing the package."

Bottom line, how do I get my speech to text back?

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Android :: How To Make Two Apks Install At Same Place

Jan 15, 2010

I have one apk that installs at folder data/data/ Now i have another application that should install the files in that folder. How can i create a apk that does this?

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General :: Android Custom Permission - No Longer Open Own Application?

May 28, 2013

I created a test android app that does two simple things, open the browswer and open the calculator

My main problem is that once I put a custom permission inside the mainfest, I can no longer open my own application. The app does appear on the launcher screen but when I launch it, it will say "App isn't installed". However using a second app and giving it the proper uses and making sure it's signed by the same signature it opens fine.Here is the manifest for my main app:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:android=""

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General :: How To Install Custom ROM

May 19, 2014

i have t40 phone. but i dont install custom rom. how install t40 custom rom... for t40 cwm ?

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General :: How To Install Custom ROM On Xperia Arc S

Nov 7, 2013

I have a Xperia Arc S and I really wanted to install this ROM (URL.... ). But I don't know how to install custom rom. My phone is rooted I guess. I root my phone with Eroot (link -URL....). After that I installed root checker pro and it said your phone has been rooted successfully. Then I installed X-Parts to install CWM, but I failed to open the recovery mode. Yes I already tried pressing few times that volume down or back button. My android version 4.0.4 (4.1.B.0.587).

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General :: How To Install Custom Rom In I9001

Apr 13, 2012

I hav a rooted samsung galaxy s plus ,its running on 2.3.4 , i want to install custom roms. how to install in details?

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General :: Cannot Install Custom Rom (status 0)

Nov 24, 2012

I try to make a custom rom for my device with dsixda kitchen, but when I try to install my own rom on my device via CWM, I get this message: Error in /sdcard/(name of my rom).zip (status 0) installation aborted.

This is what I did: I just extracted the stock kernel (boot.img) and the system folder from my device, then I cooked the rom with dsixda kitchen and I finally converted the script from update to updater

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General :: How To Install CWM And Custom Roms

Nov 30, 2012

How to install cwm and install custom roms? ??

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General :: Install Custom ROM In Xperia Ray

May 1, 2013

I was trying to root the phone and get a Custom ROM installed. As I was reading through several forums, I found few rooting softwares and steps. I did all those, but seemed like the phone was not getting rooted. Then I read that I need to have an Unlocked Bootloader. I went to the Sony Site and got the Unlocking code. But what I did was I unlocked it after I had tried the other steps of rooting. It doesn't seem to have any recovery stuff installed as I am not able to boot in recovery. When it starts, the SONY display will come and a blank screen then again the same stuff repeats as if it is trying to start but cannot find an OS to boot into.

I know that I should have done the Unlocking first and then the root installation and stuff, but now I want to know if I can get an OS installed in this. Now I am not able to install the stock ROM using Sony Update Service as it shows the message: "The Phone contains modified software that cannot be updated".

installing a custom ROM.

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General :: GTS6012 - How To Install Custom Recovery

Dec 27, 2013

I'm using Samsung Galaxy S6012.. I have rooted my phone.. I even downloaded RomManager..

But it seems in selecting the mobile phone model S6012 is not shown.. Is there anyway i can have a recovery on my mobile??

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General :: Get Stuck On Boot When Install Custom ROM Through CWM

Oct 11, 2013

i installed jellyblast on my galaxy ace gt-s5830i, used it for couple of days and then restored cwm backup to stock rom. after about a week the phoen booted itself and got into bootloop. when i tried to wipe data got this mesaage : E:format_volume: rfs format failed on /dev/stl11.

* i tried installing cwm backup
* i tried installing stock rom from samfirmware using odin with/without pit.
* i tried multiformatter for changing ext4 to rfs and then again tried unstalling stock rom and also custom roms.
* i tried wipe firmware package.

* phone enters in bootloop when i flash stock rom using odin and get stuck on boot when i install custom rom through cwm.

