Android :: Send Simple Data From An IPhone To Another IPhone Or Android?

Nov 11, 2010

I'm just getting started with mobile development, and after considerable searching I'm still confused about sending a message from my iPhone to another or an Android.For instance, in building a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game, if I want to notify the other phone of a move, what is the best way to do so? Wifi, bluetooth, 3G? And how? Many methods seem to point to communicating through a web server, but I'd rather send them directly from phone to phone if possible.

Android :: send simple data from an iPhone to another iPhone or Android?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 : VS IPhone 3G - Simple Reviews And Comparison

Apr 2, 2010

Sony X10 V.S iPhone 3G: simple reviews and comparison

After countless fans waiting for a long time, Sony Ericsson finally introduced its first android smartphone Sony Xperia X10. It is said that the Xperia X10 is perhaps the most promising of Sony Ericsson's confusing crop of modern smartphones, combining attractive hardware with killer specs, Android, and an intriguing custom skin. Does it hold its own against modern competitors like apple IPhone which most people like? And more importantly, can it keep Sony Ericsson from going over the brink? Read on to find out.


The XPERIA X10 measures 119*63*13 mm and weight 135 gm and capable of displaying movies and photos in 262k colors on its high 854*480 resolution 4-inch screen.
the next update at the second part of this year will upgread colors depth to 256 ( rael colors .. like normal pc color depth )

While iPhone measures 115.5*62.1*12.3 mm and weight 135gm in16 million colors on 480*320 pixel resolution and 3.5-inch screen.

Conclusion: There is not much difference between the form factor of the two smartphones except for the fact that Xperia X10 is slightly, but unnoticeably, bigger.


Xperia X10 runs on Google Android 1.6 OS , will be upgreaded to 2.1 this year

while iPhone runs on the proprietary iPhone OS 3.1x.

Connectivity and wireless

Both the phones are quadband and GSM-based. Both the phones boast of 3G, WiFi, EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth (with A2DP) and both lack infrared port.


Both have ability to optimize web pages to fit the screen and zooming in and out of web pages is a breeze. Both are also slick in checking for or doing stuff. However, unlike Xperia X10 has a Webkit web browser, iPhone comes with Safari browser which doesn't support Flash.

Storage and Memory:

Xperia X10 has 1GB onboard flash memory and microSD card slot (capable of holding up to 16GB, Xperia X10 also ships with 8GB miroSD card).
On the other hand, iPhone comes with 256MB onboard flash memory and a choice of 16GB or 32GB internal storage.

Camera and video recording:

Xperia X10 boasts of a whopping 8.1-megapixel camera with up to 16x digital zoom, image and video stabiliser, auto-focus, touch to focus, face and smile detection, geo-tagging, LED flash and WVGA video recording (@30fps).
On the other hand, iPhone has a 3.15-megapixel camera with auto-focus, tap to focus, VGA video recording (@30fps) and geo-tagging.

Music and Video Player:

Both the smartphones support multiple audio and video playback formats.

The Experia X10's audio player offers a great number of options for filtering content and accessing additional information (via the Infinity button), but lacks equalizer. And it only supports MP3 and AAC formats. While its' video player recognizes MPEG4 videos coded in H.264 only and does not support DivX and Xvid, which is a shame really, since the huge screen is extremely suitable for watching videosAnother, iPhone supports audio formats: AAC, MP3, WAV and video formats: MP4, H.264 and MPEG-4.

Both don't support all of video formats.

Power and Battery:

Xperia X10 is equipped with a Li-Po 1500mAh battery that should be able to provide 8 hours of continuous talk time and keep the handset operational for 425 hours in stand-by on 3G networks.
While iPhone has a built-in Li-Ion battery that ups to 10hours for talk time and 6 hours on Internet use.


Xperia X10 and iPhone have some common features such as

*Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync,
*3.5mm audio jack,
*Digital Compass,
*Google Maps and 3D games.

With Xperia X10, you have access to Android Market and PlayNow arena from where you can download apps, movies, video podcasts, TV shows, music tracks, games etc. It also promises an intuitive UI by introducing signature social media applications like Mediascape and Timescape and also has web feeds, speakerphone, gesture control, flight mode, world clock, and pre-installed useful apps.

