General :: Call Blocking For Dual SIM

Feb 19, 2013

is there any CALL BLOCKING software for android DUAL DIM which call reject can be set on the basis of SIM...that is if a number is rejected to call on SIM1 but the same number is allowed to call on SIM 2....

General :: Call Blocking for Dual SIM

General :: Call Blocking On Jelly Bean 4.1.2

Sep 28, 2013

i recently updated from ics to jelly bean 4.1.2 on my Samsung galaxy s2 on 02 uk network, i have noticed a few different issues since the update though regarding blocking calls and i notice the feature isnt as good since the update

previously on ics when blocking a number, once a number called they would be present with "dud a duh sound" which made the phone sound like the number was disconnected it would also not divert the blocked number to the voice mail

since doing a test on jelly bean when blocking a number, it now diverts them to the voice mail, and what's more annoying is once a blocked number calls it seems to one ring on my phone and then divert them to the voice mail, similar to as if i was cancelling there call every time, which is no were near as effective

ive just tried an app called mr number and this is the same, although this does have the option of a "hangup feature" and a send to "voicemail feature" again when the blocked number calls it seems to one ring and then either be disconnected or diverted to the voicemail, which again is like your cancelling there call every time after one ring

on ics when blocking the number they were never presented with the ring tone on there end, they were only presented with the sound of a disconnected line etc. How i can get that feature back???, without using mr number which doesn't do it as well

id like it to be like it was with ics, so basically the blocked number doesn't even get the chance to to be diverted to voice mail or to be not connected at all??? and certainly so it doesnt one ring on my end before the divert/block kicks in, on ics the blocked number never got that far, it was blocked instantly and presented with the disconnected sound, and then i was shown on my phone a log they had attempted to call., i also dont want to give the impression im cancelling the call on my end, as like ics, this was a good feature as certain people would just think your unreachable, know when a blocked contact calls with the new system under jelly bean it looks like your cancelling there call everytime after a one ring.

also is it still not possible to block text messages from certain spam numbers?

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General :: Call Blocking App With Unavailable Response Tone

Feb 3, 2012

I want an call blocking/black list App which will blocks the selected blacklisted number,and while that number call us...i want a response tone to be like "the user you are calling is unavailable" or a simple n silent call end up with some beeps unlike responding that blocked number as "the user is busy",as bcos this busy tone wil be saying him that we are rejecting his call. I really wrexedup in searching this app.

in earlier i used nokia5230 S60v5,there i had an app named "M-Cleaner" which was also cald as "360 Principle",developed by some china dev's.this app works such like saying the user is unavailable or simply ending up the call without saying anything. It's having an option of call forwarding rejection i use to keep a some real unavailable number in that option n make choose that call forwarding rejection/blocking method.i think due to this option that app was able to do so(as like my requirement).

How to find such an app in our android platform. I thought symbian is itself having such an outstanding app,y not for android?...n jumped to android.

My mobile-Samsung galaxy Y (not rooted).

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General :: Call / SMS Blocking App To Block Message From Non-numeric Numbers

Nov 19, 2013

Call / SMS blocking app with ability to block message from non-numeric numbers and with whitelist support for those numbers.

I`am using Call Control now. This app can block non-numerical numbers. But no whitelist support.

Answer: information from cellular providers and from banks comes from such numbers. But they trapped in spam and you have always to look blocked log.

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General :: Blocking Outgoing Call Privileges For Specific Phone Numbers

Jul 9, 2013

Any way to block my son's phone from calling or texting specific phone numbers? I want him to be able to add phone numbers and contacts, but be unable to call or text a couple of specific phone #s. Is there a way to do this? I have Verizon but their number blocking service only works for incoming calls, not for outgoing.

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Android :: Need A Call Blocking Application?

Apr 6, 2010

I am developing a call blocking application for android. What I've achieved so far is that my application gets informed whenever there is some incoming call. Now i want my application to handle the incoming call instead of default android application. So for this, i am trying to kill the android phone process. Please tell me can i do so. If not, then how can i reject the incoming call.

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Android :: API For Intercepting And Blocking A Call?

