General :: Advanced ICS CM9 Customization?

Jul 4, 2012

There have been various images of Android devices that have been greatly customized that look nothing like the original stock Android. How do people make such advanced customization. How can I try to do this on my Motorola Defy with CM9? What apps on Android and programs on the computer can work with this? I personally have a Ubuntu computer but can access a Windows one if needed.

General :: Advanced ICS CM9 Customization?

Motorola Droid X :: Advanced App Killer Vs. Advanced Task Cleaner

Sep 26, 2010

Can someone explain the diiference in these two apps. It looks to me that the App Killer is included in the Advanced Task Cleaner.

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General :: App Drawer Screen Customization?

Oct 22, 2012

i want my app drawing screen to have a diff look then just havin app icons in rows n columns n the effect shud not just be limited to wen screen transition happens but all over the app drawer page shud have diff effects to chose apps....

launcher app which let me apply these effects currently i have "go launcher" n its givin effects only durin screen transitions

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General :: GS3 T999V - Bluetooth Resetting For Customization

Sep 28, 2013

I'm getting this message popping up on my GS3 T999V somewhat frequently. My phone will disconnect from whatever bluetooth device is currently connected and the phone will bring up the bluetooth device selection screen.

Do I simply need to reset the bluetooth stack or something to remedy this and if so, how do I go about doing that?

I've tried fixing permissions and rebooting but that did not work. I'm on Stock 4.1.2 with Faux Kernel.

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General :: Rom Customization - How To Add Powered Menu And Custom Theme

Feb 15, 2012

I like to make for my phone a custom rom but i want to know how to add powered menu and also add to the rom a custom theme...... The only way I know to do this kind of things its via recovery menu but I want to be all in one .... When I flash my rom all the things be able to use them without second flashing...

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General :: Email Widget With Advanced Functionality?

Dec 22, 2013

i'm searching for an E-Mail widget with special functionality.

Is there a widget which can browse through E-Mail folders and Subfolders and show me the E-Mails inside the Folder? Like a normal App but as Widget?

Or even better: is there a widget, which list all Folders with unread E-Mails and when i click it it will open the Folder and list the E-Mails inside the Widget?

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General :: Instagram - Can't Find Advanced Camera

Aug 3, 2012

I have a Motorola Defy and just installed Instagram.

There's supposed to a Camera Settings button in the profile menu, but I can't find it to enable the advanced camera feature.

I have the latest version of Instagram from July 26 installed.

I feel like part of the problem is the auto-crop in the app. I want to use the advanced camera so that the pictures will already be formatted for the Instagram app.

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General :: Any Way To Add Advanced Routing Via Module To Kernel?

Nov 5, 2012

If a kernel does not have the Advanced Routing feature (which is needed for VPNC widget - Cisco VPN) is it possible to add this via module like tun.ko module? The Adv. Routing is not needed for connecting but the connection is soon lost.

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General :: SD Card Error In Samsung Galaxy S Advanced

Aug 14, 2012

After I flashed the latest firmware with ODIN my phone doesn't read sd cards anymore and when I go to "SD card and phone storage" in settings I see "unavailable" in total space and free space for both sdcard and USB storage.

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General :: Ainol Novo 8 Advanced MINI Tablet 7.85 Stock Rom

Dec 27, 2013

the stock rom and instructions of it? got bootloop.

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General :: Advanced Office Document Support On Android Tablets?

Sep 20, 2012

I'm on a medical school, and we have a lot of documentation to work with which is digital form, so I thought if I could edit those documents on my Android tablet. BUT, there is a little problem. Those aren't just ordinary Office documents, but they have integrated many charts in which we add text; checkboxes and dedicated fields for text input. But I don't know, if any application from Google Play supports those features in the document, or would it just ignore/not recognize, or even scramble the layout of the document? The running through every application on the Play would be a too big pain in the..n.

Is there any application that would preserve the original layout of the document and allow editing those fields without any issues?

