Android :: Todo Lists / Task Lists / Evaluations And Reviews

Nov 8, 2009

I'd like to dedicate this thread specifically to the evaluations and feedback for various Todo's, Todo Lists, Tasks, Task Lists, Lists, etc.I'd like to keep this separate from Notepads as I've dedicated that to another thread ( Notepads and Notepad's that sync - Evaluations and Reviews ).Doing a search for Todo's and Tasks on the Android Market comes up with so many results. Rather than downloading and trying out so many, I'd like to know which ToDo's and Task Lists, etc. are recommended.I've been searching for ToDo lists and Astrid is frequently mentioned. Other sync or link to Google Tasks or sync with Google as well.Other ToDo / Task Lists? What are some ToDo / Task you've downloaded and/or experimented with? Please comment on other such productivity Apps. Please indicate if they
1) Offer Multiple Lists
2) Folders
3) Sync
4) Email
5) Offer other unique features

Android :: Todo Lists / Task Lists / Evaluations and Reviews

Android :: Scrolling Large Lists Of Cursor-based Adapters Is Faster Than Much Smaller Lists Of In-memory Adapters

Nov 3, 2010

I have an Android app that has both CursorAdapter based ListViews (backed by sqlite) as well as custom BaseAdapter based ListViews which are built on the fly from JSON pulled down from a server.

The data displayed in both is identical - an image and a couple of TextViews. My Cursor-based ListView has 3000 rows, the JSON-based ListView has about 30. However, scrolling down the list is significantly faster for the Cursor-based adapter. For the JSON-based lists, the data is all fetched before the rows are made visible. Images for both types of lists are downloaded on-demand.

I have both ListViews configured identically - both with fastScrollEnabled, scrollingCache and smoothScrollbar set to true.

I'm looking for leads on how to go about trying to figure out what's going on here and to potentially fix it so that the JSON-based ListViews as as fast as the Cursor-based ones.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Task Manager Ignore Lists

Oct 22, 2009

I think this is something we need a post covering. So many people are using task managers, which is likely un-necessary for the most part, and quite a few folks don't know what they can and cannot safely kill. All of the task managers I have tried include an ignore list so I figured I'd post what I have ignored in TasKiller, along with what I know about each item, and hopefully others will do that same and we can some up, at the very least as set of stock applications to ignore and maybe some help keeping other application running correctly. So here is my ignore list and what I know about each item (hopefully the ones I don't know about can be explained by others):

Touch Input - Reasons obvious by the name
HtcIQAgent - Not sure what it does exactly but it should be left running
IQRD - Not sure
OMADM - Not sure
HTC Sense - The Sense UI - Killing it only causes it to reload and auto-killing it would loop your phone into oblivion
Clock - The clock backend - Killing it will cause your alarms not to go off
Calendar - The calendar backend - Killing it will stop calendar syncing and cause you not to receive reminders for calendar events - The voicemail backend - Killing it will cause you not to get visual voicemail notification and stop you from being able to listen to voicemails through the voicemail app.
Mail - The Mail backend - Killing it will cause the phone to stop syncing mail from any account other the google account you associated your phone with.
Gmail - The google backend for your phone's associated account - Killing this will stop you from syncing with your phone's associated account.

Third Party:
Astrid - The Astrid widget's sync backend - Killing this will stop Astrid from syncing.
Handcent SMS - Killing this will stop the Handcent SMS process and cause Handcent to load again when you get a message which degrades performance.

That's all I have on ignore list for TasKiller. I don't use the widget to kill everything anymore because it's not necessary and I tend to dump any app that doesn't properly manager memory and sleep and either do without or find a replacement. The ignore list is still nice because TasKiller won't let you kill an ignored app and lets you hide them as well. I hope more folks will share their ignore lists.

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Android : Notepads And Notepad's That Sync - Evaluations And Reviews

Nov 8, 2009

I'd like to dedicate this thread specifically to the evaluations and feedback for various notepads and notepads that sync.

I'd like to keep this separate from ToDo lists, lists, tasks, task lists, etc. as I've dedicated that to another thread ( Todo Lists - Tasks - Lists - Task Lists - Evaluations and Reviews ).

