General :: Battery Drain SGS2 GT-i9100 Android OS 98%

Jul 26, 2013

For the last 5 days I am experiencing extreme battery drainage(Android OS nearly 100% Battery Usage ). Back when it began I did not install anything suspicious or battery consuming software. I never go full screen brightness, and all unnecessary apps are either deleted or disabled. I have tried Factory Resetting, Wiping all possible caches, systems, internal/external SD cards. I even tried manually deleting all folders from my PC. I have tried installing custom kernels, roots and even stock ROM. Right now I'm with stock ROM with CF root.

Phone state: Model number- GT-i9100; Android 4.0.3; Baseband v. i9100XXLPS, Kernel v. 3.0.15-i9100XXLPQ-CL223505 se,infra@SEP-94 #3; Built number IML74K.XWLP7. And here is what I get from the battery report :


I have tried full discharge and charge to 100% and calibration. Even cleared the battery stats It just doesn't work. I am using Nova Launcher. Even after going back to TwLauncher I am still getting 98% Android OS usage. I don't use Data Mode and Wi-Fi isn't always on. When charged and calibrated at 100% at 21:00pm, in the morning at 9:00am phone battery is completely empty and shut down.

I'd like to use the stock ROM, with a nice battery stable kernel & still with Nova Launcher. NOTE: This is still happening with a NEW battery.

General :: Battery Drain SGS2 GT-i9100 Android OS 98%

General :: SGS2 (GT-I9100) Recovery After Flashing Kernel?

Feb 25, 2012

When I got my phone at the end of last year I rooted it using a Chain-Fire kernel - v 4.2, I think. After flashing, it worked perfectly, since when I have flashed the old bootloader to get my USB Jig working to remove the yellow triangle and flashed a patch again to allow the USB Jig to reset the binary counter.

I have very much wanted to install and get the new Sky Go application working.

What I had to do was flash the Stock kernel for my Stock Rom - I have never messed with my Rom - it is Gingerbread 2.3.4 in a CPW phone here in the UK.

Doing the flash and installing Voodoo OTA (to temporarily hide my root) has been enormously successful

Now then to my query....

The original Chain-Fire mod v 4.2 installed CWM.

After of course cancelling the "hide root" function to show my phone as rooted once more, I went to do a backup, using CWM but it refuses to work. It says my kernel needs v 5.0. Obviously the Stock Rom I flashed to get Sky Go working has thrown CWM some what.

I have downloaded Rom Manager from the Market but this seems not to work either - it starts to work (reboots) but then halts with the following messages: -

E : failed to verify whole-file signature

E : signature verification failed
Installation aborted

What I would like is some way of installing a backup previously made before flashing the Stock kernal and also to make a fresh backup now.

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General :: GT-I9100 - Battery Icons In KitKat

Nov 3, 2013

Where are they? I checked the framework-res and SystemUI of an AOSP rom, and they're just not there.

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General :: Android Firewall Battery Drain?

Jan 12, 2013

does Android Firewall [URL] .....

has any battery drain ? I would like to block access to internet to some of my apps, but i read somewhere that LBE and other firewall like that is draining battery ..

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General :: Does Having Sync On For Calendar Drain A Lot Of Battery Android

May 10, 2013

Does having sync on for calender drain a lot of battery android ?


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General :: Nexus 7 / Android 4.2.1 - Battery Drain On Sleep

Jan 11, 2013

I'm having problem with my Nexus 7. I have Android 4.2.1 on it. I've been using it for about a week now and every night i would turn it off, but in the last few nights, i decided to leave it on sleep mode to see how the battery life was.

On the google site, it says that the Nexus 7 should have 300 hours of standby. Is that the same as 300 hours of sleep? Because when I left my Nexus 7 on overnight, it drained from 55% to 33% in about 8 hours. That doesnt seem like 300 hours to me.

Also, I've tested it again, started at 100%, no wifi, no gps, no apps running in background, no syncing, in sleep mode, and it's draining at about 2% and hour. I've read on this forum that people have been getting like 2% every 8 hours on sleep, or even overnight. I've never used 4.1.1 so I dont have anything to compare it too. Does the 300 hour standby time mean powered off Nexus?

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General :: Battery Drain On AT&T GS3 With CM 10.1

Aug 10, 2013

For some reason my battery drained extremely fast while it was idle. My phone had about 50% left and an hour later it got all the way down to 14% without any usage. Wifi was on and I didn't get any notifications. I know there are background processes but to have that much battery drained is really strange.

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General :: Note 3 Battery Drain Faster Than Normal - Android OS

Feb 13, 2014

Ok so for some reason my battery just started going dead faster than normal. This is a slow days use but look at the attached pic

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General :: Android OS Battery Drain In CM10 And Touchwiz StockROM

Dec 15, 2012

I had a Samsung Nexus S which started to have this strange Android OS battery drain some weeks before the OTA ICS came in. I read thousands of forum posts to try tons of stuff to solve the problem without any success.