On the other hand, iPhone has many cool features including a landscape keyboard for all core apps; an innovative and useful implementation of cut, copy, and paste; push notifications, an improved call log that shows details like the time and length of a call; a spotlight search for searching apps, e-mail, music, and more. It also offers a very useful service called MobileMe, a feature that allows you to remotely track the location of the phone when it goes missing, backup data, wipe data from a lost or stolen phone and restore it in a new one.

As you can clearly see from the comparison chart above, it really drills down to what the end-user wants from his or her phone. If you want a phone with high quality camera, then Xperia X10 is the answer since it boasts of 8.1 megapixels autofocus camera. On the other hand, one clear thing that iPhone has over Xperia X10 is its huge number of apps offering which is a big attraction for most us,BUT we cann't say that iphone has the advantage here because google android is a new os compare with apple ers. But when it comes to sheer hardware power, Xperia X10 comes out as a clear winner. So it really comes down to what you want from your phone and which platform are you more comfortable with.

i didnt talk about multi-toutching because its not confirmed yet in X10

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General :: Group Texts With IPhone And Non-iPhone Users?

Oct 30, 2013

When a group message is sent between my co-workers, who are all iphone users, and myself (Note 3), one person in the exchange does not receive the text. This is not the common iMessage issue that was plaguing me when I made the switch from Apple to Android. This is specifically affecting one iphone user. When I send her a text individually it is not a problem. The other iPhone users don't have a problem receiving or sending to me.

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Android :: IPhone Fanboys Try To "one Up" Fantastic EVO Bashing Iphone Video

Jun 30, 2010

ok, its the Apple Fanbois turn to try and outdo the funniest video on the web..check out their lame attempt to copy it. Code...

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HTC Incredible :: How To Send Mms Picture To Iphone 4g?

Jul 20, 2010

I've tried sending pics via handcent and via stock messaging app, all friends w iPhone 4gs don't get em. I can receive from them however. Says on my screen, status rejected, on pics I send. Frustrating.

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Android :: Store Data In IPhone App Be Taken From Sqlite / Preferences List File?

Aug 3, 2010

I am planning to store a password in my Native app (Android and iPhone). Should I store them after encrypting it ? or can I store it without any encryption? Are they really secure?

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HTC Incredible :: Can't Send MMS From Phone To Iphone / Is It Droid Apple Problem?

Oct 9, 2010

I can receive mms from the iphone 3g,3gs, 4g, from all iphones. But I cannot send mms to any of the iphones. Is it me or is it a Droid apple problem?

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Android :: Frameworks Similar To Firefox - JQuery - Templates And Data Linking On IPhone

Nov 17, 2010

We have a great software foundation based on Microsoft MVC 2, Entity Framework 4, Repositories, POCOs, Service and Control layers, C# Views, JQuery and html. Firefox pulls 100 records in 250 ms, drops it in to a template, links the data to the markup, and we sit back and drink margaritas.

Boss walks in and says he wants an iPhone app. I bet we need an Android app too.

What frameworks could we use to easily jump from our Microsoft comfort zone in to the wide, wide world of the Apple iPhone / iPad, along with a follow-up Android baby.

I imagine we could use our JSON controller methods to communicate. Is there some type of a client side JavaScript consuming app framework we could get a reasonable Website like interface re-working? They didn't like the idea of simply running the whole thing in Safari, which works pretty well.


Send and receive JSON objects
Some type of template engine so we can pair up objects to markup, or at least some way to separate design from programming
Something similar to JQuery would be nice
A good editor with auto-complete and highlighting, something that compares to VS2010

It took us two years to incorporate design patterns, Agile methods, and Domain Driven concepts using MVC and Javascript. We may have two or three months to re-produce the same functions.

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HTC Desire HD :: Transfer Data From Iphone 3g To DHD?

Oct 30, 2010

I cannot get my Iphone 3G and DHD to sync my contacts using the "Transfer Data" function. I follow the on screen instructions on the DHD. Set the Iphone to 'discoverable' but cant get any further. Usually the Iphone doesn't even appear on the DHD Bluetooth devices list and on the odd occassion that it does, as soon as i go to connect it drops out and says i should restart both phones. I have done this numerous times to no avail. Has anyone managed to do this same transfer? And if so can they provide a little assistance?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Data Migration From IPhone To Phone?

Jun 19, 2010

Is there a quick and easy way to move data over to the EVO from my iPhone? For example, music, pictures, web favorites, and most important - Exchange Server settings.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Migrating Data From IPhone 3G (4.0.2) To This Phone?

