Android :: Design Application With Multiples Activities And Operations Running In Background?

Nov 22, 2010

I am designing an app that will have some activities separated in tabs. Some of them will have to perform tasks in the background will the user is in another tab. What is the best strategy for designing an app like this? I was thinking about using a service but it can be killed by android dalvik, isnt it?

Android :: design application with multiples activities and operations running in background?

Android :: Manage Multiples Activities Under A Single Tab Of TabActivity?

Jul 8, 2010

In my app, I have 5 tabs which contains activities. In each of them, I have to show differents screens. For example, the main activity of a tab is a listview, and when I click on one of its item, I want to display a second screen with an other listview, that will display an other screen when the user will select an item etc.

So I knew that activities in tabs are not easy to manage, but I really think that I needed this solution. Indeed, each screen must contain a back button, which will return to the previous screen, with the previous state (the same position in the list).

To start new activities inside the tabs, I used the technique described here

It works mostly well, but I encounter a problem to go back to the previous activities. My solution at the moment consists in starting the previous activity like it's described on this website, but without any flag.

So here are my two real problems:

When I try to go back to the first and main activity of the tab, it seems that a new instance is created, even if I use the flag Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP. So when I do several roundtrips between this activity and the next one, i obtain a StackErrorOverFlow.

Because the activities are accessible from differents activities, I have to memorize the parents activities all the time, by giving them in the intents. It's really heavy when I have a succession of 5 or 6 screens, I have to memorize the grand grand parent if the activity... I really appreciate if I just could call the last Activity started by the localActivityManager.

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Android :: Avoiding Float Operations In Game Design

Jun 8, 2010

I've read this in a few articles, that one should avoid floating point operations within the physics update of a game.

But how do you really achieve this? Surely all half decent games are going to involve this kind of maths?

Does it mean, convert all your variables to int, or use double instead, or simply just cut it out as much as possible?

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Android :: Application Background Image With Transparent Activities

Oct 29, 2010

I have run into an requirement of my application that i cant find a way to do this.

I need my application to be fullscreen and no title bar (done), and this application will have a background image. However, all the activities/views of my application must be transparent/translucent so the application background will be visible all the time behind the information i am displaying.

Basically i would like to have this behavior

supousing that the image you see is not the phone wallpaper, but the application background image. What would be the application configuration in the manifest file and what would be the configuration for eacy activity/view?

I also noticed that, i need to setup each activity to be fullscreen without title bar. Is there a way to do this globaly in the application so all activities will behave this way?

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Android :: Share Files With Different Activities Running / In Different Processes In Application

Mar 16, 2010

I would like to share a cache file across activities, which are running in different processes but in a same application.So, is there any way to make it thread safe (probably not "thread safe", should we call it "activities safe" or "process safe" ?

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Android :: Know If Application Running In Background?

Sep 8, 2010

Is there any way in android to know if your application is running in background? By background, I mean none of the applications activities are currently visible to the user?

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Android :: Running Application In Background?

Nov 19, 2010

I having problem in my application.. I am pressing back button in my third activity but its running in running in background(i noticed by used Log statement). If again load application its starts from first activity instead of third activity. please suggest some idea to do this.. This is my back button coding

public boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode, KeyEvent event)


if (keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_BACK)

return true;

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Android :: Keeping An Application Running In The Background

Jun 26, 2009

We have an application that connects to a device and therefore needs to keep running in the background even when there are no Activities active. What is the recommended way to indicate that our application is still active and for it not to be killed automatically?

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Android :: Disable Application From Running In Background?

Jul 19, 2010

Is there any way to disable my application from running on the background? I don't want my app to run in the background, i need to completely close it when the user a done

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Android :: Check If Application Running In Background?

Jul 6, 2010

I am newbie to android. I have client server based application. Server keeps on sending the update notifications to client after every single minute and at client side my app receive those updates and display it using Toast. But now my problem is whenever my client app goes into the background server keeps on sending the update notifications and my client display it as if the application is in foreground. I am not getting how to check that application is running in background.

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Android :: Get Other Applications Touch Screen X - Y Values When Application Running In Background?

Aug 16, 2009

I want to use an AP running in the background, and can get the other AP touch screen x,y values. Beacause i use the View class the ontouchevent, but this seems to get current AP running touch event. Which the class or function can meet the needs of this.

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Android :: Design Pattern For Extending Droid's Activities?

Apr 28, 2010

While programming on Android, I end up writing a parent activity which is extended by several others. A bit like ListActivity. My parent activity extends Activity. if I intend to use a Map or a List, I can't use my parent activity as superclass - the child activity can only extend one activity obviously. As such I end up writing my parent activities with the same logic for Activity, ListActivity, MapActivity and so forth.

