Android :: Text To Speech Ebook Reader

Feb 13, 2010

I know TTS isn't very "good" when it comes to reading ebooks out loud. However, I also have a Kindle and it's good enough. Is there any way to feed ebooks through the TTS program?

Android :: Text to speech ebook reader

Android :: Ebook Reader

Jun 17, 2010

Anything on evo and good ebook reader.

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Android :: Open EBook Reader

Jul 1, 2010

My mother recently indicated that she's considering being in the market for an ebook reader. However she is, bless her soul, firmly insistent on open format, DRM-free, and the ability to "really own" a book she's downloaded. She doesn't even want the potential for a Kindle-1984-type remote-wipe or an inability to move a book to another device later. (Yes, my mother has grown up to be a Free Software evangelist. I'm so proud of her. *sniff*)

Of course, she doesn't know the ebook market all that well, and frankly neither do I. She's considering the B&N Nook, but from what little I know it has the same lock-in problems as the Kindle.

So my question is, I suppose, two-fold:

1) Are there any ebook stores or services available for any device that don't treat customers are criminals waiting to happen, and use a DRM-free format without revocation ability? Are they bound to a given device, or are there any that work on an arbitrary Android device? A good ebook reader app or use of the open ePub format (for which I understand there are several readers available) is a plus here.

2) Of the various devices out there (both phone and non-phone), which make particularly good ebook readers? She has a decently large purse but it still wouldn't hold an iPad-sized device comfortably, but at the same time a 3-inch screen is not going to work for her eyes. (It barely works for mine.) What's a good device if that's your main interest? Any good/bad experiences here, or at least things to look for?

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Android :: Ebook Reader With Dictionary

Nov 23, 2010

An ebook reader app that has an integrated (or anyway a very handy) dictionary or translation feature.
I'm tired of switching app and type the word when i should just hold on a word to directly access its meaning.

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Android :: EBook Reader - EPub Format

Feb 5, 2010

I found that Aldiko seems to be the most popular eBook app. So I downloaded it. My question is regarding the ePub format. I have a ton of books in text format already. Is it a pain to convert them to ePub? If it is, what's a good app that runs txt files and can be used as an eBook reader?

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Android :: Ebook Reader For HTML Files

Jun 6, 2010

Does an ebook reader exist for Android yet that will open HTML files? I can't find one.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Aldiko Ebook Reader

Sep 14, 2010

I feel like an idiot for asking this but, I got some ebooks on my computer, and was wondering how do I get them into my evo 4g?

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Android :: Engines For Formatting Html For Ebook Reader

Dec 7, 2009

I need to build an ebook/reference reader type of an application. Is there any engines which gives support for formatting html or anyother types of content?

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Android :: Ebook Reader With Ability To Search For Words

Aug 20, 2010

I'm getting used to it very quickly one app i haven't found yet is an ebook reader that allows the reader to lookup words in a dictionary. I used to have Mobireader on my Windows Mobile which allowed me to do that and it was great, but alas it looks like it hasn't been ported to Android. I tried Aldiko because it has a similar function but you have to manually type each word which is kind of a drag. Anyone can recommend an ebook reader for my needs?

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Android :: EBook Reader WITH Offline Dictionary Lookup

May 29, 2010

I've been a WM user for years, and I am tempted to change for an Android (HTC desire...), BUT... I can't find if Android will fulfil my specific needs.

I use my smartphone mainly as an ebook reader, and I read English literature, although my moher tongue is French, so I need to lookup words in the dictionary quite frequently. Since I read i places where I don't have an Internet access, I need the dictionary to be offline.
All this works perfectly well with Windows Reader on WM, and a free EN / FR issued with the reader: you tap on an unknown word, it opens the menu and you just click on "Definition..." to obtain the it (no need to re-type the word, and the lookup analyses the "morphology of the word, so that whatever the grammatical form it can be recognised)

So, my question is: is it possible to have the same features on Android in general, and the HTC desire in particular? That is:
- an ebook reader app that won't bother me with DRMs and let me read my DRM-free "home made" ebook files
- that comprises or can be used in connection with an OFFLINE EN / FR dictionary (or a simple English dictionary, it would do perfectly well, as long as it defines the word)
- and where you don't need to re-type the word you want to look up, just tap on it then launch the dictionary in 1 click
- the dictionary should be able to do some morphological analysis, i.e. if you ask for the definition of, say, "seen", it should recognise it as a form of "to see".

