Android :: Inflating 2 Different Layouts At A ListAdapter On Android

Sep 21, 2010

I have a listview and i inflate the first position with a layout and every other position i do
another inflation with another layout.
I can do that by checking every time in getView, but as you can imagine this is not very efficient.

Can you share me your thoughts to get that result by having this pattern? (This don't get me the correct result(cause after 4-5 positions, depending of the number of positions inflated the first time, i get the layout.inside_list_2 on other positions too.)


Android :: inflating 2 different layouts at a listAdapter on Android

Android :: Rules For Inflating Layouts

Sep 28, 2009

i'm running into some issues inflating layouts and i wonder whether i have something basic wrong.i have a ListView with a custom adapter etc, and of course the item View is custom too. i've been creating the item View in code, and everything works fine, including recycling them and all that. great.but i want to move the View into a resource, where all good Android views live, and weirdness is the ListView's getView(), i get my inflater and inflate the view by ID. the view itself has its own XML file. i can inflate the top view, but i can't find anything by ID, and when asked for its children, nothing comes back.are there funky rules for inflating views this way? is there a convention for how this should be done inside a ListView?

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Android :: Multiple Activites That Share 75% Of Layout - Layouts Within Layouts?

Sep 6, 2010

I'm creating a game where there's a screen that, for the most part, is shared by four different activites - but a key portion of the screen will be completely different, depending upon which activity is active. Basically, on the left will be an image of the player and along the bottom there will be a row of buttons (let's say for Armour, Weapons, Magic, Skills). This leaves the top-right portion, which will need to dynamically change to represent the button pressed. (So, one moment the top-right portion is the armour selection activity, and the next it's the weapon selection activity, and so on.)

Is this possible? Can I have a layout within a layout and dynamically point the nested layout at a (nested) layout.xml of my choosing? Or, am I looking at just duplicating most of the layout four times (for the four different activities?) Or, am I going to be looking at linking the four activities to a (the top-right) view component, and then having to dynamically construct all of *that* view's child views based on the currently active activity? Well, that's about as much sense as I can make this question make.

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Android :: InvocationTargetException On Inflating An Xml

Mar 10, 2010

I have a code that works 99% of the time since is deploy in lots of clients, but sometimes I get the following:


And on my code I have:


I am getting InvocationTargetException.

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Android :: Inflating Drawables From XML

Aug 23, 2010

Is there a way to extend a drawable (just like how shapes work, create your own tag) and allow it to be inflated from XML? Or is drawable only for the allowed 9 types?

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Android :: Inflating Xml Views

Mar 16, 2009

whats the exact differences between 1. LinearLayout lin = LinearLayout.inflate (ctxt, R.layout.bla, null); parent.addView(lin); and 2. LinearLayout.inflate(ctxt, R.layout.bla, lin);? Both doing the same thing, or?
I got sometimes a different behavior.

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Android :: Error Inflating Class

Sep 17, 2010

I'm new to Android development and I've been having an issue that I haven't been able to fix. I'm mostly using code from examples provided in the SDK so I'm not sure what's happening here. I'm simply trying to create a custom view GhostSurfaceCameraView that extends SurfaceView. Here's my class definition file


And this is in my ghostviewscreen.xml:


Now in the activity I made:


When setContentView gets called, an exception is thrown:


Why I get this error?

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Android :: Inflating A View Into Button?

Jun 30, 2010

Let's say for instance a button is needed with a picture and a text. It would seem natural to create an xml view and then inflate it into the Button. Is this possible?

At the moment I don't need the button to look clickable or change it's color at click, but it could also be interesting to consider how this will be affected by making the inflate.

Btw, I found this one tutorial describing a solution to the same problem, but they were writing a class extending View to obtain the goal. That seems a bit overklill to me.

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Android :: Inflating Xml Layout Generates RuntimeException

Oct 2, 2010

I'm new to Android and i'm trying to inflate a layout in xml but i get a RuntimeException. I have cut out almost everything except for my activity class and the class extending SurfaceView.

what i'm doing wrong?