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General :: How To Access Recovery Mode Of Ainol Novo 8 Advanced MINI Tablet

Jan 25, 2014

I cannot access the recovery mode of Ainol Novo 8 Advanced MINI Tablet. I tried holding power + vol+ button but its not working,

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HTC EVO 4G :: Lock Screen Customization

Jun 5, 2010

i dont know if this has been asked yet, but how i change the lock screen on my Evo?

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Android :: TabActivity Customization / How Is Possible

Aug 18, 2009

More of a TabWidget question I guess really...

I would've tried to send a screenshot for this query if I could, but i'll try and explain.

I have 3 Tabs, each showing a separate Activity. Underneath those tabs (and above the activity display), I want to display a header. This header would probably be a Layout of some sort with a TextView inside it and a background 9patch.

Is this possible, if so how?

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Android :: New Version Of Car Home With Customization

Sep 30, 2010

Google has quietly released a new version of Car Home for 2.2. It allows customization and shortcuts that the initial Froyo version lacked. Here's the story from CNET: Android's car home gets its own Market app | Web Crawler - CNET News

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HTC Incredible :: Google Voice Customization (SMS)

May 5, 2010

First android phone and am trying to use google voice for as much as I can, working decent so far, but several issues have come up, if anyone can address them.

1) Anytime Google voice is open, SMS notifications occurr basically instantaneously. Sometimes when it is not the open app, notifications for messages do not appear for up to 30 minutes (you can tell from the timestamps). I do not see any options about syncing frequency in the google voice app. Is there any way to rectify this?

2) SMS notification sounds. I can't find any way to make custom tones for each contact. The typical solution I've read is to use a custom SMS app, but can't do this with voice. Any workarounds?

3) Are there any 3rd party apps that handle any aspects of google voice SMS or customization? Some searches found nothing.Overall I'm pretty happy with using voice as my SMS, just want to make it as good as I possibly can.

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HTC Desire :: Beginners Guide To Customization?

Aug 27, 2010

I am new to the Desire and I've seen some of the screens on some of the threads in here but I have no idea how to activate certain apps I've downloaded!?!?

I downloaded an alternative clock widget but couldn't see it in the list so don't know how to use it instead of the standard one for example!!

Can anyone point me towards an idiots guide to customization?

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Android :: Theme Customization On Phone

May 15, 2009

Hi to all... Im having some problem in the Android W

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Android :: Ideas With Icons & Customization

Dec 14, 2009

I really like having a clean homescreen and I don't really like having to navigate far for my most used apps.On my main screen I have the Beautiful Widgets Flip clock and weather widget, the one that takes up two rows.And as I said, I like things clean, so I'd like to be able to see my background so I don't want to clutter the space with icons.So what would be the best way to make, clear, or near transparent icons for my apps? I thought about Better Cut, but still I need the actual pictures of my apps to like photoshop them. Any ideas on how to come up with them?Is there anything I can find on my phone or get the icons off my phone?

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Android : Seekbar Progress Customization

Mar 1, 2010

Using progress_horizontal.xml as a base drawable for my seekbar i was able to customize it pretty well. But unfortunately i stuck with the following problem. I need my progress to be made from two horizontal lines with different color something like this . In this case a blue line and transparent line below it.So how can i make my progress to be made from two different colors.

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Android :: Slide Home Screen Customization Possible?

Aug 21, 2010

I'm hoping it is and I'm just too much of a newbie to find how (spent all morning googling and checking forums add youtube) for a way to customize my 7 home pages. I have beautiful widget for the clock and weather but all 7 screens have the same wallpaper and lock screen. Also the icons could use a little bling Maybe even a banner.

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HTC Eris :: Pattern Lock Screen Customization?

Oct 25, 2010

im running xtrSENSE 4.6 and i have the transparent nexus one lock screen but my pattern lock is still black and its kind of annoying is their anyway to make the patter lock transparent or customize it at all?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: How Can I Maximize Customization Without Rooting?

Feb 22, 2010

How can I maximize the customization of my Hero? Like lock screen, home, and anything that I can change the appearance of without rooting my phone.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Need Customization Settings For Fringe

Mar 7, 2010

If anyone knows, i can't seem to figure it out. can you change the notification tone for fringe, and since i have my skype, yahoo, and aim all signed in, i can only tell the difference between my aol contacts (because the icon next to it is red) and then the yahoo and skype contacts are all green. is there anymore customization settings for this?