Oct 6, 2009

Is there a API for intercepting and blocking a call? What I want to do is to create app that autometically detect incoming call and based on the caller it either alert the user or don's alert the user. Like, if the number is stored in the phone book then alert the user other wise just send a message to the caller that the person is busy.

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Android :: Need A Call-Blocking Application For Motorola?

Mar 18, 2010

I have someone who's calls I wish to block. No I don't want to forward him to voice mail (even though I already have). I want the phone's caller ID to recognize the caller and simply bloc the call (I don't want the phone to ring and I don't want it to accept any voice mails from this guy). I know google voice has this feature, but I don't want to activate the single number version of GV (I'm not ready to have only one number. I read a similar thread that was posted here some time ago, but there were no definitive answers on it: I was wondering if anyone was aware of any apps that could be used to block a specific incoming number, which could be installed without having to root the phone.

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Android :: Does Call Blocking App - Time Filters Exist?

Apr 3, 2010

Have been wondering whether there is an app out on the market that blocks phone calls at certain periods of time throughout the day! Such as at night time, I get obnoxious calls that wake me up! Or while I'm in class... Is there such an app that blocks phone calls from like 12AM to 7AM. I've been googling like crazy and I can only find apps that block certain phone numbers.

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Android :: Time Filter Call Blocking App Exist?

Apr 3, 2010

I'm new here and have been wondering whether there is an app out on the market that blocks phone calls at certain periods of time throughout the day! Such as at night time, I get obnoxious calls that wake me up! Or while I'm in class... Is there such an app that blocks phone calls from like 12AM to 7AM. I've been googling like crazy and I can only find apps that block certain phone numbers.

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General :: Best App Blocking Ads?

Jul 14, 2013

Quick and to the point.Which app is best and why?

-Ad Block Plus
-Ad Away

I don't like Ad Block because this app isn't works in background as service, icon must be all time in notification bar.Adfree is ugly. Ad Away is looks good. What is the truth in practice?

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General :: Blocking Ads That Pop Up In Apps?

Feb 21, 2014

Is there any way of blocking the ads that pop up in a lot of aps??


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General :: Blocking Calls In People?

Feb 12, 2012

I have two numbers I need to block from incoming calls and send directly to voicemail. If I block in the default "People" app will it do this or do I need an app for this (no pun intended). I just need to know if the default people blocking will send a call to voicemail instead of ringing? Will it also block text msgs if blocked in People? I would test this out myself but unfortunately that's not an option. I only have one phone here, my cell, so I can't test from another number here at home.

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General :: Blocking Text Messages

Sep 28, 2012

The fake Bank of America got my phone number and I am getting a ton of fake phishing texts from them. Is there any way I can block texts. I use Mr. Number for phone calls and it works pretty well, but I don't know of a text blocker that would work..

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General :: 4.0.4 Phones Blocking DVR Ports

Jun 17, 2012

I am using two ics phones, Galaxy Nexus and Htc Sensation stock roms. I am trying to connect to my DVR devices through a 3g router using well known network ports numbers (>1024) for the dvr devices.

The network consist of 3 devices:
3g router: my domain com : 80
Dvr Device1: my domain com : 7687
Dvr Device2: my domain com : 5054

I can connect to the 3g router which is listening to port 80 from my android phones but not to the dvr devices using a 3g network.

But I can connect using the android phones if they are connected to a WIFI network or an Iphone (2g,3g,wifi), a Nokia symbian phone (2g,3g,wifi) or a Pc using adsl internet connection.

There isn't a port forward issue since I can connect from every device except android phones.

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General :: Blocking / Rejecting Texts On Galaxy S4?

Jun 14, 2013

I was just curious on the galaxy s4 are people able to block you from texting, just calling or both?

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General :: App To Block Permissions - Blocking Contact Or SMS?

Jan 9, 2014

I seen something a bit ago that allows you to block permissions from whatever apps you choose. Like block your contacts, or block the app from sending SMS so on and so on.

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General :: Lost Android In Blocking Accounts On It

Sep 19, 2012

I lost my android mobile HTC Wildfire A3333 running CM7.2,I want to block access of my Google account, Facebook account, Whatsapp on the mobile from misusing.