I have done some research, and found that there's an ebook app on Android that seems quite successful, Aldiko, and it claims that it has a dictionary lookup function, BUT from what I have seen on the web, it seems that you have although you can call the dictionary easily from the app,you have to re-type the word, so it doesn't fit my bill (besides, it's not clear whether the dictionary is offline or not).

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Android :: Horizontal Scrolling With Fling Gesture - Ebook Reader

Aug 20, 2009

So my application has a large amount of textual data. Up until this point I've been using forward and back buttons to navigate from section to section. I was impressed with the horizontal scrolling of the Ebook reader from Alkido that is available on the store which uses a horizontal fling gesture to flip the pages. Does anyone have any experience doing something like this? I've done it a number of ways, but none seem to be very smooth or efficient.

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Media :: Good Ebook Reader App

Sep 9, 2010

There are so many good readers out there. It seems that none of them have it all. I think Laputa makes reading fun´╝îin my opinion is the best reader on the market.

This app has changed my relationship with my phone. It is amazing, a must have for avid readers.

Download and read thousands of books right on your Android phone. Anywhere. Anytime.

The page animation is unlike any other page animation - the page actually rolls WITH your finger as you push it across the screen; other page flipping readers have a very fake looking flip compared to this ones

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HTC Droid Eris :: Best Ebook Reader

May 6, 2010

Company and reference materials for my work are available in various ebook formats. I currently convert to .pdb and read on a Palm. Also, I enjoy reading ebooks on my handheld, and of course the available library is nearly infinite.

Market and Google Search show a huge spectrum of android ebook readers, with varying levels of user praise and condemnation. I have tried many of them with frustrating results, and still must carry a Palm for ebook-reading. Nothing (that I have evaluated) does my whole job on the Eris.

I need something that will do the following:

.pdb, .txt, or .doc ebooks. Any ONE of these will suffice because I can convert as required. .txt would be best, I supposed, as that's the common denominator.

Auto-scroll. Must be reasonably smooth, easy to start, and variable speed. It's important to be able to control speed without too many button-pushes, perhaps with the volume rocker.

Font control. My aged eyesight requires selection of font type, size, and weight.

Images would be great but are not required.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Finding - Using An Ebook Reader

Jun 7, 2010

I have hundreds of books, manuals, and blocks of text information that I wish to read, but with no Eris app that "works" for me I must carry a Palm TX. The material is 100% text, no images.

My requirements are
1. Load text files
2. Adjust font size
3. Controllable scroll
4. Instructions (user guide, manual, etc.)

I've tried Laputa, Aldiko, JJReader, Wordplayer, eReader, and others - and every one of them fails on at least one of the above.

And it's critical that the app provide help in loading, storing, and accessing the files.

Price is unimportant - I really REALLY need an ebook reader!!

This Eris is on 2.1, and is not rooted.

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Android :: New Version Of Laputa - Good Ebook Reader On Android

Sep 25, 2010

The new version of Laputa released as a new app, named Laputa Reader 1.3.1

New points for this version:
+ More stable
+ Chinese Suppoted
+ Recommendation
+ RSS service
+ Search in book content
+ Adjust Brightness
+ Screen rotate with G-Sersor supported
+ Display awake setting
+Prograss Bar On/Off

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Android :: Android Ebook Reader For First Run Books

Nov 7, 2009

Anyone know of an ebook reader for Android that allows you to read books other than public domain books? On Blackberry I was able to download books from BarnesandNobel from recent best seller lists. I have found several ebook readers that support the "epub" format, but can't find anywhere that you can purchase "epub" format ebooks that are new releases. Anyone know of a bookstore where I can pick up some of these to read with these ebook readers in the Android Market?