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Android :: Option Menu Customization At UI Level?

Apr 24, 2010

Can we customize the Option menu at the UI level.Suppose for one row I want to display three menu items and for the next row only single item.And in the last row only two items?

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Motorola Droid :: Home Screen Customization Thread

Nov 9, 2009

Has anyone gotten any of these programs to work such as ahome, pandaome, sweeter home? If so what themes have you been able to get working on the droid?

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HTC Incredible :: Latest Customization - To Car Stereo Via XM Radio Hookup

May 27, 2010

So you have a car that had the free XM radio for 6 months... The free 6 months runs out, and you dont actually purchase XM... So you have an unused XM stereo. There's a way you can use the XM inputs on your stock car stereo to be able to listen to your digital music from that stock head unit.

Bottom line is... you gotta have a car stereo with an XM hookup that is inactive and you don't plan on using it again.

It would take a little digging on your part for your car model...

Mine is a 2006 GMC Canyon. Here is the instructions I used to accomplish this: (Thanks to ):

This radio has two buss connectors on the back, the one coming from the XM tuner has 5 wires going to it. They are purple, bare(wrapped with tape), black/white (common), brown/white (left channel), and green/white (right channel). Since I never intend to subscribe to XM radio (the following procedure will disable the audio channels coming from the XM tuner) I tied my mini-stereo jack into this connector.

Remove the connector from the back of the radio and cut the black/white, brown/white, & green/white wires. Cap each of these wires that go back to the XM tunner (hidden elsewhere in the vehicle). On the connector side you simply connect the left channel from the Ipod to the brown/white wire, the right channel to the green/white wire and the common for both channels to the black/white wire. Plug the connector back into the radio.

Now plug the the stereo mini-jack you just wired to the connector to the headphone output on the Ipod. Tune the radio to either XM1 or XM2 band and you will hear the Ipod if it's on and playing. I didn't see the need for a line-input signal booster either, it was plenty loud.


So what I did was take a 3.5 mm stereo jack (obviously the one that fits the incredible.

See the wikipedia article for pin out info for the 3.5 mm plug: TRS connector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Basically its like:

Plug XM Stereo Bus Connector

tip ........................... Left Channel ........ brown/white
ring .......................... Right Channel ...... green/white
sleeve ...................... Common Ground .. black/white

After cutting the 3.5 stereo wire, there'll be 2 insulated wires, and a whole bunch of strands... the bunch of strands is ground (sleeve). There was a red and white wire, the red if I recall was LEFT, and the White wire was obviously right.

Simple 10 minute solder job, and voila! MP3 music, pandora, , etc whatever... from your incredible right through your stock XM equipped car stereo!

Your mileage may vary, I accept no responsibility for you blowing up your stereo, or worse, your incredible, ipod, or other cell phone...

Just saying, it worked like a champ in my case!

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Motorola Droid : Massive Changes - Statusbar Customization - CPU Temps

Aug 1, 2010

SS 4.6 - MASSIVE Changes - Customize Statusbar!! - Simply Stunning Android

PLEASE post up bugs over at ssandroid - it will be easier for me to keep track of what needs fixing!

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Motorola Droid :: Multimedia Station - Scren Customization Options

Jan 23, 2010

Just installed Home++ and now I'm on a huge customization kick with my Droid. Are there any apps / widgets that will give additional multimedia dock additional customizability? (not a word, but it works here)

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Motorola Droid :: Google Apps Premier Mailbox Customization

Nov 30, 2009

I'm asking this for my brother, so pardon me if my terminology is not exactly right. Basically he has a domain he hosts through Google Apps Premier. He has come to the conclusion (I have no idea if this is true or not) that it is impossible to set up customized mailboxes (ie "family", "friends" etc.) when using this host. I hope this question makes sense. If anyone can shed a light on this for me, please let me know and I will pass on.

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