I then decided three weeks ago that it's obviously time to get a new phone so that I bought the Galaxy SIII (int). Strangely I still have great problems with my battery life which brought me here to ask some pros now.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy SIII (int)
ROM: StockROM (4.1.1) and CM10 Nightly
Carrier: German E-Plus

What is the most noticeable about the battery drain is, that it appears in standby (over night) in both ROMs, Stock and CM10 likewise with some minor differences. In 10h standby (Wifi on, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC all off, only few widgets, AquaMail on push) battery goes down from 100% to 70%.

After all, I tested both ROMs in the same situation over night and the bettery drain is pretty comparable (see the screenshots).

What I already tried (in both ROMs):

- disable all Google Maps autostarts and disable all location services

- disable apps like Gtalk, G+ etc.

- uninstall AquaMail

without any effect on the standby battery drain...

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General :: Quickest Way To Drain Battery?

Nov 17, 2011

What's the best (read: most efficient) way to drain the battery? this is after a new kernal or ROM and during a battery recalibration. I'm thinking WiFi off, GPS on, even better, searching for a signal; screen brightness at 100%, no auto dim; lots of apps in task manager; streaming internet video.

I can leave 4G on, with no 4G coverage within 50 miles of me that should suck some more power. I thought the vibration buzzing might be a pretty decent power hog, but a) not sure how to make it stay on, and 2) not sure I could put up with hearing it for that long.

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General :: Battery Drain When Tethering On CM7?

Aug 26, 2012

When i use thether via usb, cable with extra power-contact, my battery drains really quick. Im running cm7.2 on my defy.

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General :: Battery Drain Apps

Apr 24, 2012

Ok so i have found battery offender for doing initial calibrations after i go on my rom flashing frenzies. I was wondering if there are any apps that are similar but that will power the device down at a certain battery level as to not sllow the battery to be fully drained.

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General :: Battery Drain App With Time Log

Sep 16, 2012

Android app that will use a lot of battery (maybe using the phones functions like wifi etc) to drain the battery and then when the battery reaches 1 or 0% it logs how long the battery lasted.

This could then be used to compare battery life on a range of Android devices.


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General :: ZTE Grand X In Battery Drain

Apr 11, 2014

There are many battery drain processes, applications. I saw that one of the biggest issues related to my ZTE Grand X In battery drain problems are mostly related to WiFi.

Explanation (all in sleep mode):

- When WiFi is off (and Airplane mode on) battery drain is 0-1 % during 1 hour;
- When WiFi is on (and Airplane mode on) and I am at the home Access Point environment, battery drain is 1-2 % during 1 hour;
- When WiFi is on (and Airplane mode on) and I am outside any Access Point environment, battery drain is 2-3 % during 1 hour;
- When WiFi is on (and Airplane mode on) and I am at an Access Point environment where Android is getting connection but does not get IP address so it is repeating obtain IP address process, battery drain is 4-5 % during 1 hour;

On ZTE Grand X In there is Android ICS 4.0.4.

I am emphasizing that I have Huawei Ascend Y300. It has Android JB, and it is almost not affected at all by mentioned WiFi issues, all the time, in any environment (I mentioned in this post) it has low battery drain.

As I saw there are some programs which are checking those WiFi different situations and then try to resolve issues. For Huawei, I simply do not need any program, everything is okay. For ZTE seems that there is no perfect program, I have to say there are nice programs, but still not perfect for resolving this issue.

What would be the best to do (on rooted Android smartphone) to change frequency (inside build.prop or any other file) of checking, obtaining IP address, to optimize that, not to have huge battery drain because of WiFi environment?

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General :: Battery Drain Much Faster Than It Was Before?

Jul 5, 2012

i've just flash a new miui rom on my o2x. and i found that the battery drain much faster than it was before. last night i had 14% of battery left on my phone, and this morning it shut down due to out of battery. so i pluged in my wall charger while my phone was off. and when it showed the green fully chargeed bar i disconnected the charger and boot my phone in to CWM recovery to wipe battery stats. then i reboot the phone into android and u know what? the phone show 100% of battery only in 3 secconds and then it show 1% left. i connect the charger and the phone show that it's being charged? how can it charge a fully charged battery? and the charging speed is faster as light. it's has been charging about 15 mins now and it show 46% charged. may be google was wrong saying that batterystats.bin does not affect the measurement of battery level.

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General :: Does GoLocker Drain Battery

Aug 14, 2012

I was asking myself if goLocker drain battery ? I use GoLauncher and didn't notice any battery drain, but i would like to assosiate GoLauncher to GoLocker .. So is it draining battery faster ?

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General :: Does Sweep2wake Drain Battery

Dec 1, 2013

does sweep2wake drain battery? I think the screen is completely off while phone is sleeping and hence doesn't use any battery at all but to use sweep2wake the screen needs to be on all the time.

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General :: Battery Drain By Google Services?

Aug 30, 2013

My phone went from 99% to 15% overnight in just a few hours and i saw that its from google services. I am using a i9300 on cyanogenmod 10.1. How do i repair this? my wifi is off at night.