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General :: Phone Dialer Is Blocking Screen

Aug 7, 2012

I have a chinese Iphone copy (MT6573 processor, android 2.2) with a laucher that mimics IOS.

I'm having a problem with the phone dialer. Always when I originate a call, the dialer blocks the screen, what makes impossible to finish the call. The dialer app image is on screen but when I press the button to finish the call or the back button, screen just go black. When I press again, it returns to the dialer screen, but if I press buttons again, the screen is cleared again. The dialer just releases the screen when my interlocutor finishes the call or telco operator finishes the voice mail.

I installed GO Dialer EX and Espier Launcher, but the problem persist.

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General :: AdFree / AdAway - Wireless Tether For PC Ad Blocking

Jun 30, 2012

I used AdFree on my Incredible. When I would run Wireless Tether, it would also block ads on my PC. I never even got a single YouTube, Pandora, or Hulu ad. I don't know exactly how it was done; it just worked.

Now, I'm on a rooted Rezound using AdAway. It blocks ads on my device, but not on my PC when tethered as AdFree did on my Incredible. I tested by accessing one of the blocked URLs in the hosts was blocked on my device, not on my PC.

I thought maybe the webserver needed to be enabled, but no, that wasn't it. I've tried with both AdFree and AdAway, cleared DNS cache, etc. Is there some setting I'm missing in either Wireless Tether or AdAway? I know it's possible somehow; I've changed nothing on my PC and it worked perfectly on my Incredible.

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General :: Paste / Clipboard Icons Blocking View In Galaxy Tab 3

Sep 12, 2013

i m having a paste/clipboard icon fixed on my left side of the screen. It only appear in Internet Explorer. I cant move it or close it away. It is covering my keypad. I cleared all the clips in the clipboard showing no items.

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General :: JB 4.2 Dual Status Bar For ICS

Dec 21, 2012

ICS users to have a port of JB 4.2 dual status bar. I mean that one notification status bar and then again sliding quick settings bar thing really looks great.

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General :: How To Root HTC Desire 310 Dual Sim

Jun 14, 2014

i have just purchased htc desire 310 dual sim but i am unable to root it . rooting the device. CWM and custom rom for this device

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General :: Possible To Dual Boot IOS On Android

Aug 28, 2012

I was wondering if it is possible to dual boot ios on android? Yes, there are already threads on it, but time passed so you never know. Is it impossible or are there ways? I would really love to dual boot.

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General :: Using Dual Sim On Mobile Host?

Feb 28, 2012

I want to ask if is possible to buil an app that permit to connect my Android phone with the remote sim in onother phone not android. This app make possible receive and make calls and SMS. Is the same use of the hardware GMATE.

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General :: How To Dual Boot Android To IOS 7

May 2, 2014

Is there anyway how to dual boot android to ios7 or even ios6.

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General :: Messaging With Dual Sim Support

Jun 29, 2013

I'm looking for a replacement with stock messaging. However I can't seem to find a decent one with dual sim support.

Kata i1 using Tapatalk 4 Beta

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General :: Framework For Dual SIM Cards?

Sep 26, 2013

I have a Motorola Razr D3 (XT920) Dual SIM and I want to port a CyanogenMod ROM to it, but the device is Dual SIM, and CM don't support it.

How to modify AOSP (or CM) Framework to Dual SIM! The kernel code of my device is available?

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General :: Dual Boot IOS On Android

Dec 1, 2011

Is it possible to install ios on android phone ? It can be any dual boot or full ios ? GT-I9003

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General :: CAT B15 - Can't Connect To 3G And Dual Sim Not Working

Oct 29, 2013

my friend bought me CAT B15 from US,(i live in Indonesia).when i use my cat B15 i realize that the phone cannot connect to 3G, because when i use the same SIM card to another android it can connect to 3G. and the dual SIM card cannot work too.i checked in setting menu, ther is no option for dual SIM card and for 3G.the contact support ask me to send it back to the distributor, but i think it's not make sense.

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