What am I looking for is some sort of trait functionality/design pattern which would help in this case. Any suggestions?

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General :: Galaxy S Plus I9001 - How To Set Application Running In Background

Mar 1, 2012

I'm using application called SetCPU on my Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001

When I start it and press the home button to leave it running in background, it shows in Task Manager as active application, but sometimes it will shut itself down after few hours.

Is there a way to set applications to run always in background?

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Android :: Is There A Design Pattern To Cut Down On Code Duplication When Subclassing Activities?

Apr 6, 2010

I've got a common task that I do with some Activities - downloading data then displaying it. I've got the downloading part down pat; it is, of course, a little tricky due to the possibility of the user changing the orientation or cancelling the Activity before the download is complete, but the code is there. There is enough code handling these cases such that I don't want to have to copy/paste it to each Activity I have, so I thought to create an abstract subclass Activity itself such that it handles a single background download which then launches a method which fills the page with data.

This all works. The issue is that, due to single inheritance, I am forced to recreate the exact same class for any other type of Activity - for example, I use Activity, ListActivity and MapActivity. To use the same technique for all three requires three duplicate classes, except each extends a different Activity.

Is there a design pattern that can cut down on the code duplication? As it stands, I have saved much duplication already, but it pains me to see the exact same code in three classes just so that they each subclass a different type of Activity.

Edit: Since it seems I need to be a bit more specific...

Suppose I'm trying to solve the problem of an AsyncTask background download during orientation changes. The solution I have right now is to use callbacks; there's download manager that I have which starts these downloads, and then I have the Activity attach a callback to it. When the orientation changes the Activity is destroyed and then recreated; during this process I detach the old Activity's callback, then attach a new callback from the new Activity afterwards.

Orientation changes are a common problem, and in multiple Activities I start the Activity with a progress view while the data loads. What I am trying to solve is not having to re-implement this orientation-handling logic ten times over; my initial solution was to subclass Activity, but then I got the problem above.

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Android :: GUI Design - Mockup Design Tool For Android Application

Nov 23, 2010

I am going to develop an Android Application but before developing it i needs to have MockUp for the Android Application,so is there any way to design MockUp/GUI Design tool for the Android Application?

I know about DroidDraw tool , but i think it is not the exact way to prepare Mockup for the android application.

I have already referred this SO Question , but overthere i just found all the tools for the I-Phone only. So please feel free to share with me if you have/found any !

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Android :: List Of Running Process Running In The Background

Aug 19, 2009

I am trying to get the list of process running in the background.

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HTC Tattoo :: Background Design On Promo Stuff

Mar 4, 2010

Anyone got a similar background design that I can see on all the promo stuff for the htc desire. Its kinda orangey purple? Just wondering if anyone got a custom wallpaper thats similar.

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Sprint HTC Hero : Running Apps After Exitting It - Still Running In Background

Oct 19, 2009

I noticed that if i dont use the app to kill running apps after i exit them they are still running in the background is this normal for the Android? I am coming from Pre so not sure if they are killed when exited.

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Android :: Can Background Activities Execute Code?

Jul 15, 2010

Are Activities in the background considered "running" (and can execute code) or are they in a suspended state?

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Android :: Running Multiple Activities

Jun 23, 2010

I have developed a simple android application, which when started opens a Timer. User is given two buttons, start/ pause. This is working fine.What i want to do is to add a way to support multiple timers when a user swipes his finger on the screen.When he swipes from left to right, a new timer should show up, but the previous timer should not stop. This is a way to add multiple timers.Also, when he swipes from right to left, i want a previous timer to show.This is what i have done so for. I have a timer activity. I have added a touch event on it. When, a person swipes his finger, i get the co-ordinates and decide whether its from left to right or right to left.This functionality is working fine, as i can see the appropriate log messages.The problem is when I'm trying to load Timer Activity.It just loads the previous Activity and doesn't really create a new one (I figured this from the timer).Is there any way to do it?

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Android :: Activities Design In Android

Sep 18, 2010

Basically, we are maintaining the sessions for the specific user's environment. For that, Three basic stuff we have to maintain. That are Login, Session check and Logout.

In Android, Each screen designed by Activity. we can startActivity() and finish() a current Activity. But you can not do that Previous Activity.

UI Design of APP:

Login(Main Activity)-->Home(Child Activity)-->It contains Profile, add data, settings,etc.(Sub Child Activity). All Screen has a Logout option in Menu.

The Problem is:

When i select a Logout. The App gets Logout. But I can not navigate the App to the Login Screen. The Previous child Activity did not finished from the Activity Stack.