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Android :: Error Inflating Basic Framelayout Only In1.5

Aug 16, 2010

I have the following layout in XML (splashscreen.xml):


When I try to execute it in Android 1.5 (executes correctly in all other versions) I get these errors:


Line 5 corresponds to ImageView line. Do you have any idea why my program executes in all Android versions except 1.5?

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Android :: PopupWindow With GridView - Trouble With Inflating View

Nov 11, 2009

I am having an issue while trying to use a GridView in a PopupWindow. On my Activity's onCreate method, I am inflating a gridview from xml as follows:


Would like this GridView to popup on a button click. Also inside of my activity's onCreate,

I have:


On button click, I am throwing a ClassCastException from GridView.onMeasure(int, int).

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Android :: Class Cast Exception When Inflating A Custom Relative Layout

Jul 23, 2010

I get this exception when I try to inflate

07-22 19:15:39.903: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(3810): Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: android.widget.RelativeLayout

I have a base class:

public class UIBase extends RelativeLayout {}

And a more specific class:

public class Countdown extends UIBase {}

Then I try to inflate and it exceptions:

UIBase newView = (UIBase) inflater.inflate(layoutId, parent, true);

Here's the XML file:


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Android : Error Inflating Class - Bitmap Size Exceeds VM Budget

Nov 3, 2010

Posted my problem here too HERE: A beginner..Im doing a school map app.

First of all I have background with 4 buttons ( level3, level4, level5, level6) I try and click all the buttons, normally after clicking 3 of it, the next one will crash.(each level button goes into a level map, whereby clicking the room image buttons, I will enter into the gallery-imageswitcher)

I have at least 5 imageswitchers in each level maps,so that about over 20 imageswitcher galleries overall.

I did all my stuffs using DRAWABLES instead of BITMAPS.. I have tons and tons of images (because its a school map, show all the photos in my school, and all those backgrounds and imagebuttons)

I did some research, and those who have problems are those using bitmap. Some of the ways that can be solved is system.gc();, and bitmap.recycle...(not so sure how to use it though)

In my main background - Code...

PS: I have tons of images in the app; I have at least 5 imageswitcher gallerys in each level, so that kinda adds up to over 20 imageswitchers in my app.

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Android :: ListAdapter Repaint ?

Mar 22, 2010

i have the following problem. I fill a ListView with a custom ArrayAdapter with data from a BD. However, in background, i'm updating those datas from the info provided by an API, so the idea is when the update finish, the adapter shows the updated data instead its "old version".

The problem is that when i do that, i notice a lag while the adapter is updating itself. Is the any efficient solution to avoid this?

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Android :: Listadapter Anchor ?

Jun 9, 2010

Lets say I have 1 - 1,000 in a list and I click on 250. When I push the back button I want to go back to 250 not all the way back up to 1. Is this possible?

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Android :: ListAdapter In Preferences ?

Oct 5, 2010

Is there a way to use ListAdapter in preferences screen ? or i must use only chekboxpreference, textpreferences, etc....

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Android :: Populating A Listadapter?

Feb 18, 2009

I've built an application that loads XML from a server, then creates a list of items and with that I create and adapter that I set with setListAdapter(my adapter);

The problem I'm having now is that creating the list and adapter takes time, so I was thinking on creating just like 20 entries and populate the list, then create the rest on runs background or maybe when the person gets to the bottom (like gmail application).

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Android :: ListView And ListAdapter

May 25, 2010

I am trying to use ListView and ListAdapter. If I create a simple Android project and add a ListView as the content view, and set it's adapter to my adapter based on ListAdapter, everything seems to work. My ListAdapter's 'getCount' is called, and I return 3, my 'getViewTypeCount' is called and I return 1, my 'getItemType' is called and I return 0, and for each item, my 'getView' is called and I return a TextView. Everything works, and the list is displayed with 3 items.

Now if I try and do the same thing in a more complicated environment, it does not work. My 'getCount', 'getViewTypeCount' and 'getItemType' methods are called, but the 'getView' method is never called and the ListView appears empty.

