Android :: Want To Design A Customized Text Selector

May 7, 2010

I wanted to design a customized text selector that changed the text color when user clicks the TextView. But got the following error:

Android :: Want to design a customized text selector

Android :: Text Selector Magnifier Like Iphone

Feb 8, 2010

I used an iPod touch today and noticed the glass sphere that magnifies the area where you are trying to put the cursor... Is there a similar app for android as its really useful, especially on my milestone which doesnt have a trackball...

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Android : Way To Specify Text Color Selector For Click Event?

Jul 22, 2010

I specified a selector drawable for the background of a layout as below, so when user clicks on the layout, the layout will have a different background. But, I didn't specify color selector for the TextViews in the layout, because there are many TextViews with different colors and I am too lazy to define color selector for them. So the text color keeps the same when the layout is clicked. My questions is, is there an automatic way to specify that the text color is highlighted/changed when the layout is clicked, so I don't have to define color selector for each of the TextViews in a layout?

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Android :: GUI Design - Mockup Design Tool For Android Application

Nov 23, 2010

I am going to develop an Android Application but before developing it i needs to have MockUp for the Android Application,so is there any way to design MockUp/GUI Design tool for the Android Application?

I know about DroidDraw tool , but i think it is not the exact way to prepare Mockup for the android application.

I have already referred this SO Question , but overthere i just found all the tools for the I-Phone only. So please feel free to share with me if you have/found any !

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Android :: Using Customized UI Components In XML

Oct 9, 2009

When I use customized components in XML, could I use a short name of component instead of a fully qualified class name? I wonder if some configuration file exists to do that work.

For example, my customized components is ex.object.RoundRect,

I should use it in xml file like this: <ex.object.RoundRect android:id="@+id/mainRoundRect01" ... />


I want to use it like this: <RoundRect android:id="@+id/mainRoundRect01" ... />

Is it possible? Is there a configuration file that can map the fully qualified class name to a short name?

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Android :: Build With Customized SDK

Mar 23, 2010

I want to use my own SDK ( Android SDK + few new app + modified apps ) along with Eclipse on Windows / Linux machine. Am I able to do this ?

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Android :: Customized Rating Bar

Jul 25, 2010

The inbuilt rating bar is too big for my application . How can i reduce its height & width?

Also the color of the stars should be orange & not green . How can i achieve it ?

Also can i have the rating bar in vertical next to a image on my screen ? if yes how ?

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Android :: Use Customized Listview

Nov 24, 2010

How i can use custom listview with textview and imageview.i tried following code


But it is not working.

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Android :: Selector Is Not Working

Oct 7, 2009

selector is not working.


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Android :: Change Selector On The Fly?

Jul 30, 2010

I have an image selector that has the "pressed" state set to a particular drawable. I want to give the user the opportunity to change this on the fly. However, I have found no way to programmatically get and modify a selector.

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Android :: Selector For A ListView ?

Sep 28, 2010

I have created a ListView and applied a selector to it as follows


When focussed or pressed, the background of the ListView item comes as specified in the selector. But the default background is never applied, can you tell me what is wrong?

By the way, this is the customised row xml I've used:


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Android :: Spinner Dialog Can Be Customized?

Sep 16, 2010

When we select spinner it shows a display of items which almost the device screen size. Can we minimize its width or height, I think this question was already posted by some one. But I am unable to find solution.

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Android :: Google Voicemail - No Customized Greetings

Feb 7, 2010

I've set up customized voice mails for some of my contacts. The problem is my GV is defaulting to the option that answers "Please enter the number you are trying to reach." Even when my wife enters my real number she doesn't get her customized greeting. Initially when I started GV it would default automatically to her customized voice mail. I'm not sure how to make this go back to the way it was. I hate to have everyone who calls me to re-enter my number in order to reach me.

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Android :: Customized SMS - Email Alerts

Jul 23, 2010

Are there any good apps out there for Customized SMS/Email alerts? I am coming from BB Storm 2 where i could have every email, sms, mms, whatever from any contact display a different LED light/pattern and make a different noise depending on who it is coming from. Here on my Droid X i have one alert noise, for EVERYTHING. And no LED tweaking.

I DL'd Blink...which was useless, didn't display 3/4 of the colors it was supposed to do. Uninstalled. I had heard HandcentSMS lets you customize stuff...kinda. I could finally make my SMS make a differnt noise then any other alert. But still can't customize it per person/sender. I could tweak the LED thankfully. But this only affects SMS. Not email. And it too didn't display all the colors it had listed

Ringdroid lets me make every caller have a differnt ringtone (cool), and i can save alerts, but not custom per person. Are there any apps out there that let me customize alerts for email/mms/sms and so forth. So i can have it blink the LED a differnt color from certain people and make a noise when said email, mms, sms is from certain people? Or am i just SOL and need to deal with the fact that i can't do that on a Droid?

In so many ways this phone is lightyears ahead of my Storm 2...but in so many other ways it is far more basic and simplistic in many things and doesn't allow the customization.

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Android :: AlertDialog With Customized ListView

Sep 9, 2010

I am playing with the AlterDialog with a customized ListView in it.