Aug 22, 2010

Anyone know of any Android apps/utilities which will help me migrate all my data from a IPhone 3G with iOS 4.0.2 to a Samsung Vibrant? I just made the switch and I want to migrate my data (contacts, notes, calender and music) from my IPhone to my new Samsung Vibrant. Please, someone tell me this is not as difficult or cumbersome as I think by having to reenter all my data and there is a Android app/utility that can make this easy for me.

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Samsung Captivate :: Way To Check Data Usage Like On Iphone

Jul 19, 2010

Is their a way to tell how much data you have used like on the iphone?

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Samsung Captivate :: AT&T Won't Allow Keeping Unlimited Data Upgrading From IPhone / Fix It?

Jul 18, 2010

I was planning on dumping iPhone and get the captivate. They would not allow the unlimited plan. They said I have to keep the iPhone. Now thats a good reason to dump AT&T and go to Sprint or Verizon.

Any ideas or work arounds so I can keep the unlimited data. Any heavy users on the $25 plan? How is that working out?

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Android :: Need A IPhone 4

Jun 7, 2010

I just watched the marketing video for the iPhone 4 and it is pretty sick! I came back to Verizon last summer (because I was disappointed with AT&Ts service) and I had, in order, an HTC Droid Eris, a MotoDroid, and now I have the DInc. So far, the DInc is the only device that I personally feel holds a candle to the 3GS. So now that 4 is out...I am torn!Somebody convince me that I should stick with Android.I really like Android but something about iPhone just set the bar for me.

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Android :: Might As Well Get An IPhone

Sep 9, 2010

The newest Verizon Android, the Samsung Fascinate, seems to be advancing a bad trend. On top of the irremovable, unstoppable bloatware we have all come to expect from AT&T (and now Verizon), the Fascinate will feature Bing widgets, Bing maps, and Bing search. The Market app on the Fascinate�s version of the Android will also block all access to any Google apps and widgets (search, maps, etc).So much for the free spirit open source nature of the Android. If this trend continues across all carriers, it will kill the Android.

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Android :: How To Get Alternative To IPhone 4G?

Sep 21, 2010

Just would like to hear your idea about that...I recently have seen the Samsung Galaxy S and , well, was really impressed about that! Then I have seen the new HTC Desire and heard good rumors about that. So, I was wondering, which one would you take as an alternative to the i Phone 4G? I have seen some price alternatives for Samsung Contract Mobile Phones galaxy s: compare models and prices contract mobile phones galaxy s. - Choppy Doo and HTC Contract Mobile Phones htc desire: compare models and prices contract mobile phones htc desire. - Choppy Doo What would you take if you were in my shoes?

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Android :: Moving From IPhone

Mar 17, 2010

Apologies if this has already been discussed and not wanting to start any sort of flame wars.Has anyone else moved to Android from iPhone? If so what where the main reasons.I am patiently waiting for the HTC Desire to land in the UK to upgrade, my main reasons for doing so are:Dislike of Apple's recent activities, the seeming arrogance they have in thinking they are the only company that should be able to provide a touch screen smart phone.Getting away from the walled garden of iTunes and iPhone. I want to be able to use my phone however I like and not how Jobs and co tell me.Being able to change base functionality how I like. Prime example being podcasts.I regularly download 3-4 a week and hate having to either connect to iTunes or manually check every time for all my podcasts.There isn't an app for that, Getting the latest hardware that I want and being able to chose the features that are important to me. Do I want a keyboard, a better camera, a removable battery.

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Android :: Get Galaxy S Instead Of Iphone 4

Jul 14, 2010

Another ex iphone user coming over from the darkside

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Android :: IPhone Sms Emotions

Jul 23, 2010

I sometimes get sms text messages from people using an iPhone which occasionally also use all sorts of specific emoticons which in android are displayed as little square boxes.Does anybody know of an app or emoticon-pack of some sort, with which these icons can also be displayed on my android phone?

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Android :: How BB - IPhone Users See One Another

Nov 5, 2010

I thought this was hysterical and so true haha

How Android, BlackBerry and iPhone users see one another | Android Central

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Android :: Run Droid App On IPhone?

Sep 24, 2009

Has anyone tried this cross compiler to get their Android app to run on an iPhone?

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Android :: Best Iphone Calendar App?