Now I know that I must be doing something wrong in the more complicated case, but I cannot see what it is. The code is really too involved to post here, but I was hoping that someone could give me some ideas as to why my 'getView' is never called even though I return 3 from my 'getCount' method.

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Android :: How To Notify ListAdapter

Jul 1, 2010

I'm crating tab view using this tutorial: Link<>. Now I need to reload tab content data when user view that tab. is there any way to notify ListAdapter ?

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Android :: How To Notify ListAdapter

Jul 1, 2010

Is there any way to notify ListAdapter? Because i need to load Tab content data when user click in that Tab.

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Android :: Android.view.inflateException:Binary XML File Line #43 - Inflating Class Unknown

Sep 28, 2010

I am using MapView in my application.I ma getting "android.view.inflateException:Binary XML file line #43:Inflating Class<unknown>" Exception while loading the map second time. First Time it shows correctly

The XML file i am using shows here

The Code:.................

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Android :: Cant Dynamically Update ListAdapter For ListView

Mar 19, 2010

I have a problem with adding new items to ListView.

I use custom adapter MyListAdapter. I do that way:


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Android :: Load Part Of An Array Into ListAdapter?

Jul 9, 2010

My code works like this to list all items in my String array - itemsarray


However, I know by this call that I only want to list the first X number of items from itemsarray. How can I load only the first X items form itemsarray into the ListAdapter?

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Android :: Perform A Click On A ListAdapter Or SimpleCursorAdapter?

Jul 20, 2010

I cant figure out how to perform an onClick on my ListAdapter.

Here is my code:


I want to be able to click on an item from the database, then go into a view that only contains info for that item. My class currently extends ListActivity. I've tried OnItemClickListener, but I dont know what else to use to make it work.

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Android :: ListAdapter - Cursor - Custom Layout?

Oct 12, 2010

I'm experimenting with the Android platform, and I'm beginning to love it, but right now I'm stuck, at this cursor/list adapter problem-thing.

The thing is, that I request a function, returning a data object, with several properties I'd like to map to different TextView's.

My list_item.xml


So what I would like to do is: Map a property of an array of objects to several fields in the file.

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Android : Using A ListAdapter To Show Database Data

Jun 22, 2010

public class List_View extends ListActivity {I would like to show stored data from database into a ListView. Code... Title and Date only.

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Android :: Want To Look At Source Code For ListAdapter Class Without Downloading

Nov 22, 2010

I want to look at the source code for the ListAdapter class without downloading the entire Android source code tree. Is there a way to do that?

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Android :: ListAdapter Populating Image (Icon) Source

Jun 7, 2010

I'm populating a list from the DB and I have a image field in the DB which contains a URL to a image file.

ListAdapter adapter=new SimpleCursorAdapter(this, R.layout.row, constantsCursor,
new String[] {"title", "subtitle", "image"}, new int[] {,,});

However, the other fields are populated, but the image remains empty. Why?

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Android :: ListView And Selected Items With A Custom ListAdapter

Oct 13, 2010

Android has ListView component which is quite nice. The problem is that I created my own adapter to supply viewitems for each item displayed and I don't get anymore: Background color change when i scroll the items using up/down arrows. Background color change when I select an item. How do I do that?

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Android :: Bind Data To ListView Without Preparing ArrayLists For ListAdapter?

Sep 14, 2010

I get my Models in a nice object-oriented form. In order to bind them to my List, I have to use the listAdapter. Can I only fill this listAdapter with stupid ArrayLists? Because that means, I have to iterate over my ModelCollection and pull all the data out of my Models again. So, I detach my data from the models and I cant easily refresh the data in my listView, if something chances in the modelCollection (like becoming bigger through new Items / pagination). Does a more intelligent way exist, than I use right now? Can I bind my ModelCollection more driectly to the listView?

ModelCollection modelCollection = ModelCategory.findAll();

* Prepare Data for Adapter
ArrayList<String> itemTitles = new ArrayList<String>();

// Iterate over my ModelCollection and pull all the Data from each Model
for (int i = 0; i < modelCollection.items.size(); i++) {....................

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