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General :: How To Root And Install Custom Firmware On Arc

Apr 11, 2013

Is there any word when a method to root and install custom firmwares on the Arc (such like Cyagonmod or something)?

I've tried just about most of the common methods I've found so far, and I've gotten nothing.

The only thing I can think of is the fact that the Arc is suspiciously similar to the Nexus 7, so can look into root and see if a port can be made for the Arc.

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General :: Can't Install Custom ROMs On Galaxy Y

May 12, 2013

I've been using a galaxy Y S5360 for almost 18 months and I have been using custom ROMs for around 15 months. First I tried Creed 3.5 and loved it. A few months moved to Jellyblast 3 which was again fine. Two days ago I tried installing Hyperion and my phone got bricked I managed to flash stock ROM using odin . But now my phone gets bricked everytime I try installing a custom ROM ( tried Creed 3.5, Jellyblast 3 and Hyperion 8) and Im stuck with the stock ROM .

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General :: Galaxy Tab - No 3G After Custom Kernel Install

Apr 30, 2012

I successfully installed Humberos JP2, everything I need works fine and it is rooted, but I cant get 3G connection, my Galaxy Tab is the P1000L from Telcel.

The phone is working fine, WiFi fine, but no 3G.

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General :: LG L4 E440 Way To Install Custom ROM On Phone

Jan 4, 2014

lg l4.i have already rooted the device using there any way to install custom rom on the phone.i looked for CWM,but it is not supported yet and i do not know why.can we boot to the phone build in recovery to install custom rom,or we must port CWM first.we can start a project here for CWM recovery.

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General :: How To Install Custom Recovery On Nextbook 8 HD

Apr 25, 2014

How to install custom recovery on a nextbook8hd? i have looked all over with how to root and install roms but not how to install recovery...

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General :: CWM Recovery - Unable To Install Any Custom ROM?

Apr 2, 2014

I have rooted my karbonn a4+ but I am unable to install any custom rom as I am not able to find The cwm recovery.

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General :: S-5300 - Installed Custom ROM Now Can't Install New One

May 21, 2013

So the phone is Samsung Galaxy Pocket. I installed a custom ROM. I didn't look at what bugs it had.

SD Card, Hotspot, Charging, WiFi, Bluetooth doesn't work. I have no clue what options are left for me to install a new ROM. It doesn't recognize my SD card. Odin doesn't recognize the phone. (drivers and everything for pc is fine, other phones work). I didn't make a backup or anything.

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General :: Install Custom Roms Through Stock Recovery?

Mar 13, 2013

can we install custom roms through stock recovery?

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General :: How To Root And Install Custom Rom Micromax A113

Mar 14, 2014

root my micromax A113 and is there any custom rom available for this handset.

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Motorola Droid :: No Longer Install Apps / Way To Do

Dec 1, 2010

Running the 2.1 UD rom and all of a sudden this morning I can no longer install apps. They DL ok, but never install. Apps are DL from market/appbrain. have not made any changes to the rom. Any suggestions?

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General :: Unable To Root / Install Custom ROM In Huawei U8510

Feb 24, 2013

The procedures mentioned to root or install CWM Recovery in Huawei x3 U8510 requires you to go to USB Debugging mode in Settings but my device does not have a working Stock ROM.

I am able to boot into the Stock Recovery mode (Volume + and power button) but unable to install CWM(tried several versions for U8510), SU, Custom ROM etc cuz it says signature verification failed even though I tried cmw zip files which were signed.

I tried going into download mode by pressing Volume - and power button that didn't work too. Even though the Huawei symbol came up I couldn't root the device using

P.S: I couldn't find any of the latest ROMs for this device too!

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Jelly Bean :: USB No Longer Recognized On S4 After Flashing Custom ROM

May 12, 2014

I just flashed a custom ROM for my first time to my Samsung S4(SPH-L720). Unfortunately I have everything working except my PC will not see my phone anymore. The phone says connected as a MTP device but I cannot see it in my computer to transfer files back and forth.

ROM- Google play edition for sph-l720

*Reinstalled drivers and kies to no avail.

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