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General :: Battery Drain For No Apparent Reason

Jun 1, 2013

Just recently, my captivate battery has been draining very fast. I've been going from 100% to 0 in about 8-12 hours. The main battery consumer is Android System. There are no processes that are keeping the phone on according to BatterBatteryStats. I loose about 7-8 percent every hour while it is in idle/deep sleep. If I enable the extreme setting on Juice Defender, it bumps up the battery life to about 45+ hours. But if I use juice defender, sending and receiving mms is very difficult. I tried it on another spare battery and it gave me the same results. This problem started earlier this week and was present when I first flashed a ICS rom back in June and hasn't gone away yet. I did not change any settings or flash anything new to my phone. One day it suddenly went from 100% to 40% in 5 hours and after I rebooted it dropped to 5% in a matter of minutes. I recalibrated the battery but that did not do anything.

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General :: Facebook Standby Battery Drain?

Aug 21, 2011

i have some problems with battery life. The reason is the facebook for android app. I have already turned off the automatic sync, so the app shouldn't start itself but here is the partial wakeup spareparts shows me after a day of very light use (i have sometimes closed the Facebook process when i saw that my battery made jumps of 10% without touching it for an hour.

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General :: Xperia P Sudden Battery Drain

May 22, 2014

i have been using xperia P for more than a year and um quite happy with it except one fact which is the battery drain issue. my phone is running stock JB with nemesis 6.3 kernel and some other excellent mods.but when the battery level is below 40-30% it suddenly falls below 20% both with the stamina mode on and off! i have tried almost all the stock based custom roms and this issure persists.this doesn't happen when the battery level is above 40%, i have been facing this issue since i bought it!

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General :: App That Will Show Which Apps Drain Battery

Oct 2, 2011

I get pretty bad battery life. I wiped everything and reflashed the ROM and only installed about 10 apps instead of my usual 150 or so. Total difference in battery life! Except I want want my apps back, at least most of them.

I'm wondering if there's a way of finding out which ones take the most juice or are always running when I don't want them to do I can get rid of those few.

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General :: Toggling WiFi On And Off Drain Battery?

Jun 3, 2013

Will toggling Wi-Fi on and off drain your battery? I'm asking this because I read:


Essentially, you want your Wi-Fi sleep policy to be "Never" because when the Wi-Fi sleep policy is "Always," your phone searches for Wi-Fi more often and that drains battery (I think that's what it is saying).

At the moment, I toggle the W-Fi on every time I'm using it and off as soon as I'm done using it in an attempt to save battery. I'm not sure if this actually works or it's actually draining my battery because it would search for Wi-Fi every time I toggle it on.

On my Samsung Galaxy S4, I can't find Wi-Fi sleep policy as mentioned in the article, but I found "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep." Am I supposed to set this setting as "Always" to save battery life?

I toggle Air View and Smart Gestures on a frequent basis as well--not sure if I should do that too.

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General :: Battery Drain On Wifi Off / Sync On?

Sep 30, 2013

I was wondering, if I set wifi off but I keep the global sync option on in the 4.2.2 tiles, does the apps will try to sync even if wifi is off, and then drain a little bit off battery ?

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General :: Samsung S2 Battery Drain While In Off Mode

Oct 14, 2013

my Samsung s2 on jelly bean 4.1.2 drains battery alot while even in off mode not only that, whenever I press the switch off key the phone won't give me various options of restart, flight mode , sound mode and the likes, the phone will just go into off mode directly.

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General :: Drain More Battery When Overclock GPU But Not Voltage?

Dec 4, 2013

Does it drain more battery when I overclock the GPU but not the voltage?

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General :: Completely Random Battery Drain?

May 11, 2013

My Xperia Arc S has a really, really weird battery draining issue. The battery drains in 10 hours on standby. It seems completely random and happens as long as the battery is in the phone (even when it's off). I was rooted and had a custom rom and kernel but I've switched back to the stock firmware and guess what: the battery still drains randomly. I also bought a new battery with twice the capacity of the old one but nothing changed.

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General :: Motorola A854 Fast Battery Drain?

Feb 23, 2012

I charge at night, by noon its dead with never having turned it on.

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General :: MediaServer ICS 4.0.4 Massive Battery Drain Loop

Jun 12, 2012

I am a long-time lurker of XDA Forums and had an issue that I could not resolve on my own. I have upgraded my Xoom 4G to 4.0.4, stock, locked, not rooted. Factory reset recently and have tried everything to my knowledge to fix the following issue.The mediaserver is in a constant loop. There are no music files, pictures, anything on the device right now. Here are the few logs that have looped (I used OS monitor to find)

cpcap_audio_configure_power: regulator -> stanb
cpcap_audio_configure_power: regulator -> enable

It happens every few seconds and keeps the tablet awake constantly. The battery is in a huge drain.

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General :: Battery Drain - Sense Jelly Bean

Nov 25, 2012

I'm having battery drains. Phone didn't go to Deep Sleep was awake in 51mhz for 7 hours. In 8 hours I lost 20% while it was in power saver mode.

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