Android :: Smooth Gradient On Different Devices

Jul 26, 2010

In my app i have gradient as drawable which i am using as background and i want it to make it look as smooth as possible. After googling and trying by myself i came up with the following. On nexus one if you call only setDither(true) your gradient is still banding so you have to set PixelFormat like this Window.setFormat(PixelFormat.RGBA_8888). But on the other side G1 does not support RGBA_8888 so calling it make the gradient even uglier than before so Window.setFormat(PixelFormat.RGBA_8888) will not work well on devices that don't support it.What is the correct way smooth my gradient on all devices on which my app will run.

Android :: Smooth gradient on different devices

Android :: Gradient Banding On High DPI Devices

Nov 2, 2009

I've been looking at some issues with the background of our application, particularly on high-density devices (240 dpi, 480x854). I managed to eliminate banding on existing devices (i.e. G1/G2, 160 dpi) by applying the android:dither="true" attribute to our nine-patch image, which is a 1x480px PNG with no noise added. Looks great. However, if I use the same image on a higher resolution device, the banding is pretty nasty looking. Same happens regardless of whether I use a shape+gradient, a noisy nine-patch PNG, or an android:dithered nine-patch PNG -- even if I create an 854px-tall image. Is the use of gradients going to become a problem on high screen density devices, purely because of the display colour depth, or is there any way to solve this?

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Android :: Multiple Gradient Xml ?

Jul 23, 2010

Is there a way to have 2 gradients in a drawable xml using either a <layer-list> or <shape> or some combination of them?

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Android :: Get Rid Of Gradient At Top Of An Activity?

May 28, 2010

How can I get rid of the gradient at the top of my screen (the very top of the blue in the screenshot below... below the notification bar)?

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Android :: PNG 24 With Gradient / Not Showing Correctly

Jun 5, 2009

I have a LinearLayout and I am setting a Background image. I am using a PNG24, and the image has a gradient in it. When I see the image on the computer the gradient is perfect, but when I see it on the emulator or on a real phone, some colors are lost and I see only like 10 colors, so I see lines and not a perfect gradient. Is the emulator 'compressing' the images? Should I make them in other format?

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Android :: Alpha Gradient On Bitmap Of PNG

Dec 11, 2009

I'm trying to apply an Alpha gradient to a bitmap that I've created from a PNG. I want the image to be opaque at the top and fade to transparent at the bottom. I know this can be done be using getPixels and setPixels for Bitmap and iterating through each row of pixels in the Bitmap and setting the alpha values accordingly, but i was hoping there was a slightly neater way of doing this. I have been looking at the LinearGradient Class and using a Porter Duff transfer mode, but i don't seem to be having much luck with this. It seems that my source image is lost when i apply the Shader to the drawable. Anyone have any tips on how i might apply an alpha gradient to a bitmap?

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Android :: Gradient Image Is Displayed Incorrectly

Sep 21, 2009

I have got another mysterious issue. So, I am setting a background image for LinearLayout. This image contains gradient. Don't know why, but after I launch application the image appears to consist of several parts that actually form "smooth transition" of gradient, and that's why it seems that background image is not a gradient.

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Android :: Gradient Drawn On Canvas Looks Banded / What To Fix

Sep 23, 2010

I have a gray gradient drawable (png image in res/drawable). If I draw it on a white Canvas it looks banded (not smooth). If I put the gradient on white background in GIMP, and then draw this drawable on the Canvas, it looks great. What's the problem? I tested this on Nexus One. Calling setDither(true) on the drawable has no noticable effect.

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Android :: How To Add Padding To Gradient <shape> In Phone

Oct 25, 2009

I have a shape with a gradient that I'm using as a divider between ListView items. I've defined it as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

android:angle="0" />

I would like to add 6 pixels of padding on either side of the gradient, so that it doesn't extend from edge to edge of the screen.

However, no matter where I put an android:left="6px" and android:right="6px", it doesn't seem to take effect. I can put it in the <shape> element, the <gradient> element, or in a separate <padding> child of <shape>, and it doesn't change anything.

How can I add padding on the left and right of my list divider?

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General :: How To Transfer TEXT MESSAGES From WP8.1 Devices To Android Devices

May 14, 2014

How To Transfer TEXT MESSAGES from WP8.1 devices to Android Devices ??And also the contacts!!

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Android :: Gradient Styles - Not Working On The Outer-most LinearLayout

Aug 10, 2010

In my Android application I've hidden the default title bar, introduced a TabView and added my own titlebar under that TabView's tabs. At the moment, I'm using the ?android:attr/windowTitleStyle style which makes my new titlebar look gray and gradient. It looks pretty good, but my screens are looking pretty grayscale. I'd like to spice things up a bit by making this titlebar a different color gradient.

What am I looking at here? Creating my own image and using it? The ?android:attr/windowTitleStyle style seems to expand depending on the height of your custom titlebar; so I'm not sure it's actually a single image.

I've attempted to throw a LinearLayout over it with a bit of translucency (ex: making the color #800000FF), but the gradient style I have behind this LinearLayout disappears.