Doing a search for notepads on the Android Market comes up with so many results. Rather than downloading and trying out so many, I'd like to know which notepad is recommended.

I've been searching for notepads that sync - preferably with Google Notebook. Google notebook isn't very popular these days and they appear to be phasing it out and gearing users towards Google Docs.

On the iPod Touch (and iPhone of course), I've been using an App called gNotes which syncs with my Google Notebook. However, I haven't been able to find any Android applications that sync with Google Notebook.

I did, however, find at least a couple of Apps that sync with Google Docs.

Notepads that Sync with Google Docs

I've experimented with two:

Gdocs Notepad with Sync
Website: [url]

Gdocs notepad is a basic and simple application that creates a dedicated folder on your Google Docs and syncs basic text notes. Pretty basic and straightforward.

Website: [url]

This is an App that syncs with Google Docs, lists all your Google Docs, allows you read/view/edit most of your Google Docs, etc.

Other Notepads?

What are some other notepads you've downloaded and/or experimented with?

I've been reading up on:

Notepad with Sync:

Seems similar to GDocs Notepad with Sync. However, it syncs to Helipad - Product overview , not your Google Account. I didn't bother downloading this because one commenter mentioned that the Application was great, but helicoid wasn't, so she switched to Google Notepad with Sync.

3banana Notes:

I haven't downloaded this, but this is a 4-1/2-Star App that seems to sync with the Google Account.

Note Everything:

I haven't downloaded this. Curious to know how users here rate and evaluate this.

Please comment on other Notepad Apps. Please indicate if they

1) Sync
2) If sync, syncs to Google notebook, Google Docs, some other website.
3) Does not Sync
4) Sends or uploads to Facebook, Twitter, copies text to Gmail, Email client, etc.
5) Offers folders
6) Other unique features

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Android :: App Lists And Uses

Nov 26, 2009

Is there a tread where they list a list of apps and what they do ,rather than brows the market?

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Android :: How To Set Some Lists In One Layout

May 17, 2009

How to set a few lists in one layout include their own data from DB?

Here is source code about set list in Android guide. List id is @android:list why the id must be android:list?, may I use my own id? If I can, how to set lists to main layout including their own data.


I want to set lists like this :


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Android :: Many Lists In One Layout

May 14, 2009

I want to set some lists in one layout, but I found it's only recognize the first <ListView . how to write xml file ?

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Android :: Lists In Tabs

Jul 12, 2010

I'm new to android development but I have run through various tutorials and am slowly grasping how to develop apps. I modified the Tab Layout tutorial on the android dev website to fit my needs, and now I need to add a list on to each tab I have created. there are a total of seven tabs and each will have it's on specific list. If someone could point me in the right direction to adding a list per tab that would be great. Each tab has it's own class file, would I add the list items as strings in the strings.xml then add code to each tab's class file in order to populate the tab? This was the only thing I have found so far, but it hasn't worked.

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Android :: Empty Lists

Aug 19, 2009

Does anyone know if it's possible to show a "Currently have no items" type view in a ListActivity when, obviously, you have no items?

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Android :: How To Add The Separator Between The Lists

Sep 29, 2010

How can i add separator between the two lists on a single screen.

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Android :: How To Create Many Lists

Jan 10, 2010

I am trying to create a todo list application on android. I am stuck because at the moment I dont know the way to create many todo lists. I have created the GUI for one list, using listview. entries of the list are added by the user when running the application. Particularly i dont know how to pass a list object, if i create new one.

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Android :: Using The Same ListView For Different Lists

Oct 12, 2010

I have a 3 buttons, say LanguageButton, CountryButton and PinCodeButton. When LanguageButton is pressed, I must display a list of languages. Similarly for CountryButton a list of countries and so on. Only one list is to be displayed at a time.

My question is whether it is better to define a single ListView in my layout or 3 separate ListViews for each list in my layout!