After the ListView is added into the AlterDialog, there is a centered gradient separator line below the title of the alter dialog, it is just above the ListView.

Is there any way to get rid of it or change its color ? I do not want to show it.

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Android :: Make Customized UI Component

Mar 9, 2010

IN our current project, I need to make a UI describled as follows.

Basically it is a text input, it will display a string returned from server , such as "I like banana". The word "banana" will be in red color. When user clicks "banana", it will have a dropdown list shows "apple, orange, pear". User would be able to select one of them, like apple. So the text in that UI would be "I like apple".

How could I build such a UI component in Android.

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Android :: Customized Map - Own Image - With Coordinates

Jan 11, 2010

I want to create an application that loads an image as a map (a building of a floor) and add coordinates to it. Can anyone has an idea how to do it? I can do it maybe with MapView and change the resource of the map to my image but it is still not working.

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Android :: Customized Notification Ringtone

May 13, 2010

This seems like such an obvious thing, but I can't figure out how to use my own customized notification ringtone. I can long press on any music or sound effect and select assign as phone ringtone, but how do I set it as a msg notification ringtone like for when receiving SMS msgs? I have Acer Liquid running Eclair 2.1 btw.

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Android :: Implementing Customized Drawable

Jun 3, 2010

I was trying to get hold of 2D graphics in Android.As a example i want to implement a custom drawable and show it in my Activity But when i run the app i see no rectangle on the activity, can anyone help me out? Where am i going wrong?

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Android :: Customized ListView Only Scrolls

Sep 30, 2010

I am having a Srollview in for my entire layout.In that i added a listview.when i scrolling the page ,tha page scrolls normally,but when it reaches listview listview only scrolls how to overcome this problem. any one can suggest the answer. I am looking that when i scroll the listview the whole page gets scrolled.

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Android : Adding Customized Seek Bar

Apr 21, 2009

I want to make my own Seek Bar. When I try to override onProgressRefresh method, Eclipse give me an error: the method onProgressRefresh is undefined for the type SeekBar. I checked listing and this method is in. Any ideas why this happened?

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Android :: Create A Selector Of Styles

Sep 7, 2010

I would like to create an xml selector of styles.

Basically i would do something like that:


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Android :: Defining Selector Drawable

Feb 14, 2009

I am trying to setup a selector drawable in my asset file like this: * 2 different images for 'on'/'off' mode in rest mode (i.e. it does not has focus) * another 2 different images for 'on'/'off' mode in focus mode (i.e. it has the focus). In my case, the rest mode works, but the 'focus' mode does not. Can you please tell me what am I missing in the focus mode? Code...

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Android :: Trying To Create Selector To CheckBox

Nov 16, 2010

I'm try to create selector to CheckBox and replace the android:button with the selector.In the selector i had two 9patch image , but for some reason that not work good.the 9patch images are ok.This the selector code...

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Android :: Changing The Menu Selector?

Aug 13, 2010

Is it possible to change the selector of standard Menu?

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Android :: Change Tab Background - Selector

Jul 28, 2009

How to change the TabBackground in the different states (not the icon!) ?

my files:


Where should i call the xml file above?

I tried it in the TabWidget as src, but it doesn't work:


So i tried to use a own theme:


But i don't know, which resource i should use instead of "?"...

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Android :: ListView Selector Color ?

Jan 10, 2010

I have 2 questions regarding a ListView in Android:

How can I get the color of the listview's focused row ? I tried to use the ListView.getSelector() method, which according to its documentation should give me what I'm looking for, but it's giving me a Drawable object which I don't know how to retrieve the color from (if possible...).

How can I set the color of the listview's focused row ? Here I tried to use the setSelector() method on the listview, passing it a ColorDrawable object, but the result of doing it is that the whole background of the list view is painted in that color... and this is not what I wanted of course...

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Android :: ImageButton Selector - One Xml Per Button?

Jun 29, 2010

When using the "selector" to specify different images for buttons for different states, such as pressed, focused etc, do I have to write an xml file for each button? I have about 15-20 buttons in my app, so was wondering if there is a way to write just one xml and refer to parts of it?

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Android : Add 'permanent' Selector In ListView?

Aug 30, 2010

I'm looking for suggestions on how to go about adding a ListView selector that is 'permanent'. By this, I mean a single row in the ListView is always highlighted; it should move up or down in reponse to any D-pad presses (i.e. like the default selector) but also remain set/highlighted if the user were to scroll the ListView in either direction (i.e. it's still highlighted even when it's off-screen).

I've looked at using the standard selector mechanism, but am unable to get the selector to remain in place if the ListView is touched (and thus scrolled), so it makes me think that this isn't the best option? Perhaps there's a <selector> "state_*" that I've ignored?

The other option would be to use the onItemSelected() callback, but at first look this appears more convoluted?

Any suggestions/recommendations/experiences gratefully received.

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Android :: Customized Search - RuntimeException Can't Set Breakpoints

Jul 25, 2010

I am trying to implement my own Search using searchable, and as soon as press return after entering a query into my custom search field, I get a RuntimeException:


Here is what the logCat reported:




I have been trying to figure it out for hours. Here is my AndroidXML:


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