Per my answer down below, I've figured out that I can create an XML file that defines a gradient and use that. It works fine inside a LinearLayout (titlebar_gradient) I have on my layout. However, it is not working on the outer-most LinearLayout (background_gradient). Could someone tell me why? As I understand it, the ListView should be transparent...


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Android :: Way To Make Custom Seek Bar Having Color Gradient?

Feb 15, 2010

I want to make a custom seek bar having color gradient as shown in the below image URL.

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Android :: Fill A Path In Droid With Linear Gradient?

May 14, 2010

Given a closed Path object result is like this: Although that is a rectangle I'm looking for something which works with any closed Path.

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Android :: Color Banding - Png Resource That Has Gradient Fade-out Alpha

Oct 29, 2010

Seems my original post ("ugly pngs...") somehow disappeared :( nvm.

I have a problem with a png resource that has gradient fade-out alpha.

The png looks great in the emulator, but displays an artefact known as "color banding" (

Has anyone surpassed this issue ?

My designer wants to trop a shadow behind his icons, and that's where the bands appear.

What are my options ?

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Android :: Extend TextView To Allow Drawing Of Text With A Gradient Effect?

Apr 21, 2010

How would I extend TextView to allow the drawing of text with a gradient effect?

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Android :: Sample Code To Draw A Circular Gradient Mask On Bitmap In Droid?

Nov 11, 2010

Is there a way to draw a circular gradient mask on a bitmap in Android? Trying to produce something similar to a foggy window. Click the window and a transparent circle shows up revealing whats behind the window. Prefferably using a gradient so the center of the circle is completely transparent and the further out from the center the less transparent. Is this possible?

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General :: Two Separate Google Play Accounts For Two Different Devices And One Gmail Account For Both Devices

Oct 2, 2013

Can I have two separate google play accounts for two different devices & keep one gmail account for both devices?

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Android :: Getting Smooth Gallery Scrolling

Sep 17, 2010

I am working on a application, in which I want to show Image gallery containing full screen images. I have put the gallery in the application successfully. But I am failing to apply some properties to the gallery as per the app design demands. I am using android.widget.Gallery library of android. The things I am failing to do are:

1) I wanna scroll the gallery images one at a time, as now its getting scrolled more than one images in one scroll.

2) And on scrolling the gallery, the images coming next from left/ right should move smothly into the screen and should stop at the screen edges. It should not scroll beyong that in one scroll.

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Android :: Examples Of Smooth Scrolling?

Nov 24, 2010

Probably this question is answered. If it is, could you point me in the right direction then.
I would like to add the smooth scrolling functionality into my application.
i.e. I have a huge text and I want to scroll it automatically (like in book readers)
Could anyone offer any examples of smooth scrolling?

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Android : Draw A Button - Set A Stroke Color - Align" A Gradient To The Bottom Without Knowing The Height

Jan 27, 2010

I am creating a button programmatically. It is rounded and has a gradient background, and works fine and looks nice, but I couldn't do two things I wanted:

Set a 1 pixel stroke with a given color. I tried getPaint().setStroke(), but couldn't figure how to set the stroke color. How should I do it?
Align the gradient to the bottom of the button, no matter what height it has. Is this possible?

For reference, this is the code I'm using:


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Android :: Animate 2D Game Smooth Without OpenGL?

Sep 14, 2010

im currently playing around with a Game that architecture is basically like the example 2d Games like JetBoy / LunarLander and so on. But as things now running (and animating continuously) they have kind of "hiccups" when the GC is running. I have done all i can to allocate as much Objects in front. There is nearly nothing that is created "new" besindes some Strings that are used to set the Score and so on. (TextView doesn't take int's =( - So do you have similar Problems that the GC is "lagging" your 2s game ? any solutions ?

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Android :: Smooth Transition Of Images From One Position To Other

Apr 16, 2009

I am using opengl es for images to translate from one position to other. But, the transition is not going in a smoother manner they are just jumping from one position to other. How can I get smooth transition of images? Rightnow I am using glRotatef() and gltranslatef(). Do I need to add anything extra? Please do respond.

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Android :: How To Do Smooth Transition Between Video Segments

Oct 27, 2010

I am working on an porting an application supporting segmented video streaming to Android. For those who are not familiar with segmented streaming, it is when a complete video is divided into multiple segments. Each segment can then, for example, be encoded at different qualities to support different clients.

Anyway, my problem is that I am not able to get a smooth transition between segments. Currently, the only way I have gotten segmented streaming working, is to write the segments into independent, temporary files, and then load each file into the MediaPlayer once the previous has finished. This causes an interruption in playback between each segment, probably due to the I/O involved.

I have looked around for different solutions, among others, playlists and storing the videos directly in memory. However, none seem to work or be supported by Android. Also, I tried creating two MediaPlayer- objects and do something similar to double-buffering by preparing the next segment well ahead of the previous, but it only made the application unstable.

My question is therefore: Does anyone have any hints, tips or examples for how to do smooth transition between video segments? The segments I am working with are independent, so there is no dependency and they can be viewed as X number of independent video files.

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Android :: Use Webview As A ListItem And Have Smooth Scrolling?