I tried to use a single ListView and set corresponding adapters when different buttons are pressed, i.e in onClick() of languageButton, I give setAdapter(languageArray);

But my doubt arose in implementing the onItemClick() of the list. Because what must be done whenfirst item is clicked in languageList is different from what must be done in countryList. Hence that would add to more code in the java file.

So I am just wondering whether I should simplify my onItemClick() code by defining separate ListViews, or should I simplify my layout and add logic to code?

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Android :: Graphically Pleasing Of Lists

May 26, 2010

How to make lists look different than your everyday average black list or more graphically pleasing than you usually see in android apps. I've looked through google code but haven't found too many. I'm looking for different and eye catching lists. I hope this question isn't too generic. Also i'm open to anything, code, examples, blog posts, etc, you name it. I've really struggled with lists and making them look more snazzy. I'm talking more the code level not the graphics or icons used.

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Android :: Blast Texts Lists

Apr 30, 2010

I'm trying to make a text blast list - basically one contact that contains many contacts so I can instantly text message all of them. Any advice on how to do that on a droid?

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Android :: Missing Lists.newArrayList

May 28, 2010

I was trying to delete a contact using the code in the docs:


But Eclipse doesn't how to find "Lists". What import statement do I need?

Also, is there a more direct way to delete a contact?

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Android :: Twitter Widget And Lists

Sep 6, 2010

I'm new to android, and loving it. I'm after a twitter app, that specifically has a widget that can display a list, rather than just the main timeline. I've tried lots of the popular apps but haven't managed to find anything that ticks that box.

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Android :: Book Lists App- HTC Hero

Apr 1, 2010

I am trying to find an app that will keep a list of my books. I found one on Androlib calledBookWorm but I cant find it in the app market any other suggested apps.

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Android :: Two Different Context Menus For The Two Lists?

Jun 11, 2010

I want to view two listviews at the same time. This is not the problem!

What I don't know if it's possible is if I can have two different context menus for the two lists? And second, is there a way to check in which of the two lists the user has selected an item?

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Android :: Centering Text In Lists ?

Jul 10, 2010

Say I have a list of Strings with the elements:


I want to center them in the middle of the screen but I want to do it in a way that the start of each word is next to each other.

Like this:


Considering that the font probably has different length per character, how do I do this best in Android?

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Android :: Sending Lists From Server To Client

Apr 7, 2010

I wish to send a list containing objects from server to client and vice versa through httpurlconnection. Elaborating the same, the list contains a set of objects which is defined both in the server and the client. Its just that the server queries a database and sends the object to the client which collects the same and displays it to the user. Please let me know if thats possible and if it is, how would I be able to accomplish that.

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Android :: How To Get Lists Of Email From Contact Application

Feb 3, 2009

How to get lists of email from contact application in android? provide me some sample code or tutorial on this.

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Android :: Activities And ListActivities With Button And Lists

Apr 22, 2010

I'm developing a real-time informations about train. The application will connect to a XML plateform that will give the next trains with a station given. I'm a beginner in Android development, and I'm stuck to a class- problem (I think...).

In details, the problem is, when I start the application, the user get a screen with 2 buttons, one of them get the user to a new screen with stations list. But, my problem is, I can't put buttons and lists in the same class. I explain, to get a list on the screen, I have to put : "public class NextTrain extends ListActivity {" but the buttons function doesn't work (the app crashs). By the way, if I put "public class NextTrain extends Activity {" the buttons works but not the list (no crash, but the screen doesn't display anything).

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Android :: Best Way To Implement An Activity That Lists Recipes

Feb 15, 2010

I'm working on my first Android app, and would appreciate any guidance to make sure I'm doing this the best way. Basically I want an Activity to list recipes. Eventually I'll have another Activity to display an individual recipe selected from the list, but I'm not worrying about that yet.

The list of recipes should show each recipe's title, description, rating, and date added. For each recipe in the list I'd like the title on the top left of the list entry, rating on the top right, description on the bottom left, and date added on the bottom right. I may want to add photo, icons representing properties of the recipe (e.g. vegetarian), etc. The makes me think that each item in the list should be a TableLayout.