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Android :: Good Android Ebook Reader

Feb 24, 2010

I have several ebooks in PRC and Mobi format that I am hoping to be able to read on my new Hero. Does anyone have any suggestions on what would be a good app solution?

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Motorola Droid :: Speech To Text & Text To Speech

Nov 17, 2009

I would like to be able to say an email or text message to myself or my wife sometimes. When I hold down the input field I get an input choice menu but the only option there is the Android Keyboard.Am I doing it wrong?What am I missing? I would also like to have it read emails to me, and word docs (or just .txt).I have a Kindle but my phone is a little more convenient for something I would rather read in bits and pieces while walking to and fro the car or whatever.

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Android :: An Ebook Reader For Android Is Out

Nov 5, 2008

Supposed to be buggy but i havent tried it out yet. You can grab it over at and let us know how it works

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Android :: Format For An EBook Like Text To Share With Most Of Mobile Phone Types?

Aug 5, 2010

There is a description about a product or event that people would like to share among them. This can be a simple text or rich text too.

They are looking into which format is the best for this purpose. They would like to see compatible with as many phones as possible. We are talking about phones that have Bluetooth.

Also the text is longer than the length of an SMS, so the SMS format is not suitable

What would you recommend?
And what do you think what would be the best way to share that between phones?

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Motorola Droid :: Turning Off Text To Speech For Incoming Call / Text

Dec 7, 2009

I somehow activated the text to speech for incoming calls and text messages. (Says the name of contact calling/texting).How do I shut this off? I've spent days trying to figure it out with no luck.

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General :: Text To Speech On Selected Text?

Sep 7, 2013

I wonder if there is ability to replicate this feature from iOS :

In iOS you can turn on Accessibility function that add the "Speak" button to the "selection menu". And if you click, it would turn on Text To Speech engine and read selected text. Can I do the same thing in Android ?

PS: I assume that regular app could not modify "copy, paste, cut menu" so I probably need custom ROM. (I'm particularly interested Nexus 7 2013 solution, but I assume that solution should be universal because it is just modification to the "Selection menu" and add button)

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Android :: Speech To Text Api

Mar 1, 2009

since android now has speech to text search, anyone know if the API is available to the developers?

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Android :: Speech To Text App

Oct 13, 2010

i want to create speech to text app in android. can anybody tell me about its possiblity.thank you

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Android :: Need Text Message Reader App

Jun 10, 2010

Looking for an app that will read your incoming text messages out loud while you are driving. Tried searching on Market but didn't know what to search for, I guess.

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Android :: Text To Speech Unfunctional

Jun 7, 2010

we have ported android 2.1 on one of our custom board.I was checking Text to speech functionality on it.I click Settings->Text to gives n new screen All options other than "Install voice data" is greyed out.When I click on install voice says "The application Pico TTS has stoppped unexpectedly. PLease try again ".Can anyone point me what is the issue or how to install voice data on my board having eclair 2.1.

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Android :: Speech To Text Conversion

Sep 4, 2010

i want to develop apps based on speech to text conversion.can you please share your suggestions and how to develop this app.

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Android :: Speech - How Can You Read Text?

Jul 21, 2009

How can you read data, i.e. convert simple text strings to voice (speech) in Android? Is there an API where I can do something like this: TextToVoice speaker = new TextToVoice();speaker.Speak("Hello World");

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Android :: Webpage Text To Speech?

Jul 19, 2010

I am looking for an app or trick to get text to speech to read a webpage audibly.There are several apps that read SMS messages and email. But I've been unable to find any that read webpages.

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Android :: Text To Speech Library

Aug 10, 2009

is there any text to speech library in 1.5? if so where is it? how can we use it? Gaulle<>- "The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs."

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