Sep 23, 2010

I have done some searching on this subject. Cant really find an updated post or info (most seem to be from 2009). I have tried Jorte and pure calendar. I dare say that I really really like the iphone calendar app (maybe the only one from iphone I like).

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Android :: IPhone 4 Or Samsung Captivate

Jul 22, 2010

I've owned an original iPhone since launch and am now ready to upgrade.

Im considering iPhone 4 or the Captivate. If the iPhone didn't have antenna issues, I would most likely have already made my decision. However this isn't the case so I'm looking at other options (leaving AT&T isn't one of them).

So I just have a few questions regarding Android.

Can you backup apps, settings, contacts (everything) to your Mac or PC like an iPhone can? (I know about doubletwist, but thats just music and movies, right?)

When Android updates come out, can every phone take advantage of it? For example, if I were to buy the captivate, will I for sure be able to upgrade to Android 3.0?

Lastly, what are big features (besides visual customization) that an Android phone has to offer over iPhone?

I'm very on the fence about which phone to purchase. There is the potential antenna issue regarding the iPhone 4, however I've also been hearing the Captivate is having its fair share of problems. Any suggestions?

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Android :: Galaxy S Vs Desire Vs Iphone 4

Aug 26, 2010

Im choosing a new mobile phone from theese 3 smartphones (galaxy s vs desire vs iphone 4). I need good music player, good gps, fast and good functionality, internet browsing. I like samsung, but i heard that galaxy S lags, and gps lags. Is samsungs lags fixible ?
And what is the best choice from these smartphones ?

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Android :: IPhone + App To View Blog

May 27, 2010

What would be the best way to write an app for the iPhone OS and the Android OS that allows access to a web blog (posted on Are there ways to manipulate the incoming data from the website to fit the UI of the phones, or will I have to re-do a lot of the blogs?Any help would be nice.

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Android :: Converting Iphone Games

Aug 31, 2010

Is There Anyway we can change .ipa to .apk?

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Android :: IPhone 4 / Game Changer?

Jun 7, 2010

Andorid makers need to step up the game, as the new iPhone is very good, reading about the iPhone 4 right now (WWDC, Steve Job keynote) i was really amazed, i don't own any apple product and i don't like apple close system.but: 960x640 (326ppi) IPS Display with 800:1 contrast ratio Long battery life (7 hours talk, 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours WiFi browsing, 10 hours video & 40 hours music.) A4 chip (as i understand it's really the main reason of the long battery life now offered) 3 axis gyro ( i didn't see that one coming), a gyro+accelerometer+compass=six axis aware device (The wood demo is really WOW) 5MP camera (larger sensor) + 720P HD video @ 30FPS + LED flash iOS 4!For me, more resolution is always better (and since the limit of the human eye ~= 300ppi) , all mobile phone should have a minimum of 300ppi.The new Gyro is a welcome move, as i always wanted my phone to senses when i rotated flat on a table. this will not only be great from game, but imagine Google earth with six axis awareness.The A4 and the longer life was expected, but nice move Apple .The camera was screaming for an update and the HD recording is a nice touch.I still preffer FroYo to iOS4 ... but iOS4 is really amazing with loads of new features.iPhone was behind in terms of the hardware, but not any more.

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Android :: Apps - Iphone Multiplayer

Aug 12, 2010

I know of Skies of Glory, but how many apps do you guys know of that you can play your iphone friends in. I know there arent many. But i think there are 2 or 3 that you really have to look for but they just arent coming to mind aside from SoG.

Believe it or not, i still have 1 or 2 friends that havent converted to the evo and are still using that old iphone thing. Would love to kill em in words with friends but i know thats not for android (yet).

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Android :: Way To Get A Nine Patch Loader For IPhone?

Jul 16, 2009

Android has a nice way of defining stretchable images called a nine-patch. See these docs for a description of the concept. The idea is to surround a png image with a 1-pixel border where you can define the stretchable areas and the padding dimensions of the image. This is absolutely brilliant and I'd like to use the idea in my iPhone app. Before writing my own nine-patch to UIImage loader I thought I'd see if one already exists. Google doesn't return any results so I don't have much hope, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

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Android :: Need IPhone Bubble Burst

Jun 1, 2010

For my second post I ask. With the news that the Android market is the only growing market in the smart-phone industry. Apple are due to release the i phone 4g June / July so are i phone users just waiting or has the bubble burst.

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