Feb 15, 2009

I am showing a RSS feed in my application using Webview as ListItem and it works great except that it is very sluggish at times. Since I don't know the size of the content then I can't set the height of each Webview and therefore I have the following code (this is the code for a single ListItem)...

But the "wrap_content" causes the Webview to readjust size when scrolling. The scrollbar-indicator of the listview also has problems knowing the size of the complete list so it changes size when scrolling. All this causes a very "jerky" experience when scrolling.

Is there any better way of doing this?

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Android :: Can Not See Devices On Adb Devices / DDMS / How To Fix?

Nov 1, 2009

I am developing my am on mac (10.5.8), on eclipse and SDK 1.6 and a Vodafone HTC Magic Everything was working ok up to a few days ago. I can not see my device on adb devices. I also got a Sony Xperia and I can not see it on the list either. I upgraded the phone software (the HTC) to 1.6 a few days ago. Maybe that is what caused the change, but I could not be sure.

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Android :: Achieve Ultra Smooth OpenGL/ES Animation

Feb 1, 2010

I am drawing a pretty simple scene, with one large texture the about size of the screen (two triangles). I notice that the frame-rate is irregular: in most of cases, a frame finishes in 17 ms. However, in about 1 of 10 times, the frame finishes in 33ms.

My guess is probably some background services need to run. However, the Linux scheduler is biased towards my FG app, so the BG services are usually starved, until they can't take it anymore and they grab the CPU from my app ....

I am seeing stuttering in the animation. Is this due to the irregular frame rate? Should I delay each frame so that all frames are rendered with 33ms frame time? If so, what's the best technique of achieving this?

Is there an API that I can call to guarantee CPU resources for the render thread .... I really hope Android runs on some sort of real time kernel ...

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Android :: Achieve Smooth - Hw Accelerated - Transitions In Browser

Jul 5, 2010

On iPhone, Mobile Safari is WebKit based and supports hardware-accelerated -webkit-transform CSS properties. To be specific, I use the translate3d() transform.

What alternative is there for the Android browser? I need it to work on Android 1.5.

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Android :: Opengl ES Tiling Engine - Smooth Scrolling

Jan 31, 2010

Following this :

I got a simple 2D tiles generator working, im reading an int map[100][100] filled with either 1's or 0's and draw tiles according to their tile id, 0 is water, 1 grass.

Im using some basic Numpad control handler, using a camIncr (32.0f), i set the camera position according to the movement :


In my draw loop, im just drawing enough tiles to fit on my screen, and track the top left tile using cameraOffsetX and cameraOffsetY (its the camera position / tile size )

Im using a GLU.gluOrtho2D for my projection.

Here is the draw loop inside my custom renderer :


my tiledBackground draw function :


The waterTile and grassTile .draw function draw a 32x32 textured tile, might post the code if relevant.

Everything is fine, i can move using numpad arrows, and my map 'moves' with me, since im only drawing what i can see, its fast (see where Aleks pointed me to a simple 'culling' idea)

I would like my engine to 'smooth scroll' now. I've tried tweaking the camIncr variable, the GLU.gluOrtho2D etc, nothing worked.

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Android :: Adding Smooth Scrolling Functionality Into Application?

Nov 23, 2010

I would like to add the smooth scrolling functionality into my application. i.e. I have a huge text and I want to scroll it automatically (like in book readers) Could anyone offer any examples of smooth scrolling?

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Android :: Any Way To Speed Up Drawing To Make Animation Smooth?

Aug 26, 2009

I am creating an app that show some histograms off your traveling speed in different time periods (histogram for the last minute, histogram for the last 2 minutes etc.) I would like to have an animation, and have discovered that drawing everything takes around 300-400ms. Which is to long for making my animation smooth, the animation itself is quite simple (2 lines and 2 dots). What I draw every frame right now is 20 antialised strings, size 14, in average ~5chars 8 of these strings will change every second. 1 of the string will change with the animation (this will become 5 strings if there is time).

The main part of the screen, the one showing the histogram data, consist of a lots of squares which needs to be updated every second. (450 squares). The presentation is split into 5 frames in the same view (has to be same view as arrows in one frame might point into another frame). Invalidating only a part off the screen makes almost no difference (it does becomes a bit faster, but i still execute all my drawing stuff). I have tried to add a flag whether or not the main part is dirty, but if I don't draw it, it is cleared. I might be missing something here. One possibility could be to render all the mostly static stuff to a bitmap, and then simply draw the bitmap. That would mean 10 strings only had to rendered on orientation change.

I think it would make sense since the slowest routine is the one drawing all the text. (the following is a typical timing for the drawing routines, accumulated).
V/HMMULTIBAR( 352): 0 - Drawing time: 0 ms V/HMMULTIBAR( 352): 1 - Drawing time: 53 ms V/HMMULTIBAR( 352): 2 - Drawing time: 62 ms V/HMMULTIBAR( 352): 3 - Drawing time: 85 ms V/HMMULTIBAR( 352): 4 - Drawing time: 280 ms V/HMMULTIBAR( 352): 5 - Drawing time: 303 ms
I would really appreciate comments about whether or not offscreen rendering is the way to go, or if there is a simpler way.

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