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Android :: Stop Service Only When There Are No Other Activities In App Running

Mar 13, 2010

Is there a way I can test if there are any other activities in my app still alive? I am looking to stop a service in an onDestroy method, but only want to do this if there are no other activities from my app still alive on the stack.

I have the call stop the service in the main activity's onDestroy() method. This works perfect EXCEPT that if a user launches my app, then launches a few activities in my app, then hits the home screen and RELAUNCHES my app, they will subvert my order and the main activity will now be above other activities of my app. From this state, if they hit the back button and 'back out' of my home screen they will trigger the onDestroy() method and kill the service even though there are other activities open on the stack. I want to avoid this by stopping the service ONLY if I am sure there are no other activities of mine open on the stack.

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Android :: Running Two Activities On A Single Screen

Jun 10, 2009

Can we run two activities on a single screen? if so, then could anyone give me an as to how its done?

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Android :: Running Multiple Activities In For Loop One After Other

Oct 1, 2010

I have multiple activities in my android app and one final activity "All" which should run all the activities of my app one after the other. When I kept all my activities in for loop and used startactivity(intent) for each activity in that for loop, at the end I could see not all my activities being ran although all activities are finished. Any clue how to implement this?

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Android :: Android Widget Design / Default Black Background

Apr 20, 2010

In the new version(s) of Android such as version 2.1, default widget (music widget, news and weather widget, youtube widget) have been restyled to use a black background with a white radial gradient at the top in the middle. I've seen other widgets starting to use the exact same background.However, I can't find this background anywhere. The widget design guidelines.How can I get hold of that background? Ofcourse, I could try to design it myself to make it look like the default style as much as possible but that's seems stupid. :)

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Android :: Updating Views Of Sub Activities Of TabActivity From Background Process

Jul 25, 2010

I am using a TabActivity (Main) with 3 TabSpecs

I am using Intents for the content of the 3 Tabs

TabA, TabB, TabC for example.

All these tab activities use common data that is stored in SharedPreferences

In the Main TabActivity I have an options menu which has a refresh option.


This refresh uses an AsyncTask (updateCommonDataFromWeb) to reload the common data from the web.

I need a way to tell the 3 tab activities to refresh their views and rebuild their content from the newly downloaded data.

When the tab activities are first created they load the data from SharedPreferences like so:


I thought about making a common method on each of the tab activities
like.... reloadViewData()

I thought maybe I could use the activity manager from the Main TabActivity to get the activity of the current tab like so:


Unfortunately i cant get this approach to work, whilst activity is the correct instance its an Activity instead of a TabA,TabB or TabC

Maybe i've completely taken the wrong approach to the whole thing.

I have also read alot about not using Activities for tab content instead using views.
However I dont know what view to use to replace my <RelativeLayout /> as i cant use my R.layout.* as views.

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Android :: Background Service To Recode Different Activities And Upload On Server

Sep 9, 2010

I want to know that how i can get these things in android.Recording of Calls Appointment/Calendar Logging Bookmark Logging Browser History Logging Contact Details Location Through SMS SIM Change Notification and after getting these things in a file (.txt, xml, or CSV) how i can upload these things to my php server by running a backgroud service.Service will now prompt user again and again. Everything will be recorded silently and then user will see this information on server whenever required.

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Android :: How To Detect If Current Stack Of Activities (task) Moves To Background?

Jul 23, 2010

The official documentation describes tasks as follows: All the activities in a task move together as a unit. The entire task (the entire activity stack) can be brought to the foreground or sent to the background. Suppose, for instance, that the current task has four activities in its stack three under the current activity. The user presses the HOME key, goes to the application launcher, and selects a new application (actually, a new task). The current task goes into the background and the root activity for the new task is displayed. Then, after a short period, the user goes back to the home screen and again selects the previous application (the previous task). That task, with all four activities in the stack, comes forward. Is there a way to programmatically detect when the task of the current Activity moves into and out of the background? I would like to know when the user has switched switched to another application, vs. when the user navigated to another Activity in the current app.

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Android :: Application Design - Accessing Website Data

Oct 19, 2010

I am new to Android development and am interested in working out a design of an application. I am however, unfamiliar with the best way to handle what I want to do. I am interested in obtaining information from my band's Joomla website and placing it into an Android application. At the moment I'd like to get News articles posted and potentially other information that I create on the site. I was thinking of doing this by setting up RSS feeds for the website. Would it be better to somehow access the data directly by connecting to the database? I don't know PHP so I can't develop a webservice to access the content. Any ideas?

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Android : Database For An Online Application / Best Design Of Communication?

Aug 26, 2009

I'm creating a map application on Android in which users share info. among them. I've., one user's marking on the map should be available to other users. What might be the best design for such type of communication?(like where can i host my database, file exchange format etc)

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