With all that in mind, here's what I'm planning to write:

1. Write class RecipesDataAdapter extends BaseAdapter. Override the getView() method to return an instance of TableLayout. Populate each instance of TableLayout with two TableRows, the first row containing cells for title and rating, and the second row containing cells for description and date added. For now I'll just pass the Recipe instances to the adapter in an array.

2. Write class ListRecipesActivity that extends ListActivity. Override the onCreate() method to obtain instances of the Recipe class and call the setListAdapter() method with an instance of the RecipesDataAdapter class.

Notice that all this is done in code without any layout XML files. All the examples of Activities that I've seen use a layout XML file and call setContentView(R.layout.layout_name) but I'm not sure if I need to do that for this, or even how I would do that considering my main Activity is a list of non-trivial things (TableLayout).

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Android :: Trying To Get Document That Lists Permission Levels

Jun 14, 2010

I'm not sure if I completely grasp the Android permissions model. I recently started working on a simple widget to put the phone to sleep. Of course, it always gets a security exception because an ordinary user app isn't allowed to call the Power Manager method 'goToSleep' because it's requires the 'signature' level permission DEVICE_POWER. But I could find nowhere in the docs or on Google that officially says that.Is there some document that lists the permission levels of android platform defined permissions? Or, am I looking at permissions completely wrong?

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Android :: Dynamic Lists Of Data In A Layout?

Nov 17, 2010

I want to display contact information in a custom layout. My app lets the user select a contact, then I retrieve key pieces of info on that contact (phone #'s, email addy's, etc). I want to display them to the user so they look grouped logically. Sort of like a series of tables, so phone numbers, then email addys, then organization, etc.

I have a table format that I've been using in a different part of the app where I know the exact number of rows I'm adding and I have defined styles for the rows already. I want to reuse those styles for this data, but android sdk won't allow for you to set the style attribute programmatically.

I could create the tables in code and set all the attributes the same as in my defined styles, but it seems like a lot of extra coding.

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Android :: An App To Sync Between Two Phones / Cloud With Lists?

Feb 24, 2010

Is there an app that can sync between two phones or the cloud with lists? I like gtasks, but now my boyfriend has a Hero and I have an Eris and it would be nice to make on going shopping lists separately but easily

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Android :: Multiple Expandable Lists In A Layout

Jul 30, 2009

I want to have more than one expandable list within a layout. It appears that an expandable list in a custom layout must have an id of "@id/android:list". So, how could I have more than one if they would need to have the same id?

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Android :: Ordered Lists Inside TextView

Feb 4, 2010

I want to display an ordered list inside a TextView.

For example:
1) item 1
2) item 2

Using the following layout:


I get:
item 1
item 2

How can I change the bullets to numbers?

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Android :: Reordering Lists Like Playlists In Media Player

Apr 1, 2010

I have a list of items that are displayed using a ListView from a SQLCursor. The SQL table includes(as well as other things) a _id field and an order field. I use the order field to sort the list before it gets to the ListView. What I need is a widget like the MediaPlayer has in its playlist view. It allows you to click the icon and drag the item in the playlist around and put it into a new order. With that ability I can then retrieve the new order and update the SQL table with the new order. However, I am not having any luck finding any clues to help me add that functionality into my program. The question is whether I can use existing functions to help me, or do I need to manually program motion events and such until I get nearly the same functionality.

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Android :: Have 2 GMAIL Accounts And Want Only One Of The Contact Lists And One Calendar

Jun 23, 2010

I think this is a common situation. A family has one calendar that shoould be shared to all members of the family and visible on all phones. Then their email should be able to be kept separate. I have figured out how to do the contacts. I have all of them at the main family gmail account and each person can create their own group and associate their contacts.

The problems with contacts is that I can set my contact list to default to - Phil's Contacts nor can I set the search to limit the resutls to my contacts even though I have gone into People and selected my group.

And even though I have gone into /menu/settings/accounts and synch and set the exchange active to point to the family calendar, contacts and email and the google option to point to gmail only I still get contacts coming thru from the google account.

Perhaps their is a better app out there or I have it configured wrong.

What I want to do is only sync the contacts, calendar and mail from the "Family" account. And then keep my google mail set to my personal account.

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